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【 Satisfied 】【 英文 】【 2008-08-28 】

1.Better Man

2.Satisfy Me


4.For Your Glory


6.Falling For You

7.Look For Me

8.Love Can

9.Peace Of Mind

10.Be Alright

11.Powerful Thing

12.Find You Waiting


It's here – the highly-anticipated sophomore project from Grammy® Award nominees and rockers DecembeRadio!

With a stage show that leaves crowds wanting more, terrific momentum in the marketplace and a couple more years under their belts, DecembeRadio has delivered a project aimed to please their fans.

Known for their hit ballads, DecembeRadio has weaved easygoing, radio-friendly melodies onto the new release combined with laid back, medium-tempo grooves reminiscent of their classic rock influences. Bringing the project full circle, the Rock-Album-of-the-Year-winning band offers up their signature, driving guitar rock with skill and energy like never before.

The music is a canvas for messages that range from God's faithfulness through our questions and hard times to the band's desires to become better men through the daily struggles they encounter. Other messages include the power of living out love in our everyday lives as well as the celebration of realizing that only God can satisfy who we are as human beings.

And with their listeners and concertgoers in mind, DecembeRadio has created a release that will leave fans everywhere feeling very