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1 1.表裡不一 EGA VENETA卻說成Potato Canada Banana oh買噶是Prada Bvlgari和Margarita傻傻分不清楚 Hey Lady別嬌柔 Hey Laby別做作現在又跟風流行起來了MK、
2 2.似たものどうし 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)2.似たものどうし作詞山川啓介作曲加瀬邦彦編曲船山基紀青春の十字路でつまずいて思わずすがってたのおたがいにそのまま心を並
3 3.鉛筆で書いたラブレター 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)3.鉛筆で書いたラブレター作詞松本隆作曲加瀬邦彦編曲船山基紀黒い鉛筆をナイフでけずっては最後の手紙淋しく書いてますさよな
4 4.雨の月曜日 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)4.雨の月曜日作詞松本隆作曲加瀬邦彦編曲船山基紀お帰り!ただいま!何処に行って来たのレンガの色の学生街よよそゆきの都会で
5 5.青い靴と海の砂 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)5.青い靴と海の砂作詞松本隆作曲梅垣達志編曲船山基紀炎が走るマッチにあなたが浮かぶたばこくわえ海を見てたマッチをぬらす潮

6 6.明日帰ります 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)6.明日帰ります作詞松本隆作曲大野克夫編曲船山基紀似顔絵枕にひいて寝ると夢で逢えるって私の住んでる古い街の言い伝えですよ
7 7.花のささやき(In un fiore) 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)7.花のささやき(In un fiore)訳詞音羽たかし作詞 Moggi作曲 C.Donida編曲船山基紀愛して!!私の
8 8.小さな風船(Toi jamais) 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)8.小さな風船(Toi jamais)訳詞三浦徳子作詞 Michel Mlallory作曲 Michel Mlallor
9 9.瞳のおしゃべり(Masculin Singvlier) 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)9.瞳のおしゃべり(Masculin Singvlier)訳詞三浦徳子作詞 Michel Mallory作曲Jacque
10 10.夢の中で(I'mJust Dreaming) 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)10.夢の中で(I'mJust Dreaming)訳詞三浦徳子作詞 Wayne Bickrton作曲 Tony Wadd
11 11.心の架け橋 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)11.心の架け橋作詞松本隆作曲岩沢幸矢編曲船山基紀道に落ちた煙草の数でこわい顔の理由がわかるのあやまる言葉探すわ腕の時計
12 12.卒業(Souvenirs) 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)12.卒業(Souvenirs)作詞 Michel Mlallory作曲 Michel Mallory編曲船山基紀星のま
13 13.ひなげしの花 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)13.ひなげしの花作詞山上路夫作曲森田公一編曲馬飼野俊一丘の上ひなげしの花でうらなうのあの人の心今日もひとり来る来ない帰
14 14.妖精の詩 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)14.妖精の詩作詞松山猛作曲加藤和彦編曲馬飼野俊一風の吹く草笛のさわやか青い草原を染めあげる妖精の姿をいつか見かけたら春
15 15.草原の輝き 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)15.草原の輝き作詞安井かずみ作曲平尾昌晃編曲馬飼野俊一い眠りしたのねいつか小川のせせらぎきいてレンゲの花を枕に今目がさ
16 16.小さな恋の物語 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)16.小さな恋の物語作詞山上路夫作曲森田公一編曲馬飼野俊一小さな家並みがまるで夢のよう小鳥の唄にめざめる街なのよいつかは
17 17.星に願いを 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)17.星に願いを作詞安井かずみ作曲平尾昌晃編曲馬飼野俊一「好きなひとにどうぞ会わせて愛の星に願いをかける」わたしの気持ち
18 18.ポケットいっぱいの秘密 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)18.ポケットいっぱいの秘密作詞松本隆作曲穂口雄右編曲東海林修キャラメル・ママひみつないしょにしてね指きりしましょ誰にも
19 19.愛の迷い子 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)19.愛の迷い子作詞安井かずみ作曲平尾昌晃編曲馬飼野俊一木枯らしに負けそうなの背中にあなたの声が今も聞こえてる寒い空黙っ
20 20.はだしの冒険 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)20.はだしの冒険作詞松本隆作曲平尾昌晃編曲馬飼野俊一水しぶきをあげてほほえむあなたに波に沈むふりをして今しがみついたう

21 21.白いくつ下は似合わない 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)21.白いくつ下は似合わない作詞荒井由実作曲荒井由実編曲あかのたちお私の瞳に映ったあなたが涙にゆがんでこぼれ落ちてしまう
22 22.恋のシーソー・ゲーム 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)22.恋のシーソー・ゲーム作詞落合恵子作曲井上忠夫編曲東海林修恋はどちらかいつも片想いでも愛するだけではいやよ愛されたい
23 23.心に翼を下さい 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)23.心に翼を下さい作詞松本隆作曲加瀬邦彦編曲船山基紀朝を運ぶ小鳥たちは涙なんか知らないはず影を踏んでうつむいたら青空さ
24 24.少し待ってて 陳美齡-カナダより愛をこめて(From Canada With Love)24.少し待ってて作詞三浦徳子作曲梅垣達志編曲梅垣達志演奏ラストショウ君と一緒に暮したいとふいに言われて急に返事ができな
25 5.God Bless Not Only America Wished A Merry Christmas(天不只祐美國) hina polar bears in Canada or cola bears in Australia. God bless the buttons and the codes of nuclear wea
26 1.我不可能會饒舌 家都一起來說英語吧 Cuba就叫做古巴 Canada就叫加拿大我剛從加拿大回來中文不太好不好意思喔 Trout fresh問幾%的swag混和幾ml的fans再加上電可以鍍上幾K的炫什麼都覺得好聽那DJ的歌單給
27 2.加拿大國歌(Oh Canada) .加拿大國歌(Oh Canada) O Canada! Our home and native land True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise The true north stro ... and free From far and wide O Canada We stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free O ... our land glorious and free O Canada! We stand on guard for thee O Canada! We stand on guard for thee
28 7.加拿大國歌(粵語版) >7.加拿大國歌(粵語版) O Canada!齊共建好家園!誠實為國愛它之心可見。憑熱愛熱誠共慶加國盛國土堅固太平!從遠至近或跨國內萬民歡呼和應。副歌上主福臨永享昇平!這土得看顧保守到永久。國家得豐富繁
29 2.Lovely Country Belleville Ontario Canada Make-up on my face will turn me on I'm coming to your place! Smell of coffee b
30 3.Step Up!! INTRO MAN:BIGGA?C forJAM TEK ong in a China in a Canada in a Korea in aJapan!楽しまなきゃはじまらないあら探しは何も生まないこの一歩は自分次第近い未来笑いたい悲しいことなんかもう話したくないか
31 4.ワザトFEEL SO SAD(CANADA SEVEN) br>4.ワザトFEEL SO SAD(CANADA SEVEN)作詞 K.IMAWANO作曲 K.IMAWANO君の名前を呼んでみたのさ憂うつそうな曇った空に悲しそうにわざと悲しそうにわざと君の名前は
32 1.STEP UP!! ong in a China in a Canada in a Korea in aJapan!楽しまなきゃはじまらないあら探しは何も生まないこの一歩は自分次第近い未来笑いたい悲しいことなんかもう話したくないか
33 1.Thank You m Alberta Canada. I just wanted to say your music has really inspired me and has always got me feeling up when times were down Hey Logic it's ... e world It's Eric Khaled from Canada Alberta Sturgeon Lake little res
34 1.New Patek e A I do not get in Canada but when I'm in Toronto they treat me like Drake This a light jet this a fligh
35 2.North East South West ch I fan the flames Canada always answers when I call her name Down and out drinking Dundas dry Up agains
36 5.Lone Star o move to Vancouver Canada or Athens Greece As George Carlin said one night'I believe you have to be asle
37 6.Black Connection(110th St. Demo) dise to heist Up in canada we move[Sonny Cheeba] Right right right[Hook] Calling up the diamond delegates
38 6.Ready For The Victory(Alternative Radio Version) From San Marino to Canada He is our biggest star(Countdown) Oh you cannot lose If you have a lucky hand
39 3.DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack ack Go to Canada and never come back Where you gone Betty Friedan? Where you gone Gore Vidal? Money money Money on my mind Money money Money o ... pMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack Go to Canada and never come back Where you go
40 2.No Pressure here in Nova Scotia Canada bustin' the mack You see Pimpin' ain't got no restrictions I'm your DJ while I
41 8.Work Away om Prince George BC Canada I work in Fort Mack I'm only home about7 days out of each month My family live
42 7.Two Kings well and living in Canada That's what I was told by a friend of mine who heard in on the radio I was not
43 1.Been On(Remix) cks and sofas nigga Canada![Hook][Bridge1
44 1.Uber Everywhere in my VIP Canada jawn yeah I think that bitch from the6[Hook1] Shorty wanna kiss me but I know she sucking dick Shorty wanna kiss me but I kno ... P And I think that bitch from canada I think she from the6 Uber every
45 11.Controlla ontrolla Drake from Canada Beenie Man fromJamaica Dah one yah a murda! Zagg

46 2.Smackdown_ Raw(Ft.Jim Ross) 't know maybe go to Canada But err hey Monday Night Raw is coming up to the Staples Center I'll leave you
47 6.Want To nd We go branch for Canada I dey spend this naira in my agbada falala falala falala If they mess with you
48 12.All Night bitch might be from Canada Give me her cheese like a manager Her nigga a lame he can't handle her She gav
49 3.Vienna Calling(786er Mix) ; Toronto Canada? Wien nur Wien du kennst mich up kennst mich down Du kennst mich Nur Wien nur Wien du nur allein Wohin sind deine Frauen Ohoh ... Ob in Tucson Arizona; Toronto Canada Wien nur Wien du kennst mich up
50 1.Wednesday Morning d I'm not moving to Canada not fleeing the nation No time for apathy no more tears and no complainin' Got
51 10.Bars f yeah we moving to Canada Cause I still feel like people be after us(12!) I got the chopper don't challe
52 4.Both t can't never go to Canada But Drake said he gon' pull some strings So let me check my calendar I just po
53 3.Interruption I put on for Africa Canada wherever they can relate Give me a cuplet that overflow I'm trynna get more an
54 11.Just Tryna from Ottawa Ontario Canada If you don't know where I stay You don't know yourself you hear? If you wanna
55 5.Miniskirt thank you Canada Thank you Canada We are all going going Never kno
56 21.The Greatest d who have freedom? Canada had freedom.Japan had freedom. The U.K. France Italy Germany Spain Australia B
57 7.Canadee-I-O n they came down to Canada scarcely above half a year She's married this bold captain who calls her his d
58 22.100 Yard Dash nd blow your ass to Canada Nigga[Hook][Verse3] I'm wild with it pistol whip whoever's in the house with i
59 2.Avril the hug convention Canada brains Chamomile show Warm rain storm.. Cataract aim Cinnamon clothes Lawn gno
60 10.History of Canada istory of Canada[Verse1] In the history of Canada there never was a mention Of how
61 2.Energy hat can never leave Canada too I got2 mortgages thirty million in total I got niggas that'll still try fu
62 11.Go Get Em' Kid ft. Madchild t the West Coast of Canada will reach more than locals& that my city will rise up as hip-hop moguls Take
63 2.With a Sort of Grace I Walked to the Bathroom to Cry Then we had[?]north Canada That night we watched{?} onJimmy Fallon I went to sleep on her couch while she
64 7.Eff Germany fucking world First Canada's a piece of shit And then Mexico Cuz' I don't like the damn Norwegians I don'
65 11.Journey Through The Past w I'm going back to Canada On a journey thru the past And I won't be back till February comes I will stay
66 1.Monday Feat. Mac Miller hey kicked us outta Canada[Hook][Verse3: Mac Miller] Before I started regarded as one of the hardest in t
67 3.Talk to Him in Shallow Water m across the border Canada to California He said I'll take my pound of flesh Leave by morning north by we
68 7.SnowTime l Norte O Canada It was snowtime it was showtime it was no time To be lost in downtown Toronto It was wintertime'round dinnertime I'm beginnin ... rande Oleana Via Del Norte Oh Canada There was a lifeline south in the ... Guaguancó Canada Guaguancó Canada(!
69 7.Dopeman ine! Now I'm off to Canada I'm high in demand My passport not working- try it again! I got drug dealers w
70 7.Gumar Oz Dubar like that Shout out canada say night and fight back Me and leasy own the stage Everybody moved away more
71 10.Triple Threat I'm moving back to Canada like Grizzly Adams Living in the mountains building a log cabin With a hundred
72 13.Trap Funk up my jeweler from Canada You niggas steal bubblegum wrapping'cuz you amateurs Christian Louboutins a wa
73 6.Big Brother n?' I never been to Canada Sound like this shit could be fun so every night killing shit just to get my a
74 5.Canadian Sunset hrills A weekend in Canada a change of scene Was the most I bargained for And then I discovered you and i
75 6.Warpath 5 miles a day Cause Canada is a long ways away Woman marchin' with the injuns through the snow Lay down a
76 4.Love Yuh Bad ke the building dem Canada Met in pop school nail with da hammer She in love with the pipe Will see the p
77 10.O Canada s10.O Canada O Canada you took me inJust beneath your native skin To the land we both belonged to years ago O pal of mine how young it was Mountie ... fuzz Distortion gain delay Oh Canada you took me in you took me in you took me in O ... u took me in you took me in O Canada A summer long a lakefront green The profile of departed queen Sat sweating by mosquito screens In doors upon the wild You gav ... it. You were still a child Oh Canada you took me in y
78 8.Io uld go to Canada Could go to Mexico Oooh another hot night cinematic brand new fully-automatic soul(My muscle truck is just a metaphor) Set in ... a stepping stone Could go to Canada Could go to Mexic
79 3.Down Like This(feat. Sheek Louch Pharoahe Monch and Crooked I) h a blammer Feeding Canada land of the chicks now get off my dick Your whole squad's petty sounds like sh
80 3.Grandma Loved That Old Man aw Prince Albert in Canada. I'll never forget how my grandma loved that old man She was strong in her spi
81 21.Real Based el me? Shout out to Canada London you feel me Sweden Shout out Russia Ukraine I love you baby You know wh
82 3.Puffin Tha Dragon e and Diddy you too Canada New York and Compton lets get a brew[HOOK] I'm up and I'm at it I guess I'm ju
83 10.Truck Got Stuck e soil. Agriculture Canada is definitely gonna be looking for u
84 11.Lover Lover Lover ns headed due north Canada of course where Mr.Jim Crowe was not enforced Smoking on this new port only go
85 1.Bless My Food hat's home grown in Canada We almost lost Detroit At Somerset just shopping for sport Niggas lying till t
86 5.Make Waves(Feat. Krizz Kaliko Rittz Tyler Lyon) mn it I am not from Canada I came in the game and I representedJonny Valiant in this bitch there's no mys
87 1.Fire alist panelist whos canada's unimanimous circa98 canibus ambulance vans when my jams spin- it's calamitou
88 11.Black Belt I'm from Canada I'm from Canada Used to be an addict now I'm cle
89 12.Drugs In My Pocket nin singin out from canada van city where it's always rainin
90 16.Under A Spell od as gold I'm from Canada so everything I spit is cold Never thought I would rap this old But I'm still
91 4.Add It Up send it straight to Canada! Young Offset trappin' in your areaJungle fever got the white and I marry her
92 16.Take Her ake you to Montreal Canada Let you dive off in my50 feet pool All y'all vehicles old Baby girl want some
93 8.My Mountain Is Cold Drove all night to Canada Knowing that we'll never get back To see our only sun to see our only sun In t
94 9.Stay Busy and in Africa twice Canada too damn like Africa nights I I'll be walking there for half of my life Now I
95 10.Canada Dry -The Water[s]10.Canada Dry[Verse1] Ridin' around off this ginger ale Peep the herbal essence in t
96 7.Ninkyo Dantai(Yakuza) camera fly north to Canada Samurai sword first class for the massacre Behold the legend beheading rappers
97 8.Johnny mmy He go canada He go tokyo Yesterday he say he dey morrocco He dance disco He sing awilo Na lie Na lie na pinocchio This one na gobe... ayak ... Que veu dire Fefe geme He go canada He go tokyo Yesterday he say he
98 2.The Real MVP wole lati canada gan(canada gan) Awon temi temi temi dem be feeling me gan(feeling me gan) Awon temi temi temi dem dey believe me gan eh ah ah emi ni rea ... gan) owo wole wole wole lati canada gan(canada gan) awon temi temi temi dem be feeling me gan(feeling me gan) awon temi temi temi dem dey believe me gan eh ah ah emi ni rea ... gan) owo wole wole wole lati canada gan(canada gan) awon temi temi temi dem be feeling me gan(feeling me gan) awon temi temi t
99 19.River Below(Live At The Orange Lounge- Toronto Canada2007) nge Lounge- Toronto Canada2007) Rejected...since day one My name is...bastard son I've been damned...
100 20.Standing In The Rain(Live Session At Metalworks- Mississauga Canada2010) lworks- Mississauga Canada2010) My head it hurts each day it's getting worse My looks and smile have

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