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Bon Jovi( 邦乔飞 )【 共收藏 57 张专辑, 736 首歌 】
邦乔飞(Bon Jovi)是一个美国新泽西赛瑞维尔市的硬摇滚乐团,由主唱琼·邦·乔飞建立,乐团在1980年代获得了巨大的成功,在过去的二十五年里,邦乔飞已经在全世界卖出了一亿两千万张唱片。

邦乔飞由主唱琼·邦乔飞(Jon Bon Jovi)在1983年创立,吉他手瑞奇·山伯拉(Richie Sambora),键盘手大卫·布莱恩(David Bryan),贝斯手艾力克·约翰·萨奇(Alec John Such),和鼓手狄可·托雷斯(Tico Torres)。艾力克于1994年离开,而担任吉他手近三十年的瑞奇于2013年离团。在1984年和1985年的两张比较成功的专辑之后,乐团的《难以捉摸》(Slippery When Wet)(1986)和《新泽西》(New Jersey)(1988)获得了巨大的成功,仅仅在美国就卖出了一千九百万张,八首歌进入十大金曲排行榜(包括四首排名第一的单曲),使乐团成为全球著名的摇滚巨星。在不停的巡回演唱之后,乐团在1990年的新泽西巡演(New Jersey Tour)出现了分歧,在这段时间里琼·邦乔飞和瑞奇都成功的发行了个人专辑。1992年,乐团带着双白金唱片《保持信念》(Keep the Faith)回归,从此以后在九O年代和二OOO年代连续发行了一系列白金唱片。

2006年,乐团藉著《谁说你不能回家》(Who Says You Can't Go Home)和来自甜园合唱团的珍妮佛·奈特斯(Jennifer Nettles)获得了葛莱美奖最佳乡村乐曲。而且用同一首歌成为了第一支得到热门乡村音乐排行榜冠军单曲的摇滚乐团。乐团的专辑《迷恋》(Crush),《狠棒》(Bounce),和《飞行公路》(Lost Highway)还获得了多个葛莱美奖提名。

在乐团的历史上,一共发行了十三张录音室专辑,其中九张在美国成为了白金唱片。而且乐团有十九首单曲进入了公告牌百强单曲榜前40名,以下五首是冠军单曲:《You Give Love a Bad Name》、《Livin' on a Prayer》、《Bad Medicine》、《I'll Be There for You》以及琼·邦乔飞的个人作品《荣耀之光》。乐团的《难以捉摸》(Slippery When Wet]])保持着硬摇滚专辑在公告牌二百强专辑榜第一名最多周的记录,《新泽西》(New Jersey)以五首单曲保持着硬摇滚专辑进入十大金曲单曲最多的专辑的记录。


琼·邦·乔飞 - 主唱、节奏吉他手 (1983-至今)
大卫‧布莱恩 - 键盘乐器、钢琴、踏板钢弦吉他、和声(1983-至今)
堤可·托雷斯 - 爵士鼓、打击乐器(1983-至今)
休·麦当劳 - 电贝斯、和声(非正式1995-2016,2016-至今)
菲尔X - 主音吉他手、和声、Talk Box(巡演2011-2013,非正式2013-2016,2016-至今)


罗伦莎·旁斯 - 小提琴、中提琴、和声(2005-2009)
鲍比·班迪耶拉 - 节奏吉他手、和声(2005-2013)
Matt O'Ree - 节奏吉他手、和声(2015)
约翰·山克斯 - 节奏吉他手、和声(2016-至今)
埃弗雷特·布拉德利- 打击乐器、和声(2016-至今)


戴夫·萨伯 - 主音吉他手、和声(1983)
艾力克·约翰·萨奇 - 电贝斯、和声(1983-1994)
瑞奇·山伯拉 - 主音吉他手、和声 、Talk Box(1983-2013)

★主唱:Bon Jovi
本名:John Frank Bonjovi
生日:March 2,1962
出生地:Perth Amboy ,New Jersey
使用乐器:guitar, piano, harmonica
待过乐团:Raze, The All Star Review, The Lechers, Bon Jovi and the Wild One, TheRest
喜欢的饮料:Muff Dive, invented by himself

★吉他手:Richie Sambora
本名:Richard Stephan Sambora
生日:July 11,1960
出生地:Perth Amboy, New Jersey
使用乐器:guitar, piano, 萨克斯风, 喇叭
待过乐团:Mercy, Duke Williams, The Extremes, Richie Sambora and friends

★鼓手:Tico Torres
本名:Hector Torres
生日:October 7 ,1953
出生地:Colonia, New Jersey
使用乐器:鼓, 打击乐器
待过乐团:Loose Change, Tyroon, Frankie and the Knockouts, The Marvelettes
喜欢运动:美式足球, golf

★键盘手:David Bryan
本名:David Bryan Rashbaum
生日:FEBRUARY 7, 1961
出生地:Edison, New Jersey
使用乐器:piano, 合成器
待过乐团:Transition, Cheap Date, Atlantic City Expressway
喜欢饮料:Muff Dive
歌曲列表方式 专辑列表(时间) 歌名列表(字数) 歌名列表(笔划)
专辑名称 年份 歌曲列表    
American Reckoning 英文
1.American Reckoning
Do What You Can 英文
1.Do What You Can
Limitless 英文
Unbroken 英文
Labor Of Love 英文
1.Labor Of Love
This House Is Not For Sale 英文
1.This House Is Not for Sale
2.Born Again Tomorrow
3.Roller Coaster
4.Living with the Ghost
5.The Devil's in the Temple
7.Labor of Love
8.Come on up to Our House
Burning Bridges 英文
1.A Teardrop To The Sea
2.We Don't Run
3.Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning
4.We All Fall Down
5.Blind Love
6.Who Would You Die For
8.Life Is Beautiful
9.I'm Your Man
10.Burning Bridges (提供)
趁现在 - 精装盘(What About Now - Deluxe Version) 英文
1.Because We Can(我们能)
2.I'm With You(我挺你)
3.What About Now(趁现在)
4.Pictures Of You(画你)
6.That's What The Water Made Me(天生如此)
7.What's Left Of Me(剩余价值)
8.Army Of One(最强武器)
9.Thick As Thieves(形影不离)
10.Beautiful World(美丽世界)
11.Room At The End Of The World(世界末日某一个地方)
12.The Fighter(斗士)
13.With These Two Hands(双手万能)
14.Not Running Anymore(不再追寻)
15.Old Habits Die Hard(本性难移)
16.Every Road Leads Home To You(通往你的归途)
Because We Can 英文
1.Because We Can
This Is Our House 英文
Island Records
1.This Is Our House
摇滚国歌 - 超级精选(Bon Jovi Greatest Hits - The Ultimate Collection) 英文
1.Livin' On A Prayer
2.You Give Love A Bad Name
3.It's My Life
4.Have A Nice Day
5.Wanted Dead Or Alive
6.Bad Medicine
7.We Weren't Born To Follow
8.I'll Be There For You
9.Born To Be My Baby
10.Bed Of Roses
11.Who Says You Can't Go Home
12.Lay Your Hands On Me
14.In These Arms
15.What Do You Got ?
16.No Apologies
18.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
19.Lost Highway
20.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
21.In And Out Of Love
22.Keep The Faith
23.When We Were Beautiful
24.Blaze Of Glory
25.This Ain't A Love Song
26.These Days
27.You Want To Make A Memory
28.Blood On Blood
29.This Is Love This Is Life
30.The More Things Change
These Days(灿烂的日子) 英文
1.Hey God
2.Something For The Pain
3.This Ain't A Love Song
4.These Days
5.Lie To Me
7.My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
8.It's Hard ... Letting You Go
9.Hearts Breaking Even
10.Something To Believe In
11.If That's What It Takes
12.Diamond Ring
13.All I Want Is Everything
14.Bitter Wine
Keep The Faith[保持信念] 英文
1.I Believe
2.Keep The Faith
3.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
4.In These Arms
5.Bed Of Roses
6.If I Was Your Mother
7.Dry County
8.Woman In Love
10.I Want You
11.Blame It On The Love Of Rock&Roll
12.Little Bit Of Soul
13.Save A Prayer
Greatest Hits 英文
1.This Is Love, This Is Life
2.No Apologies
3.The More Things Change
The Circle 英文
1.We Weren't Born To Follow
2.When We Were Beautiful
3.Work For The Working Man
4.Superman Tonight
6.Thorn In My Side
7.Live Before You Die
9.Love's The Only Rule
10.Fast Cars
11.Happy Now
12.Learn To Love
We Weren't Born To Follow 英文
1.We Weren't Born To Follow
You Want to Make a Memory 英文
1.You Want to Make a Memory
2.I Love This Town (Live From The Cannery Ballroom)
3.Put The Boy Back In Cowboy
Lost Highway 英文
1.Lost Highway
3.You Want To Make A Memory
4.Whole Lot Of Leaving
5.We Got It Going On
6.Any Other Day
7.Seat Next To You
8.Everybody's Broken
10.The Last Night
11.One Step Closer
12.I Love This Town
Have A Nice Day(得意的一天) 英文
1.Have A Nice Day
2.I wanna be loved
3.Welcome To Wherever You
4.Who Says You Can't Go Home?
5.Last Man Standing
6.Bells Of Freedom
7.Wild Flowers
8.One Last Cigarette
9.I am
12.Story Of my Life
13.Dirty Little Secret
14.These open arms
心的方向20年情歌飞常精选 英文
1.Wanted Dead Or Alive
2.Livin' On A Prayer
3.Bad Medicine
4.It's My Life
5.Lay Your Hands On Me
6.You Give Love A Bad Name
7.Bed Of Roses
9.Born To Be My Baby
10.Keep The Faith
11.I'll Be There For You
13.The Distance
Bounce[单曲] 英文
4.The Distance
7.All About Loving You
8.Hook Me Up
9.Right Side Of Wrong
10.Love Me Back To Life
11.You Had Me From Hello
13.Open All Night
14.No Regrets(Japanese Version Demo Bonus Track)
15.Postcards From The Wasteland(Japanese Version Demo Bonus Track)
One Wild Night Live[1985-2001] 英文
1.It's My Life
2.Livin' On A Prayer
3.You Give Love A Bad Name
4.Keep The Faith
5.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
6.Rockin' In The Free World
7.Something To Believe In
8.Wanted Dead Or Alive
10.In And Out Of Love
11.I Don't Like Mondays
12.Just Older
13.Something For The Pain
14.Bad Medicine
15.One Wild Night 2001
Crush[迷恋] 英文
1.It's My Life
2.Say It Isn't So
3.Thank You For Loving Me
4.Two Story Town
5.Next 100 Years
6.Just Older
7.Mystery Train
8.Save The World
9.Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
10.She's A Mystery
11.I Got The Girl
12.One Wild Night
14.If I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You
Ed Tv Sdtk 英文
1.Real Life
Undiscovered Soul 英文
1.All That Really Matters
3.Downside Of Love
4.Fallen From Graceland
5.Hard Times Comes Easy
6.Harlem Rain
7.If God Was A Woman
8.In It For Love
9.Made In America
10.Undiscovered Soul
11.Who I Am
12.You're Not Alone
Richie Sambora: Undiscovered Soul 英文
1.All That Really Matters
3.Downside Of Love
4.Fallen From Graceland
5.Hard Times Comes Easy
6.Harlem Rain
7.If God Was A Woman
8.In It For Love
9.Made In America
10.Undiscovered Soul
11.Who I Am
12.You're Not Alone
Cross Road[超越十年精选集] 英文
1.Livin' On A Prayer
2.Keep The Faith
3.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
5.Wanted Dead Or Alive
6.Lay Your Hands On Me
7.You Give Love A Bad Name
8.Bed Of Roses
9.Blaze Of Glory
10.In These Arms
11.Bad Medicine
12.I'll Be There For You
13.In And Out Of Love
15.Never Say Goodbye
Cross Road / 14 Classic Grooves 英文
2.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
3.Prayer '94
4.In and Out of Love
5.Blaze of Glory
Richie Sambora: Stranger In This Town 英文
1.Ballad Of Youth
2.Church Of Desire
3.Father Time
4.Mr Bluesman
5.One Light Burning
6.Rest In Peace
7.River Of Love
9.Stranger In This Town
10.The Answer
Blaze Of Glory 英文
1.Bang A Drum
2.Billy Get Your Guns
3.Blaze of Glory
4.Blood Money
5.Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'
6.Guano City (提供)
7.Justice In The Barrel
9.Never Say Die
10.Santa Fe
11.You Really Got Me Now
New Jersey[纽泽西] 英文
1.Lay Your Hands On Me
2.Bad Medicine
3.Born To Be My Baby
4.Living In Sin
5.Blood On Blood
6.Homebound Train
7.Wild Is The Wind
8.Ride Cowboy Ride
9.Stick To Your Guns
10.I'll Be There For You
11.99 In The Shade
12.Love For Sale
New Jersey 英文
1.Bad Medicine
2.I'll Be There For You
3.Lay Your Hands On Me
4.99 in the Shade
5.Blood on Blood
6.Born to Be My Baby
7.Homebound Train
8.Living in Sin
9.Love for Sale
10.Ride Cowboy Ride
11.Stick to Your Guns
12.Wild Is the Wind
Slippery When Wet[难以捉摸] 英文
1.Let It Rock
2.You Give Love A Bad Name
3.Livin' On A Prayer
4.Social Disease
5.Wanted Dead Or Alive
6.Raise Your Hands
7.Without Love
8.I'd Die For You
9.Never Say Goodbye
10.Wild In The Streets
Slippery When Wet 英文
1.Livin' on a Prayer
2.Never Say Goodbye
3.Wanted Dead Or Alive
4.You Give Love A Bad Name
5.I'd Die for You
6.Let It Rock
7.Raise Your Hands
8.Social Disease
9.Wild in the Streets
10.Without Love
7800° Fahrenheit 英文
1.Always Run to You
2.I Don't Wanna Fall to the Fire
3.In and Out of Love
4.King of the Mountain
5.Only Lonely
6.Secret Dreams
7.Silent Night
8.The Hardest Part Is the Night
9.The Price of Love
10.Tokyo Road
7800 Fahreheit[华氏7800度] 英文
1.In And Out Of Love
2.The Price Of Love
3.Only Lonely
4.King Of The Mountain
5.Silent Night
6.Tokyo Road
7.Hardest Part Is The Night
8.Always Run To You
9.To The Fire
10.Secret Dreams
Bon Jovi[邦乔飞] 英文
3.She Don't Know Me
4.Shot Through The Heart
5.Love Lies
7.Burning For Love
8.Come Back
9.Get Ready
Transmission Impossible (Live) 英文
1.Have a Nice Day 2005
2.New Jersey 1988
3.I'll Be There for You (Live)
4.Wanted Dead or Alive (Live)
5.Livin' on a Prayer (Live)
6.Roulette (Live)
Tokyo Road (bonus disc) 英文
1.Tokyo Road (live)
2.Not Fade Away (live, Jon Bon Jovi Solo Tour)
3.Next 100 Years (live)
4.Father Time (live, Richie Sambora Solo Tour)
This Left Feels Right 英文
1.Bad Medicine - 2003 Album Version
2.Always (2003)
3.It's My Life (2003)
4.Bed of Roses
5.Livin' On a Prayer
6.Born to Be My Baby
7.Bad Medicine
9.Bed Of Roses (2003)
11.Bed Of Roses - 2003 Album Version
12.I'll Be There for You
13.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
14.Wanted Dead or Alive
15.You Give Love a Bad Name
16.It's My Life
17.It's My Life
18.Wanted Dead Or Alive (2003)
This House Is Not For Sale (Live From the London Palladium) 英文
1.All Hail the King (Live From The London Palladium/2016)
2.Born Again Tomorrow (Live from the London Palladium/2016)
3.Labor of Love (Live from the London Palladium/2016)
4.This House Is Not for Sale (Live from the London Palladium/2016)
5.Real Love - Live From The London Palladium/2016
The Legendary Broadcasts (Live) 英文
1.Livin' on a Prayer (Acoustic) [Live]
2.Wanted Dead or Alive (Acoustic) [Live]
3.I'll Be There for You (Live)
Target Exclusive 英文
1.Breathe (demo)
2.Everyday (acoustic)
3.No Regrets (demo)
4.We Can Dance (demo)
5.Misunderstood (live)
Stranger In This Town 英文
1.Ballad Of Youth(Sambora Morolda)
2.Church Of Desire(Sambora)
3.Father Time(Sambora Child)
4.Mr Bluesman(Sambora)
5.One Light Burning(Sambora Foster Morolda)
6.Rest In Peace(Sambora Bryan)
7.River Of Love(Sambora)
8.Rosie(Sambora J Bon Jovi Child Warren)
9.Stranger In This Town(Sambora Bryan)
10.The Answer(Sambora Foster)
Rock Hard 英文
1.Breakout (Remastered) - Live
2.Burning For Love (Remastered) - Live
3.Get Ready (Remastered) - Live
One Wild Night 2001 英文
1.It's My Life - Live (2000/Toronto)
2.Something For The Pain - Live (1995/Melbourne)
3.Just Older - Live (2000/Toronto)
4.In And Out Of Love - Live Edit (1985/Tokyo)
5.Runaway - Live (1985/Tokyo)
6.Wanted Dead Or Alive - Live (2000/China Club)
7.Something To Believe In - Live (1996/Yokohama)
8.Rockin' In The Free World - Live (1995/Johannesburg)
9.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night - Live (1995/Melbourne)
10.Keep The Faith - Live (2000/New York)
11.You Give Love A Bad Name - Live (2000/Zurich)
12.Livin' On A Prayer - Live (2000/Zurich)
13.Bad Medicine - Live (2000/Zurich)
One Wild Night 2001 (EU Version) 英文
1.Something To Believe In - Live In Yokohama, Japan/1996
2.Wanted Dead Or Alive - Live At The China Club, New York/2000
3.Livin' On A Prayer - Live In Zurich/2000
One Last Wild Night (Live) 英文
1.Shout - Live
2.Wanted Dead or Alive - Live
3.Livin' On a Prayer - Live
4.It's My Life - Live
Live at the Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Oh 17th March 1984 (Remastered) [Live FM Radio Broadcast Concert In Superb Fidelity] 英文
1.Come Back (Remastered) - Live
2.Roulette (Remastered) - Live
3.Shot Through The Heart (Remastered) - Live
4.Love Lies (Remastered) - Live
5.Runaway (Remastered) - Live
Legendary FM Broadcasts - Agora Ballroom, 28th June 1988 英文
1.Breakout (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
2.Come Back (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
3.Roulette (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
4.Shot Through The Heart (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
5.Love Lies (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
6.Get Ready (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
7.Runaway (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
8.I Want To Take You Higher (Live 1988 FM Broadcast Remastered)
It's My Life 英文
1.You Can't Lose at Love (demo)
2.Wanted Dead or Alive (2003 Version)
3.It's My Life
4.Livin' on a Prayer
5.Livin' on a prayer (Live)
6.Hush (demo version)
Destination Anywhere 英文

1.Queen Of New Orleans
2.Destination Anywhere
3.August 7, 4:15
4.It's Just Me
100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong 英文
1.With A Little Help From My Friends ( Live '94 )
2.If I Can't Have Your Love
3.Crazy Love
4.I Just Want to Be Your Man
6.Letter to a Friend
7.The Fire Inside
8.Real Life
9.Ordinary People
10.Thief of Hearts
11.Fields Of Fire (Demo)
12.I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas
13.Only in My Dreams
14.Rich Man Living in a Poor Man's House
15.Miss Fourth of July
16.Last Man Standing
17.Nobody's Hero / Livin' on a Prayer (original demo)
暂存3 英文
1.I Don't Want To Live Forever
2.Gimme Some Lovin' Charlene
3.You Can't Lose At Love
5.No Regrets
7.Burning for Love
8.Come Back
9.Get Ready
10.Hard Times Come Easy
11.It's My Life - Live Version
12.Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars - Live Version
13.Just Older - Live Version
14.Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars
15.Blood On Blood - Live Version
16.Born To Be My Baby - Live Version
17.Lost Highway - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
18.It's My Life - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
19.I Love This Town - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
20.One Step Closer - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
21.The Last Night - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
22.Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
23.Everybody's Broken - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
24.Seat Next To You - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
25.Any Other Day - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
26.We Got It Going On - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
27.Whole Lot Of Leavin' - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
28.You Want To Make A Memory - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
29.Summertime - A&E Home Video - Live Audio
30.Only Lonely - Live Version
31.You Want To Make A Memory - Pop Album Version
32.Take Back The Night
33.Always - Radio Edit
34.This Ain't A Love Song - Live Version
35.Diamond Ring - Live Version
36.Fever - Little Willie John Cover
37.Encore: Bed Of Roses
38.I Could Make A Living Loving You - Int'l Bonus Track
39.Raise Your Hands - Live/2005
40.The Radio Saved My Life Tonight - Live - Atlantic City 04'
41.Bounce - Live From The Bounce Tour
42.Misunderstood - Live From The Bounce Tour
43.Bad Medicine (Live In Zurich/2000)
44.Just Older (Live In Toronto, Ontario/2000)
45.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Live In Melbourne/1995)
46.Beautiful Day
47.Beautiful Day (From Finding Neverland The Album)
48.I Don't Like Monday
49.Save The Last Dance For Me
50.Good Guys Don't Always Wear White (Live)
51.I'd Die for You (Live)
52.I Believe (live)
53.Shot Through the Heart (Live / 1985)
54.Silent Night (Live /1985)
55.Hey God (Live 1995)
56.In These Arms (Live / 2005)
57.I'll Be There for You (live, Lakeland, FL)
59.Wanted Dead or Alive (acoustic version, live)
60.Blaze Of Glory - Live At Madison Square Garden/1990
61.Blaze of Glory Jon
62.This Ain't a Love Song (radio edit)
63.It's My Life (UK remix)
64.Hardest Part Is the Night (Live)
65.Silent Night (Live)
66.Now and Forever
67.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 2
68.Let It Rock (Streamload)
69.Blame It on the Love of Rock & 2k8
70.Two Story Town (Live / 2002)
71.I'll Be There for You (Live 2001)
72.Everyday (Live 2006)
74.Santa Fé
75.Born To Be My Baby (Acoustic Version)
76.Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? (Demo)
77.House of Fire (Demo)
78.Judgement Day (Demo)
79.Full Moon High (Demo)
80.Growing Up the Hard Way (Demo)
81.Love Hurts (Demo)
82.Backdoor To Heaven (Demo)
83.Put the Boy Back In Cowboy (Overcut)
84.I Thank You (These Days demo)
85.Temptation (International Bonus Track)
86.Silent Night (live, 1985: Japan)
87.Hey God (edit)
88.Fever / It's My Life
89.Last Man Standing (live)
90.All About Lovin' You (demo)
91.Livin' On A Prayer - (Acoustic Version) Remastered LIVE FM Broadcast
92.Last Man Standing (Live @ Nokia Theatre Times Square, NYC, September 19, 2005)
93.Who Says You Can't Go Home (Duet Version)
94.Who Says You Can't Go Home - Duet with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland Version
95.Who Says You Can't Go Home (Duet with Jennifer Nettles)
96.Wanted Dead or Alive (Live @ Nokia Theatre Times Square, NYC, September 19, 2005)
97.Hallelujah - Live
98.Who Say's You Can't Go Home (feat. Jennifer Nettles)
99.Wanted Dead Or Alive - Recorded Live @ Nokia Theatre Times Square, NYC, September 19, 2005
暂存2 英文
1.Only In My Dreams
2.Walk Don't Run
3.Always [Original Demo]
4.Thank You
5.Why Aren't You Dead?
6.The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
7.Travelin' Band
8.Maybe Someday
9.This woman is dangerous
10.Someday Just Might Be Tonight
11.You Can Sleep While I Dream
12.We Rule the Night
13.Too Much of a Good Thing
14.You Want To Make a Memory [Pop Version]
15.String' A Line
17.Jumpin' Jack Flash
19.These Arms Are Open All Night
21.Last Chance Train
22.Flesh And Bone
23.Kidnap an Angel
24.Lucky (Demo)
25.Rich Man Living In a Poor Man's House
26.Love Ain't Nothing But A Four Letter Word
27.Bon Jovi / It's My Life
28.Blame It on the Love of Rock 'n Roll
29.Outlaws of Love
30.Dry Country
31.Captain Crash
32.When She Comes - Demo
33.I'll Ne There for You
34.Jersey Girl
36.Blood Money (Live)
37.Livin In Sin
38.Heaven Help Us
39.The One That Got Away
40.Memphis Lives In Me
41.I Just WantTo Be Your Man
42.I've Got The Girl
43.Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses
44.Cold Hard Heart
45.Midnight In Chelsea
46.It's Hard Letting You Go
47.You Want To Make a Memory
48.Whole Lot Of Leavin
49.Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
51.Walk Like a Man
53.Welcome To Wherever You Are
55.Who Says You Can't Go Home (Featuring Jennifer Nettles)
56.Last Cigarette
58.I Want To Be Loved
59.No Regrets
60.Postcards from the Wasteland
61.I Could Make A Living Out of Loving You
62.I Could Make A Living Out Of Lovin' You
64.Welcome To The Good Times
66.Mrs. Robinson
67.Judgement Day
68.Blame It On The Love Of Rock And Roll
69.Starting All Over Again
70.Another Reason To Believe
71.Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart
72.Janie, Don't You Take Your Love To Town
73.Learning How To Fall
74.Little City
75.Ain't No Cure For Love
77.Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand
79.What You Want
80.No Apologies (Single)
81.Have A Little Faith In Me
82.Celluloid Heroes
84.Don't You Believe Him
暂存1 英文
1.Every Beat of My Heart
3.Out of Bounds
5.Born to be my baby
6.When I Look Into Your Eyes
8.Love Hurts
14.Taking It Back
15.Something for the pain
16.These days
18.I Get a Rush
19.Let It Rain
20.I'm With You
21.What About Now
22.Pictures of You
24.That's What the Water Made Me
25.What's Left of Me
26.Army of One
27.Thick as Thieves
28.The Beautiful World
29.Room at the End of the World
30.The Fighter
31.These Two Hands
32.Not Running Anymore
33.Old Habits Die Hard
34.Every Road Leads Home to You
35.I Wish Everyday Could be Like Christmas
37.American Dream
39.Cama De Rosas
40.Como yo nadie te ha amado (This Ain't a Love Song)
41.Detroit 442
42.Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?
43.Edge of a Broken Heart
44.Fields Of Fire
45.Good Guys Don't Always Wear White
46.Helter Skelter
47.I Thank You
48.I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas
49.Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
50.Let's Make It Baby
51.Lonely At The Top
53.Miro a tu ventana (Staring at your window with a s
54.Mister Big Time
55.Please come home for Christmas
57.The Boys Are Back In Town
58.The End
60.Wedding Day
61.When She Comes
62.With A Little Help From My Friends
63.Dead Or Alive
64.Tokio Road
65.I Could Make A Living Without Loving You
66.Letting You Go
67.All I Need Was You
68.Back In The U.S.S.R.
69.Drift Away
70.Edge Of Broken Heart
72.Naked To The Pain
73.All About Lovin'you
74.Make a Memory
80.America The Beautiful
81.Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory
82.One Wild Night (2001 Version - Studio Track)
83.All I Wanna Do Is You
84.It's My Live
85.Shut Up And Kiss Me
86.Tumblin' Dice
87.River Runs Dry
88.Nobody's Hero / Livin' On a Prayer
89.Gotta Have A Reason
90.Nobody's Hero
91.U Give Love A Bad Name
暂存 英文
1.Blue Christmas
2.Wild in the Streets (live)
3.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (edit)
4.Back Door Santa
5.Price of Love
6.When We Were Us
7.Bed of Roses (edit)

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