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【 Bloody Wings 】【 英文 】【 2002 】

1.Monologue Of A Vampire

1.Monologue Of A Vampire (修改)

...And all I am given to see,
Is shadows of a broken dream.

A bleak ruin deprived of its ancient beauty,
The world looks like,
From the eyes of immortality.

The same visions eternally flow,
Already felt emotions fill my empty shell.

I cannot live nor can I die,
I learnt to kill to survive.
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I cry for my mercy lost for good,
Aimlessy walking in the hell,
Of this abused youth.

I am a vampire, condemned to suffer forever.
...For never is the day of love,
And forever is the time of pain,
O vampire, now I see,
I am too like thee.