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【 No Time to Explain 】【 英文 】【 2001 】

1.Breaking Through
2.Don't Go Far
3.Never Be Me
4.Sober Again
5.When You Sing
6.Your Majesty

1.Breaking Through (修改)

There she was across the bar
My eyes met her, she wasn't far
I asked her to dance and she said yes
That's when it turned into a mess
I'm not breaking through
Breaking through the lines today
I'm not talking about
Talking about the things you say

On behalf of honesty
Your availability
Now I've come now you're gone
Why can't we just get along

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2.Don't Go Far (修改)

All your life you tell me that you've felt the same
C'mon I think it's time to plass the blame
On the shoulders of someone and you that someone is you
Cause the time is right and right now there's nothing better to do
Oh baby you know it's gonna be alright
Oh baby you know that it's called life
Don't go far
It doesn't have to be this way
Don't go far
Although there's nothing left to say
Don't go far
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You know I don't care anyway
If you go just please don't go today
Well c'mon now girl what's wrong with you tonight
Just because I'm wrong doesn't always mean that you're right
I've tried to do all the things that you asked me to do
But I've got to admit it doesn't seem like I'm getting through
In this drunken state I can't go home so what am I gonna do
It never meant a thing until I heard it meant something to you

3.Never Be Me (修改)

My God this town needs a shakedown
Any more I'll be having a breakdown
Working for the weekend to come around
And when they do there's still nothing going down
Cos I've been thinking about taking a holiday
Nowhere special some sun and a place to stay
All I know is I've got to get away
Won't make it just living day to day
Cause I've been thinking about a thousand different things
and every time I try to think I realise it doesn't matter to me
That's no way for someone to go
I don't have to tell you, you should know
And these days I think it's time that you let go
You're staring out of your window
Onto the wasteland down below
Maybe that was the way it was meant to be
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But you know that will never be me
My girl she moved to the city
Dope messed her up she don't look so pretty
I only see her every now and then these days
And when I do we ain't got so much to say
She said she'd never be a wasted hippy girl
Too much to lose so little time to change the world
Would not believe it only I was there that night
Passed out on the floor fighting for her life
Now I'm watching crap on the TV
What did I do before she used to call round to me
And I know this is getting out of hand
I tried to run when I knew I could hardly stand

4.Sober Again (修改)

The usual morons were fighting outside that place
Inside the posing was rife
I wasn't ready like you to accept them
As peers for the rest of my life
Poised for a picture that no one was taking
You'd hang on their worlds as a rule
I'd never bought that but still was afraid
To get caught on the wrong side of cool
Time to go sober again
Same old faces and nothing is new
Leaving today I'd no right to go say
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That I hate what they're doing to you
The only one you'd ever wanted to be was yourself
But they had to have more
They told you to change what you thought to combine
With the image that most of them wore
You said if I stayed I might win their approval
And that would mean so much to you
I'd say I'll be back but for now all I know
Is I need something different to do

5.When You Sing (修改)

By the lights of St. Dominic Street Bridge she was waiting
She was waiting for me to arrive
And she told me much later that while she was waiting
She had felt so in love and alive
And then much later we rolled up at her house
Then we laughed at the stupidest thing
And then we cried when we thought of tomorrow
And the strangeness the future can bring
Let your pain just leave you when you sing she said
Let your pain just leave you when you sing
Let your pain just leave you when you sing she said
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And may God to you his mercy bring
Now the lights of St. Dominic Street Bridge are still shining
But I never thought we would survive
When I think of the sad things that we did together
I still feel so in love and alive
And then much later we sometimes go walking
And then I have to fight back the tears
When I think of the thing that she told me so often
And the way that it calmed down my fears

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6.Your Majesty (修改)

You came from DunLaoghaire town where the ferry waits to go
Where the wind blows so cold but not so gently off the sea
You came from DunLaoghaire town to the centre of the world
Where you changed the hearts of everyone so easily
Then you crossed the Irish sea to see London and beyond
Where your star it rose and rose until you shone so bright
Then you crossed the Irish sea and you saved a million lives
But you let the ones who caused it all make you their knight
All you had to do, all you had to do was say
All you had to do, all you had to do was say
Your Majesty, your Majesty shove your OBE
Your Majesty, your Majesty shove your OBE
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Your Majesty, your Majesty shove your OBE
Shove your OBE your Majesty
Every band with half a note likes to play that rebel card
They like to act so hip and radical but then
Every band with half a note loves to whine about the rich
But you'll still seek their approval in the end
Is it true that all success has the power to corrupt us
Or does everyone become what they've despised
Is it true that all success makes you feel so insecure
That you need to line up and be patronised