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【 Fear of Girls 】【 英文 】【 1996 】

1.Autumn Comes Too Soon
2.Helping You Hate Me
3.Loaded To The Gills
4.Outside Are The Dogs
5.Stained Mouth
6.Won't Forget

1.Autumn Comes Too Soon (修改)

Feel the mode of rushing in
I'm waving not drowning
Sink or swim
Your heart is like a piece of fractured glass I feel
Don't let me crack it further
It's much to real

Come on and get out of my way
There's no sane reason why you'd want to stay
I've run out of things to say it's all a disappointment
Either way

And autumn comes too soon
Before long you'll be sweeping up those leaves inside your room
And that's the same thing you should do
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Sweep it under the mat
Where it don't move

And you've know I've got my reasons my honesty ain't treason
So why is it you'd have to ask
My silence is an answer that grows just like a cancer
I have to take off this mask so that I can…

So I can get out of your way
For the same reason you want me to stay
Turn the light off on the way
Or we'll be here forever
Forever and a day

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2.Helping You Hate Me (修改)

I know it's a cliché
When they say we were doomed before we could start
We were making no headway
But cold logic wont bring back the sound of your heart

It's probably too late now, so I won't try to taste it
everything that I love, I manage to waste it

Wish I could help you to hate me
You slice the wound and I'll pour in the salt
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Alcohol makes the pain stay
But either way it's everybody's fault
And now when it rains, the trees send no comfort
I'll try to forget that everything's my fault
And I'll never call, it's such a mean distance
What once was before, I guess is now finished

I'm helping you hate me

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3.Loaded To The Gills (修改)

Am I loaded to the gills
Treading water on the window sill
Ain't no flashlight to take you back
That wet paint that's on your wall leaves me feeling weak
And small below you when I can't get back
Leaves and winter trees I am the boy who can enjoy invisibility
Beneath those bells of distant boats just afloat
And my guitar could creep so out of tune when I'm in your room
It's so insidious it eats me inside out

Wish I could set my alarm to a different year
If time was just like plasticine we'd be on our own
Catch a train to far off to never-tell or Babylon
With no consistency we'll let it be far out

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4.Outside Are The Dogs (修改)

I'm not as scared as I once was
I can cross the street all by my self now
I tend to sever the space that surrounds mine
And I seem to do it all the time now

Could I have a smidgen of you faith?
A strand of hair within a jar to pledge allegiance to you
Keep your dreams hidden behind a shelf
Don't tell no-one or they'll become possessions of somebody else

Guess I'm riding free beneath this moonlight
But this romance with my self is causing me to doubt
Try hard not to step on any pavement cracks
If I was ever there I can't seem to find my way home back

And I'm chained between more than four walls
Walls of my mind and I can't find the code to crack the lock
Not sure if it's me really riding now I'm like a ghost
Ghost of some road that everyone bypasses

And I just get so scared for myself
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You can't rely on me or anybody else
Outside are the dogs so who can you trust
When you're scared?
When you're running so scared
When company's like vultures and your room's like some sepulchre
You found out
It weakens your resistance if you keep questioning your existence
So what now?

Open up, open up
There's no need to shut it down
Thaw it, thaw it out
Thaw the ice that's trying to hound you down to the ground

Buses, trains and miles of sheets of rain
Another night and it's alright
A little misadventure
Caught a cab, ran out of change again
It's not that bad, I've just been had, had by myself again

5.Stained Mouth (修改)

Only talk
When silence is listening
Spoon-fed guilt is slowly poisoning
Don't prod my speech
Because I can't answer that
I can't be teached
It's something beyond that

I've got the mark of Cain
I've got the mark of Cain
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Feel so small but so gargantuan
Don't see myself but I see everyone
Outside an attic outside my house
The same blue fingerprint the same stained mouth

Don't try to justify this
When there's no there's no blood on my hands

6.Won't Forget (修改)

Hey it's my mind
Lets me down
All the time
Find a switch
Kill the lights
Find a door
In my sights
There's three things
Floating 'round
One is God
And one's a girl
And the rest
Can't define
There's no space
There's no time
See her face
Like a ghost
Floating up
When I'm down
But I'm not down
I'm just out anywhere
Feeding doubt
All the trains
All the girls
It's a blur
In my world
Can't define
What I say
Because my mind
It's in the way
Half asleep
All the time
While the wheels
Turn and grind
Digging holes
In the ground
Throwing gold
All around
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But I won't forget

Sometimes I wish
I was a star
Floating high
Above the earth
Free of guilt
Free of lust
Free of mirth
Free of trust
But my soul
Lets me down
Lose control
But still can't
Find anything
That I know
So I drift
And let go
And I don't wish
That I was dead
Because life's a gift
That I dread
What to do
And what to say
It doesn't matter anyway
And just wait
Without a doubt
I'm the one
Who you should shout
Shout me down
In the woods
Where you know
You never should

You never should

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