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1 12.Chéri velours de ta voix Caresser les jours et les heures Avec toi avec toi avec toi Chéri C'est la vie rêvée
2 1.Road Not Taken t hits your face It caresses all the lines and cracks Battle scars from ageing's attacks Your defensive l
3 11.L' Amour C'est Comme unJour e infinie caresse L'amour c'est comme un jour a s'en va mon amour Notre t s'en est all Et tes yeux m'ont oubli Te souviens-tu de ces jours O n ... infinie tendresse Une infinie caresse L'amour c'est comme un jour a s
4 18.Le Temps Des Caresses Temps Des Caresses Chaque jour tu dis que tu m'aimes Pourtant tu restes loin de moi Et au lieu d'être dans mes bras Tu dors avec tes probl ... ont oublié déjà Le temps des caresses Tu verras dans ta chair trop sage S'imprimer la marque des ans Et le grand sablier du temps Creusera ton jeune visageJe ne ... e Viens cueillir le temps des caresses Tu es belle et très désirable Te voicià l'âge béni Où c'est en faisant des folies Que l'on est raisonnable Ne gâche p
5 20.Tu N'as Plus voudront leur dû De caresses Il te faudra payer leur vertu En espèce

6 21.Qui faiblesse Avec des caresses Et des mots d'amour En couvrant d'oubli Nos jours de folies? Qui prendra ta
7 3.It's Always You a breeze caresses me It's really you strolling by If I hear a melody It's merely the way you sigh Wherever you are you're near me You dare me ... e It's always you If a breeze caresses me It's really you strolling b
8 1.Living In Doubt actions Of discrete caresses Of lustful eyes disguised as intimate conversation Blindly convinced that I
9 3.Buzzcut Season ssed your scalp and caressed your brain(I remember when your head caught flame) Well you laughed baby it'
10 2.Consumed by Fire evil but man! Flame caresses my feet while wind howls calling a mist I widely spread my wings Earth is pl
11 8.Dark Forest o man inside A wind caressed us with its warmth so did tides There was a cruel god who dreamt to steal my
12 3.Lakeside Meditation w familiar The wind caresses me gently The scent of spring reawakens I am left here To contemplate my pla
13 8.Astral g out C'est pas une caresse mais une manchette yo Y'a la prudence et l'destin l'cimetière est plein d'gen
14 25.Les Amours Medicales la nuit quand je la caresse Elle me chuchoteà mi-voix Sais-tu ce que j'ai sous les doigts Quand ton corps
15 1.Of Waves rse1] A sullen tide caressed the shore The waterline is my nightly guide to the horrifying other side Whe
16 4.Trop tard est trop tard pour caresser l'espoir De pouvoir un jour se relever Et d'avancer vers une autre histoire
17 10.One Last Sting ng As the cold wind caresses my skin nothing but emptiness remains Tearing life into pieces spreading in
18 6.Higher Power Undresses light and caresses Castaway breezes Pledge themselves to dark tresses A cape of snow On branche
19 11.Shadow Of The Living Light ht I was a stowaway Caressed me into being For nearly nothing Thought I was a stowaway Guess I was a stow
20 7.Caressed by the Blackness ures7.Caressed by the Blackness you promised me to show me the way while selling my dreams for better days burn my thoughts as they ca ... ack but I'm never coming back caressed by the edge of time but my fat

21 1.Little Man er tired of sensual caresses The hay hiding their wispered voices Ticking time until dawn He spent hours
22 5.Carnival Apocalypse row your naked body caressed by our tongues our thirst for your innocence thrives we take what we want we
23 20.The Last Bruise I Harvest Here uise I harvest here Caressed By Searchlight Blue Promenades clear Where blind tangled noosed pairs Will n
24 3.When Abyss Winds Return s I am become death Caressed by pallid fingers I am the cruelty That chaos doth evoke Bearer of the black
25 6.Tenderly The evening breeze Caressed the trees tenderly The trembling trees Embraced the breeze tenderly Then you
26 1.Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours? s qu'on murmure Les caresses les plus pures Les serments au fond des bois Les fleurs qu'on retrouve dans
27 14.Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours? s qu'on murmure Les caresses les plus pures Les serments au fond des bois Les fleurs qu'on retrouve dans
28 1.Your Heaven Is Real hts. familiar sound caressed by an angel blood of life is wiped from the ground at war with the demons. u
29 1.Shallow Breath asn't the wind that caressed your hair You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to me As I look through
30 1.Juillet(1998) auça fait comme les caresses d'une ado timide Les trottoirs et la chaussée sont pleins y'a de tout de bla
31 8.T.R.W. ntiment Va en boîte Caresse son collègue Dont il est amoureux fort Dans les cuisinesJulien a besoin de se
32 6.Miss You More im your hands on me Caressed me touched me Like you were building a castle out of sand Together you saved
33 3.Lost Girls or horror Unwanted caresses Little Lolitas who want to be held in large hands Dear Father who art in hea
34 7.Get Get Get l give to you In my caresses baby love me underneath the moon My love is sweet you can't say no Say that
35 6.On Ne SaitJamais plein nos joies Des caresses au bout de nos doigts Et des rêves au fond de nos yeux On ne sait jamais Mai
36 16.J'aime Paris Au Mois De Mai aisse Que le soleil caresse Ses vieux toitsà peineéveillésJ'aime sentir sur les places Dans les rues oÃ
37 10.Spirit of the Forest br> The weeping sky caressed my cheek As water churned between my feet Spoke indiscrete I heard it say At
38 10.Let Yourself Yes I saw her Lady Caresse you're really something Woman indeed you got so much coming(Don't give up jus
39 9.Hang On In There Baby e it Now that we've caressed A kiss so warm and tender I can't wait'til we've reached That sweet moment o
40 6.Tenderly The evening breeze caressed the trees tenderly The trembling trees embraced the breeze tenderly Then you
41 3.Enshrined in Crematoria By a voice of sweet caresses Intoxication feeds This freed reality My inspiration speaks Enshrined in cre
42 7.Hammer of the Witches sk so drunk on lust Caressed the cobbles red Frights she called the flights of Ghouls Left little of thei
43 16.Throw Down A Line eful hand that once caressed me Hurts like the rest because it's turned to stone Talons of steel have gro
44 11.The Blond Beast d ashes sing Gently caressed by Azrael's wings...the Blond beast The gentle touch of violin strings The c
45 3.Rabid Death's Curse ched by the mystery Caressed by the dark Left as a snake to crawl and to curse May the seas they boil And

46 4.Caroline a view of the ocean Caressed by the breeze She forgot why she came here in the first place Caroline Carol
47 12.Funeral Pyre of Trinity heavenly Oppression Caressed by the Flames of Hades. Funeral Pyre of Trinity. Winds carry The blazing Ash
48 4.Through Bewilderment Where Tehoms breath caresses the neck A sense of enlightment deep in an emptied chest A sudden blaze burn
49 3.Real Love al love The one-way caresses the smell of piss And that's real love The girl's expensive the boy's so che
50 35.The Revealing Science Of God Dance Of The Dawn(LP Version) ks span our endless caresses for the freedom of life everlasting. Talk to the sunlight caller Soft summer
51 22.Complainte De La Butte too pale) caresse l'opale(caress the opal) de tes yeux blasés.(of your indifferent eyes) Princesse de la rue(princess of the street) sois la b ... f an underfed kid) et sous ta caresse(and under your caress) je sens
52 1.Into Everlasting Fire upt... fall to hell Caressed by fear... we die as one Mourners of a dying world Too late to reconcile Int
53 6.Truck Driver ung by a hornet she caressed my foot Rubbed baking powder on it I was probably five at their home in neva
54 8.J'Ai Faim à midi Ma caresse arrêtée sur ta tempeJ'ai faim da ... à midi Ma caresse arrêtée sur ta tempeJ'ai faim d
55 5.Chaleur Humaine chasteté Ce qui se caresse est cicatrisé Ou saigne en remerciant de saigner Le liant sur son silence dép
56 4.She Got a Wiggle at's soft and moist caresses my ears while heightening my senses sexy and warm and tender I like it She g
57 2.…at the End… … Misty morning caresses the land The time has come to greet the rays of this cold sun The silence be
58 6.At the Antipodes of Chastity(Hail the Sons of Cain) ngless fallen angel Caressed by the satanic grace we are finally blessed... Blessed by the blackest light
59 7.I Die Therefore I Exist rious From the void caressed Only to be reborn through alchemy Intrare vacuum mortis et radiati
60 9.Voyous comme un chien des caresses Mes tentatives désespérées d'me faire passer pour un mec que j'suis pas Et q
61 9.It's Always You a breeze caresses me it's really you strolling by If I hear a melody it's merely the way you sigh Wherever you are you're near me you dare me ... e It's always you If a breeze caresses me it's really you strolling b
62 3.Wild rover on And when they've caressed me as oft times before I never will play the wild rover no more And it's No
63 5.Rossignolet sser les filles les caresser souvent En leur disant: La belle je serai ton amant. La belle on dit partout
64 18.The Party he's a trophy-prize caressed Protected by a pretty face sometimes cursed sometimes blessed And she's star
65 7.Le Premier Bonheur DuJour oule sur ta main Et caresse monépaule C'est le souffle de la mer Et la plage qui attend C'est l'oiseau qu
66 1.Laisse Les Filles lles Te câliner te caresser te cajoler Crois-moi Oui laisse-toi aimer des filles Oui laisse-toi aimer de
67 8.Forever an ocean Caressed by its water I'd lose myself forever I'd lose myself forever I'd lose myself foreverJust below the surface The surge is kee ... he other Like it was an ocean Caressed by its water I'd lose myself f
68 5.Carnivore Sublime lambentJe caresse leur echine La main delicate leve le voile Macule du dormant meurtri Force insidieuse et devorante Elle scrute mon visage Un ... rmant Garde le souvenir de la caresse de son maitre Attendant de tomb
69 2.Venus mon4Sça cherche des caresses Moi j'veux faire du sale j'veux faire du biff j'veux faire des affaires Les
70 3.Everything time are a lifetime Caressed by tempest you'd always be the first to distrust assign the blame You have a
71 12.Everything(EvvilKing Remix by Steril) time are a lifetime Caressed by tempest you'd always be the first to distrust assign the blame You have a
72 32.L'amour oublie le temps sans avenir La mer caresse le sable chaud Et tu me berces sans dire un mot Oublie de naîtreà l'amour qua
73 52.Je t'aime avec ma peau j'ai besoin de tes caresse
74 11.The Silver Sister s down crystal rays Caressed by your velvet touch As we dance through the night One last silver kiss As t
75 9.Everybody Needs t to melt under her caresses She feels like someone else She feels like someone else I know what's on her
76 3.Spiriti Liberi ls there's a valley caressed by the wind where the fawns quench their thirst in the crystal clear lake.[S
77 3.Silent Wrath She still caresses me Her ghost caresses m
78 5.New Day to Me e The fresh dew caressed the calm morn When the sun risen I was born In the crib of peace and mother'
79 8.Last Dance ou were the One who caressed my heart The finest dinner is served That you ever ate Hat-Rack plays on vio
80 12.The Tragedy of Melpomene kisses soft gently caressed thy eye
81 13.Bleak Thorn Laurels ack star lit nights Caressed by the crescent moon's blood red hue Let the petals fall upon this sullen pa
82 14.The Drifting Snow her dark eyes And I caressed her beautiful pale face In the dark stillness she rested in thy loving arms
83 11.Give Our Dreams Their Wings to Fly alive as the sound caressed the air And I kicked it up a notch as I strolled without a care Cause I'm go
84 2.The Gift itting to the final caresses of sexual oblivion. It was more than the human mind could bear. Visions of M
85 18.Sensation nside! Lovers break caresses for me Love enhanced when I've gone by. You'll feel me coming A new vibratio
86 5.Buzzcut Season ssed your scalp and caressed your brain Well you laughed baby it's okay(I remember when your head caught
87 4.Angel Don't Cry our way with me You caressed ev'ry part of me soul You got what you were after A savage and an angel You
88 17.54-46 Was My Number Live At The Palace1995 say I've kissed and caressed'cuz we're jillin' and we're chillin' in the club all night we're jillin' and
89 20.Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa ld her charms And i caressed her kissed her Told her i'd die before i would let her out of my arms Oh i w
90 12.Gillian ired then the music caressed my skin just like when someone finally holds you and you can give in this yo
91 9.Morphee diate happiness the caresses that make angel-wings beat high in the heavens It is the beautiful sleeping
92 1.Pour y voir le pour la première caresse pour ton premier amour ton premier toujours ton premier je t'aime pour mon pr
93 7.Thou Shalt Forever Suffer s the shining steel caresses me flesh I depart on a journey beyond life and death Domain of the damned is
94 4.Amour t'es la sous? Deux mots qui caressent le cou? Amour amour? Mondeà l'envers? Qui va porter mon bonheur? Amour touj
96 6.Motherland head The soft wind caresses your shiny memory My sweat flows into the walls It's pure exulery Everything
97 3.Birth of the Omnisavior only voice I hear. Caresses me with its cold and static logic I am alone cannot express my fear Wooden C
98 4.I Miss You So s you so Your sweet caresses each rendezvous Your voice so soft and low But most of all I miss you so You
99 4.Vision Adjustment To Another Wavelength and wondered at it Caressed the coarse rock and was humbled by it And he knew not why Why the others hat
100 6.The First Matter(Saturn In The Guise Of Sadness) swaying evergreens caressed him Stroked his cheek the fireflies blessed him He used a sexton's shovel an

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