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Blood Has Been Shed



【 Novella Of Uriel 】【 英文 】【 2001 】

2.Candlelight Vigil
3.En Sabah Nur
4.Faded Pictures Faded Memories
7.Signs And Omens

1.Benediction (修改)

Neglected - forgotten - you were cast aside
Casting stones at an open target
What did you think
That I would just smile and then walk away

No that was never in my nature
And it won't change now

I didn't leave to teach you a lesson
I left because you never even looked my way
Strange that pain brings my name to your lips
But I am not complaining
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Maybe this is the rebirth
We always whispered about
The one thing that would bind us together
Start over - start over - start over - start over

Those foreign days will cease to exist to me
I dare you to look past the scope of your vision
In spite of the empty promises
I will not be denied

2.Candlelight Vigil (提供)


3.En Sabah Nur (修改)

Never ending
This barren land is never-ending
Never ending
When will this season of bloodloss end?

Hope falls through the holes in my hands
Every hour is a shackle I curse my captor

Every divinity has forsaken me
I curse my birth I curse this life
I worship the God of slumber
For death and sleep walk hand in hand
These eyes will never lie

4.Faded Pictures Faded Memories (修改)

Well I hope you are satisfied
You gave me the push I needed
Ostracized for nothing at all
By all those I hold dear

'You aren't the same - maybe we should talk'

This is my suggestion - death to all emotion
Let this be the end of us
Bitter cold engulfs the soul

No more contact - forget my face
Stop knocking - I am not smiling
Behind the door no eloquent words
No desire to impress

I'm not looking for an apology from you
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I'm looking for an opportunity to see you in pain

There will be no looking back again

Dig your fingers slowly into my wrist
White knuckle the blade
In hopes that I subside
I want to see the shade fall on your eyes
No longer my lover

Pray - you better pray
Pray to every god you know
And every forgotten deity
You better pray

5.Intervention (修改)

Never asked you for a thing
Yet you pushed me aside
On bended knee I served
And that day was the birth of a slow death
Defiler I was meat at your table
I would pay not to fall from your grace
My blood and my tears were tokens
I was waste to be expelled
To you I was just a number

Forgotten on the chopping block
My blood flows like any others
To find pleasure in my disgrace
You held my life in your hands
Your acceptance the air I breathe
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Day after day I always wonder
Will I exhaust myself
From this effort cursed to an existence
Of being drawn to you
Grant me tomorrow or let me die

Your expectations grip my throat
And choke my very life
Everyday that you appear
I succumb to your pleading
Will this be the day of intervention?

6.Metamorph (修改)

Dark clouds line the sky and descend
To the shallow heart of the man
Enraptured by the burning flames of animosity

The hammer falls and penetrates
And preys on my demons darkest desires
My soul is now a womb

You are flesh of my flesh
Forever we embrace

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I see my reflection on the bloodstained floor
A clenched fist that holds no compassion

Tranquility an escape
I will never know
Conception - the breeding
Labor - the pain I bear
Birth - of scorn reproduction

7.Signs And Omens (修改)

You were always my everything
But sometimes you were all I had
Don't be surprised at the contempt in my voice
Why should you be?
You have used your every word against me

You are deception personified
Your illusions no longer hold me
I lost faith in what my eyes beheld
Sightless my every turn
Has been met with futility

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What little I could perceive
Ensnared my progress

Lost - lost in darkness - I only fell faster
I followed you faithfully it was to no avail
I held you in the highest of places
And you let me down you failed me
I want my blood to ignite you hands
And you let me down you failed me