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【 Them Vs You Vs Me 】【 英文 】【 2007-03 】


2.Falling On

3.I'll Keep Your Memory Vague

4.Lost My Way

5.So-So Suicide

6.Window Song

7.Sense Of A Spark

8.Talking To The Walls

9.Change The World

10.Gather & Give

11.Easy Life


Finger Eleven's career shifted suddenly and significantly when their 2003 emo-hit 'One Thing' turned the band's career on its axis. At that point, they went from being known as 'the boys from Burlington who used to call themselves the Rainbow Butt Monkeys' to a group whose anthemic slow rock song went Platinum in Canada and Gold in America. So how does a band respond after its widespread fame is the result of just one song? In the case of Them Vs. You Vs. Me, Finger Eleven have consciously stayed away from anything remotely resembling their past and put the focus on the straight-ahead alt-rock formula that they've consistently excelled at. There are certain old-school rock influences that bleed clearly through their music, from Rush-isms in the form of frenetic time changes ('Sense of a Spark') to 'Talking to the Walls' and 'Lost My Way' which evoke Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. Frontman Scott Anderson's voice is impressive throughout, but when he sings ballads, especially 'Window Song' and 'Easy Life,' something enables him to appeal to a whole different audience than traditional alt-rock fans. There is no 'one thing' on this disc that will allow them to reach the heights of their self-titled CD, just a consistency that will provide longtime fans reason to appreciate the band even more. --Denise Sheppard