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Chris LeDoux( 克里斯勒杜 )



【 He Rides The Wild Horses 】【 英文 】【 1981 】

1.Blue Eyes and Freckles
2.The Cowboy and the Hippie
3.Back When We Was Kids
4.Just Riding Through

1.Blue Eyes and Freckles (修改)

作词:Chris Lee Le Doux

Blue eyes and freckles neath a white cowboy hat
His two bestest friends are his dog and his cat
He's one of the good guys it's plain to see
Shore enough cowboy though he's only three

There's a cute little filly she lives right next door
She'd like to brand him but he's no green horn
She'll offer him candy but he knows her game
He'll take what she gives him then be on his way

Blue eyes and freckles and holes in his jeans
Out in the back yard ridin' his dreams
He's our little cowboy until the day
The fences can't hold him and he'll ride away

Saturday mornings he's up before dawn
Grabs his cap pistol and pulls his hat on
Today the lone ranger and him make their ride
Them outlaws better find some place to hide

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With tears in his eyes and a scratch on his chin
His honery old cyuse done throwed him again
But a kiss and a cookie will soon ease the pain
He'll mount up and be back ridin' the range

Blue eyes and freckles and holes in his jeans
Out in the back yard ridin' his dreams
He's our little cowboy until the day
The fences can't hold him and he'll ride away

Mama just look how our little boy's grown
He'll soon be a man with a mind all his own
And I know the hardest thing we'll ever do
Is take down the fences and just turn him loose

Blue eyes and freckles and faded blue jeans
He is grown up and ready to follow his dream
He was our little cowboy just yesterday
Now the fences can't hold him and he'll ride away

2.The Cowboy and the Hippie (修改)

作词:Le Doux Chris Lee

On a highway through the desert beneath an overpass
Sat two hikers just watchin' cars go by
Now one was wearin' sandles with straggly matted hair
Rose colored glasses for his eyes

Now the other was a cowboy, he'd been down on his luck
Lost his money at the Tuscon Rodeo
And he sat beside what remained of his trusty pickup truck
And like the hippie now he's thumbin' down the road

Now some folks don't realize but it's a well know fact
Cowboy's and hippies ain't never got along
Now was it just coincidence or some weird act of fate
That brought these two together on the road?

Well they sat there without talking while the morning sun rose high
When a hot desert breeze commenced to blow
And the fragrance of the incense and six weeks without a bath
Finally drifted down and reached the cowboy's nose

Well, man that really did it, he couldn't take no more
And he tied his old bandana 'round his face
Said, 'You greasy stinking hippie you'd put a skunk to shame
Boy, you're a discrace to the human race'

Now the hippie he just sat there and gave the cowboy a smile
Said, 'Man you don't smell so sweet yourself
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Well I'm not too sure what that green stuff is on your boots
And on your jeans but whew it's enough to make a buzzard belch'

The cowboy said, 'Now listen I ain't gonna that that stuff from you
No long haired freak's gonna talk to me that way, get up'
Well the hippie said, 'Now hold on man, what good's that gonna do
You know fighting never settles nothing anyway'

Said, 'You know man, in a lot of ways we're an awful lot alike
Once you get down beneath the skin
Like two books with different covers but the same words inside
We're both brothers of the wind'

'Now we both love our freedom and we'll answer to no man
And you've heard it said to thine own self be true
We're just a couple of free spirts drifting across the land
Doing exactly what we want to do'

Said, 'Now me I got my thing and you, you got yours
And I don't see why we can't get along
They say the closest thing to freedom is livin' on the road
In a country where freedom's almost gone'

Well the cowboy, he just stood up there and never said a word
But you know this hippie sure made a lot of sense
Well they shook hands and parted as a truck pulled to the side
And the hippie he went east and I went west

3.Back When We Was Kids (修改)

Well I grew up in the shadow of the Rockies in the grand old West yes sir I did
And dammed if we didn't have us a bunch of fun back when we was kids
Yea there was manure on our britches snuff pouchin' out our lip
And hat's so big you can almost tell who's under it
Yea we all had horses it was always a race
It was real important who got there first
We sneak along some of the old man's whisky just to quench our little thirst
Yeah we looked like a bunch of hon yaks but we could ride like Casy Tibbs
And we still had to learn how far we could go before we learned when to quit

Yea we scratched where it itches and clowned around
There wasn't nobody who could kick our hound
Just throwin' knives and shootin' guns generally have in a bunch of fun
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Well the mommas all thought we were angels and hell we let 'em go right ahead
But the old man had a hew more savvy in him
And a feller had to be careful around him
Yea wars were fought on contact and the wild seeds were sown
And we always spent our money like we found it in the road
Well one thing lead to another and before we knowned it it was gone
But I'll give you a hundred dollars just to have some more of them goings on
Cause we looked like a bunch...
Yea it's a lot of fun learning how far you can go
It's kinda hard learning when to quit but I'll bet you already know

4.Just Riding Through (修改)

Pack up your old guitar cowboy roll up your old sleepin' bag
It's time you got to movin' cause your life is startin' to drag
You ain't leavin' nothin' but faces the same stars watch you at night
That same old lonesome will own you but you've grown too tired to fight
You're one child's father another man's son one woman's candle of light
Too far into tomorrow for lovin' somebody tonight
You're too many miles from home now gamblin' with nothin' to lose
A side street hobo in rodeo clothes cowboy you're just riding through

Pull on your old blue jeans cowboy put on your old dusty hat
Sunup caught you a sleepin' gamblin' busted you flat
The whiskey it caught you a drinkin' the rain and the wind caught you cold
Lovin' cost you a memory and the Devil he caught your soul
You're one child's father...