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【 Songs Of Rodeo And Country 】【 英文 】【 1974 】

1.Rodeo, You've Cast A Spell
2.Daydream Cowboy
3.Joade The Rodeo Clown
4.Real Live Buckeroo
5.She's In Love With A Rodeo Man
6.True Western Movie

1.Rodeo, You've Cast A Spell (修改)

作词:Chris Lee Le Doux

White lines go flash-in by me
As I wonder where this road will finally end
I think about the past and I'm not too sure
Just where the road began

I see the farmers plowing
And I see the cattle feeding on the hill
And I ponder on the question
Will I quit the road I guess I never will?

Rodeo, I'm tied to you your call
Has won my heart, my mind and soul
You're a woman and you've cast a spell
Upon this man you've got me rodeo

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My wife sits home alone and she's wishin'
That this year would finally end
With each empty day and lonely night
She hopes I make it safely home again

And I'd like to take her with me
But my money and my luck's been mighty low
And net month she can go
If I can win the next big rodeo

Rodeo, I'm tied to you

You're a woman and you've cast a spell
Upon this man you've got me rodeo

2.Daydream Cowboy (修改)

I'm sittin' in a city filled with people cars and smoke
The walls are closin' in on me my heart's about to choke
The world becomes a foggy dream and I no longer see
The dirty concrete canyons where I have come to be
Cause a cowboy rides the mountains and the draws inside my mind
With his Buckskin underneath him and his pockets full of time
And I can hear his spurs a jinglin' the chimes of his slappin' tack
As his horse lopes up a ridge with the moon light on his back
He rides into a bearin' country not meant for him alone
For a lovin' dark haired lady waits for her cowboy to come home
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Well his hat was made in Texas and his chaps are bat wing style
His saddles made by Hauser he rides it all the while
It glistens with silver conches tap adores for his feet
He's got a chew of Copenhagen tucked inside his cheek
In fact the only thing that saves me here from goin' plumb insane
Is that cowboy poundin' leather down in the coolies in my brain
And I can hear his spurs a jinglin'...

3.Joade The Rodeo Clown (修改)

Gather round boys and a tale I will tell about Joade the rodeo clown
This happy feller keep the cowboys together after they hit the ground
He once was a fighter and a saddle bronc rider and all around hell of a hand
But a bull got him down away from the clown he lived but not ride again
But rodeo was burned deep in his soul and his heart just wouldn't let go
He didn't want cowboys hooked by the bulls so he took to clowin' the show
With grease paint and red nose and baggy old clothes
His track shoes barreled and bloomed
He earned his keep a fightin' the bulls and savin' us hard ridin' fools
I was down in the well and hung in my rope in a show in old west Texas town
The man who saved me from chain and hells was Joade the rodeo clown
The bull gored old Joade with his terrible old horns
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Then stomped and mauled him around
One of my buddies dragged me away but Joade lay dead on the ground
The preacher they found for the funeral well he didn't have a whole lot to say
He didn't know Joade or about rodeo life so all he could do was to pray
There's many a cowboy that owes him his life and the children all loved him too
There were lines on his face and each one was a trace
Of the laughter the miles and the blues
So barkeep get with it and set em up again I'm buyin' this next round
And if there's any man here who can't drink to old Joade
Then he better just get the hell out

4.Real Live Buckeroo (修改)

Well I ain't the type of cowboy that you'll see on TV
I wasn't near as pretty as Mama wanted me to be
Well I grew up on the ranches just cussin' all day long
Breakin' in them broomtails and hummin' old dirty songs
Whiskey tends to make me high and sad songs make me cry
And pretty women break my heart almost every night
Well I run on beans and nicotine I'm a real live buckeroo
And my heart's not pure and my boots ain't clean and I never tell the truth

Well if there's anything under my hat besides the cattle biz
Well I just can't seem to remember what it is
Yeah my thinkin's kinda crude but my lovin' gets plumb rank
Them girlies just don't understand me a snortin' round their flanks
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And when I take a nasty fall I'll cuss until I'm blue
Then I'll get right up and on again just like you're s'posed to do
But it ain't because I'm so brave all that stuff's just talk
My daddy says the reason is I'm dumber than a box of rocks yeah
Whiskey tends to make me high...

This song ain't bout no Strawberry Roan or no ram page herd of steers
This is just the type of cowboy song that you probably don't like to hear
This song ain't got no message and won't feel perty in yer ear
This song is just one of them there
Well this song is just one of them there these here yeah

5.She's In Love With A Rodeo Man (修改)

She's a barmate in a west Texas dancehall she's there every night till they close
And the cowboys pay for the jukebox and she plays San Antonio Rose
Well I know her life ain't been easy Lord the lines in her face say it all
But she still is a beautiful woman in the lights of the dance Texas hall
But she won't sit down at your table and I know that you can't hold her hand
She won't go home with you cowboy she's in love with a rodeo man

Well he's hard and he's scarred and he's grayin' and he's stoned most all of the time And he drinks at a dark corner table and he waits there until closin' time
He's hard and his scars are grey and he's stone most all of the time
And he drinks at the dark cornered table and he he drinks there until closing time
But she won't sit down at your table...

6.True Western Movie (修改)

She saw him for the first time in that open all night diner
When she served him up some chili and a beer
And the feeling that she got when he grinned across the counter
Was across between excitement and the fear
He looked as hard and dry as the back roads that he traveled
Chasin' rodeos through half a hundred towns
He said hang up your apron honey and brush down your hair
And well go ya hooin around
He's a true western movie without any star ge's something like she's never known
But she's seen enough movies to know how they'll end
He'll ride into the sunset alone
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He makes her feel like a kid cuttin' school
But by now she should be old enough to know
That today ain't forever and there's only so long
You can't take all your pleasures to go
But as long as it lasts she'll just keep hangin' on cause she's just along for the ride
And Lord if they fly to high and even if she falls all she can hurt is her pride
He's a true western movie...