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克拉·安妮·福勒(英语:Clara Ann Fowler,1927年11月8日-2013年1月1日),艺名帕蒂·佩奇(Patti Page),美国其中一位最有名的传统流行音乐女歌手。她生前售出超过一亿张唱片,在1950年代更是最畅销的女歌手。她的绰号是“The Singin' Rage”(意指歌唱中的狂飙),往往紧随其英文名“Miss Patti Page”以取其谐音。

佩奇在1947年跟水星唱片签约,1948年首先凭单曲“Confess”(“坦认”)走红,成为该唱片公司首位当红女艺人。在1950年,“With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming”(“张开眼发梦”)成为她第一支售出过百万支的单曲。到1965年,她创下一共有15支单曲销量超越百万支的成绩。

佩奇的其中一首首本名曲“Tennessee Waltz”(“田纳西华尔兹”)在1950年灌录,除了是20世纪最畅销的单曲之一以外,也是田纳西州九首官方州歌的其中一首。“Tennessee Waltz”在1950年发行时,更连续13星期高踞《Billboard杂志》畅销排行榜第一位。她的另外三首著名单曲“All My Love”(“我所有的爱”)、“I Went to Your Wedding”(“我出席你的婚礼”)和“(How Much Is That) Doggie in the Window”(“橱窗里的小狗“卖多少””)也先后在1950年至1953年间登上同一畅销排行榜的首位。


当摇滚音乐自1950年代中期兴起的时候,传统流行音乐的热潮开始减退,但佩奇是少有能够继续在乐坛稳占重要席位的传统流行音乐歌手,在1960年代灌录的著名单曲包括“Old Cape Cod”(“老鳕鱼角”)、“Allegheny Moon”(“阿利根尼的月亮”)、“A Poor Man's Roses (Or a Rich Man's Gold)”(“穷人的玫瑰(或富人的黄金)”)和“Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte”(“静下、静下,亲爱的夏洛特”)等。

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Greatest Hits-Finest Performan 英文
1.Tennessee Waltz
3.Changing Partners
4.With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
5.Wasn't It Good (提供)
6.I Cried
7.Allegheny Moon
8.A Poor Man's Roses(Or A Rich Man's Gold)
9.Mama From The Train
10.Most People Get Married
11.Once In A While
Greatest Songs 英文
1.The Tennessee Waltz
2.Old Cape Cod
3.I Went To Your Wedding
4.How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
5.Mockin' Bird Hill
6.Allegheny Moon
7.Changing Partners
8.Cross Over The Bridge
9.Left Right Out Of Your Heart(Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up)
The Patti Page Collection V 2 英文
1.How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
2.This Is My Song
3.Changing Partners
4.Cross Over The Bridge
5.Steam Heat (提供)
6.I Cried
7.What A Dream
8.The Mama Doll Song (提供)
9.Go On With The Wedding
10.Allegheny Moon
11.Mama From The Train
12.A Poor Man's Roses(Or A Rich Man's Gold)
Patti Page Collection Vol 1 英文
1.Confess (提供)
2.With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
3.I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
4.All My Love
5.Back In Your Own Backyard
6.The Tennessee Waltz
7.Would I Love You(Love You Love You)
8.Mockin' Bird Hill
9.Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts
10.Evertrue Evermore (提供)
11.Mister And Mississippi
13.And So To Sleep Again
14.Come What May
15.Whispering Winds
16.Once In A While
17.I Went To Your Wedding
18.You Belong To Me
19.Why Don't You Believe Me?
16 Most Requested Songs 英文
1.Tennessee Waltz
2.Green, Green Grass Of Home
3.Gentle On My Mind
4.Scarlet Ribbons(For Her Hair)
5.Try To Remember
6.I'll Never Fall In Love Again
7.Old Cape Cod
8.Little Green Apples
9.Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
10.Call Me Irresponsible(From The Film:Papa's Delicate Condition)
11.Days Of Wine And Roses
12.In The Chapel In The Moonlight
13.That Doggie In The Window
14.Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
15.Mockin' Bird Hill
16.Just A Simple Melody (提供)
Golden Hits 英文
1.Tennessee Waltz
2.change partner
3.Cross Over The Bridge
4.Old Cape Cod
5.Mockin' Bird Hill
6.How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
8.Why Don't You Believe Me?
9.Mister And Mississippi
10.Allegheny Moon
11.With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
12.I Went To Your Wedding
You Go to My Head 英文
1.New York's My Home
Today My Way / Honey Come Back 英文
1.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
2.Up Up And Away (bonus)
3.A Brand New Me
4.Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
5.Winter World of Love
6.Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
7.I'll Never Fall in Love Again
8.Gentle on My Mind
The Mercury Years, Volume 2 英文
1.Doggie in the Window
2.Steam Heat (提供)
3.Mama Doll Song
4.I'll Remember Today
5.Mom and Dad's Waltz
6.One of Us (Will Weep Tonight)
Stand By Your Man 英文
1.Music And Memories (提供)
2.Stand By Your Man
3.Faded Summer Love (提供)
4.All The Time (提供)
5.Almost Persuaded
6.In This Day And Age (提供)
7.Can I Trust You? (提供)
8.Can't Help Falling In Love
9.End Of The World
10.It's The World Outside (提供)
11.Wishing Doll (提供)
12.Pretty Bluebird (提供)
13.Wish Me A Rainbow (提供)
14.Red Summer Roses (提供)
15.Theme From A Summer Place (提供)
16.I Didn't Read The Letter (提供)
17.We'll Be Together (提供)
18.Just As I Am (提供)
19.Would I Love You
20.Young And In Love (提供)
21.Texas Leather And Mexican Lace (提供)
Patti Page Live at Carnegie Hall 英文
1.With My Eyes Wide Open
2.Old Cape Cod
3.Go On Home
4.Allegheny Moon
5.A Foggy Day
7.Tennessee Waltz
8.The More I See You
Legends 英文
1.I'll Never Smile Again (Digitally Remastered)
2.All My Love (Bolero)
3.Changing Partners (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
4.I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Digitally Remastered)
5.You Go To My Head (Digitally Remastered)
6.I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Digitally Remastered)
7.My Jealous Eyes (Digitally Remastered)
8.Mad About The Boy (Digitally Remastered)
9.Steam Heat (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
10.You Belong To Me (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
11.Come What May (Digitally Remastered)
12.Mister And Mississippi (Digitally Remastered) (提供)
13.Would I Love You - Love You, Love You (Digitally Remastered)
14.How Much Is That Doggie in the Window
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire 英文
1.It All Depends on You
2.Exactly Like You
3.Goody Goodbye
4.I Love You for Sentimental Reasons
5.I'll Never Smile Again
Dreaming 英文
1.Say Wonderful Things
2.All the Way
3.Danny Boy
4.Am I That Easy to Forget
5.With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
6.You Can't Be True Dear
A Golden Celebration 英文
1.I Cried
2.Everyday I Have the Blues
3.Mad About the Boy
4.Once Upon a Dream
5.I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
6.I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)
7.Once in a While
8.Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
9.I Thought About You
11.The Wall
12.Left Right Out of Your Heart
13.Tumbling Tumbleweeds (提供)
14.San Antonio Rose (提供)
15.Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
16.Dark Moon
17.Now That I'm in Love
暂存1 英文
1.Darn That Dream
2.Another Time, Another Place
3.Croce Di Oro
5.Left Right Out Of Your Heart
6.Let Me Go Lover
7.Poor Man's Roses
8.So In Love
9.It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
10.Croce Di Oro (cross Of Gold)
11.The Doggie In The Window
12.Changin' Partners
13.Repeat After Me
14.I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
15.Don't Get Around Much Anymore
16.You Go To My Head
17.Amazing Grace
18.All I Do Is Dream Of You
19.Let Me Call You Sweetheart
20.Let Me Go Lover!
21.I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
22.All Of Me
23.Blue Moon
24.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
25.I Didn't Know What Time It Was
26.Under A Blanket Of Blue
27.You Will Find Your Love In Paris
28.The Mama Doll Song (Remastered)
29.White Christmas (Remastered)
30.It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (Remastered)
31.Abide with Me
32.Try a Little Tenderness
33.'Till We Meet Again
35.The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
36.Those Were the Days My Friend
37.Allegheny Moon (1956) [Digitally Remastered 2012]
38.Little Drummer Boy
39.Happy Birthday, Jesus (A Child's Prayer)
40.Call Me Irresponsible
41.The Sound of Music
42.Streets Of Laredo
44.Changing Partner
45.Tennessee Waltz (Re-recording)
46.Tennessee Waltz (Single Voice Version)
47.I Love to Dance With You
48.I Didn't Know About You
49.Tennesse Waltz
50.Santo Natale
51.Love Letters
52.Christmas Bells (Northern Elektrix remix)
53.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
54.Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends
55.Laughter in the Rain
56.Mockingbird Hill
57.Bringing in the Sheaves
58.The Thrill Is Gone
59.Love for Sale
60.Harbor Lights
61.Silver Bells
62.I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
64.Croce de oro (Cross of Gold)
65.The Green Leaves of Summer
66.Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
67.Trust in Me
68.We Wish You A Merry Christmas
69.The Boys' Night Out
70.Belonging to Someone
71.I'm in the Mood for Love
72.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
73.I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls with Your Love Letters
74.Repeat After Me (From Manhattan Tower)
75.Tennesee Waltz (Rerecorded)
76.I Went to Your Wedding 1952
77.This Is My Song (Remastered)
78.How Much Is That Doggie in The
79.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Remastered)
80.Moon River
81.How Much Is That Doggie in the Window (Remastered)
82.Go On with the Wedding (Digitally Remastered)
83.The Tennessee Waltz (Remastered)
84.All My Love - Bolero (Remastered)
85.Detour (Remastered)
86.Doggie In The Window (Digitally Remastered)
87.These Things I Offer You (Digitally Remastered)
88.Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
89.Old Cape Cod (Single Version)
90.Release Me
92.How Much Is Is That Doggie In the Window
93.Raining in My Heart
94.Taking a Chance on Love
95.The Tennesse Waltz
96.Red Sails in the Sunset
97.I Fall to Pieces
98.You Don't Know Me
99.Tenessee Waltz
暂存 英文
1.Changing Partners - Alternative Version

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