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【 Greatest Hits 】【 英文 】【 2003 】

1.After Da Kappa
2.Bonnie And Clide
3.Can't Deny It
5.Air Force 1s
6.Hot Girl
7.King Koopa
8.Lap Dance
9.Let Me Blow Ya Mind
10.Move Bitch
11.Ms. Jackson
13.Ochie Wally
14.Rich Niggaz
15.Runnin' The Game
16.Set It Off
17.Street Shit
19.What Y'all Niggas Gone Do?
20.Y'all Ain't Ready 2 Ball

1.After Da Kappa (修改)

I might pull my ice out and there went all the lights-out
Ice white as the white house or bright as a light house
Ask the governor of Galvaston and he gon' tell ya, we ball
Bout to change the C-Wall to the damn C in P-Wall
All, look at the screens fall can you stunt like we? Nah
More shoes, clothes and hoes then 4 stores in the mall
See more legs, breast and thighs then a plate with 3 chickens
I don't steal but the pist-ol ya whole set of, teeth missin'
I'ma walkin' website, internet on my damn cell
Open up my nextel, and you-you got mail
I'm to busy, damn who is he?
More throwed then a threw frisbee
Driving too fast you'll miss me
Cuz my twinkies made ya too dizzy
If you see us at the Kappa, on no swangers and adapters
You have my permission to walk up, to me inside and slap us
If I'm not in a flag ship, being jocked by bad chicks
Wearin' coogI bad clips you can give me a ass kick
Sir Daily I stunt with him
When I'm up in the Confadan
With a couple of twins, wearing nothin but comfortable skin
Might pull my cash out, Chamillionaire's a damn grouch
Screen recline and, lay down like a fat man on a black couch
I'm as throwed as a toad on a Budweiser commercial
Wise-Wise Er-Er, look don't make me hurt you
Bout to change after the Kappa, to after the Koopa
Cuz when it comes to ballin', yall niggaz come after King Koopa
Call me King Of The Kappa, when I'm seen in ya city
My screens fall and hang down like ya grandmama's titties
I'm off the (sound), oops I mean I'm off the heezie man
Could go platinum if I did a album with the Ku Klux Klan

2.Bonnie And Clide (修改)

Hold up maaane
Watch me come down in new riiiides mane
Watch me swang wide with when my riiiide change
Colors, it ain't a thang, we twistin and grippin grain
In love with my Money man
And my name, is Chamillionaire
And I'm ridin swangz
To seaport, lil rock and tyler man
Grindin is in mt range, and that will never change
In Love with my Money man

I show her off and let the groupies know that she's in my life
When I'm a Billionaire, I'll make her permenitly my wife
There's a period every month, when I don't get to touch her
But after 4 or 5 days it's over, fiending to clutch her
Schemeing to bust a - nut please, don't be a nut
Cause only a nut, would try to put his hands on my slut
See boys know I'm with her but still try to holler at her
Alot of guys had her but them other guys don't matter
Them guys was chatter
And to tell the truth, I would rather
Let them dream, but at the end of the day, I would have her
Her size is fatter, but truthfully I like her thick
I'm in the club, holding her, takin pictures with my chick
Forget a groupie, she's there after every show
We're makin love after the club, she tells me I'm so
Good at gettin her to cum, and she comes often
She comes when I'm grinding, she comes when I'm flossin
If you havent figured it out yet, my money's my honey
My honey's my money, 'In God We Trust' tatted on her tummy
You could never take her from me, I never decieve her
Her last name is Franklin, her cousin is Visa
Believe the relationship I speak on is real
I'm in love with my money, My girlfriend is the dollar bill
Hold up... Hold up... Hold up... Chamillitary Mayne!

3.Can't Deny It (修改)

You better get gone, get warned
As soon as koopa performs, the show is charmed
Make ya take ya charm back to the pawn hold up,
Lizard be lovin, ain't nobody touchin you
In a bear care with a sausage like I'm untouchable
If I was illiterate and stuttered a little bit
N' had a real little dick would your woman still level it
You be the judge is it yay or nay
Alvis ain't on my screen when the answers display
Come to the car and shake it
Your woman totally naked
But she's wearing my necklace
Ay... gotta respect it
Can be conceited my eagle ain't big as my 22's
Look under the skirt and the cleat and... stare at the shoes
Not scary I'm rude when I'm in an arrogant mood
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In love with my ben franks but never marry a dude
You'd be... even when I'm... not carrying food
If I battled myself at rap I'd tie I never lose
I never get beat at rappin, quited the heat they yappin
I'll give you my car title if you ever see it happen
Freestyle or written
We the throwdest boys spittin
I wreck and drop the mic like 'I know this boy didn't'
When you greet me it's whut it dew
Ay bredran or wut up
Spanish say cayate and my trunk close and shut up
London bridge is falling down
Turned up my sound and blew a hole in the ground

4.Ei (修改)

All the hoes up in the club get in free before 10
They rather pay 10 to see if the Chamillion's goin in
Fa'sho then
Me and Lester Boy gon' buy out the bar
While ya eyes is on my car, I got my eyes on ya braud
I'm not classy, grab on ya ass when ya pass me
And have the nerve to say I didn't do it when ya asked me
Nasty, call me what you want except broke
Cuz soon as you do, they gon' be like this nigga got jokes
Ha-Ha, have you see where the Chamillionaire stay?
Have you seen what the neon lights up in the trunk say?
Truck stay sittin' low, and the screens in the truck play
I get more green then a vegetarian buffet
I get more bank then a NBA back board
Stack yours while we slam black Cadillac doors
2 Tellies watchin' Nelly, and 3 Tellies showin' Belly
Big ballin like some meat-balls in a damn deli
Callin' Sam on my celly
When she tellin' me she ready to come braid my hair-my hair like R.Kelly
Could tell niggaz I cut hair, they be like 'So what?'
Bite ya chilli-bowl with my ice-grill and give ya ass a cold-cut
Get it? and even if ya don't then forget it
Just remember when my album hit the stores to go and get it
I'm twistin' my wrist and I'm sparklin' and glistenin'
Shh!, listen and you can hear the ladies just whisperin'
Lookin' like I was up in the North Pole and I was fishin'
Seen some ice water and stuck my whole fist in
Messin' up your vision, when the twinkies be twistin'
I feel pain, when I grip grain but I ain't trippin'
If I'm not hittin' licks with Lil' Yo up in the bricks
Then I'm hoppin' up in the 6, might pop me a lil crist'
I cannot, give you a kiss, leave ya lips and ya tongue frozen
My whole mouth golden, gotta porno star posin'
On the back of my album cover, if I discover
That'll hot girl is not a hot girl, then I'll just shove her
Cuz I'ma guerilla out the gutta, I'm so sick mayne
I pull up on chrome and I watch a nigga lip hang
If Miss Thang, actin' like she really Miss Thang
Won't see me spit game, unless she gotta thick frame
Look mayne, ain't nothin' the Chamillionaire can't get
I'm ballin' like Bill Gates gave me a blank check
My paint wet, might leave a happy-hater upset
Ice on my neck drippin' down my back and got my butt wet
What you thought, the Chamillionaire wasn't throwed or somethin?
I be rollin' on buttons, and got em' sayin' 'He shol' be stuntin''
Nigga get ya mind correct, the house is the ish
Everybody flash ya wrist and let ya diamond glist

5.Air Force 1s (修改)

I know they gon' get pissed over
This flow that I did for ya
Forget what them tricks told ya
I'm slick with the pistol-a
No purple in his soda..but I'll sell ya the bar
16 bars cost 35 throw a dollar at ya boy
The next nigga that talk down, and say that ballin' rap ain't real
I'ma slap that broke nigga with 10 hundred dollar bills
Then I'ma ask how real is that? and I'ma let you keep the change
Waitress shinin' at IHOP, no tip Owl left you piece and change
Fedarelli think I'm sellin' syrup, swisher sweet and 'caine
But I'm really pimpin' hoes, want head? I'll let you lease her brain
Even hoes try to make me buy them 20 inch tires
Yeah I give them hoes the Visa, but you know that hoes expired
So the card get's rejected
And the braud get's rejected
When she try to get back on my sack, she'll get slapped
money ain't sex it's males and
Females can get it, gettin' money is tough
Cuz I got most of it already, the U.S. didn't print enough
Chamillionaire is no bluff, I ain't have no trouble to sell
Plus I go fed ex like overnight government mail
Thuggin' as well with Thugga-Man
I'm ready to cut a man
Put on my rubber and
Get off in your mother then..
Burn her off my rubber-bands
trunk is cracked
To hell with throwbacks
A nigga throwin' throwbacks back
I'm wearin' throw-ahead jerseys 'Koopa what the hell is that?'
A NBA jersey with a College niggas name on the back
He ain't even hit the league, I got em' home and away colors
I'm ashamed of this rap game, like the mother's of gay brothers
Yall niggas rappin' gay..and the underground is mine
It's the Mixtape Messiah and I've come to get my crown
Spent yo money on platinum..I put my dough in my mouth
While yall niggas is eatin' cookies stuffin' dough in ya mouth
Even if Rayface recorded all my vocals low
You've got to hear it, I'm the best and you supposed to know

6.Hot Girl (修改)

[Chamillionaire talkin']
is you a hot girl if not girl
can't be touchin' my hot spot girl
I can't in that cot girl
i'm runnin' wit Michael Watts girl
this is our world what you can't you tell
just look at the ice on my benzale
I bet it's green but it ain't stale
TVs in a 6 hundred V12
while the beats swell and I'm slugged up
the camillion be teted and thugged up
my money be gettin' all jealous
you gotta move I can't be hugged up
they bugged up selective sounds that offence
some ballers blockin' watchin' they knock us
cuz we ridin' and can't even drop us
on choppin' they love that
I see that big ass and I love that
like juvenile back that ass up in my direction
and let me rub that
swishahouse don't need to dub that
go get you some swishahouse sock
go get you some new shoe
put swishahouse on top of your reeboks
boy if your tryin' to get rich
go and get some swishahouse stock
cuz if it ain't platinum or gold
then it didn't come from that Michael Watt

7.King Koopa (修改)

We still here, ain't goin' no where

Man Chamill, that nigga still handlin' steel
Hoppin' out the Sedan Deville, ay man just chill
Leave em' alone, see niggaz never plan to feel
The back-hand until they talkin' or you came in his grill
I don't care, undercovers still yearnin' to stop me
Same retailers I sell it to will burn em' a copy
Then sell it to you, but the cd's burning is sloppy
They earning they dollar, that I'm supposed to earn in it's got me.
Pissed and ag'd, get in the slab, gimme some gas
Fixin' the track, this nigga bout to kick me some ass
(Repeat after Talking)
This be the last time I let niggaz get me for cash
Gimme some gasoline and burn his crib into ash
Hold up Watts niggaz is cheap sayin' I charge to much
Cuz I'm raw nigga what?
Yall can't compete, yall niggaz suck
If I gotta deal with the embarassment of yall niggaz stuff
Then mo' money will ease the pain, bar'd that bar in ya cup
Hold up Watts, boot-leggers? Them niggaz be scared
But a mind full of scared
Is better then a mind full of lead
Nightmare, wake up, pillow red, mind in his bed
Now Koopa's joking go back to sleep, never mind what he said
Look for that First Round Draft Picks, nothin' but net
I gotta homie street-sweeper, and his cousin is tech
Doesn't respect? I'ma put ya tongue up in the deck
And put my dick in the speakers and put nut in ya neck

8.Lap Dance (修改)

Hold ass, Hoes ask for a lap dance
I'm tossin mo trash than a trashman with a trashcan
Lew Hawk just started a business on Gulf Bank with that man
Delivers mo bricks than a freethrow from shaq's hand
Chamillionaire knows guys, and Hollywood Clique make dough rise
When spinnin' on wheels of fortune, the chopper is yo prize
If you tryna compliment elbows and the way the spokes ride
You can see clear, I got glasses like a man with four eyes
Wise like four wise guys, that's nice, but what else?
Screens fall like the pants on the man jumping with no belt
Screens fall like a crippled man tryna get up with no help
If u was me, you would Ooo!, be impressin' yo-self
Hoes melt like an ice cream sundae, when I'm posted up on Sunday
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On MLK in a Hundai, I could still live with ya honey
If she yellow as the cheddar on some macaroni
Betta ask yo homie, I'll take her whether you strapped or phony
At the Shoney's, in in the pool with ya darlin'
Me, Paul and Hawk ballin', Spider Man chrome crawlin'
Come through ya t.v. screens fallin' showin green like a garden
No buffet at olive garden, beg my damn pardon
Them boys in Orleans be throwin fights and riots
Let's have a moment of silence while they show you some violence
I know boys with dirt work, like a washing appliance
If you see a triple beam, then it isnt... [Scratches Out]

9.Let Me Blow Ya Mind (修改)

-Uh, Koopa, Look, Look, Uh
Hope you guys got ya party, cuz after the party
I'm leavin' wit all of the ladies and that's half of the party
And speakin of after..I'ma walkin' after shock
Cuz women pass out in from shock when they see me pass in the drop
But speakin of come she calls me silkk the shocker
When I drop my silk boxers, oooh it shocked her
Ladies come to poppa
Then come for poppa
When I come in the droppa
She'll come in her boxers
If they come to the hotel, then they come to knock us
Reason she comin' home is cuz I, come to drop her
off the boss, if she showin' naked gotta respect it
*Operator Noise* This number is disconnected, look
That's what you be hearin' every time that you call her up
Cuz she don't want you no more nigga, she wanna baller what?
Ladies if you want the Color Changin' Lizard to pay you a visit
When you lonely just holler out 'Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard'
If ya mans a asshole, I'll creep in the back door
With the latex, some whip cream, and a damn Lazzo
'A Lazzo? Chamillion please tell me what that's for?'
To tie ya man up..while he watch me spank it from the back, whoa!
'Chamillionaire, I feel em' man, that boy's a damn villian
That boy chrome be spinnin' like a fan on the damn ceiling'
Spray ya mind, 'tre in the 9, make em' all stay and line
That call me 'This little light of mine', because I shine
I know I talk alot of noise but I promise I'm not conceited
Sike I spit my worst rap, it ain't a nigga can beat it
Raise my trunk turn on the neon's so a nigga can be it
If you don't like me, lick the dick on a stick nigga and eat it
Blunted and weeded, cuz ? to me I don't need it
Defeated this game fair and square niggas is sayin' I cheated
But why? I'm not a nice guy
I'ma creep in the night guy
With a nice sized choppa, because a nigga might try
Abra-Cadabra, niggas gon' be mad, after da kappa
Ya girl is like a piece of cake cuz if I want her I'll have her
If I'm not 20 off the..ground and 3 from the curb
I'm 5-0-4 in a flag-ship but please don't not disturb

10.Move Bitch (修改)

You know that feelin' you get when you in love, what do ya call it?
I don't know but I only feel like that when I open my wallet
Wanna be hard..retards actin' like they ain't fraud
Open ya mouth so I can drag my feet and cut my yard
Broke niggaz always tryna tell ya how to get a dollar
Shut up when the heat holla, run hollow tips follow
Like prank callers..yall niggaz need to hang it up
I know Biggie, I'll take his Shyne like ya nickname was Puff
Ay, controversy sells..and I know I was wrong
But you bia bia's need to listen to that Lil' Jon song
This ain't no sisqo thong song, we the voice of the streets
So in order to keep the peace, gotta keep a piece
Just kiddin', don't touch guns, guns will kill
And that's real, when you still use ya dumb tongue to squill
Don't get mad, don't take everything seriously
But if ya rap and lookin' for a rapper to fear, it's me
Chamillion the Mixtape Messiah, get duct-taped and tie ya
to the table, open ya mouth and make ya eat barbed wire
sandwich, man this boy got to be signed
If he's not, then Russell want me to sign his dotted-line
Nope, maybe next time, underground I'm found
Sharks swimmin' in the dark, ya talk down now drown
So I'ma continue, to rule move get out the way
While the chrome metal 'copter blades keep spinnin' for days

11.Ms. Jackson (修改)

What's da supa king K Double O-P-A Say
If I say hey, can I get yo number she say, OK
U ask for her number and she be like, No Way!
Got da boots sayin What it Do instead of gouday
Everybody that think that the Chamillion can't rap
I couldn't make a wack rap if my name was J-Mack
I'm just jokin mack I take that back
But I just gave u a shoud out nigga, u can't hate that!
Big twinkey inch leenas, clarion car screenas
Got hoes sayin 'Woop, Pull over' like Trina
I'm not a drank leena cause I rather zip zema
Yellow braud named Tina take my clothes to da cleaners
I'm above u, u under me like an umbrella
Don't even try to front like yo game is much betta
If she yellow like the letters in my iceberg sweeta
Then u betta not let her leave home cause I'll gett'a
I'm thugged out foreva, weak... I think not!
I'm as throwed as a rock in a shot slingshot
Knock, knock! who is it?
None of yo damn business
It's da color changin' lizard so shut up until he's finish
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Nigga, I roll chrome and I'll pull up in yo home
Ice lookin like I stuck my finger in a snowcone
When it comes to this rap, u can't do me no harm
I would still be calm with a bomb in my palm
And a big stick of dynamite strapped to my arm
Three W's dot, get of my dick dot com
I don't wear versace cause I ain't tryin to be cute
I gave my lawyer da boot cause he try to put me in a suit
Eat meat with big tig and I'm throwed al pauldin
Twenty inch rollers, sean john on my clothin
And youavage downtown every semester
I might pop up in a drop with blindside and lester
Nigga, nig nag paddy wack
Hold up man, matter fact
I almost forgot to give a shout out to da alley cats
My nigga, A D, A Lee, and Slim T
Bun B, and Ron C and Big T-I-M-P
Gotta post them nigga, out for them boys up on da south
No need to spell it out cause ya'll now what I'm talkin bout

12.NBA (修改)

[O.G. Ron C - Talking]
Play it..gon' break em' off something

Treat me like a lawyer, the next time that you wanna book yo show
Cuz if you didn't send me my dough I'ma be a no-show
Slow-mo, you get screwed by ya label and ya DJ
While ya women gettin' screwed in the place where she brush her teeth mayne
And I ain't talkin' bout the bathroom, man she say
she love me, wanna see me again like I'm instant replay
We paid in full, it's the Color Changin' Click
Which car do I wanna drive? take a color changin' pick
Yall boys need to retire, go sit next to Bill Walton
Cuz while we ballin' y'all'a prolly be still talkin'
Garage like a B-Ball goal with the rims bent
If it don't get new rims, nothing's goin' in it
Blended, how my rims get..called for traveling
Even when the car is parked in the spot where I'm standin' in
The streets is raw, people peepin' ya car
Wish what you got greedy people are
Not street ballers tryna hoop throwin up shots in the paint;
More like jackers tryna jack, shooting shots in ya paint
Street ballers slam dunk and try to take off the rim;
While jackers jack cadillacs and try to take off the rims
That's cold, but I'll be damned if I do my thug thizzle
I grind..while y'all whine like 3 kids with 1 skittle
Sweet-tooth, can't let a jacker get my candy
So we Sheryl wth the bang-bang handy
You can't walk around really thinkin' that lifes a sport
Spend half of the time sittin' around and half in court
Houston..Koopa gon' make the world accept this city
You must have warrants in every city, except this city
You ain't nationwide, you ain't in Chicago you ain't in Cali'
For a fee..I'll promote yo record, just holla at me
Chamillionaire, I be sayin what they scared to say
The Mixtape God, better get prepared to pray

13.Ochie Wally (修改)

A-Keem drunk gleam
Unlock, pop the scene
Kickers soundin' like my trunk just swallowed a soccer-team
The candy-berry drop
Sittin' outside the Merriot
Is what got ya miss very hot
Tryna give me the hairy spot
My album ain't barely drop
I don't live on a fairy block
A scary block, where niggas get buried and carry glocks
Niggas be frontin' like they brave, cuz scary niggas get shot
Bullets be in the glock, talkin' bout 'ay let me out'
Hold up..If you can prove I ain't the throwedest on the streets
Then stand up, right now go ahead and speak ya peace
Anybody? Okay, unanimous vote
We all agree that every time he touch the mic it get broke
Choke the chord til' it smoke
And don't get Twin pissed
He'll put the heater to ya lips and you'll wish that he missed
I hope you get my drift while I un-twist the Crist'
Lookin' like a poisonous light-bulb bit my wrist
I'm showing so much green, I'm glowin' so picture me
As a iced-out ghetto, statue of liberty
'Chamillion don't spit for free
That nigga turned down a G
I sent hI'm the deposit, he sent it right back to me'
For the record, Chamillion wreck-it
I wreck it so don't eject it
Disrespect have ya girl at the hotel showin' naked
Get it right dawg correct it
I got this rap game perfected
Detect the women went blind when my necklace reflected
Wood-grain got molested, does this mean I'm peverted?
Ya feelings got hurted, she want me to insert and squirt it
She wanted to make love to my voice, the first time she heard it
Look, don't touch me, to broke hoes I'm allergic
The jury was the verdict
Chamillionaire is guilty
Of being, off the hook, off the heezie-fa-sheezy filty
Bitch, get off the dick, this the Boss Hogg year
Nigga we all floss here, poof-pow disappear

14.Rich Niggaz (修改)

My car sittin' as low as the IQ of kids on short yellow busses
Comin' slow like a cripple handicap kid, on crutches
Got more ice then Miller Light and a 100,000 slushes
Got somethin' in my clutches made for niggaz holdin' grudges
Poppa lookin' for a bootlegger I can abuse tonight
My princess got cut and I ain't even used a knife
You want me to lose my life, because you know you'll lose ya wife
When ya see me, you'll try to fight and then you'll be a loser twice
You as broke as the answering machine that never wants to answer
All eyes on me like the tat on a top-less tittie dancer
Is Chamillion cheap? Yeah..Enn nigga wrong answer
Screen fall's bout to Reign-Deer like Glitchen and Prancer
Ya misses wishes to give me kisses and be my Mrs'
Sit on more damn deep-dishes then some friend up..catfishes
I make myself laugh, twinkies out-crawlin' ya
I'm worth the price of a country so they call me Zamalia
You can call me baller trainer, when I tell ya I'm the boss
You want a verse and I don't like you, I'ma jack up my cost
I want a burger and a french fry, do that come with sauce?
I want a 'lac with a jumble-jack jack do that come with gloss?
We as throwed as a softball after the pitcher toss it
Paint wet as a leaky faucet, drippin' also when I floss
It's the..Chamillionaire, Hakim, Super Doopa King
Hoes say that I can sing, but I still do know bling

[Chorus: Papa Reu]
We got..hella TV's twinkies too
Call up Ron C when I need to be chopped & screwed
Hoppin' out shinin' in ? to make em' bling
Watch me go bling bling, bling bling, so gleam
So please not ? from the gutta

[OG Ron C: Talking]

15.Runnin' The Game (修改)

You can lick the dick on a stick
If you don't think that I'm the ish
You mad cuz you suck like some lips on a big tit
Hoe? No, I'ma laugh
Ice clearer then fiber glass
Bootleggers without a lab
Don't hide cuz we'll ya ass
Chamillion is kinda mad
I'm rich like I'ma crab
Make niggas rewind it fast
Tow-trucks wanna sign my ass
So on my chest
under my nose, on my golds
These hoes be thinkin' I was raised by rich eskimo's
I'ma walkin' Fort Knox
Oops, my fork dropped
It's okay, I ride more chops then chop-sticks and porkchops
At a chinese buffet, trickin' tricks you got to get
No respect, never let sooo you can't have her set
Her boyfriend talkin' bout, 'Hey, where that bastard went'
When I grab ya ass and then act like it was a accident
I'ma walkin' accident cuz everywhere I go I wreck
I'm as throwed as what ya throw to your pet when playin' fetch
Wanna crawl off that wet, I see a goofy group of groupies
Cuz you wrapped in Coogi and Gucci don't mean you ain't a hoochie
Salute me when you see me, play fetch with fake breasts
All day at my rich swishahouse, niggas to raise the bets
Watch when Lil' Wayne get mad if I said I make fresh
give me all his beats, lunch money and paycheck
Yes, damn that was what I was gonna say next
But nevermind rewind to where I was talkin' bout fake breasts
Believe I keep heat and got bullets that heat seek
My beeper got more beeps then a Bentley horn, [beep beep]
My pager got more pages then a Webster's Dictionary
I pull more work in a busy gravedigger in a cemetary
Nigga you got beef? *Powww* we ate flesh
Nigga who that gotta deep-hole in ya A-Virex
Got her bouncin' like fake checks
So doin' the face sex
Cuz I'm the throwdest to ever wreck and kill tape decks

16.Set It Off (修改)

[O.G. Ron:Talking]

Off that drank color-color changin' anaconda man
Ice bright as a night light or whiter then Madonna's hand
Oops! I did it again, jewlrey man give him a grand
Man chain changin' colors like a man gettin' a tan
I ain't no stupid..Jim Carrey
Heat..Koopa will carry
Knock ya out til' you fall asleep wit' missin' teeth like a tooth fairy
Worry scary to compete wit the red dot
Red-Dot?, what red-dot? the red-dot on ya head, pop
Ya girl on Reg' jock
Top off of Regs' drop
Ladies call me Barney Rubble because I make the Bed Rock
Before you realize that you was supposed to move over
DJ Bull already changed his name to DJ BullDozer
Chamillion is the tidas but that boy ain't from Zalidas
I'm the cause for her jaws like with mouth of gingivitis
He prolly talkin' down but the reason they wanna fight us
The pokin' wit 4 rims we became employers at Midas

17.Street Shit (修改)

Nigga always talkin' drama like they want this piece
As soon as I see em' in the streets all they want is peace
It's strange how a piece-maker
Faker turned peace-maker
King Koopa the cocky copy-machine cuz I keep paper
And it's so gangsta, the way the funds stack up
The way I spend it, it get low and it always come back up
My niggaz will come back-up, me if ya dumb..act-up
Rap sucks, act up to rap, and you'll get wrapped up
That tough..nigga will be changin' his tune
When his souls in a hole and they throwin' his chain in a tomb
For the re-came yo explain 'Oh, whatever you want poppy'
But one of them clean cock see, the other one gon' watch me
Guess the funs got me
Ridin' in a sun-toppy
Listen the gun's cocky
Hate it? Then come stop me
Sleepin' with the hammers, not sleepin' on no candles
But still..I manage to keep the heat in the pajamas
Police is tryin' to jam us
F-E-Dz tryna red-hand us
Don't have us doin' anything illegal on cameras
Can't grab us, I shoot you the police wouldn't ask
whether I did it cuz my jersey said that I'm back in the past
Uh, 10 years in my Allen I
Dr. Jay is my allibi
Throw 50 at the judge and see how free time that'll buy
And if that don't work nigga it don't matter my
niggaz will show up at the judges house and give that a try
The End, yes the Chamillionaire is raw
Rewind to the last verse and all the images you saw
It's gangsta gutta, I'm not a gangsta but dawg
I did it to prove that I can rap gangsta better then y'all
It's easy to put some words together and talk about ya guns
Talk about how you gon' blast while all ya enemies run
It be the same niggaz talkin' in-direct
That don't never ever won't plex when standin' in-diflesh
Look, don't act dumb nigga the King will come
and bring it on, before ya labeled the Kingdom Come

18.Trendsetta (修改)

[Chorus x2:Chamillionaire]
Livin' the life of a straight trendsetta
What you do good, I always do better
While you dream bout makin money
I make all the cheddar
Will I stop? Never

When I open up the trunk it look so sweet
Presto I'm changin' Antwan to open Sesame Street
I'ma roll model for all geeks, they walk up and gimme dap
So many screens up in the slab, I'm drivin' a computer lab
But this ain't no algebra class
This is get the cash class
This is, slap his ass if a nigga make you mad class
This is gimme all of my dough up-front don't give me half class
This is 'I'll pay you later', ha don't make me laugh class
I be the realest rapper to out rap a non-rappin' rapper
Or the realest rapper to ever slap a high-cappin'-cappa
What I'm really tryin' to say is you don't really wanna stare
Haters take more naps then when ya brother cut ya mothers hair
I'm wearing a Roc-A-Wear, she wanna see what under there
But pull ya missin' a pair of my brothers un-washed underwear
I got hall of fame and change that yall boys used to have
Pull up in jag, and make every so-called baller in Houston mad
Officer he was boot-leggin', so I had to abuse his ass
Didn't really wanna use a gat, and catch a case so I used a bat
Might as well tell the judge to put me in jail and raise bail
But I'm as dope as the dope on scale in drug-sale
I won't choke a female but hell I know I'll choke a mail
Got's to be provoked to sale
We thuggin' ain't hard to tell
I'll never let a
Wanna be cheddar getta, get on my cheddar
So better get a damn life, Chamillion's a trendsetta


19.What Y'all Niggas Gone Do? (修改)

They gon' just get upset
When I hop out the Vette
Throw the keys and tell the valet to catch
See gettin' green is a damn sinch
I'm the 22 inch grinch
I hog money, I'ma ball hog while haters is warming the bench
Fall in love with a gold-digger, for what?
Nigga my guns my slut
I finger the heat til' the barell gets hot, and bust a nut
And the best condum couldn't protect ya
When the gat is ready to sex ya
Say Hello to my little slut
take the clip out when I undress her
Came in the club with pat'nah we call hI'm Bill with the Big Head
That's Ben Franklin, bartenders bring drinks in a big keg
(Now What Y'all Niggas Gone Do)
Henessy shots I'm on 2
I'm sippin' drank after drank, like all of the dranks was on you
I don't need no ice, got ice on neck
ice on my earring, ice on my sleeve
Make my bracelet touch her weave, and give ya girlfriend [scratches and restarts]

[OG Ron C talking]
Now What Y'all Niggas Gone Do? [repeated throughout talking]

They gon' just get upset
When I hop out the Vette
Throw the keys and tell the valet to catch
See gettin' green is a damn sinch
I'm the 22 inch grinch
I hog money, I'ma ball hog while haters is warming the bench
Fall in love with a gold-digger, for what?
Nigga my guns my slut
I finger the heat til' the barell gets hot, and bust a nut
And the best condum couldn't protect ya
When the gat is ready to sex ya
Say Hello to my little slut
take the clip out when I undress her
Came in the club with pat'nah we call hI'm Bill with the Big Head
That's Ben Franklin, bartenders bring drinks in a big keg
(Now What Y'all Niggas Gone Do)
Henessy shots I'm on 2
I'm sippin' drank after drank, like all of the dranks was on you
I don't need no ice, got ice on neck
ice on my earring, ice on my sleeve
Make my bracelet touch her weave, and give ya girlfriend brain freeze
Haters get pissed when they see me, they say 'That Son Of a Rich'
Nigga please, I spend g's on just one of my kicks
(Now What Y'all Niggas Gone Do)

20.Y'all Ain't Ready 2 Ball (修改)

[Chorus:Archie Lee]
They want me to sip drank and just roll with them
I ain't fuckin with y'all, cuz y'all ain't ready to ball
They want me to hit the club and pull hoes with them
I ain't fuckin with y'all, cuz y'all ain't ready to ball
They want me to pour out, some Rendo but nah
I ain't fuckin with y'all, cuz y'all ain't ready to ball
They want me to grip grain and flip fo's with them
I ain't fuckin with y'all, cuz y'all ain't ready to ball

You know, I'ma gold grinnin' young thugga
Hustlin' representin' for the
gorillas and thugs sittin' pretty on the butta
Yokohama on the rubber, see I'm like no other
Girls see me on the block and just st-st-studder
See I'ma lover and a stunner, see I'm in love with my chips
But the ice on the wrist is a lil too cold to kiss
Can't fall in love with ya miss, cuz my money be gettin' jealous
And that's the same reason I can be out hittin' licks with the fellas
Good-Lawd, I ain't with it, all though I hate to admit it
But if I go by myself and get it, I won't have to split it
So I'll be frontin' like I'm busy everytime that you call
Cuz I can't be thuggin' with y'all, niggaz ain't bout paper at all
I can't be frontin' like I'm broke, niggaz can see I ain't broke
$1,000 worth of ice is glistenin' off of my rope
Cuz ya out, smokin' ya dope and ya out puffin' ya 'jane
And ya out grippin ya grain, and I'm out spittin' my game, in the rain
pimpin' ya dame, ya gots to be bout ya figgas
I run with the realest gorillas and the realest 20 inch wheelers
I'm not from Pittsburgh nigga, but I run with them Steelers
So hop in the 6 if ya wit us, if not mind ya own business
Just tell me where the money at, Chamill be gon' be right there
'Is that a 500 dollar bill', see I'ma be like 'yeah'
And you can call me out my name, Chamillion really don't care
I'm changin' my name from Chamillion to The Chamillionaire

[Chorus: w/ Chamillionaire ad-libs]