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【 Codename Ego Stripper 】【 英文 】【 2014 】

2.Jimmy Stewart
3.Sound Bite
5.Give It To Me
6.Pressure (Featuring Rittz)
7.Double OT
8.Power Play (Featuring Tech N9ne)
9.Que Lastima (Featuring Angel Davanport)
10.Blindfold (Featuring Wrekonize)
11.Phineas Gage
12.Strange Creature (Featuring Murs)
13.Every Weapon
14.Hope (Featuring Bernz)

1.Fate (修改)

[Verse 1 - Ubiquitous:]
How many start a journey, but never see the end?
I never ask how, conceive it then speak in wins
A man'll work his whole life to see his ego shed
I sew it up, needle head, all I need is thread
A team can only take it as far as it's strongest leader
The streets are red, running with the blood of nonbelievers
So play a part, I'll make a star out of a bottom-feeder
The Romans fell under his knife but made a god of Caesar
For every Caesar, there's a Brutus with a blade of steel
For every offense, there's a defense til I break the shield
For every fake or real, I guess that my fate is sealed
Driving drunk off of power trips somebody take the wheel
Told travel light, what you hold'll weigh you down
Big noise, Bob Dylan you don't make a sound
The golden truth, motherfucker, I don't roll with muse
Show improve yourself, fuck am I supposed to do?
EPMD, teach a man to fish
Learn from me, only if you seek advantages
Complaints about the game, you need to speak with management
Best crew, Ces Cru, it seems to be unanimous
I'm out for action, what the fuck are y'all about, relaxin'?
They can doubt my sanity but never doubt my passion
And I don't know why they deceivers feed us lies mislead us
He who denies what he has seen is worse than nonbelievers
I just play the cards the way they're dealt
It's hard enough to change the world, I'm trynna change myself
The choices is accept the conditions as they exist
Or accept the responsibility and change the shit

[Verse 2 - Godemis:]
She handed me my change after I completed my purchase
I thought of spittin' game but I managed to fight the urges
I said 'It must be strange for you all alone on the surface'
She said it was a curse to be perfect without a purpose
Feelin' nervous I stepped in, the opposite direction
Her comment resonated, I tried to sever connection
Is this the twist of fate that's from karma and misdirection?
I'm standin' in the mirror still lookin' for my reflection
What am I trynna say, rocking all this ink on my body
I'm King, Hathaway, Donnie, most people know me as Godi
It's ill though, I kick it like Fei Long with a steel toe
They run amok and couldn't give a fuck with a dildo
For real bro, my hater-scopin' dumbdar's been on
So I don't give a bloody fuck who's droppin' the N-Bomb
We bout to shake it up til the plane's fall
Then cut through all the tension y'all invent with a chainsaw
'Is that a threat?' No it's a request
To be correct, it's a requirement, you fuckin' with Ces
And if you try to fix ya place to say that we ain't the best
You might as well be tryin' to work a deal with nothin' for less
And I'm up in the nest, never depressed of pressin' my tiers
Conquering fears and never cavin' from the pressure of peers
Swillin' my beers while tellin' Jahova to thank heaven
All I need is six Addies, a shot, and a tank seven
Tell a bitch I am dynamite, she might blow me
And the shit I'm snortin' is china white, just like O.T
Pardon my passion if it's like I'm riffin' my O.G
My P and P will K-I-M the day that I O.D, bitch

2.Jimmy Stewart (修改)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
I make music for a living, so every day is the weekend
The blade ain't tucked away until everybody is leaking
I've had it up to heaven with father fuckers critiquing
My suggestion is you stuff a cock in it, the Deevil's speaking
Right up under the knife, I'm a villain still in the cut
Feeding on hate, I patiently wait and swill up a cup
Wavy, wondering what in the fuck is the motive for it
The Deevil said I should kill him, then Godemis said ignore it
Emo with it, I'm morbid, my ism is out of orbit
They bite off what they can chew from you, funny how you ain't Norbit
Arsenal is assorted with plenty curses and disses
Plus we don't discriminate, murking any mister or missus
Appetite for destruction, cause if the recipe misses
We feeding on every scrap and don't bother to bus the dishes
This is what some wishes are made of and it's kind of silly
They going hammer, can't touch me, but God, I pray they can feel me

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
It's all fly in the friendly skies
I'm ready for whatever's headed my way
Ends change friends change every five days
Identify snake venom enter my space
You're givin em five minutes why wait?
Holdin your moment that's gone
Develop your density need some back bone
Bae boy he wishin that he was back home
Charlie can't go back, when this shit go black
I'm bringin disco back

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
Back from skid row, out of agony central
You're grabbing at my microphone I'm snappin your wrist bone
Anatomy split throw em like Vladamir Klitchko
You're pissed that I'm rappin fast, well I'm happy to spit slow
Cuz everything goes fast, I watch as it go past
I'm tossin these bread crumbs, You're lost with a road map
Perusin our catalog, and shoppin for vocab
They copy the flow, I give the gift of forgiveness
I thought you should know that, but business is business
Want to know how we did it? Better get to jottin on notepads
And read you a book buddy, sharpen your brain but now
It's smarter to play dumb, what part of the game?
Acquire target and aim (bluhh) It ain't hard to be famous
I market my anguish but now it's startin to change us
So pardon my language, but fuck how you feel
You bitch ass motherfucker you's a sucker for real
It ain't nothing to get you…… high


[Verse 3 - Godemis:]
You're talking that fly shit, get ready for lift off
The rules don't apply bitch, I'm ripping your lips off
Pussy in a dog fight, irony at it's best
It's good you a dumb fuck, see this is a crabs test
Y'all average at best, you got to start someplace
Tell me how the fuck the blood from under your tongue taste
Pursue and let one chase, lock and I scare fakes
Then bust a 180, that's on behalf of my air brakes

[Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:]
Radio for your squad, we're taking over the skies
Clear out the way and land now or say your sober goodbyes
Cross your heart and hope to die, make a wish to the rap lord
It's a wonderful life, maybe you get what you ask for, that's yours
Way they be hittin the fast forward, my slow flow
Bang thoughts hittin the dashboard, a trick of the light
Pick your dog fight Mr. mcfly, call em a chicken
And they're quick to reply, the hands quicker than the…… eye


3.Sound Bite (修改)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Paint my face now you're hearin' a clown right?
The flow's Tyson, livin' fear in the sound bite
What the fuck y'all want, with a nigga with no marbles
Put hearts in a jar then swallow the whole jarful
Blind marksman in a ghillie suit, let off
With a grunt, while I murder in mini troops
They're miniature, many troops in need of a medic, they better rap gauze
I'm a heretic and never pray to a rap god
I fling blood on a door, whisper prayers in reverse
Cast curse sling blood on a whore
Slap the fuck out the Deacon, he's reachin' for that book
Set the pages to flames, your lord is a lame, look
I'ma invert the crucifix, feast on a virgin
Work the word thin, use Rittz for toothpicks
My Strange family crew's loose knit
The radio don't even give us no play and we don't give two shits
Jason Deevil, define his rhymin' illegal
While he's takin' warning shots out the eye of an iron eagle
Wavy, I battle goons, you mad at whom, you outta tune
But I ain't worried, they versed me inside a padded room

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
My vibe hummin' it come from inside a dyin' sun
Added to the Saturn moons, Pythagoras find a sum
Livin' by the sword, my strict diet is by the gun
Claimin' they not pussy but wet as vagina comes
Feelin' fresh off the bus, big trees on my brain
Run up in the spot, eyes freeze on my frame
They lookin' I ain't tryin' to duck
See what the club cookin' up
Bad bitch, heaven sent, hellbent on hookin' up
In the back of the venue, she puttin' pressure on me
No matter how much she push, it's never gon be
I swear this lifestyle was never for me
I swear to the god of war, I'll never tour free
Now I'm swimmin' in dirty women, let me backstroke
I could leave it to beaver, be the Eddie Haskell
Damn, now I'm comin' off like a petty asshole
But it's better than buyin' beers for Betty Bashful
Hah, What I'm tryin' to see is some steady cash flow
Rain down parade style, confetti the flag flowin'
I'm on a float flyin', with dope sinus
Sniffin' out the lames, I came with co-signage
Flame, don't buy in the game, Kobe Bryant
If they don't know why, they can blame the flow
I ain't afraid to show, shinin' my chain
Frankly a fraction of what you find in my brain
Lie entertained, eye on the game
Watchin' my environment change

[Verse 3 - Godemis and Ubiquitous:]
Where many have passed on, only I've remained
Livewire the game, prolly kick a hole in ya brain
If we spinnin' out of control, ya know I'm rollin' a plane
Ces so entertain(ing), Never sick with the Gan(grene)
Think it could be so wonderful, run with the A-(team)
I bet you sweatin' bullets from under the ray(beam)
Cause my penis and my pistol do sorta the same (thing)
You full of faith, fearful of shit that you ain't seen
Fans are reppin' Ces from here in the middi to Beijing
Is the sandman comin' to give me a daydream?
Puttin' y'all under the dirt and we gettin' away clean
I'm stickin' cool with karma, and bear the weight like I'm movin' in water
Illuminati's an illusion now use a comma
Show me a rap god, Tutankhamun is too uncommon
Pompeii when I'm bustin, I'm spewin' lava
And you ain't gotta ask why it works, or backslide your words
All you gotta know is we both back, dyin' of thirst
Every session is blessed, I'm baptisin' the verse
You better hold ya breath when you pass by the church
Uh, I put my people on Jack Ryan alert
Please pacify the perp in the back buyin' the shirt
Our core fans bumpin' this track ridin' to work
Mature fans classy as yours, we goin worldwide
Really we only came for packin' the floor mamps
That girl fly but she's mackin' the doorman
After the show it's back to the tour van
Pack Packed full of clothes, I'm back on the road

4.Whips (修改)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
I'm footloose, y'all be like 'Damn'
Maintain with the right lane
Y'all ain't do it like Strange, finna burn y'all when the light change
I'm ski skirtin' gettin' small and I'm in a straight line on my jackshift
Tryin' shake haters on my playmaker blackin' out in oncoming traffic
Just imagine if, the frame was a little bit lighter considering jag lift
I could prolly clear a row of buses on you motherfuckers for trying to nab with
Don't get mad bitch, better jet son
Wanna bad bitch? Go and get one
I'm that quick, suck a fat dick
Wanna rap up, need to get done
Suck it, I enter I might rip
Burnin' this rubber I might slip
Strugglin' tryn'a get my grip
Doin' 80 right over this white strips
With the pedalin' motorin' goin' and so when I run it, then I'ma just fly out the whip
If you ain't numero uno you ass and prolly don't do it like I do it

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
Yo, if you can't hang y'all that's peace
See I B.Y.O.B
I bang y'all on beats, and I bet your backyard obese, bitch
Better believe I'm bombastic, bro know that my ball that big
Y'all fabric, fabricated in a fabergé egg sack shit
In a nutshell y'all cornballs, that's corny nuts y'all done warmed up
Snatchin' out on this bad traffic, I'm an asshole and my horn's stuck
I switched lanes, like Rittz came
In the backseat with a stick mane
I'm an athlete, y'all are Mitch Bade and yo bitch came with a Ixnay
Uh, let me explain, got a sick brain, I was born nuts
Now, who's the master? The Sho Nuff
Ask J, yo you know it ain't no hold up (Ay!)
You don't have to answer, the fact is you can't survive the standard
Don't act as if, I ain't had your bitch
Holdin' me close like I'm a tiny dancer (Ah)
Now back on the highway, countin' these headlights, get ya head right
I stand by, y'all out the car on the side of the street gettin' read ya rights
I see y'all stuck goin' round and around and around the back
I secure the trophy, count 'em out, Beverly Hills down and out

5.Give It To Me (修改)

I feel good about this one, B
Yeah, Ha

[Verse 1 - Ubiquitous:]
Praise goals, paid tows even if you play it pro
Player that's the way it goes, ain't nothin' to say no more
It's either that or feast, took a plate, only ate a roll
Felt regret, hunger that I kepper save me later though
Fire burn in my belly everywhere that I would turn
I was met with diversity and from that fire I emerge
Pen I felt along the way, never made it my concern
Took it as a lesson to the game and let the tires burn
Gassed out, gassed up, bout a pastor passed up
This to every faggot battle rapper that harassed us
Hard work, added up, perseverance paid off
Independent underground, grindin' no days off
Played a boss, paid a cost, rappin' then stayed lost
Now I need that prime cut, slathered in steak sauce
Matter fact I'm takin' all of that, then I'll take more
Livin' in the moment what you waitin' for, Good lord KC
Why you been actin' like some poor babies?
I get it crackin' never relax and doin' my chores daily
You got a fine wine well then my rhyme is the gourmet cheese
You're finally a guideline, I'm in my prime you been warned take heat
I got a list of accolades and I don't have to say
And I ain't talkin' now, I'm talkin' way back in the day
Headed up to now for real it's still nothin' to me
I'm finna top that, man I got that, y'all ain't fuckin' with me, boy

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
Ayo what up though, what you lookin' at?
Took it from us and got pissed when we took it back
You pickin' up what I dropped and can't hold us
I'm plottin' on whatever you got now hand over
Give it to me, give it to me (Come on with it, all the way from the Midwest)
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me (It's the Ces)
Give it to me, give it to me (Give it up, from the front to the back)
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me (For the snake and the bat)

[Verse 2 - Godemis:]
Ain't nothin' changed, I still arrange to pack up in the civic
The frame of mind is ain't nobody fuckin' with the clinic
Ironically enough, you fuck with us and get the D- dick
Ya dig it? The faction back in action spinnin' Riddick
Oh is it, common knowledge I commit on the pivot
Killin' it, put on a show then we come in and steal it
Feelin' it, we bout to go bananas, can you peel it?
Cause U-B-I and Godi's like canvas and acrylic
But we don't know no limits, roll the credits, it's finished
Sit home and watch a chain, if they complain, I change the image
Heard opportunity knockin', hopped in the cockpit
Just another pissed pilot who's ready to drop ship
If death is certain, must mean the reaper is lurkin'
And his cousin sleep is creepin' in while we closin' the curtain
I'm working a fucking miracle out of the situation
To knock it back out of orbit and blitz the administration
So what do you want from ya dude? I gotta be ruder than Jude
The second I enter ya loo, I'm comin' to Rubiks ya cube
They lookin' at me like I'm food, been hurtin' to get em a meal
They wanna know steps that I took, been trynna get em a deal
Behold the murderous Hanzhong
I bring the death star to any planet ya land on
The prettiest in pink, I think you stuck in that Camron
With orange mocha frappe chinos and a man pawn, bitch


6.Pressure (Featuring Rittz) (修改)

[Verse 1 – Ubiquitous:]
You know I just let that roll off
Yeah, it used to be I wasn't brave enough to do it
So I'd lie and say I did it
Now I do it but I'm afraid to admit it
I know some people out there are hatin' pray that I quit it
Proving those people wrong is just part of staying committed
Pray I remain consistent, smiling and taking pictures
Making wishes, a change of fate could only take an instant
Pimping, I'm flying like Aladdin, I been Arabian knighted
The current in my life so strong I'd be crazy to fight it
Back in the day, recycled sounds and gave me consignment
I wish the end could see me now and the way that I'm shining
Wrestle with pain in private, still they can't fade me at rhyming
Cause all that pressure that they gave me just made me a diamond

[Hook – Godemis & Ubiquitous (x2):]
They try and front, put the pressure on us
But y'all know it ain't nothing for real
It's all to the energy in this piece
I'm saying peace so you know it's for real

[Verse 2 – Godemis:]
They're wavy, riding in the line with them cheapskates
Provide the murder with the word whenever the beat breaks
You, you got a better chance of winning the sweepstakes
Me, I'm playing chicken with a comet in deep space
Unaware who the fuck they fornicating with, I flash
You don't feel what I'm spilling, pucker up and kiss my ass
Keeping it on the humble, they figure I'm a pushover
My PMC's never sober no need of luck from a clover
The opposite of Jehovah, I know they want to box me in
I shine inside of the darkness, a radiant human being
And seeing me working at it should make you want to get at it
Come out and support the music or maybe even get tatted, cause

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 3 – Rittz:]
Yeah, I always dreamed that I would be big
Still shaking off the dirt that we dig
In the past, it's too bad we can't relive
Excuse the prefix, I've seen some kids get some dope and show off
Too much gets broke off, like a tree twig
Some street shit, you wasn't cut out for no beef, pig
Mic got you some paper but you faker than an E-cig
I'm tryna piece it up, I finally made it bro
They're playing me on the radio but they don't know like Rico Love
To get to where I'm at was challenging
Talented vultures was flying down on me, trying to stick their talons in
I just drink gallons of Crowne with my gal and I gallivant around Atlanta
Bent like a nail, I'm rich and smile when there's pressure
Jonny Valiant and the Ces Cru, yeah

[Hook (x2)]

[Verse 4 – Ubiquitious:]
Let me keep it real with you, this is the meal ticket
Couple homies still kick it, wonder why's feel different
I'm livin in the moment, know one day it will finish
But what is the point of reminiscing while I'm still in it
I kill the mission efficient and chill with bitches
She been feelin interested getting twisted and stealin
Kisses if the pictures surface, chill the missus will misinterpret
I'll end up in a ditch as a missing person, it's the gift and the curse
All of that love and attention come with some tension
You motherfuckers bunt for the fences come to your senses
I ain't the one to mention, you're livin in one dimension
It's all to the energy and we frigid with numb intention

7.Double OT (修改)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Ya mama, ya auntie, I'm feeling ya vibe
I need you on my team, I want you on my side
I never knew love, the way that they claim to
Could it be that veil's down or is it that I came to
Wherever you go go, I'm watchin' in slow-mo
I'm tryna undress that, record with a GoPro
You ready to go, oh, no pressure to kick rocks
No wonder they love you, more than I do Hip-Hop
Hold up for the pit-stop, My lady don't flip flop
I'm make her love come down and bathe in the drip drops
When I tie the slipknot, we're making our ends meet
Love you from a distance that's greater than ten feet
I'm head over heels hun, I never did feel one
Guess I had a fake bitch instead of a real one
If ever ya feel done, just let me know that then
Go from double O.T to all the way back in

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
Ya on my mind
Ya play like I don't see you
When you're hiding in plain sight
We're looking good, only trouble I see (So I)
Is the way you run out of touch, call it double O.T (Oh woah)
All alone, waiting by the phone
Thoughts keep me wide awake at night
I look to you for the love that I need (So why are you)
You're hard to catch, why you running from me? (Double O.T)

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
I hear a motherfucker cussin' and such
And when I love on somethin' I love on it much too much
For your love I'm such a sucker punches bust my shit
I'm waking up to lumps, I'm wonderin' what the fuck I did
And for your punishment, I am a gluten feed me please
You never met anybody hungry as me believe
I'm taking licks, sores bleed on my face from kicks
Gettin' a taste of what it's like to be replaced so quick
Give me a break you're here today and gone the next
They call it wanderlust, I'm wishin' you would wander less
I try to stay strong, calm my stress
Play along but it's out of balance all a mess
And weighed it wrong, chess game
Either take the queen, or play the pawn
May your kindness be taken for weakness to played upon
Checkmate, heard her said actions affect fate
Prepare for the worst thing while I pray for the best case


[Verse 3 - Godemis:]
We're not gonna take shit, may work or it may not
We comin' in harmony, in rhythm with fate's clock
We take it at our pace, and if the brakes lock
I got you, you got me, inside a heart-shaped box
I'm not gonna force it, got nothing to force with
We smash when it's crunch time, unable to forfeit
It's good but of course it, may even be tested
You bring the best out me, the worst is reflected

[Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:]
Yeah, she has a certain affect, I put in the work and I sweat
But it's worth all the stress if I lay with her when I rest
This love burnin' my chest, I stop searchin' for sex
What she got I never found in any person I met
In the blink of an eye it all turned to a mess
I'm tryna iron out the kinks first, permanent press
Give me the courage to jet
I'm hangin' onto every word that I get
But truthfully, I haven't heard from her...yet


8.Power Play (Featuring Tech N9ne) (修改)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
Go head and move it, mama, I'm down to see you shake it
I live for money, honey, you make me wanna make it
I give a bloody fuck bout if you gots a couple rolls
I cut a line, you cut a rug, go head and touch your toes
And now we up in here acting like some fucking clowns
Tipping while we sipping, bout to order up another round
Spark it up to burn it down, ain't nobody's hurting now
Your bitch looking at me like I'm lunch, the tables turning round
W-A-V-Y, they can see why I be spazzing
The party go hard, we waking up, don't know what happened
From moody to laughing, to ready for action
Took another shot, sat down and watch that booty clappin'
She doing the back bend straight out of the Matrix
Something short of impressive the way she move them fake tits
Fronting like a slave, baby girl just want to take six
Cause she be the type of chick that I might wanna cave with
No mama, no drama here, I'm comfy without a care
Right after we get it in, we gon' get up out of there
Wouldn't bother teasing, baby girl ain't tryna play with ya
Six minutes, it's on and I got seven words to say to ya
Got her filling in the blaze like she filling out them pants
Niggas holding up the wall like they don't know how to dance
Ain't nobody as wavy the way we create in advance
We so Uncle Rico, we gon' stick them chicks up in their vans

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
They think it's all sun rays and sippin Alizé
They tripping off fame, game different now-a-day
CES all day, hit them with the power play
They better drop down when me weapon calibrate, yeah!

[Verse 2 - Tech N9ne:]
Let the song play and yes I'm read' to bone
Sexing weapon stretching, pressin' 'til ya epinephrine gone
Left impression on, it was nothing to give up after dome
That's a known threat, when Tech was on X, I went to the metronome
To the beat, what a week, for the peach I seek and I gotta go deep
On a beach, gonna reach lot of peaks, I skeet then I wanna go sleep
I'm the samba, run upon the nana
Gone like mom made bomb ganja lasagna
Got your mind in disarray, tripping of what a nigga say
Don't wanna make me get the K, take it away when you disobey
Left no life, we lose ya, rockets, rifles, Rugers
Thinking it blow and wouldn't be letting it
Cause you bite, no Bruiser
Better not a naan square nigga come and want some
Let her get your airfare, nigga, when the funk come
He fucking with family, I seen red
For reallies, we bucking, busting 'til everything dead
Off in my circle, everything red
Ballers, building bars, you better bring bread
Whoever wanna see me need a ticket
All the bitches got itches from me to stick it cause I'm wicked

[Hook - Ubiquitous]

[Verse 3 - Ubiquitous:]
Oh, you wanna play? Cool, I wanna play
I can come through and break it down any kind of way
Hulk mindstate, radiate like gamma ray
All day, what Speedy Gonzales say: andalé
Eh, say andalé, Del like Lana Ray
They act tough but they melt like Monterey
See how them rise and then fell like economy
Kanye West, welcome to my dark fantasy
I sacrifice rap crews, never quality
When I wreck the beat, boy, I make no apology
Hot air they blow like wind then they gone away
Ish that y'all tolerate, I cannot accommodate
Ha, it's comedy the way I dominate
Nominate me for the modern day monarchy
Say what you wanna say if you wanna follow me
Know that the artistry pump through my arteries
Double O control, I'm so Sean Connery
In the game to gain my total autonomy
Eh, say la-da-di, flow till the water break
Hand over your heart and bow, namaste

[Hook - Ubiquitous]

9.Que Lastima (Featuring Angel Davanport) (修改)

[Verse 1 – Godemis:]
Two stepping with a weapon on me
Doing the hammer dance, Imma rep this, show me
You don't want to advance incorrectly homie
Get a check to your neck and [?]key
We in the Midi, and mind you we major
Put it back on the map in the mind of a hater
In a mode of attack, I'm the alpha omega
Chop a couple of rails, do a line of it later
These are the breaks, the game's in a sling
Y'all motherfuckers better kneel, kiss the ring
Fans want me to do a song with
And I got to say I don't see that happening
Rap at the king, come for the crown
Fuck you pay me, I puff puff pound
Grab at the bling, bum rush the crowd
They don't really want me to bust bust ground
Just touched down, 81 6
Pinto music and 81 bricks
Y'all better lose it and make me come get
A KC Tea and some other dumb shit
And I get it with the killer city committee
Murdering em all and we all pack a billy
I kick up my feet and pack up a philly
I flip up the beat and crack up the ceiling
Rack up a milly, for real what's the dealy?
We ill, y'all road kill, fuck for really, playing with a marked deck
And in a minute Imma gotta pull a card, check
I been grinding my minding to get that
Dinner, it's all on the line and I find that iller
With lines on my mind all the time, that's filler
[?]I want to shaq and that's a Midwest willer

[Hook – Ubiquitous:]
Kids growing up so fast
Sweet 16 they load up the gat
Close up the casket
Too bad instead of that you should've had your punk ass kicked
Que lastima, ha, c'est la vie
Que será será, what'll be will be
Que lastima, ha, c'est la vie
Que será será, what'll be will be

[Verse 2 – Angel Davanport:]
My gosh, I'm a crafty speaker
Think on my, I got the baddest features
Look at them hands that'll fuck a [?]
Like campaign threats then I'll [?]
I'm the ether, constantly the conjure
Need to conquer demons, got you eaten
Beasts believe in, got you feenin
Respect everybody but you finna pledge allegiance
Count my blessings, I haven't reached it
Starving in my city but I'm eating
Carving out the gritty when you preaching
No pardons, little bitch you're tweaking
Scar you, machete happy when he feasts
Ces call me, I know they had me in their speakers
Flame bang, blow me out in their space
All dehydrate, leave me irate
[?]they say I flee from my gates
Niggas gon talk, it's just how they made
Show up in a rave, ain't even on tour
Cite me a band, invest to make more
Chest I'm this bored, probably don't send
When I call you bitch I mean to offend
Express with backhands and brazen insense
I guess you in line like I was your pimp
Shit nigga, I'm Jordan, you Pippen
On my name brand imposition
Wag like dogs, but I'm cold kitten
Out of your league, you keep forgetting
I can separate your [?]from your dome
Out of control, you niggas out, you already know
Got to be bold, ooh the whole world want to froze ya
Step in my ring, Imma [?]


[Verse 3 - Ubiquitous:]
They try to slow my speed and go by me
I focus my energy and throw my chi
You know my steed, Ces the method
Phone full of pics that they kept for reference
I'm moving on to the next progression
And bored in a plane where they check for weapons
No knives, liquids, or guns
Just can't decide which is the one
Knew I would drive when this shit begun
Jumped off the ride, bitch missed the fun
This is the one, guarantee UBI sip with some funds
Christmas will come
They puff tree and sip fists of rum
I take the cake, kids get the crumbs
Ball when I strike, hits and runs
Put em out in the field, raw deal
My flows are frozen, y'all chill
You don't what I'm holding, Caulfield
Catch! Rye whiskey, say goodbye to this beat
Truth my bullet proof, y'all lies will miss me
Strange all day, we've been signed officially
Look around the house, every eye is misty
Some of y'all tryna get me
Go 'head then, try me dickweed
A grimy great, I been taking my vitamins
Tango with the lyrical leviathan
Take a look at who I'm riding with
Little girls get faint at the slightest words
Grown man, heart attack at the sight of her
And the all fall out while I observe
I'm a fire bird, a phoenix
Rose up from ash, I need
Cold fucking cash
Soon as I see it, got to roll up and pass
I'm a geek, but believe it I'll sure bust your ass


10.Blindfold (Featuring Wrekonize) (修改)

[Hook - Godemis and (Ubiquitous):]
Forget the BS, you wanna be Ces?
You better OD until you DOA
In a minute we gone, it couldn't be that we on
The next shit that we own and we don't play
Blindfold em and (line em up in a row)
Blindfold em and (line em up in a row)
Blindfold em and (line em up in a row)

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
I'm bored out of my fucking mind with these fat asses and fast food
Fake beefs and rap crews, snap-backs and tattoos
Every new fad is just bad news, like I need that I watch CNN
Stressed up from the chest up, it's a good thing that we knee-deep in
We in the real world, shit's real dog
I don't care what you don't feel dog
People countin' on me like chip stacks
And a matter of fact I got bills dog
Doin' B-I, hella B-I-G with the bosses, up at the office
No leverage, I gotta eat so, I'ma take whatever he offers
It better be legit, and you can eat a dick
I been working shifts up at the Pita pit
Got a contract, couldn't respond back
Lost contact, couldn't read the shit
May never know what might've been
But then again, considering I'm on the grind
Somebody hold em, blindfold em, one last smoke set em up in a line

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
Line em all up on the wall and then aim at it
Way that we came at the game like a pain addict
The way we came at, like it ain't matter
Brain scatter your grey matter like cake batter
Swing batter batter swing, he can't hit he can't hit
They want my spot on the label but they can't have it
You sick of seeing my face, pasted up in the place
Shit I don't know what to say bitch you can blame Travis
Snake and bat we chain react you think it's
Easy huh, wanna be the one?
Go easy bro you think its easy come?
But they don't see me go, what have we become?
When I'm on the road, I don't see my son
Two months at a time on the eat and run
Put the check on the rent and then eat the crumbs
Pull the change out the couch and the pizza come
I'm wide awake, y'all taking naps
Trying to join our rank I ain't taking apps
I don't see these funds, Imma speak in tongue
Payback's a bitch and she don't pay in cash
We never quit when they tell us no because the
Love and respect's what I felt the most, so I
Exercise my self-control, but which one of y'all helped me though?
Blindfold 'em…

[Hook 2 - Wrekonize:]
You with the BS, you wanna be Wrek?
You droppin' demo discs, I'm hittin' eject
I wanna tell you the bottom line is a typical topic
And I'm a pinnacle prophet of time, the best
Watch me closer now, line em up in a row
Blindfold the crowd, line em up in a row
Rhyme hold em down, line em up in a row
I warn you now clown, here we go

[Verse 3 - Wrekonize:]
If you gotta get a weapon and get to steppin'
I'm reckin' every second that I'm checkin' the freakin' record
It's Wrek and I been kickin' it incessantly
Gen & Tech and my twenty-second beckon for the
Deepest of women, get 'em!
If you gotta get a crew, get a Ces one
You'll make a motherfuckin' move for the next one
Checks come homie when the best drum flex huh
Better be gettin' ready for the moment that the flesh bumps
I been talkin' to myself bout the honors on the shelf
Get ya head spun
You need a place to pray, hope for better god to hate
Shit I probably can erect one
I been rockin' with the Ces since the prophets at the back
Got a leg up on the neck son
Every time the brother speak, you just know it's gettin' deep
When you wake up with the dead ones

[Hook x2]

[Verse 4 - Godemis:]
Ring around the Middi, we hit that wall
We the shit and comin' to hit that stall
Enemies enterin' in the ring back off
We pop up whenever we get that call
Ain't nobody gonna body me, no man
I'm takin' the bull by the horn with both hands
So, breakin' the rules, I'ma go with no plans
Of reconciliation, I look and put ya face in
Trace it back to the basement, where it came from
Lick another shot with the ray gun
I'm true to the shit, y'all new to the script
Wonder why I lick a shot with the same tongue
Shit's beyond easy, so be gone ya peon
If we on, then roll up bleezies
Blindfold em so when they don't see me
They point a finger as if I'ma hate on Weezy
Please believe me or leave me to be
Lock em and load em, pop to B street
It's all fly in the vanilla sky
420 motherfucker, wanna rock to this beat?
It stops officially, the bucks I mean
Get em up I mean
Elevated on a hater, bringin' up the scene
Ready to unload it on ya motherfuckin' team

11.Phineas Gage (修改)

[Intro - Ubiquitous:]
(Scratched) Sun- Sun- Sun-tzu manifested
Heh, don't take life so seriously, man!
(Scratched) Sun- Sun- Sun-tzu manifested
They say that uh, we're here for a good time, man, not a long one
Be at peace!

[Verse - Ubiquitous:]
Bless the bay mac dre rest in peace fat tone…. Yo
I ain't ever tryin to be that schmoe
With three fat hoes, on a recap show
I lay fly bitch down inside a sweet chateau
You want a show? Push your motherfuckin' seat back, bro
But you can ease back though with all the feedback though
My people show me mad love whenever we back home
I bake cake, stack dough, make three stacks four
All we see cash come, all you see cash go... Yo!
Kneel down and get your kneecaps blown
Oh the rap game, maybe you should leave that 'lone
Same shit you snapped on, shit that we passed on
I don't give a flying fuck about your d-bag song
New friend tryn'a to slide up on the team back off
There's not a titty that round, nor a weed that strong
I'm in the game full time, fin'na see jack long
You're killin' my high, let me see that bong... Ces Cru you bitch!
You ain't gotta guess who in the mix
It's Superman standin' next to Lex Luthor and shit
I'm lookin' at all of y'all like who's the next dude on the list
If I had recruited you then, I bet that you would've dipped
But for real dog, your rap squad's stupid as shit
Staggerin', slack-jawed, wear a pair of shoe if it fits
Question: Where were you when this shit
Was backyard boogie down? Everybody parachuted and split
'Cause none of y'all could see what I knew would exist
The fuck is more therapeutic than this? I give thanks where due
It's nothing more, if you were legit then I thank you
Now you Mr. Manipulation ain't it a bitch that I came to?
I've done a dozen things you did in a day
Way I did it damn it doesn't even begin to explain
I roll a blunt, out of rosebud, Citizen Kane
Bleed out my motherfuckin' soul bruh, minimum wage what?!!
All my enemies and critics complain
They swear that one day I'll pay for my sinister ways
It's really a shame; penny earned, penny was saved
Career hit a spike head on, Phineas Gage, bitch

'Who the fuck are you to come and fuck with me?'
'U-B-I in the--'
'Reckless, Set trippin' and writing for Ces'
'I done nothing but crush whatever the fuck'
'Ces rap superb'
'Kill em with butter vocal radiance'
'No time for play'
'We can keep it peaceful if y'all can keep it humble'

12.Strange Creature (Featuring Murs) (修改)

[Verse 1 - Ubiquitous:]
Past dreams, past hopes and schemes, my cru's flowin
And blowin up and that's dope to me homie I
Open your chi with the stroke of a key and you can
Scope it in threes bro it's totally sweet!!
My poetry's so many bullet bills loaded and cocked
Fannin the hammer head sharp shooter blowin my top
The grass knoll park shooter melons will pop
Bearing witness to how the Con-Glom Element rock
Gentlemen pull your mics out, walk em like a tightrope
How to stay a float I, guide em like a lighthouse
Career been getting rocky, hide inside a lifeboat
Panic abandon ship El Cap-i-tain about survival
…..let me calm down, dead em on arrival
Place your hands palm down sweatin on the bible
Keep your weapons drawn, manifested all styles
Lucky lefty steppin on your leprechaun title ya bitch

[Verse 2 - Murs:]
What is up doe? Am I faded?
Fuck No! Sober than a motherfucker
Still on that cut throat
Similar to Aston Coming through blasting
Similies like 2 23's I'm an assassin
Big ass bullets with a big ass dick
And you can go and ask my mama she'll say “Yeah that's Nick!“
Knew a couple crips, Knew a couple bloods
But I choose to be an insane artist and not a thug
Mixin up words like some volatile chemicals
Tryna blow up like Nitrogen inside an inner tube
Minuscule minds may not comprehend, the depths of my insanity could crush a mortal man
Hear no, See no, speak to evil, I leave that to Godi
I'm the rap Don Cheeto, what the fuck?
And Ubi he could be the tony stark or you could be the coward ass lion with a phony heart

[Verse 3 - Godemis:]
I keep it moving, you dead, I'm ahead a mile
It's heated In the kitchen, I'm chefin, go get a towel
Witness the Resurrection they said I've been dead awhile
And I am a nice guy compared to a pedophile
I'm playing rip van villain so put the beard away
And flowing tidal wavy while chugging another beer today
Could give a shit if the haters appear or hear to stay
And like I won't shake em and throw my fucking career away
Don't ever come at me riffing I ain't a sucker
If my blade's in your cunt then my knife is a motherfucker
Kill alert, ill alert, pen spilling still in the dojo
I curse the Polaroid if I strike a pose for the photo
Click, for sure though, it ain't a problem to pen pain
If I have a death wish If I die its a win, yay
I got the pulling these idiots try to push me
If you are what you eat, then its safe to call me a pussy (pussy)

[Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:]
My vocal tone fitted, I broke a bone with it
Trained for combat like a locamoti-div
Bombin on the track like it's Kosovo… get it?
Get my Zach Delarocha on, soak your soul in it
The team I play for is CES we will take organs
Illuminatti leave your body in the great forest
If he want a peace of me then he gon' wait for it
And if he close to me then he don't need to pay for it
Meter maid score it, Anita Bake chorus
See a place foreign leavin any day Dorris
Watch over my brother Imma keep em safe: warning
Bitin all up on the hook and I don't need the bait, Norman
I'm leavin break orbit, We in space soarin
Keep a cape, super hero need a break, Norris
Deviate, getting music free I hate Torrent
And if they come at us we wage war, pray for em dog...

13.Every Weapon (修改)

[Intro – Godemis:]
Info Gates on the track
Thank you brother
Shit like this drives most motherfuckers absolutely crazy

[Verse 1 – Godemis:]
I'm oh so cynical and don't throw no subliminal
Disses, this is a warning shot to all of y'all who's aiming at the
Flock, I cock and pop at kaka
Might even knock your papa
Off the top of the roster, we peeping c notes so stop us
Moving too fast to clock us
Man you're slow as waka flocka
Flow proper so don't jock a
Psycho who's known to shock ya
Used to skip school, no locker
Then did two quick trips to copper
Grateful it's on again, I'm going in, no one can stop a
Stoner from chalking out
I'm a loner, so long I'm out, I been walking for forty nights
You're right I'm on a wronger route
Go hammer on a ho, the bong special is cani-blow
And y'all pussy can't stand it though
Fuck your bitch and her cameltoe, oh

[Hook x2:]
Think it through 'fore you push me, my plan is to get the that nookie
I'm seasoned to seize a rookie
Y'all couldn't fuck with a pussy
Get wet with every weapon
It's clear it's for your protection
Get over here, you been living in fear of your own reflection

[Verse 2 – Godemis:]
Y'all must be fucking crazy
I'm hollering fuck you pay me
More dollars and duckets daily
What's wrong with y'all fucking babies
I'm wavy to murk a boss
And since maybe it's hurting y'all
I get faded with Info Gates and we wait for the curtain call
And only death is certain, y'all are inserted, inverted clawing
To your vertebrae, vision is Mayans tryna hurdle walls
Get wet with every weapon, a vision of sheer perfection
Two nooses to put your neck in, couldn't hang with us I reckon
The wettest shot, no method
All of my dogs go fetch him
Flow like a bat straight out of hell so folks go put your bets in
The blind must lead the blind
Step if you know the way
Remember shoot em down

[Hook x2]

14.Hope (Featuring Bernz) (修改)

[Intro – Godemis:]
Feel good, fucker
I'm full of hope
I'm full of hope
You know? You know
With your bitch ass

[Verse 1 – Godemis:]
I'm full of hope, yes, truer than a motherfucker
I'm full of smoke, yes, cooler than a motherfucker
Flying through the Midi, the most hated in my city
Couldn't give a bloody fuck, look up, I keep these feelings with me
If a hater marks a hickey, I'm a target come and stick me
I can pick a chick apart so if she starts to acting picky
I be rolling up that sticky while I'm throwing up them deuces
Just a slave to the rhythm, neck inside of seven nooses
I ain't calling him a racists, if you thought so you's a dummy
Death is chasing me while I pursue this money, kind of funny
It's a sunny day in Killer City, if you feel it split a philly
Skip it, you can feel it with me
Ces about to kill it, really
Let somebody write for me? You's a comedian
Silly, Wayne signed to Sony homie
We are not Milly Vanilly
You are not ready steady, the flow of your energy
Put O'shea in that KC Tea
Pop the top on that Hennessey

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
Nobody's knockin I can chill got me feelin good
The birds chirpin sun shinin got me feelin good
I'm ridin with the windows down got me feelin good
My city's ill, can't nothin stop me from feelin good
Yeah, y'all got me feelin good
The birds chirpin sun shinin got me feelin good
I'm ridin with the windows down got me feelin good
That's how I feel, can't nothin stop me from feelin good

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
I'm about to take what's mine, I'm a let them take it easy
Take your time I'll give you space and take your place on TV
It's give and take I'm chasin cheese but that don't make me greedy
If you don't give a fuck they'll rape you and then take it freely
Let's celebrate graffiti fuck it elevate the needy
If only it was that simple to sell a crate of CD's
Let's keep it relevant, how well equipped am I
They debate the creation of my intelligent design
I tried to told em but they didn't listen, It's tougher
To sit in prison then deal with reality and big decisions
Bottled your instinct and slept on intuition
The reason I Stevie Wondered about your depth of inner vision
My dreams manifest that's divination
I'm overwhelmed with possibility
You're stressed about your limitations
It's all about the mindstate you stay in
If you don't like it change the situation


[Verse 3 – Bernz:]
We hope pushers dispensing the most dangerous drug
Tryna give you that pure with each batch we cut up
The heart pumps to a beat, that's why we trap over drums
A little product we got, until the shipping's all done
You want to purchase?
Mayday and Ces, they got about a pound, you heard this?
Your whiskey glass half empty? Well fuck a sermon
Better call your bartender till your throat starts hurting
Until it's burning, the shit's working
Riding down the district, causing nothing but mischief
Bass so heavy you flinching, just to get some attention
Some girls in every direction, thinking the future's ours
Had to bottle this instant, just to sell it to y'all
An enemy of the system for putting it in your system
Yeah it's stranger than fiction, still we cutting it raw
Our products flooding the streets and it's starting to float abroad


15.Axiom (修改)

Truth is something we may never know
Someday we'll be free and take control

[Verse - Ubiquitous:]
Wake your mind up, you feel the earth spinnin?
You heard your voice was insignificant, I heard different
Committed people change the world even in small groups
It's the only way that it happens man it's all truth
John Lennon knew it, and Martin Luther knew it
The truth is you find it inside the heart of any human
So if you're ready do it unlock it and set it free
Rest in peace, Jack and Bobby Kennedy, let it be
Where did Amphetamine originate? It's man made
The war on drugs is just a motherfuckin band aid
And you've been fed lies, caught up in the head lights
I'm bout to break bad, Walter White tread light
Waitin at red lights, sit for the control system
Heroin addicts smack their arm and go to soul prison
Discard a dream for that sweet fix, feed addiction
And we don't read directions, … or need prescriptions
I know a lot of people out there don't believe in us
What freedom is, freedom was or what it even does
We'll see what's up when the score finally evens up
And these corrupted leaders pay for all the ways they treated us I know…


[Verse - Godemis:]
These aren't the arches, regardless, you gotta luv it
It's either that or leave it so pray to the god above it
They wish for crowns and heaven with brethren, I got a budget
Open the cellar door to escape and somebody shut it
And what I inhale is a little more than Kim Trells
No matter what I puff and burn, I'm neva fly as Denzel
But if it's true to you that I deserve the fire in hell
They must have made you the executioner, you got the intel
And ? fails, stood up against [?]
And actions will go unnoticed, that's even if they meant well
I drive a point, go a hammer on it when it's nail
The haters mad at me as if I'm the reason that should sell
You'll neva catch me in the pixie, I ain't gettin' near 'em
I know they make these tracks about me, but I'll never hear 'em
Sometimes I roll up and wonder where do I get it
This time uncontrollable urge of the driving force of my spirit
Peel it up, it's a habit, I'm feeling peace when I'm on it
Wrestled with it at times, but I couldn't stop if I wanted
My blood is in the pin and I develop it with every drop
And I know they pray that I quit, it's the reason I neva stop
Rock until I'm rottin', like fuck the spot that I'm not in
I feel double O T like in everybody was jockin' [?]
They come to pick my brain for the answers like I was Plotin
The difference is that my album's droppin', so who you mockin'?