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Chris LeDoux( 克里斯勒杜 )



【 Wild And Wooly 】【 英文 】【 1986 】

1.Little Long-Haired Outlaw
2.Born In Mississippi

1.Little Long-Haired Outlaw (修改)

作词:Chris Lee Le Doux

Well I have been a cowboy dang near all my life
That good ol' cowboy music is all I'm supposed to like
But here lately I don't know what's happening
But I'm losin' control I'm losin' control
To a little long haired outlaw who's a ridin' somewhere
Deep down in my soul he likes rock and roll

Well he rides a pinto stallion down the canyons of my mind
Makes camp beneath a memory below the timberline
Got a little electric Fender guitar plugs direct into my soul
Right into my soul
Turns up the volume vends them guitar strings
And plays that rock and roll and here he goes

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Well I can be do a concert strummin' along just fine
Playing Little Joe The Wrangler when somethin' snaps
Inside my mind and I can feel that long haired music wellin' up
From the rivers of my soul where the music flows
When that little longhair takes over and makes me play
That rock and roll oh yeah

Now if you like cowboy music and you don't like this song
Well I'd like to apologize if the tune kinda came out wrong
But you see I can't help myself the little longhair has got control
And he won't let go but I'll get back to my cowboy music
But sometimes you gotta play a little rock and roll
It's my turn it's about time

2.Born In Mississippi (修改)

作词:Chris Lee Le Doux

I was born in Mississippi
On the Gulf of Mexico
And I could hear the Gators a roar at night
Out on the old bayou

I remember Spanish moss
A hangin' from the cypress trees
And the smell of honeysuckle
On the Mississippi breeze

Thank you Mississippi for lovin' me
Thank you for givin' this country boy a place to dream
Thank you for old cane pole, the fishin' hole
The grits and black eyed peas
Thank you Mississippi for lovin' me

Then my family moved down to Texas
When I was 12 years old
I took my first chew of plug tobacco
And got hooked on rodeo

I rode my buckskin pony
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Where the old Red River flows
And my Texas pride still makes me cry
When I remember the Alamo

Thank you Texas for loving me
Thank you for the country road, the horny toads
The Chile and pinto beans
Thank you Texas for lovin' me

Now I live up in Wyoming
I love home out on the range
But every now and then my mind goes roamin'
Down those country roads through my boy hood days
And after all these years I'd just like to say

Thank you America for lovin' me
Thank you for givin' this country boy a place to dream
Thank you for the country roads, the folks I've known
From sea to shinning sea
Thank you America
Thank you mom and dad for lovin' me