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Steve Martin( 史提夫马丁 )



【 Rare Bird Alert 】【 英文 】【 2011 】

1.Rare Bird Alert (提供)

2.Yellow-Backed Fly

3.Best Love

4.Northern Island (提供)

5.Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back

6.Jubilation Day

7.More Bad Weather On The Way


9.The Great Remember (For Nancy) (提供)

10.Women Like To Slow Dance

11.Hide Behind A Rock (提供)

12.Atheists Don't Have No Songs


Multi-talented Grammyr and Emmy winning actor, comedian ,musician and bestselling author Steve Martin will release his second full length bluegrass album Rare Bird Alert on Rounder Records on March 15, 2011. Steve will be joined by the Steep Canyon Rangers, who toured extensively with Martin over the last year. Following the success of the GRAMMY Award winning The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo, Rare Bird Alert features 13 new Martin-penned tracks, including a live version of King Tut, and was produced by Tony Trishka. Sir Paul McCartney and The Dixie Chick make special guest vocal appearances on the album. Martin co-wrote two of the CD's songs with the Stone Canyon Rangers.

1. Rare Bird Alert
2. Yellow-Backed Fly
3. Best Love
4. Northern Island
5. Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back
6. Jubilation Day
7. More Bad Weather On The Way
8. You
9. The Great Remember (for Nancy)
10. Women Like To Slow Dance
11. Hide Behind A Rock
12. Atheists Don't Have No Songs
13. King Tut