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【 The Seven Autumn Flowers 】【 英文 】【 2005-01 】

1.Hurry Home Through The Crowds


Trembling Blue Stars began in the winter of '95 as a solo project from London-based singer-songwriter Bobby Wratten in the aftermath of his short-lived band Northern Picture Library breaking up. Until then, he'd been better known as the lead singer and songwriter of English cult faves the Field Mice, flagship group of the much-loved and very idiosyncratic indie label Sarah Records.

Wratten borrowed his new band's name from a line in The Story of O, Pauline Reage's classic novel of S&M erotica and took the title for TBS's 1996 debut album, Her Handwriting, from a Go-Betweens lyric. What started out as a do-it-yourself, one-off effort received so much attention from U.K. critics and indie rock fans that Wratten was persuaded to assemble a band to perform TBS songs live. Early shows, which included an acoustic session for BBC Radio 1, were infrequent enough to be regarded as rare and special occasions; an out-of-the-way gig in Brighton during summer '97 attracted fans who flew in from the U.S., France and Switzerland.

Over the course of five subsequent albums, Trembling Blue Stars have indeed become a 'real' entity. The current lineup features vocalist-guitarist Wratten, backing vocalist Beth Arzy (of former Field Mice label mates, Aberdeen), bassist Keris Howard (another Sarah alumnus, from Brighter) and drummer Jonathan Ackerman. The Seven Autumn Flowers, produced in collaboration with Saint Etienne engineer Ian Catt, is the first TBS disc of all-new material in three years. This North American edition includes four bonus tracks previously available as import-only B-sides.

1. Helen Reddy
2. Sorrow Has a Way
3. The Rhythm of Your Breathing
4. Moonlight on Snow
5. If I Handle You With Care
6. All Eternal Things
7. The Sea Is So Quiet
8. All I'm Doing Is Losing
9. One Prayer Answered
10. Further to Fall
11. Last Port of Call
12. Kensington Gardens
13. A Beginning of a Kind
14. Open Skies
15. Hurry Home Through the Crowds
16. One Wish Granted