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【 Voices From The FIFA World Cup 】【 英文 】【 2006-05-12 】

1.IL DIVO with Toni Braxton / The Time Of Our Lives

2.Elton John / Your Song

3.Mariah Carey / Hero

4.Rod Stewart / Every Time We Say Goodbye

5.Elvis Presley / Always On My Mind

6.Barbara Streisand / Woman In Love

7.Simon & Garfunkel / Bridge Over Troubled Water

8.George Michael / Praying For Time (提供)

9.Anastacia / One Day In Your Life (提供)

10.Savage Garden / Truly Madly Deeply

11.Eros Romazotti / Piu Bella Cosa (提供)

12.Youssou N Dour feat. Neneh Cherry / 7 Seconds (提供)

13.Will Young / Your Game (提供)

14.Natalie Imbruglia / Shiver (提供)

15.Sade / By Your Side

16.R.Kelly / I Believe I Can Fly

17.Westlife / You Raise Me Up (提供)

18.Amici Forever / Nessum Doma (提供)

19.Whitney Houston / One Moment In Time

20.IL DIVO with Celion Dion / I Believe In You

21.Kelly Clarkson / Because Of You

22.Santana / Maria Maria (提供)

23.Shakira Feat.Wyclef Jean / Hips Don't Lie-Bamboo

24.Oasis / Wonderwall (提供)

25.Dido / Thank You

26.Annie Lennox / Why

27.Delta Goodrem / Born To Fly (提供)

28.Desree / Life

29.Billy Joel / Just The Way You Are

30.Ricky Martin / Private Emotion (提供)

31.Alicia Keys / If I Ain't Got You (提供)

32.Toni Braxton / Unbreak My Heart

33.Herbert Groenemeyer / Celebrate The Day

34.Wake Up(柯有纶) (提供)

35.庆祝(杨丞琳) (提供)

36.盖世英雄(王力宏) (提供)

37.Alan Kuo w/ Yida Huang / Celebrate The Day (提供)

  1. 感谢 akiichi[中译] 修正歌词



●美声男伶、唐妮布蕾斯顿梦幻合唱2006世足赛全球唯一官方指定曲'The Time Of Our Live'
●时代杂志赞誉“欧洲英雄”赫伯特演唱东道主德国主题曲'Celebrate The Day'
●“拉丁女神”夏奇拉狂野变身,全球排行冠军曲'Hips Don`t Lie'足球混音版首度登场
●亚洲版‘友情有义’加场收录柯有纶‧黄义达首度PK压轴合唱”荣耀的一天” 王力宏“盖世英雄”、杨丞琳“庆祝”、柯有纶“Wake Up”三首国语歌曲