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【 For The Sake Of Clarity 】【 英文 】【 2003 】

2.Master Plan
3.Untitled Love Song

1.Armageddon (修改)

It never came like they said it would
I missed the Odyssey
Nothing happened like they said it should
It's come and gone you see

I feel cheated coz I read the books
I waited all my life
Supposed to come and end it all
Supposed to end the strife

Now I am sad and it's all bad
I'll never live to see
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I'll be dead before the end
Of this humanity

Armageddon what went wrong?
Why'd you make me wait so long?
Supposed to come along and set the spirits free

Armageddon what went wrong?
Why'd you take so damn long?
Supposed to clean the shit and rewrite history

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2.Master Plan (修改)

Never judge a book by its cover
It's always better to discover
The fake Rolex on my arm
Is no match for my sweet charm

Now you will discover
That I am one bad mutha
But I'm one with a plan
And you'll find out I'm all man

Yes you will

Do you think you've got what it takes?
What if I increased the stakes?
Do you think you'll see it through?
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Coz I won't go easy on you

I'm the man
With the plan
I'm the man
I got plans
I'm the man
In the band
I'm the man
And I got my fucking?

Yes I do

3.Untitled Love Song (修改)

Want to take you to the edge - but you're freaking
Want to take you and jump of the ledge
Want to show you how it could be - but you're freaking
Set your body and soul and mind free


Do you want to be with me?
Can you stand to take a chance on something new?
Do you want to be set free?
Coz I'm coming after you

I need to get you to admit - but you're running
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You need me more than a little bit
I need you by my side - so stop running
We'll cross through to the other side


Take you to the edge
Jump off the ledge
Show you how it could be
Set your mind free