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Hidden Gems 英文
1.Would You Believe
2.Sunset in Southern California
3.Pole Position
4.Look Around Me
5.Prime Time
6.Come to Me
7.Giving It Up (Remake)
8.Summer Days
9.Make My Day
10.Don't Stop
11.Go Go Go
12.Moment of Magic
Da Capo 英文
2.Beautiful Morning
3.Remember The Words
4.Da Capo
5.World Down Under
6.Ordinary Day
7.Wonderful Life
8.Show Me Love
9.What's The Name Of The Game
10.Change With The Light
11.Hey Darling
12.The Juvenile
Greatest Hits 英文
1.All That She Wants
2.The Sign
3.Everytime It Rains (Metro Edit)
4.Beautiful Life
5.Cruel Summer
6.Don't Turn Around
7.Lukcy Love (Accoustic Version)
8.Always Have, Always Will
9.Life Is A Flower
10.C'est La Vie (Always 21)
11.Lucky Love (Frankie Knuckes Edit)
12.Beautiful Life (Junior's Vasquez Mix)
Cruel Summer 英文
1.Cruel Summer
3.Whenver You're Near Me
4.Everytime It Rains
5.Adventures In Paradise
6.Don't Go Away
8.He Deciedes
9.Always Have, Always Will
10.Tokyo Girl
11.Travel To Romantis
12.Cruel Summer(Blazin' Rhythm Remix)
Flowers 英文
1.Travel To Romantis
2.Whenever You're Near Me
3.Cruel Summer
4.Tokyo Girl
5.Always Have, Always Will
7.He Decides
8.Everytime It Rains
9.Don't Go Away
10.I Pray
12.Adventures In Paradise
13.Cruel Summer
14.Captain Nemo
16.Mercy Mercy
17.Love For Sale
18.No Good Lover
19.Life Is A Flower
The Bridge 英文
1.Beautiful Life
2.Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
3.Lucky Love(Acoustic Version)
4.Edge Of Heaven
5.Strange Ways
7.Perfect World
8.Angel Eyes
9.My Deja Vu
10.Wave Wet Sand
11.Que Sera
12.Just 'N' Image
13.Experience Pearls
14.Whispers In Blindness
15.Blooming 18
The Sign 英文
1.All That She Wants
2.Don't Turn Around
3.Young And Proud
4.The Sign
5.Living In Danger
6.Dancer In A Daydream
7.Wheel Of Fortune
8.Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7')
9.Happy Nation
10.Voulez-Vous Danser
11.My Mind (Mindless Mix)
12.All That She Wants(Banghra Version)
Happy Nation[Us Version] 英文
1.All That She Wants
2.Don't Turn Around
3.Young And Proud
4.The Sign
5.Living In Danger
6.Voulez-Vous Danser
7.Happy Nation
8.Hear Me Calling
9.Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7')
10.Fashion Party
11.Wheel Of Fortune
12.Dancer In A Daydream
13.My Mind (Mindless Mix)
14.All That She Wants(Banghra Version)
15.Happy Nation (Remix)
Happy Nation 英文
1.Dancer in a Daydream
2.Dimension Of Depth (提供)
3.Fashion Party
4.Happy Nation
5.Mýnchhausen (Just Chaos)
6.My Mind (Mindless Mix)
7.Voulez-Vous Danser
8.Waiting for Magic
9.Wheel of Fortune
10.Young and Proud
11.All That She Wants
The Golden Ratio 英文
2.Black Sea
3.Blah, Blah, Blah On The Radio
6.One Day
8.The Golden Ratio
9.Told My Ma
10.Vision In Blue
11.Who Am I
12.Southern California
The Bridge (Remastered) 英文
1.Beautiful Life (Remastered)
2.Love for Sale (Bonus Track) [Remastered]
3.Blooming 18 (Remastered)
4.Experience Pearls (Remastered)
5.Just 'n' Image (Remastered)
6.Wave Wet Sand (Remastered)
7.You and I (Remastered)
8.My Déjà Vu (Remastered)
9.Whispers in Blindness (Remastered)
10.Angel Eyes (Remastered)
11.Perfect World (Remastered)
12.Ravine (Remastered)
13.Strange Ways (Remastered)
14.Edge of Heaven (Remastered)
15.Beautiful Life
Singles of the 90s 英文
1.All That She Wants (Voodoo & Serano mix)
2.Living in Danger
3.The Sign
4.Everytime It Rains
5.Love in December
6.Beautiful Morning
7.Happy Nation
8.Cruel Summer
9.Happy Nation - Radio Edit
10.Beautiful Life
11.Don't Turn Around
12.Don't Turn Around
13.C'est la vie (Always 21)
14.Hallo Hallo
Happy Nation (U.S. Version) [Remastered] 英文
1.Giving It Up (Ace Version) [Bonus Track] [Remastered]
2.Living in Danger
3.The Sign
4.Hear Me Calling
5.Happy Nation
6.Happy Nation - Remix
7.Don't Turn Around
8.Waiting for Magic (Total Remix) [Remastered]
9.Hear Me Calling (Remastered)
10.Don't Turn Around (Remastered)
11.All That She Wants
Happy Nation (Remastered) 英文
1.Voulez-Vous Danser (Remastered)
2.Happy Nation
3.Moogoperator (Bonus Track) [Remastered]
4.All That She Wants (Banghra Version) [Remastered]
5.Young and Proud (Remastered)
6.Wheel of Fortune (Club Mix) [Remastered]
7.My Mind (Mindless Mix) [Remastered]
8.Dancer in a Daydream (Remastered)
9.Fashion Party (Remastered)
10.Waiting for Magic (Remastered)
11.Münchhausen (Just Chaos) [Remastered]
12.All That She Wants
Greatest Hits, Classic Remixes, and Music Videos 英文
1.Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Sweetbox Funky mix)
2.All That She Wants
3.Living in Danger
4.Hallo Hallo (dub)
5.The Sign
6.Da Capo
7.Beautiful Morning
8.Happy Nation
9.Cruel Summer
10.Beautiful Life
11.Don't Turn Around
12.Don't Turn Around
13.Lucky Love (acoustic)
14.C'est la vie (Always 21) (remix)
15.Hallo Hallo
Flowers (Remastered) 英文
1.L'amour - Bonus Track
2.Cruel Summer (Remastered)
3.L'amour (Bonus Track) [Remastered]
4.Donnie (Remastered)
5.Captain Nemo (Remastered)
6.I Pray (Remastered)
7.He Decides (Remastered)
8.Dr. Sun (Remastered)
9.Always Have, Always Will (Remastered)
10.Life Is a Flower (Remastered)
11.Cruel Summer
Dr. Beat 英文
2.Don't Stop
3.Young & Proud (demo version)
4.Go Go Go (Dr Beat)
5.Cuba Cuba Libre
6.Would You Believe (Summer version)
7.Love in December (alternate version)
8.Come to Me (Ace version)
Da Capo (Remastered) 英文
1.Beautiful Morning (Remastered)
2.Beautiful Morning
3.Da Capo
4.World Down Under
5.Ordinary Day
6.What's the Name of the Game
7.Change With the Light
8.Hey Darling
9.The Juvenile
10.Da Capo (Alternate Version Bonus Track) [Remastered]
11.The Juvenile (Remastered)
12.Hey Darling (Remastered)
13.Remember the Words (Remastered)
14.World Down Under (Remastered)
15.Ordinary Day (Remastered)
16.Wonderful Life (Remastered)
17.Show Me Love (Remastered)
18.What's the Name of the Game (Remastered)
19.Change With the Light (Remastered)
20.Wonderful Life
Cruel Summer (Remastered) 英文
1.Always Have, Always Will - Edit
2.Cruel Summer
3.Kings and Queens (Bonus Track) [Remastered]
4.Cruel Summer (Blazin' Rhythm Remix) [Remastered]
5.Tokyo Girl (Remastered)
6.Always Have, Always Will (Edit) [Remastered]
7.He Decides (Charles Fisher Mix) [Remastered]
8.Cecilia (Remastered)
9.Don't Go Away (Remastered)
10.Adventures in Paradise (Remastered)
11.Everytime It Rains (Remastered)
12.Whenever You're Near Me (US Album Version) [Remastered]
13.Donnie (Ole Evenrude Version) [Remastered]
14.Kings and Queens - Bonus Track
15.Everytime It Rains
All That She Wants 英文
1.All That She Wants
2.Angel Eyes
3.Beautiful Life
4.Don't Turn Around
5.Experience Pearls
6.Happy Nation
7.Lucky Love
8.My Deja Vu
10.The Sign
Ace of Base: Classic Remixes Extended 英文
1.Beautiful Life (Junior's Cicuit Bump Mix)
2.Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Lenny B's Club Mix)
3.Travel to Romantis (Josef Larossi Mix)
4.Hallo Hallo (Hitvision Radio Edit)
暂存 英文
1.C'est la Vie Always 21
2.Cruel Summer (featuring Alliage)
4.You And I
5.Qué Será
6.My Déjà Vu
7.It's a Beautiful Life (remix)
8.Whenever You're Near Me (US Album Version)
9.Don't Turn Around (Groove Mix Extended)
10.All For You
11.Happy Nation '2009 (Sam Domin Rockin Breaks remix short edit)
12.Hello, Hello
13.Into The Night Of Blue
15.Love In December
16.Look Around Me (Demo Version)
17.My D¨¦ja Vu
18.All That She Wants (Remix)
19.Munchhausen (Just Chaos)
20.Doctor Sun
21.Just An Image
22.My Mind
23.Vous Danser
24.Whisper In Blindness
25.Dead Mic
26.Living In Danger (D-House Mix)
27.It's A Beautiful Life
28.C'est La Vie
29.Beautiful Life [Junior Vasquez Mix]
30.Cuba Cuba
31.Angel Of Love (Demo Version)
32.All Hope
33.Look Around Me - Track Commentary
34.All Night Long
35.Valuz vous danser
36.Happy Nation - dZintars lEja Remix
37.All That She Wants (A Spitzenklasse Remix)
38.Hey Darling (Bells Version) [Bonus Track]
39.Voulez-vous dancer
40.Don't Turn Around 2009
41.Lucky Love (Remastered)
42.Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Remastered)
43.Travel to Romantis (Remastered)
44.Unspeakable (Remastered)
45.Unspeakable - Junk & Function M12 Radio Mix
46.The Sign (Remastered)
47.Living in Danger (Remastered)
48.Life Is a Flower (Absolom long edit)
49.Cruel Summer (short version)
50.All That She Wants (Extended Dub)
51.Living in Danger (D House mix - short version)
52.Beautiful Life (Lenny B's House of Joy club mix)
53.Cruel Summer (Normal Verison)
54.Hallo Hallo (XTM Radio Remix)
55.Megamix (short version)
56.Always Have, Always Will (single version)

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