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1 21.CHILD PREY 00221.CHILD PREY作詞京作曲 Dir en grey Dying a ... 作詞京作曲 Dir en grey Dying a Child Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Hurry& May ... Me Kill Me Love Me Hurry& May Child Prey The reasons why one can't laugh from the heart It's a simple reason That's life Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me ... ve Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Child is Burning Kiss Me Kill Me Love M
2 14.CHILD PREY gar14.CHILD PREY作詞京作曲 Dir En Grey Dying a ... 作詞京作曲 Dir En Grey Dying a Child Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me ... ve Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Child Prey Hurry& May The reasons why one can't laugh from the heart It's a simple reason That's life ... s a simple reason That's life Child Prey Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me ... ve Me Kiss Me
3 1.CHILD PREY r en grey-Child prey1.CHILD PREY作詞京作曲 Dir en grey Dying a ... 作詞京作曲 Dir en grey Dying a Child Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Hurry& May ... Me Kill Me Love Me Hurry& May Child Prey The reasons why one can't laugh from the heart It's a simple reason That's life Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me ... ve Me Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me Child is Burning Kiss Me Kill Me Love M
4 2.鬼眼-kigan- r en grey-Child prey2.鬼眼-kigan-作詞京作曲 Dir en gre
5 3.Hydra r en grey-Child prey3.Hydra作詞京作曲薫 I wanna be an

6 4.羅刹国 r en grey-Child prey4.羅刹国作詞京作曲 Dir en grey麝香遠放つ
7 4.SONG OF THE HEART l of your children are calling to you How did we c ... ld we do? Prey to the forces we cannot control Only by love we're made whole All of your ... we're made whole All of your children are calling to you How did we c ... ld we do? Prey to the forces we cannot control On
8 63.I Cant Breathe rt? Nigga preying on them kids getting away with murder People don't look at me in the face for the shit that they did One person just died ka ... ced And if you want to have a child it's your choice I pray for all t
9 9.Price Tag(feat. CEO Lil Kenny) eed these children They out here starving they out here robbin' Out here killing each other for robbin's They out here shooting y'all out here ... ng season Even a lion becomes prey to hunger hyenas Let that sink in
10 4.Neutered in Utero ed with a child you regret. I shall remove and delegate the pieces of your filthy abortion Separating the ... ilthy abortion Separating the child from the mother's sack. Fluids rush as I break through the uterine lining with my cock Slamming into her vaginal wall. As I sl ... life removed from this unborn child. Human error eraser; mistake replacer designed to terminate. Ovarian killer; foetal exterminator. Systematic defilement of the ... ilement of the world's entire chi
11 7.The Weight of It All seagulls prey on grey skies All I ask for is love for all kindsJust see the state of our minds under the weight of it all For decades All I h ... y heal No baggage And all the children of those maligned can heal too
12 11.Beyond the Pale rly for a child of TEN Loving the pure and sane he sought the goddess unstained- watching them turn to flesh again HUNGRY for both the PURITY ... cold And every day I seek my prey: someone to taste and to hold I fe
13 7.Resident dator and prey. The wolf grinds its steel teeth. In a false twilight the night came so long ago When ... e night came so long ago When children were domesticated and caged in white rooms. A helpless herd to wringing hands. His back dented with high-heels cleaved into ... vest. Bow to our monetary god Child servant. Broken beaten and scarre
14 6.Interference uffer the children this education is a broken record a broken fairy tale with one set of answers to swallow memorize and spit back up for the ... on I can see is a system that preys on its young and weak the only re
15 3.Memories from the Old Country as just a child who never left his home. And as the years went by I never learnt how to carry on It was hard for me to accept that I'll have t ... re on the hunt and you're the prey They came by surprise and took my sea away Instead the sea of gold Marked the enemy of the state Only dunes of steaming desert ... ming desert sand. No longer a child but in the end I did comprehend A
16 5.Angry People(Bonus Tracks) birds of prey(and Africanized bees) And with a little bit of love they'll conceive They will conceive An evil baby Nine horrible months Then ... how weakness In front of your child But sooner or later Everybody mus
17 4.Egocentric my flimsy prey[Hook: Elzhi] Can't get a grip on my ego Be wild'n out with my ego It's hard to think around my ego Feel like I'm the shit with ... ld be beneath the bed of your children the way I'm beastingJust know
18 6.Slaves of the New World Order finds you prey How long how long So long to your children sold in chains How long how lo
19 17.Disappear afe I'm a child not a prey. I'm an angel enslaved I'm a life
20 2.Feel This put down childish things to get this work done so… Run along sonny run. Go play somewhere in traffic for all I care. It gets graphic in here. ... e editor. I save the hunt for preying on my natural predators. I batt

21 4.Spirit of the Black Tide moonlight children's cry. Little do they know die they shall with devil unite. Trix them all he steals your young. Condemning their souls with ... of the black tide. Collecting childrens souls and agony. Spirit of the black tide. Scaled in skin pale as snow. Darkness inside him and hate will grow. With the t ... em down life he claims. Human prey the hunt is on in patience suspence. Down the tide they are drawn into the void through dark domains. There's no way out caught ...
22 9.In the Dark > Let the children come to me Let em know my name Call me the pied piper But I'm not to blame I'm your only friend now I'm the one who cares C ... nnocent From few to thousands Child to machine Inculated with hate Easprey for me You'll never miss the life
23 7.With Cold Eyes s Or just prey on my willingness To starve beg consume For something you can't prove If I'm unworthy it's you that brought me here I sacrifice ... d of father sits and lets his children bleed Don't just stand there s
24 7.River Child ary-River Child7.River Child You escaped the morning And left your home And went down the river Where shadows roam You can hear them calling As you clo ... oodbye(CHORUS) Down the river child You're gonna find a friend Who will take what you want and need? And lead you to the end Float down the river ... the end Float down the river child And you will be condemned It takes what you want to be You bleed temptation And turn the river red And now you're drowning r
25 10.Too Much ary-River Child10.Too Much Its high tide in the neon lights Burnin' to a rhythm that goes bump in the night The way she moves there ai ... Is she the hunter and I'm her prey? She bites her lip I know she's re
26 3.Twinz[Feat. FatJoe] ur family children like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity filling Insanity's building up pavilion in my civilian The cannon be the an ... and take all the cheddar like child support[FatJoe] I support Pun in anything he does anything he loves My brother from another mother sent from the above A thug ... iggas carry chalk and stalk I prey like The Predator whoever want it
27 8.Death's Invitation wild gang prey They cut through the chained fence up through the five escape steps They raided the Kane gang[?] The look on Kane's face when h ... to find Logan and her afraid child In a dark corner where they were
28 5.Falconer Girl a bird of prey. She puts her glove and clenches her fist. A silver move. The ... her fist. A silver move. The child walking by her side is the goddes
29 6.Steelcrusader beast of prey I am the fearless wild child you shan't cross my way Steelcrus
30 20.Waves chase its prey- I look away she licks the blood. I cried until I watched her lay and feed it to her little cub- Im not sure what I need—but th ... utloud.---Im a cloud----vapor child…You can't count on me right now--
31 3.Industry istenJust prey your minds with no ambition They keep you fly— images promotion They keep you high so a nigga isnt' focused You livin' in a mom ... l the better future for their children Controversy sells so they supp
32 4.More mploy our children And destroy our mental everyday we more conditioned To conform to ignorance and ignore wisdom A darker pigment gets you50 s ... witness pictures of starving children In the mother land stripped of all its riches It's a dirty game for brothers the odds against us Beneath the sheets of the ... le we prayed for Haiti others preyed on Haiti Like beef still embody organ donations and babies[Chorus][Verse2] We more than pant saggin ignorance In fact spell s ...
33 9.The Coffin Is Moving comes the Prey9.The Coffin Is Moving We are the walking dead I'm frozen in time never growing I'm holding my life in my hands And you' ... we never had! We are all just children of vanity We make fucking up into life long careers We've fallen ... ife long careers We've fallen prey to our parent's fears We see their
34 7.King and Cross I hear a child crying. Foxes heading home their prey hangs from their jaws. And the for
35 8.Destroyer tmosphere Preying on the weak and spreading constant fear With their armor of scales and weapons made of bone Armed with Hell's fury and never ... s fury and never ending scorn Children of the master The serpent-born
36 7.The Sea Queen Of Connaught hell! She preyed on trading ships that entered her domain And before the Nine Years war became a British bane! When she was but a ... tish bane! When she was but a child she cut off all her hair In defia
37 14.Welcome To The Party ly when i prey on those prey on those who pray for better wages AK[rrrang-rrrang] Came from the same bloodline as Andres(Bonifacio) General Apoy in a tactic ... suffering or dying They shoot children in our hood they police us on
38 2.The Fear d it as a child No longer can you define wring or right Can you trustJustice to deal All fair cards Or once again Will the culprit remain free ... d become more vulnerable Easy prey for the thief And thus A PEER OF T
39 8.Alcoholic Religious Fanatics eat their children and rape their wives Pray all you want you will always be a heathen It's obvious to me that you hate your lives Because the ... in God You drink You hate You prey You're fake You lie You rape No sh
40 8.Prometheus e bird of prey is haunting us'Deus' Conquer your fears'Deus ex machina''Deus' Surpass your weaknesses'Deus ex machina''Deus' Withstand the fal ... x machina' Guide us'Deus' The children of Prometheus'Deus ex machina'
41 11.We Are Legion e are the children of the night. We are the denizens of the dark cloaked in blackest shadow. We are the fallen angels soaring through ebony sk ... t prowl the midnight hours to prey upon the heartless. We are the des
42 2.Dawning of a Sombre Age the wind Children of the vast plains The hunter became the ... plains The hunter became the prey As their land slipped away Into th
43 5.I Live You Die Innocent children dressed like the sacred lamb Taken for Nero's slaughter as the people look away To the pit dogs they are ... away To the pit dogs they are prey The people look away they look awa
44 2.Blood Storm featuring Crypt the Warchild Planetary Celph Titled& Des Devious pt the Warchild Planetary Celph Titled& Des Devious[Verse1:Crypt the War ... vious[Verse1:Crypt the Warchild] You ain't never seen life through the eyes of a killer Same eyes looking at me that's the guy in the mirror High to the day I ... Yeah it comes natural Stalk a prey like a predator and then I capture
45 11.The Threat Posed by Nuclear Weapons stalk our prey to make us stay we're fucking spiders spinning to pass the time soul dividers eating our kind alive you ... ers eating our kind alive you child don't you go forgetting mistakes

46 8.Dear Father Butler A childhood innocence was drowned in your tears. The demons that you fought are feeding your fears. The poisoned secrets of your life ... ruin. Yeah in ruin yeah. You preyed upon my flesh then prayed for my
47 7.Beginning Of Sorrow rrow Easy prey so innocent She barely was a teen Hooked up with Mr. Right now A nightmare that stole her dreams Complications come The Doctor ... isbegot Born in an alleyway A child nobody will adopt Delinquent in a
48 24.Skinny Mean Man rl How he preyed on your ripe insecurities The thorn in your side is alive and it's killing me Obscure records entombed in his room with mecha ... n hand I have in faith in you child from his nightmares I've plucked
49 7.River Monster Underground Interlude erse1: Madchild] Hey yo I'm hungry and my city awaits I'm a new born vampire rapping making minimum wage They acting like they really afraid I ... tting prisoners bars[Hook: Madchild] I'm a narcissist sociopathic tendencies Struggling I'm a junkie with an opiate dependency The devil wrote a contract gave me ... m not a Satan worshiper I'm a child of God[Verse2: Prevail] Envision the wisdom of the scissors as I intervene Systematically my laboratory category clean Surgica ...
50 8.Mercenary . Pick my prey. Use my primal instinct'till they slip away. Purgatory's gray Hell is dark Heaven's white and gold. Now you try your best to le ... he reaver to renounce you. Madchild: The Silver Surfer. Fighting with good and evil. Give you nightmares. Step into the labyrinth of Mad ... Step into the labyrinth of Madchild. Yeah now that I'm straight edge
51 7.Hunters And The Wolves 的孩子 - 豪華盤(Child Of The Universe - Deluxe Edition)7.Hunters And The Wolves作詞 Chris Braide、Eric Rosse、Delta Goodrem、Vince Pizzinga作曲 Chr ... an eternity Hungry eyes were preying on me But didn't you know I wan
52 19.Hunters And The Wolves(Acoustic Version) 的孩子 - 豪華盤(Child Of The Universe - Deluxe Edition)19.Hunters And The Wolves(Acoustic Version)作詞 Eric Rosse、Delta Goodrem、Vince Pizzinga ... an eternity Hungry eyes were preying on me But didn't you know I wan
53 4.Population Control atch Your Children Burn4.Population Control I see them all I watch them multiply I found them feeding on the young and I know They fee ... They slither and swallow The prey that they take Every night it gets
54 9.Angry(interlude) now.'War child' stalking my prey releasing the Hulk out. Raghhhh ra
55 8.Glass Ceiling Serenade ees to be prey. There is no discipline. There is no self control. You'll soon know misery and it isn't dying alone. Drink yourself stupid just ... your fat face. The abandoned children of the red white and blue mach
56 3.So Precious ey fell a prey of distress I'm not my limitations but someone thinks I am What color may the hair I'm stroking be? the only color I know is da ... than gold Since I was only a child I have spent my life to understan
57 6.Wartime Lovers son; your child remember the days when he was young wild and alive this evening brought his end; his time no tears from grief just a Virgin fo ... h out in places they pray and prey gently escape or let them live on in you He sang this song to young olive eyes and took her hand across the burning sands from ... h out in places they pray and prey gently escape and let them live on
58 1.Watch the Children Prey Watch the Children Prey Astounding... Wickedness of a
59 11.Sit N Prey >11.Sit N Prey I feel it Soul music[Hook] Sometimes I just sit and pray[x2] Said I don't know why do I live my life this way Why do I live ... Scarface. But the ill minded child is ill minded child Got a round of styles Killing nig
60 2.Prey For Our Souls stem2.Prey For Our Souls The Vatican protects the paedophile priests Immune from prosecution The perverts hide behind the grand facade ... knees for divine forgiveness Prey upon a frightened child Abuse of position of power& privilege The fascist pontiff smiles The imam teaches using fear& violence Behind locked mosque do ... llying tactics that brutalise children The outside world ignores They pray on their knees for divine forgiveness ... knees for divine fo
61 9.Monster of the Andes rostitute Child with incestual behavior Led to live on the streets His first violation innocence fades away Homeless hungry and young New life ... you! Innocents Now you're my prey! Panic on South America Girls disappears in droves No one matches the man The Monster of the Andes Three girls for each week Th ... you! Innocents Now you're my prey! Lead:JP Calmness upon their graves Sex with my little friends Tea and games DEATH and rapes The silent DEAD make me want more ...
62 3.Monster(Part III) rigger to prey upon the hopeless? In your eyes to see the millions screaming. All the millions who line the streets and gaze upon the shameful ... e your hand on the trigger to prey upon the hopeless? Is this all a part of your plan to seize this world and drown all hope with fear and pain. Will you bring us ... oys our dreams and breaks the child? Will you be the one they tell us
63 2.MONSTER! ost sheep child abandoned Innocence betrayed deadly molestation Holy unholy hidden indoctrination Perversion disease forbidden manipulation BL ... u serve your master WEAK your child the lamb I reject all religions I defy your gods I dictate my existence I resist enslavement DEATH will greet him soon BLOOD t ... vain EVIL the victim tortured prey DEMONS RITUAL BLOOD SACRIFICE KILL
64 11.Bird of Prey 1.Bird of Prey Every lie you've ever been sold The greatest story ever told The circling bird of ... ver told The circling bird of prey Above a church on a Sunday I'll wrap myself in you A little something that I can cling to Oh there you are my love There you ar ... ough my hands Scream out like children My heart is a church bell ringing You are a shiver The gold and the silver My heart is a church bell ringing Every lie you' ... ver told The circling bird of prey
65 1.The Coffin Is Moving all just children of vanity We make fucking up into life long careers We've fallen ... ife long careers We've fallen prey to our parent's fears We see their
66 5.Temple of the Winged Serpent opes of a child's prayer willing prey for the winged serpent high priest bows to the golden chair dagger poised utters incantation drains the ... utters incantation drains the child of life innocence splayed upon the ... “faceless child your blood will bring the favor of the gods” rivers of fire plague from the sky they come for your ... om the sky they come for your children thieves in the night dream in
67 7.Thirteen Chimes for their children(now) devoted to me Let them be branded by the fire of the rising anathema I bring damnation seas to blood earth to dust Bel ... s Chains of steel shackle our prey writhing in fear Pleading words fo
68 7.Blackest Apotheosis lves that prey in disguise Past the neon light that bathes our eyes Enter the divinity Worshipping celebrity Ancient codex Control unseen A ne ... en A new age of sorcery OUTRO Children's blood flows to the earth Our
69 3.Silent One hears the children of the future Calling Satan's son Singing songs of his return Say Rise Silent One Rise Silent One Cosmic destroyer swallowi ... ss Ravenous beast watches his prey He hears the children of the future Calling Satan's
70 4.Child ower4.Child Shall I continue forward down a path blind I stand? Cradling the ... h blind I stand? Cradling the child of empathy Perhaps this is where we all end up Summon between the sheets of lust and greed Some unaware of what they told to b ... in the thick grass awaits its prey Slowly strikes drain the blood within the victims Are you slain? Are you slain? Are you slain like this culture? Are you slain ... you slain? Are you slain? The child close to its mo
71 7.Mountains ownJust a child with high expectations You won't break me No matter the circumstance I will rise You mistake me For all the pain you bear alon ... I'm a victim of ignorance You preyed on me when I was sick And now the time has come to play my part The way it's supposed to be I won't be like you Never could I ... I'm a victim of ignorance You preyed on me when I was sick And now the time has come to play my part The way it's supposed to be You look at me through your eyes ...
72 14.Prey ...14.Prey Rolled your eyes and somehow waxed poetic About the stations of the cross This is my blood and suffer little ... is my blood and suffer little children To be victims of your vice at any cost Quiet now the news is always moving fast And they're sure to live it down While behi ... bored with the sound As they prey on the meek who just pray to be free As they ... just pray to be free As they prey on the meek who pray to be free bu
73 1.Neurotic Society(Compulsory Mix) al cavity Preying on human ignorance Popular immorality Sympathy disease head Population misled Self-Indulgent past dead Absence of the God he ... editors By product of neglect children hiding from predators Absence of self-respect phony scared of competitors Lifestyles of luxury at someone's expense Sensiti ... t someone's expense Sensitive children used up as sacrifice Blind to the consequence Smoked up in dope pipes Ecstasy fast life recklessly past life Narcotics and ...
74 11.Cult(Radio Version) he lonely child God preys on the weak You think your soul c
75 3.David Spent his childhood Cause of his mother Pretending to be a girl Result of her sickly Maternal desires Broke up the family Gained his sanity Re ... found the joy To recreate the child Grew up a man Sensible and wise With an aim in life Plan for the future Yet no-one found His dark secret Which allowed him To ... iberation Came the hunter His prey became Those happy souls Twisted m
76 16.The Fever n't gonna prey On your grandma with your auntie nem' Promise y'all I ain't none of them And you can call me lame just don't Call me fake and t ... e the evidence(Whoop!) We the children of the Light you know what I m
77 21.Infection death… My childish soul is easy prey. You reach your goal… I fail to ke
78 15.Tug of War me Satan preying on meJesus waiting on me'Cause I've been straddling the fence it's time to make decisions I've been thinking about Heaven la ... hat God don't provide for His child when they obey that's so cray He
79 2.Move the Chains u're easy prey until they're called to task Treachery to God and man deceivers never cease To bend your will for their ends Their power… your ... nd for what is right All rise children of earth freedom calls your name If we're to survive and turn the bloody tide We've got to move the chains Time will tell i ... nd for what is right All rise children of earth freedom calls your name If we're to survive and turn the bloody tide We've got to move the chains All rise ... t to
80 1.As Fascism Takes Root when they prey on your fears Bow down to the demagogues They keep their control by feeding your bigotry Bow down to the demagogues They keep y ... brace Christianity to exploit childlike naivety Bow down to the demag
81 11.The Plague of a New Age hich they prey are dying today In the plague of a new age. Pile the bodies up burn them when they're young We'll still be singing the sorrow l ... ancer feeds Hatred breeds the children cry themselves to sleep. I'll
82 13.Zed And Two Naughts Lastborn prey and firstborn caught Crawling like an animal Hold your breath its feeding time In this zed and two naughts Painted a fulcrum of ... of cancer On every door where children sing Watch it all blister Sain
83 8.The Hand That Rocks The Cradle beast of prey There's sadness in your beautiful eyes Oh your untouched unsoiled wonderous eyes My life down i shall lie Should restless spiri ... your sacred mind I once had a child and it saved my life And i never
84 5.Nowhere To Run iting its prey Devoid of all feelings Shrouded in black he remains The insatiable hunger For blood will never be quenched Victims lie headless ... ictims lie headless Women and children are slain The faster you run T
85 2.Speak Like Butchers Will fall prey to earth Lust make a meal of your heart Mark my words brother Your soul is meal is fodder. Her life is in pictures before me Th ... drinks and that skin make her prey in all of your eyes. No restraint No control. You coward. Bathe in urge With your dilated pupils. Ain't it wild That we speak l ... to get to her. Mark my words child
86 11.Portrait of a Killer me We got children to feed I'm high off the weed The white got me numb And a number in the system Is what i become I watch slums But i ain't n ... ged They relay She became the prey The vato went astray He was slippi
87 1.Deny the Cross aked as a child None are to be left here undefiled Haunted by the visions that I've found ... y the visions that I've found Preyed upon with every shadow's sound L
88 7.Dump Truck ou just a child to me Dinner plate chow to me raw steak a piece of cow to me Make'em kneel to the god and bow to me I'll ruin you don't let th ... me like chess Oh niggas wan' prey on me? God bless I'm hearin all th
89 4.Return To Hatheg-Kla tous lore preying pitilessly upon my sanity I began to descend through a myriad veils of sombre and swirling shades finally surrendering my gr ... ne Oracle: Have you o' hybrid child of the cosmos gazed into the Grea
90 3.Neo.Black.Magic s to your children Fear is the door to Evil intents Even your shadow Will feel insecure Let the fear grow in you Take risks I'm watching you S ... ve candies To your mesmerized children Let the anger rise in you Drink alcohol I'm watching you Black demons are called Slithering into your soul Under my will Ta ... Praise die& erase! You are a prey For SataN's dagger I'll cut your c
91 4.K.O.N.Y Freestyle invisible children I tell you about divisible children I'm talking kids that die in my city Rest in peace to how many2-year olds That get killed for violence in silence But nobod ... media shit is phony Invisible children put off living Excuse me I messed up.. they ... Excuse me I messed up.. they prey off sympathy This shit is touching my heart So I'll let you hear me mess up I'll tell you this a freestyle now let's dress up L ... hy y'all still doing feed the chil
92 3.Mauled To Death eking its prey Trained to kill A desire for blood To fulfill Ripping flesh Savage killer Defenseless victims Mauled to death Mauled to death T ... ucking throat Pouncing on the child Dead carcass left behind Sickenin
93 2.Waterwitch ep Little child is trapped in witches keep Children play... Sean and Faye All that's good is forgotten Angels tears can't save... the witches ... ars can't save... the witches prey.. Oh... time is standing still She
94 6.Hunters and the Wolves a Goodrem-Child of the Universe6.Hunters and the Wolves I fought for you I went to war in a battle of two And in many years in solitar ... an eternity Hungry eyes were preying on me But didn't you know I wan
95 5.Wail of Sirens e hug our children+ say we hug our sisters+ say in plain sight they ... ters+ say in plain sight they prey in plain sight they see the whites
96 1.Maybe This Christmas aking the children smile But he's just a pedofile So you better watch your ... file So you better watch your child. Christmas trees in every house Covered in shiny lights But they just turn brown and die Or set your whole house on fire These ... angels sing But I hope and I prey That maybe this Christmas day That
97 4.Transylvanian Transfusion earch for prey From the sunset till the light of day We want we want your blood We want we want your blood We want we want your blood We want ... s like wine You'll become the child of Cain We live in the darkness W
98 5.Children of the Nation God5.Children of the Nation In the time when the days of glory have arrived The last in line have saved our sons They've trained for ... r crime Your are the ones The children of the nation Children of the nation... Bring your flags and sharpen your blades of steel Face your enemies cause in death they trust Their blood ... sacred return to the dust You prey to make your triumph becomes real In a blind rage of lust You are the soldiers of another time You are
99 5.The Witching Hour(EP) u will be prey yourself The demons will taunt Slyly they'll play Softly their aged voices sing Damn you Damn you Damn you You will be mine You ... ishearten Crush Subjugate the child We watch you in your sleep If dem
100 13.Rockstars Don't Apologize ilt by my children's hands I'm a nurtured man who never reached my full potential Trying to be a stem cell a sand in a cancer castle Forgivene ... sguise Drop the witty act and prey that pity gets on your side And I

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