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【 Sealed With A Kiss 】【 英文 】

1.Black and Blue Tears
2.Sit To Understand

1.Black and Blue Tears (修改)

Falling down the stairs
I wish it didn't hurt
But in the corner of my eye i see you cry
Black and blue the tears
Hypocrites die

This pain is piercing needles
These ears can't help but bleed
Tomorrow never goes
Where hypocrites lie
Its your time to die

In the summer we will go
When i get there you will know
Eighteen years and not for nothing
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When there's promises like this
All I need is one wish
And I'll seal it with a kiss

Headlights on the road
Direct you where to go
These walls that wont scare

Anymore there is no distance
Between two hearts
But there are miles between us
Called home

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2.Sit To Understand (修改)

the wind is blowing colder
the temperature has dropped
ever since i left your home

i know thats why you cry
when you see my picture crumbled on the floor

ive always wanted to understand

i won't wait for you forever
i can't escape your grasp
ill cry away the sleep

we always knew
that we were vulnerable too

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in this dream I am the tortured

ive always wanted someone to hold on to
but everything we went through went wrong
i needed you

dont say it was the first time
because this happened to them too
the ignorance in illusions
repeating pasts that you put me through

i know everything now
but you keep calling me at night
i know everything now