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【 The Original Human Being 】【 英文 】【 1970 】

1.Black Sun
4.Tears In My Bed

1.Black Sun (修改)

I heard your many rumors
I heard your many lies
I fell in search of fortune's kiss
Tripped and fell along the way
I heard your song of sunshine
Steal your heart away
But now I do not jeep this creep
And tell me what to say.

My black sun will lay you in your bay
I've seen so many lose their way.

You put me in a limousine
You drove my soul away
I saw the Devil trackin' souls a-pass along his way
I signed your bloody papers
I took too many rides
You put me down finally, oh yeah
I'm measured out your lives.

I fell in search of fortune's lonely kiss
I've seen so many try and miss.
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(Oh hey, yeah, ah-ha yeah, ow, c'mon, yeh, c'mon child, yeah, yeah, oh yeah)

You might think I'm finished
Wish I'd go away
I'll be 'round to haunt you people alone without your pay
And when your time has come to pass
And you are laid away
I'll be 'round to get you, Help you on your way.

My black sun will lay you in your bay
I've seen so many lose their way
I've seen so many lose their way (Oh)
I've seen so many lose their way (Ow, Ahh)
I've seen so many lose their way (Ah, Ah, Ehh)
I've seen so many lose their way (Oh, Ooh, Ooh)
I've seen so many lose their way (Uh, Uh)
I've seen so many lose their way (Uh, Ah)
I've seen so many....

2.Preacher (修改)

(Gary L. Yoder & G.R. Grelecki)
I don't have to have no preacher
To tell me there ain't no good lovin' you
Your snake-eye touches the ladder
Everybody tells me it's true.

You're gonna need
You're gonna bleed
Somebody like me.

I don't need my old school teacher
To learn me in your evil ways
I sing right back to the jungle
Hang it up on Even Street.

You're gonna need
You're gonna feed
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Somebody like me.

Way down deep in the jungle
Swingin' from tree to tree
You find me chasing around there
Trying to even the score.

You're gonna need
I'm gonna please
Somebody like you.

(Heh-ho, Wah-wah, Wah-wah-wah, Oo-uh, Oo-uh, Oo-uh, Oo-uh
Oh-oh, Eee-Eee, Meow, Ooh-ooh, Ha-huh-huh, Suck-suck-suck,
Oink! Hnch! Enwoooo! Oo-oo-oo-oo, Ah-ah-ah-ah, I'm gonna scratch ya, scratch ya.)

3.Sandwich (修改)

(Gary L. Yoder & G.R. Grelecki)
I got a hole in my pants!
You do, you got yourself a hole!
Heh, shecka-shecka-shecka-shecka
Got a wolfman sandwich
Wolfman Jack!

OH! Alright
OW! Sandwich
Whoa, Sandwich
Over here, alright, c'mon now
Sandwich, c'mon baby
Let's make a sandwich baby
With butter baby
Pick it up

(C'mon baby, alright, c'mon baby, sandwich baby, sandwich mama, C'mon now yeah.)

C'mon, C'mon, Yeah
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Ain't nothing but a sandwich
C'mon gimme a sandwich
Gimme a sandwich
Along three dollars, I got three dollars
Sandwich, get some mayonnaise baby
Make a cold sandwich
Make a cold sandwich
Oh honey, sandwich
C'mon gimme a sandwich.

Let's make a sandwich!
Alright, alright
A salami sandwich with a hard roll
Don't try to mess around.

(C'mon, here and there, yeah,
c'mon gimme a sandwich, sandwich,
sandwich, upside down,
I'm not kidding girl,
sandwich, sandcake, hey.)

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4.Tears In My Bed (修改)

(Ralph Burns Kellogg)
Lonely, lonely tears by my bed
You know I never call you
You call me instead
Sadness, sadness please go away
Every time you call me
The longer you stay.

I was never lonely with her by my side
Things are much different now
All I have left is my pride.
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With her I thought for sure you were gone for good
But now I understand, I had just misunderstood.

Lonely, lonely, I wish she'd be back
But now I know she had to go
And I know she can't come back
Someday, some other day, I'll find somebody new
Someone who'll love me and be the death of you.

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