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【 Uterovaginal Insertion Of Extirpated Anomalies 】【 英文 】【 2007 】

1.Consummating Omophagia
2.Intracranial Butchery
3.Metamorphic Congenital Malformation
4.Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration

1.Consummating Omophagia (修改)

Depths of defamation,
Disseminating deception
Imperative formation for an
Impending discern
Bound on an embedding of her
Own severed limbs
A defiled, naked, limbless torso.
Bearing no human resemblance
Through stale eyes she stares
Mesmerized by sight of a crippling onset.
Infectious veiled sacs begin to spill
Revealing the foreseen abscess of life
Her esophagous, scabbed, and now
Beginning to fill
The lacerations from my blood-soaked knife
Gorging on the remains of her own bitter end
So livid, so vile, internally infectious
As deep as any burial infesting within.
Scrutiniously scraping at repulsive wet meat
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Strips of flayed flesh dress my taste
For redemption
A scourging recital devised amidst
The shoulders
Of this immense impulsion, stuffing
Her slit-throat
With her repugnant last feast
Regurgitated consumption of
Inherent iniquity
Digesting, consentually divesting
Perpetually rendering, force-fed, her
Own intestines
Clumps of undigestable, intestinal pieces
Immersed in pools of laryngeal lesions
Absorbing befouled sanguine fluid
This fluent so foul, forcing ingestment.

2.Intracranial Butchery (修改)

An experiment in cannibalistic surgery
Culminated with much alaricity
Voracious dermal exfoliation
Skin is peeled away
Cranial ostectomy, fragments of bone removed
Perforating the brain of my victim
Removal of the cerebrum
Dissecting the lobes as they ooze foul liquid
Colation of desired cranial segments
For the sole purpose of consumption
Lobotomy turned cephalic feast
I ingest the thalami and corpus callosum
Gorging on gray matter
Mouth so full
Of these bloody chunks I cannot swallow
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I begin to vomit brain matter
Uncontrollable hypremesis
I begin to vomit brain matter
Uncontrollable hypremesis
My meal now lay splattered before me
I won't let this mess go to waste
Slurping up bile soaked pieces from the floor
Choking down each viscid lump
Slurping up bile soaked pieces from the floor
Choking down each viscid lump
Discharging momentarily I continue to purge
Not ceasing until all has been devoured
The only remnants to be found in my feces.

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3.Metamorphic Congenital Malformation (修改)

Scourging paths of the impermissible
Descending upon dwellings of those
Breeding affliction,
Impregnated with the seed of lechery
Incapacitating and absorbing
With the abducted
Lead through labirynthe passageways
To an enshrouded enclosure,
Strewn with the deformed bodies
Of those previously abducted
Placed under impirical scrutiny
Achieving fetal deformities through
Chemical experimentation
Embryogenic aberration,
Spawn born of infliction
Hideously deformed, liquified,
Drowning in fluids of colporrhagia
The hosts, Slaughtered upon genesis
Remnants of which, embedded in
The dilapidated surface
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Breaches within the cold concrete
Drain the sopped heaps of
Dissevered raw meat
Stagnant pools of rancid
Excretion permeate the grounds.
Bisected malformations
Enshrined upon stakes
Steeped in corrosive vaginal discharge,
Mephitic afterbirth
Few survive to forbearingly
Gaze upon the teras
Unmitigated abdication
Bow to me
Bow to me for I've defiled your brood
Macerating spawn of the profane
Mutilate these entities.

4.Sanguinary Misogynistic Execration (修改)

An assortment of instruments
Designed for torture
Shrouded in remnants of the
Recently butchered
Celiatic incisions will prepare the needs,
Of cleaving this being of inferior deeds.
Dysphotically dissecting,
Her figure disarrayed and
Shackled to the slab
Subphernically punctured
This ventrotomy will serve ease
Of an anal celioctomy, an
Abdominal cecostomy.
Now occluded and entering empathetically
Celiatic intercourse excites me
Distending and ripping melanosis
Celiocenthetic sludge moistens this fistula
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Saturated in tepid abdominal excretion
Asphyxiating the steaming septic secretion
Orifices erupt melena, induced
And juiced intestinal fluid
Ingesting excrescence, splattered bowels pour
bile immerses my throat.
Emulsifying crusting corpulence
Extracting ruptured vessels
Induced copremesis, vomiting excrement
Flesh floats abroad lympathic phlegm
Coagulation weakness, clotting collapses
Sewage flows soaking, pulsating pustules
Intestinal excrement embraces chunks
This excrement convulsed