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1 1.Unbroken s what I know They sent us to a place I never heard of weeks before When you're nineteen it ain't hard to sleep In the desert on God's floor C ... rifles Then in one then side by side Thought we'd be made as liberators In a thousand-year-old fight I got this painful ringing in my ear From an IED last night ... unbroken It's eighteen months now I've been stateside With this medal on my chest But there are things I can't remember And there are things I won't forget I lie
2 3.Change Your Mind -Inspired By True Events3.Change Your Mind He came to me like a song Like one I knew all along And daddy he got a hold on me I k ... daddy he got a hold on me I know you think that it's wrong But he grew on me like a rose(Hmm) The sweetest I've ever k ... (Hmm) The sweetest I've ever known(Hmm) I swear that he got a hold on me(Hmm) And ... he got a hold on me(Hmm) And now I can't let him go(Hmm) No one ever said it was easy And I love him You gotta believe me
3 7.ALL AROUND THE WORLD ? You are now tuned in to the sounds of A Tribe Called De La Peas L.A. New York collabo You k ... as L.A. New York collabo You know what it is East West all day I go by the name of- ahh don't worry'bout that(All around the world) Come take a trip Ma(All around the world) Come rock with us(All arou ... iver buggin'[?] But[?]insider blessed with the insight stay lit I've been bright Murder that ink ... e been bright Murder that ink now you see how my pen fight Inner
4 12.BIG LOVE em people nowadays We ain't never giving up Now we got our hands up We can't be cause their hearts ain't big enough All we need is just us hate got ya guessing War is the answe ... xin' Phones got our zone down Now we lose connection please stand by It takes you and I to keep the hope alive'Cause we're living in a time where you're fighting to survive And all we need is love A ... ove Is big big love Life is a blessing Knowledge is a weapon You should choose
5 3.The Return elf right now huh? Satisfy this hungriness(6ix) Hold up let me get up in it ... ) Hold up let me get up in it now Bitch I'm here to win it now L-O-G-I-C I'm feeling free I'm finna bring it ... eling free I'm finna bring it now If you know the words take a step back and sing now Never thought I'd have to but I keep the windows tinted ... but I keep the windows tinted now Like la-di-da-di who got the keys to my Audi? Last time I said it went viral I do

6 5.One Day thing I know it's gonna be— alright You ever wonder what it means to make it ... nder what it means to make it by any means and finally attain your dreams On the come up where they run up from the world of many fiends I been at it since a teen ... and sacrifice but not a lot know what I mean Most these rappers ain't got no class like bomb threats And bein' ill is a disease it's the onset And it don't matte ... lights and the cameras right now it's just you and me O
7 11.The Adventures Of Stoney Bob bus right now This is Stoney Bob live in a room from wherever the fuck we are today on tour I've uh I've already rolled about four blunts It's ... wish a motherfucker would Bobby be my name I'm'bout to run a train on this girl with all my boys and her name is MaryJane'Cause I burn big dope with my dogsJoe C ... the idea of smokin' again And now I got my green belt And that's the longest line without a rhyme But the punch before the line about the line was so divine For s ...
8 14.Last Call tory you know what I'm sayin'? And then uh I remember Cole did it when did he do it? He was on Friday Night— Nah nah he did it on The Warm Up ... ma do my own'Last Call' right now for y'all And my voice is messed up too this is the last track of Young Sinatra Yeah yeah Back in the day I wasn't shit homie Pe ... 'cause mine did And yeah you know I had to put that in the rhyme kit But that shit came from sacrifice Not on the corner selling drugs and smackin' dice(listen) Y ..
9 7.8 Out Of10 ay Drizzy by the drop the game is in disarray I'd tell you hear me out but we both k ... you hear me out but we both know end of the day Your sister is pressin' play Your trainer is pressin' play Your wifey your wifey your wifey I gotta breathe in re ... n tap into Max said they only bless when they attached to you The only deadbeats is whatever beats I been rappin' to And the product is still the best though It's ... rehead then kiss your ass goodbye As luck would have
10 11.Window Pain(Outro) l for the blessings you bring Thank you for the ones I love Forgive me for the times I was Down and confused I k ... es I was Down and confused I know What I reap is what I will sow Once again I find myself Back with you from my hell All I ever wanted was to hear them bitches ho ... t some money plus respect and now look I got all of that All I wanna do is see my granny on the other side All I wanna do is kill the man that made my momma cry A ... that made my momma cry Right
11 1.Periodic Table grown up by them Glock boys Them heat-makers and them hot boys Them every night make a knot boys Them rock boys and them Glock boys(You k ... boys and them Glock boys(You know you done fucked up right?) You fuck around and lick a shot boy I was grown up ... ick a shot boy I was grown up by them Glock boys Them heat-makers and them hot boys That every night make a knot boys Them rock boys and them Glock boys(You can s ... Take your piece of devil pie Now my level risin
12 11.LEGENDARY(feat.J. Cole) (yep yep) By a higher conscious spiritually(up up) Up and away jump on a plane get on my wave right ... a plane get on my wave right now I want you believe not only in me but have some faith in yourself I wish you peace and good health happiness and some wealth I t ... t out damn right my vision is now Don't let the prisoner cell build a strut to break out My brothers at the brick house the undercovers stakeout Can't you see it' ... number on it so you property now I
13 3.Idols Become Rivals what you know about Wingstop nigga? You don't know nothin' about no Wingstop. You can't handle this nigga. You can't handle sit down in the corner shut the fuck up and take notes ... to be like'Yo them niggas so blessed you know what I'm sayin'?' If I had that opportunity you k ... f I had that opportunity you know what I'm sayin'? Maybach Music Black Metaphor I grew up on that Cash Money Bling bling was well k ... h Money Bling bling was well known to flas
14 22.Do Not Disturb things I know I still been silent though Yeah used to be at SilverCity Indigo Used to be in lunchroom playin' dominoes I don't want to have to ... at OVO yeah All the girls I know are there with Ian Throw Who knows where I end up when that shit gets old? Maybe it never gets old and that's just how it goes Last table left in Carbone callin' ... n up like a double click More blessings because I'm generous Thirty-seater plane for like ten of us Remember when I bought Seal
15 1.Gloria worldJust now and then she knows what might have been If only life were lived in dreams In bed alone closing her eyes She imagines that He's there ... She imagines that He's there by her side And all the years of blessings love once knew Remembering helps upon her through Gloria Gloria Can't find an angel who wouldn't give her wings for Gloria ... her sins for Gloria'Cause I know Lovingly as her name Ooh understand her She thinks she's to blame Uuuh uuuh Can't f
16 2.Bring Them All Holy Grime(feat. Devlin) had beef Now you're on the mic like a bulletproof vest MC I'm a double precious Tek MC Separate heads from necks I was in the shadows I came ... in every condo I like to fly by on my black Yamaha that's winging Some man do the crime and talk but that's singing Not many man have been in the wars that I've ... ing like they're dead Made it now you're lying in your bed It's like yo has anybody seen my flow right here cuz? Live in your ears like earplugs Keep myself away ...
17 4.No Favors am's Club Now it's blue blood in my veins so you know where I came from Born in a world going where they told me I can't go In my lane though I'm in the same boat as Usain Bolt Get a ... boat as Usain Bolt Get ahead by any means so the head's what I aim for When my grandma died I realized I got an angel Show me everything's a ... angel Show me everything's a blessing depending on the angles Look I am the anomaly never needed favors or apologies That's my new lifetime
18 9.1969 ne would know Everyone would know That civil rights are something now That everyone should know Oh and still I hear their voices cry God ... l I hear their voices cry God bless Ireland And keep her evermore They were burned and battered everywhere ... urned and battered everywhere By cops and mobs of men And still they
19 11.Bodmon Song(Extended Version) awty you know how I'm strokin' on it When I pull up4 in the mawning We can smoke girl if you want it We can smoke just roll up on it I do the ... the mañana Mi need a bad one by me Mi need a bad one beside me They see dem suck pussy boi try me Bodmon you can't do ah man grimy Mi gun on me Case infahmah wan ... dem wann' find me Fire fi dem now we nah chill wit informants No man ah make it from my ends And no man ah tek way from my space Mi pray dem jah jah ... my space Mi
20 8.Breathe Me In Come sit by my side Hold me closely day and night Less is more give me more of what I need Breathe breathe breathe me in If you fall in the m ... break We will grow together Know that you are loved you are loved here and ... loved you are loved here and now and forever I wont let you go'til the sun burns out on me ... o'til the sun burns out on me Bless this moment bless this moment bless this moment You're the only one y

21 1.I'm Blessed 1.I'm Blessed[Intro] I new god was with it I always use to pray Ah my prayer was to ask god to not let the devil kill me out here whil ... hurch after that oh oh oh I'm blessed[Verse1] Waking up thanking god every day is feeling just like Sunday Wifey fly ... ng just like Sunday Wifey fly by my side green light Everything is going my way Riding clean living dreamsJust left the barber and I'm feeling like Midas Heard em ... ting like this Ain't a day go by that I
22 6.Treacherous roken one by one Finding salvation my will be done I walk across this dead land There's nothing left to save Four horsemen ... ng left to save Four horsemen by my side I claim these empty graves Bathe in the Lake of Fire And watch me all but perish To lead them to the slaughter This Earth ... s Come and join me My Disease Now let it be known what you are You will never you will never find peace I am the disease You asked to be your bride Will you let me fall from gra ..
23 1.Worthy Of Your Name rone From now until forever! REPEAT CHORUS Bridge You're my author my maker my ransom my Savior My refuge my hiding place You're my helper my ... You're my helper my healer my blessed Redeemer My answer my saving grace You're my hope in the shadows my strength in the battle My anchor for all my days And You ... for all my days And You stand by my side You stood in my placeJesus n
24 6.The Grinding Wheel alling me Now I won't tell you how to live your life I never saw the point in thinking twice I turn the wheel ... inking twice I turn the wheel by day by night Raise your flag Here's to the liberation Day ... Here's to the liberation Day by day I move in time Turn the wheel pay for my crimes The miller's horse is wearing down He bangs his heart on Halloween ground The ... rvations I feel it holding me Now I can't tell you where integrity hides It showed it's fac
25 5.Marvin 're happy now[Verse2: Raekwon] Destined for greatness Counting his ... ed for greatness Counting his blessings Young'uns struggling with pressures That the fact that his pops was a cross dresser But he still loved him You k ... r But he still loved him You know the bond between his son and father That only pushed him and forced him to sing harder His main man Harvey Fuqua gassed up his c ... how I just hope you're happy now[Verse3: Raekwon] Money women and drugs came i
26 1.God Bless Ohio 1.God Bless Ohio Producer Mark Kozelek There you were a little kid in the yard I was a friend and a brother There's an old picture of us play ... allon You were getting chased by police through cornfields And mauled by canine dogs And when I go back and visit It's like a ghost town We travel around and around and around Past the perpetually vacan ... e sea and never come back God bless Ohio God bless every man Woman and child God bless every bag of bones
27 8.Stranger Than Paradise thing to know in regards to the Cecil There are two elevator doors in the lob ... two elevator doors in the lobby and two up above On the mezzanine level But in the famous footage that you see of the girl there's definitely an elevator door on ... unt of the activity in the lobby and the elevators in that hotel was more than any in all my years of world traveling The amount of staff members and maids and ma ... ld have been invited up there by a group of people to check
28 6.Black Connection(110th St. Demo) cop plea Blessing the black leaf Sticking with forty thieves ... f Sticking with forty thieves Now diggy bruh Time to conjugate on my delegates Shikaka all of bo daggin' from the tri-borough In they dime lita named sunshine The ... hine The lower for lana diggy now Rocking his pocket flo the mass that Hackensack highway to holly for this cashmere Satin pro got the somali rolls on my mind[Gee ... chie Suede] In France I dance by the moon Sailing from Cancun steaming veg
29 6.Jean Desprez 's black abyss; the wolves of war ran evil-fanged and little did they miss. and on they came with fear and flame to burn and loot and slay unt ... a shot. my trumpeter is dead. now shall they prussian vengeance know; now shall they rue the day for by this sacred german slain ten of these dogs shall pay.' they drove the cowering peasants forth women and babes and men and from th ... ouave wounded in a ditch and knowing death was nigh he laughed with joy:'ah! h
30 4.Love4 Real u should know it's real You should know it's real You know you say you be ten nothing lower I fly you'round the world I'll be your chauffeur[Verse1: Marty] Yeah uh I fell in love with a g ... us I'm looking at you don't know how to dance I did the Thunderclap You told me I should stop If this isn't love tell me what was I just want to love you like I ... e you all my love You should know it's real You should know it's real You know you say you be ten
31 7.Maybe e it Hurt by the people I trusted I promised I wouldn't go back But I lied I guess I don't k ... k But I lied I guess I don't know why I'm blessed My eyes are still waterproof Look I'm back like the prodigal They don't love you like I love you I don't think that's even p ... the worst times But it's over now just verse rhymesJust pour out what I went through In the hopes that y'all won't get caught up In the same things I got into But ... ou to your home and leave you (|
32 2.Yellow thoughts now Yellow beam in my thoughts I got yellow beam in my thoughts ... ot yellow beam in my thoughts now Yellow beam in my thoughts I got yellow beam in my thoughts ... ot yellow beam in my thoughts now Yellow beam in my thoughts I got yellow beam in my thoughts ... ot yellow beam in my thoughts now Yellow beam in my thoughts I got yellow beam in my thoughts ... ot yellow beam in my thoughts now Yellow beam in my thoughts Now listen.. Cut from a di
33 1.Swarm wary The blessed fruit lies just beyond reach Barred ... lies just beyond reach Barred by fire and barb My breath becomes a blaze Breathe in her shadow taste its unmaking wake This dazzling dark hollows out my chest Bla ... lows out my bones Her absence now woven into my skin Has marked me an
34 8.Baptized In Fire Watch me now baby Uh uh uh uh You bitches in my ear they sayin' they love me Uh you don't love Scott you loving Kid Cudi Uh ain't no fuckin' slouch ... precious too drenched in them blessings Transitioning to my inner I'm hearing their voice Tell me stay in focus keep focusing boy Feelin' like a Chilly Billy The ... dumb and reppin' they always knowin' Got some pride in your town I'm spottin' em lately Three piece suit and I'm lookin' so cute Sexy mama send her way you
35 1.Renegade onscience by the firelight the drum and bass will fan your flame a whole new way tonight You wanna stay but your eyes scream no The kind of hu ... eat the drums for you CHORUS: Bless the music for I cannot stop it You love roots too Land in this pocket and dance dance dance dance dance to the music Romance-m ... nd fight don't regret the war Now count your scars up with pride they're a map to your soul like a window you let in light I sense you k ... you let in light I sense y
36 5.Police Tapes crated I know you're hardened hardened by the angel Southall arches the can of fever Breaks your heart into a million pieces Well have you ever been inside the hole hole T ... s of thunder Too much to time now and I'll be hated Hated on myself for the shit they've got me taking[Hook] I never felt so I never felt so low I never felt so I ... y Holloway How my days ruined by every other thing All I really see all I really feel is the rain All I ever feel all I feel is that
37 12.Neva CHange at raised by your granny pistols and Now& Laters Your pops was way too busy missin' your mom's labor Grew up just like your daddy Packin' baggies in alleys To where the ... s your family Gettin' blurred by the same cop Go to jail for a year and come home Two of your niggas dropped You k ... o of your niggas dropped You know how that feelin' feel What to feel when it's gettin' real More bullets to go around Come jump in this water nigga You still with ... n's success Bec
38 1.Banana Brain life Made by God Ninji Baby girl you're so fine So so fine you blow my mind Look at you coochie cooJuicy tushy gushy goo Boobie one boobie two Bouncing like ... lonely heart like peek-a-boo Now every time I think of you not by my side I dry my eyes I just wanna sing lullabies to my little butterfly Banana brains you're the apple of my eye Stay with me to ... ng the best time of my life Baby boy you so cool How can I stay mad at you? I love you and that's the trut
39 6.It Came Upon a Midnight Clear ounds The blessed angels sing. O ye beneath life's crushing load Whose forms are bending low Who toil along the climbing way With painful step ... h painful steps and slow Look now for glad and golden hours Come swiftly on the wing Oh rest beside the weary road And hear the angels sing. For lo! the days are ... lo! the days are hastening on By prophets seen of old When with the ever-circling years Shall come the time foretold When the new heaven and earth shall own The P ...
40 18.Keep On Praying u listen Know you people like to understand man I'ma keep on praying I just keep on praying Never k ... I just keep on praying Never know if it'll ever happen Gotta keep my faith into the man I just keep on praying Gotta keep on praying Praying over my friends Pray ... then I get the Benz Keep them blessings coming in Keep them blessings coming in lord[Verse1] I'm losing too many friends We losing too many kids Praying for benefits murder the innocent Really ... my daw
41 8.The Rule of Three Possessed By Fate Compulsive Crawl Towards Heaven's Gate A Plague Of Souls Infecting Thoughts Disturbing Everything The Virus Kills Without Th ... ll Disguise My Fall Possessed By Fate Compulsive Crawl Towards Heaven's Gate So ... rawl Towards Heaven's Gate So Now You See What's Killing Me All Seeking Is The Root Of The Suffering Angel Set Yourself Free The Rule Of Three A Stranger Will ... Rule Of Three A Stranger Will Bless All Your Demons Bless Your Demon
42 7.Creation yed for a blessin' from above. There you are what a creation. And I'll be usin' you'll be mine. Until the end of time. My heart it burned for ... never been more sure of it Baby you and me for eternity I'd give my life for this. There you are what a creation. And I'll be usin' you'll be mine. Until the end ... ng Forever I'll be right here By your side And I just wanna hold you And never let you go And ... you And never let you go And now that I have you Baby I
43 3.Videodrome price I know I'm not the steady type I'm lost in heady highs I'm an artist man I'm drawn to sketchy types Crabs in a bucket that I'll probabl ... tiger brought in death death by dishonor Ultraviolet on it show me where they hide the bodies Inside the audio I probably own a few examples Tooth enamel planted ... tobacco moody adults All the blessings they throw at you[Hook] Long live the new flesh Molly hits group-sex Long live the new flesh Klonopin booze X Long live th ...
44 3.Can't Spell Success the hood by some scandolous crips Bought my first Cutlass eyes on my tip30 in the.40 incase you wanna trip Blacc Sam told me Hussle that's200 ... my aunties and my grandma God bless you cause I know I was a handful The foundation I was running through the sandbox With the growing pains but the love never ran out Became a man ... few Came through on low pros now they know to shoot Nineteen fuck rap I'm the local truth Me and Hub had the Alpinas we the only two Pr
45 29.Give Up Da Goods heat last Now who the fuck you think is living to this day? I'm tryna tell these young niggas crime don't pay They looked at me and said'Queen ... se I'm a wild mothafucka You know my flow you know my steelo Even pack my gat when I go to see my POJump out my hooptie pass my gat and my lucci To my shorty in case my PO try to ... the fiends making more CREAM Know what I mean? I'm a natural born hustler Won't try to cut ya pull out my44 and bust ya[Verse3: Havoc] Hey Yo ai

46 9.Ill t's well known With potions that's held under lock and key As property Anoint this with ointments So I can either heal or peel Another layer F ... en Refuse to lose your vision Now it's the dollar off Holocaust Sale prices The real crisis Lies in these divisive devises Tarnishes collective consciousness Garn ... me dream It's ill Chorus Cuts by Mr. SonnyJames Verse2 I can't believe all this stimuli that's in my eye The instant gratification inside of every operation Ain't ...
47 6.It Is What It Is rs up And now I'm on my third tape And I just might drop it on a Thursday So tell the industry and my enemy That your man wouldn't follow in t ... You thinkin' I'm leavin' my baby by marchin' for dimes? You'll get that curve you way out of line Gave her that rock I'm stayin' with mine I keep the huddle mad tigh ... oo many players I don't trust now You wasn't with me on the4th down huh? Then you can miss me when I touchdown And that's no shade no shade It's just those ga
48 2.Bounce Damn it baby Meechy's at it again M-M-Murder murder murder Capital M with two gats in my hand[Verse2: ZombieJuice] Everyday a nigga wake up go ... chronic Thank the universe a blessing new day a new dollar Middle finger to my niggas and my bitches two times Representing for my niggas in the hood it's no cei ... Hate a nigga fade him quicker now Dum diddy dum I I I I I high like the sun Fetch a frequency this ain't shit to me She said she got a friend then let my nigga be ...
49 11.This Is It n's gates Now watch they high all day Fuck you leaving fuck all evening Call me mister fuck all day Trap all day and night Don't need a house[ ... be somewhere slayin' bitches by their face[?] Catch a fake[?] with an eighth on me Not phased don't pass that shit homie Cause more[?]'Bout to put some in the ai ... wanted was to be a one to one Now I'm one in three Compulsively a nigga gotta run up or get none K ... gga gotta run up or get none Know I feel your pain a diffe
50 2.In Aeternum ome I God bless my soul guide my fury through this cold war HuntingJudas down ... is cold war HuntingJudas down Now free my hands from the spires of the serpent Death to the traitors of the crown No one to trust and no one to save As this court ... ceiving worms will be smashed by my rage In the name of god slayed In
51 4.Dead Letter this down Now pay attention as the dead let us rise Rise dead letters My life story I thought it wasn't nothing better than shining with jewel ... l the love I have for hell is now minimized Cause I no longer stroll with the devil Back then I was fascinated with trapping but knew it canceled out the maturati ... f way like thirty minutes Ya know I was behaving like I'm lost Still had a passion for the cross Deep inside I knew I had to choose sides So the next morning I wa ...
52 7.Before I Chose You(feat. Parade) said no baby now that's a lie Right after that i swear i heard a voice come from the sky Sound like the voice of God and He said you're not gonna ... e before I chose you I don't know much but I know you I said in paradise please remember me Then you spared me and delivered me Oh was it because I believed Cause I don't k ... use I believed Cause I don't know what I believe But i know eternity's inside you And I cannot deny you[Verse2: Eshon Burgundy] Yo when
53 1.Tiny Glowing Screens Pt.3 church of blessed concerts and then conjure up som ... is how—I know that all we lepers and we shepherds join together ... nd we shepherds join together now in holy congregation everybody Stop right ... regation everybody Stop right now![Bridge: Camila Recchio& Watsky] I want to hear the church bells ring I want to see the fog roll in I don't mind the muddy water ... wind Show me I'm alive right now Even if you gotta prick this skin Open up your eyes(x4)[Verse
54 8.Northern Lights d of the snow and the trees She go cuckoo for blow and go loco for me And it's beautiful when the siren lights Give a stupid glow but they're ... upid glow but they're drivin' by Gotta run for the bad want it bad on her knees What's a gun to a man that can stand on his feet? On the hunt on the hunt I could ... me weight but I'm me That's a blessin' that suggestion I was born and it was destined Doin' more than I could tell you even more than you can mention That's the p ...
55 5.Prosperity(Feat. Themind) on I mean now I'm impatient It's hard for a nigga who never had shit to have shit You turned into that store front paper or plastic? You asked ... for it My dad says the Lord's blessings will rain down I pray I stay sane ... rain down I pray I stay sane now Asking questions like'Am I lame now?' Because I'm still plagued by peer pressure Craig says'survivor's guilt will probably still get ya' Time spent is still like the only real measure Of the four ... a rich m
56 1.Penalty by Perception y-Penalty by Perception1.Penalty by Perception Right now you are closer to realize Your life is built on walls so fragile Cities will fall and mankind We are left with nothing but our t ... e are owned and we are doomed now This is the last straw and we know how We treat our world as ourselves Like slaves ... orld as ourselves Like slaves blessed in the seven Hells Blessed in- The seven hells- Blessed in Let the judgement come now-
57 4.Beauty-Child the Nile Blessed with the style smile she got low miles Ain't been around but she go wild like beach parties on Spring Break where all the ho ... t you don't listen cause you know they just tryna create friction What they missing they see in you ba ... hey missing they see in you baby they see in us Me I'm just a young nigga who ain't really see enough Growing up had to pee in cups had to clear my mind from all ... nment been misleading us you know I hate being rushed
58 2.Let the Storm Descend Upon You smothered by your lucid nothing I can't hear and touch and see But I feel it Though I can't believe it Like master of the observation Coming u ... k on through Maybe you're old Now it's all your fault Light You're off to the light Will you defy all evil ghostlights Tell the truth from depuration Time Don't w ... nds that tick your flesh away Now delve into your own reflection Ohhh in all that where I've been to There's nothing but a void Over the sanity of fools Shine you ...
59 4.Birth Mark ll get my blessings? When I leave the doctor's office would I feel like a felon? I'm kinda aggy shame I got a fucked up ba ... ggy shame I got a fucked up babydaddy Would of been a good mother to love her Till I'm wrinkled and saggy Like a test I'm stressed and hella naggy Cause this shit ... orned you on this Earth(Lord knows) I'm not alive inside I feel the worst(Lord k ... inside I feel the worst(Lord knows) I'm torn about my unborn and it hurts hard(hurts hard) ...
60 1.Bill Walton ng sought by all the strangers Gettin' tight with all my family and texting with the gangsters See I'm like a product of poverty and a prodigy ... ayed I never behaved my mama know She told me'Boy get on that honor roll' I always have been held accountable I love my parents for the effort and support Thoroug ... ct it If you don't I wish you blessings'Cause preaching real my profession You gon' respect it You gon' respect it You gon' respect it I ain't like these suckers ...
61 5.Loyal to the Soil(feat. Lil Wayne) Grounded by the roots hooked to the soil Recognize the rumble that we're in yeah it's royal Crabs in the barrel wrapped up in foil Kids grow ... grow up scars that are rubbed now with oil And life done changed a bit but I can't grow apart For those in my position that don't feel me grow a heart I grew up r ... y we had guidance we was more blessed than others We was the deepest family nobody had more cousins The street lights would flicker everybody running no huddle Ca ...
62 4.Luxury Flow ght Still blessed to have you here with me Real shit so I'm still kicking it[Verse1:JuicyJ] I do it better than most of these guys Getting mon ... be broke when you die Niggas know not to be stepping on my situation You k ... stepping on my situation You know the top is where I'm head it I throw money like confetti Hate the struggle hate the grind at my nigga basement Used to hate it o ... tting higher than an elevator Bye bitch I'm everywhere the cash is You ain't got n
63 1.Flex(feat. Tory Lanez& Fabolous) he don't know the nights that a nigga went To hang for a hundred crimes a hundred crimes She don't k ... s a hundred crimes She don't know the nights that a nigga been Down for a hundred nights yeah down for a hundred crimes I been on a mission I been on a mission I ... when she wake up to the D And now half of the bed wet as she lay naked on the sheets Biting down on the pillows swear she take it like a G When we finish it's to ... ent Least until later when I know we
64 9.Babies Cry tic I was blessed with a wonderful sister Never vulnerable cause she k ... r Never vulnerable cause she know how these ni**as kick it In the….put in position Opportunity….based on the potential I play the music loud drowning out the ba ... music loud drowning out the baby cries Had a fan in my window whip1985 Shoes untied with a snotty nose I done viewed homicides but that how it go Though when I se ... shots through the night you know a ni**a died First you hear th
65 7.When We Were Gods I counted blessings while you counted stars We had it all yeah we had it all When we were gods Even ... it all When we were gods Even now covered in your ashes Swollen tongue bloodshot eyes I am not defined ... oodshot eyes I am not defined by all of your disorders I am good and I will rise But I just want you to remember When we were gods when we were demons We had it a ... d through the scars I counted blessings while you counted stars We had it all yeah we had it al
66 2.Ricky ters You know how long it took me to get here and y'all niggas still talkin'? R.I.P. to Lil Snupe[Verse1: Meek Mill] You wanna see a dead body ... years that I was starvin' and now I'm filthy I wanna see my haters dead talkin' bloody murder Cause when it's beef I give'em bread and make a fucking burger And e ... please forgive them they not know what I do to these niggas Be with pirañas in the water to chew through these niggas They killed my homie we came back and hit tw ...
67 2.Ricky ters You know how long it took me to get here and y'all niggas still talkin'? R.I.P. to Lil Snupe[Verse1: Meek Mill] You wanna see a dead body ... years that I was starvin' and now I'm filthy I wanna see my haters dead talkin' bloody murder Cause when it's beef I give'em bread and make a fucking burger And e ... please forgive them they not know what I do to these niggas Be with pirañas in the water to chew through these niggas They killed my homie we came back and hit tw ...
68 4.Noah's Arc n crooked now You talk religion now a days and man they just put you down Like what the hell? I don't k ... Like what the hell? I don't know who to trust I'm so over protective They say the youth is depressed. They're over energetic Prescribing Ritalin to fill'em with ... own to wash away the mess I'm blessed[Chorus] I'm blessed yes If half of the world is amazby things that we find so true Find so true And out of that world the amazing amounts to just me a
69 1.Tell Ya Friends t need no blessing XO niggas ain't nothing to mess with Nobody stopping us oh no we're destined And everybody around you is so basic I'm never ... ad all night cum four times Baby girl just wanna smoke a pound Do an ounce get some dick Tell her friends about it Go tell your friends about it(About it) Go tell ... ut it) Go tell them what you know what you seen How I roll how I did it on the low Go tell your friends about it(About it) Go tell your friends about it(About it) ...
70 9.Ghetto as raised by the Huxtables I was raised in apartments Right up under that yellow light Right on top of that bando Stand on the couch when I fe ... had just bought a new Mustang Now I walked around with a digi scale Paraphernalia in fingernails Yeah you did dirt but you finna tell I used to get20 of'em in the ... y life is a movie[Outro] You know as kids we don't choose where we grow up at. You k ... ose where we grow up at. You know it's a living arrangement it's a livin
71 14.Survivor -Hit Me Baby…14.Survivor Now that you're out of my life So much better You thought that I'd be weak without you But I'm stronger You thought that I'd be brok ... t I wouldn't grow without you Now I'm wiser I thought I would be helpless without you But I'm smarter You thought that I'd be stressed without you But I'm chillin ... top Thought it would be over by now But it won't stop You thought that I would self destruct But I'm still here Even in my years
72 2.The Last Goodbye Inspired by The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings2.The Last Good ... f the Rings2.The Last Goodbye I saw the light fade from the sky On the wind I heard a sigh As the s ... e wind I heard a sigh As the snowflakes cover My fallen brothers I will say this last good ... hers I will say this last goodbye Night is now falling So ends this day The road isnow calling And I must away Over hill and under tree Through lands where never light has shone ... s wh
73 1.So Far to Go we headed Now everywhere I go they hug me and they scream But this shit started with nothing but a dream And I'll never forget it So crazy how ... say I used to be so affected by what they told me what they said But when I was lost in this world my soul would lead the way So don't tell yourself that you can ... o lost in Hollywood See right now I'm feeling fine I feel like life is good I'm taking shot after shot won't stop when I probably should But it's a celebration he ...
74 10.Where Will You Be shit's a blessing and a curse At the same time yonow? But look No where to hide no need to run put my life out in the open it's all me Told my family:'You call me if you need it don ... I needed one But they don't know what I've been through They don't know what I'm going through Seems like you gotta go through Hell& come back just so they notice you Everything they said I wouldn't b ... They telling me it's my time now but I feel like this shit is overdue but I
75 1.Afterburner ssor-Dead by Dawn1.Afterburner Scattered remains. I rue the day they took control and swiped your mind away. The woods the trees forsa ... The woods the trees forsaken now. Blessed are the ones who sleep and how.
76 7.Catching Vibes I'm here now so I count my blessings More in store more corridores that I'll explore And all in time I'll cross their thresh and Be better than ever before to ... as stressing over things that by tomorrow I forget in Blink in a second switching directions I'm on a new wave try to focus only on progressions All in a day's wo ... change on the horizon Get I know the world is going crazy take it all in stride But today I think I leave it all behind I'm trying to catch a
77 1.Jump Shot ho's more blessed to best'em No veterans they waiting for the'L' like Tetris Gotta be hungry starving for the part Lion and the wolf guard Sna ... te a track without a hook And now it's ready to blow That's cause everything I say is like an earworm Unfolded in your brain like you almost forget to hate My ass ... mic One brood that could Look now at this captain I'ma stand over These rappers'til my rap is understood With an Advil in my head And an anvil in my foot I'ma gri ...
78 4.Called You Queen ink of it now so did you Maybe that explains this fascination with death Or a lack of ammunition'It wasn't me' I heard you say'The cross prote ... e sir do you have a light? I know that I can be dark But that's what makes us brighter than the rest Who'd think a weight like this could make you feel ... like this could make you feel blessed? Or a lack of seratonin That shakes your brain Till nothing's left to rearrange Folks start looking at you strange Stoned ... looking at y
79 4.I Love It(feat. Sia)[Restrung] the hurt by pounding rounds in brown paper Founded a label ... n brown paper Founded a label now I'm drowning in paperwork But now the crew I'm down with found an escape from work And I love it cause that's what your hard work gets you My heart bursts through ... o forget what the rest do I'm blessed to do it with two of who are the best to do it Do I love it?[Verse2: Pressure] Look at our goals If we never stood in the co ... dn't resolve But took control now ha
80 11.Walking Under Stars(Restrung) e say hey now Hey hey hey now Hey now Hey hey hey now[Verse1: Pressure] Check I'm either in or out Ain't got time to sit around trying to find a middle ground I gotta live and not ex ... bore If I can't feel it right now what's the effort for? Don't wanna build a lighthouse on an empty shore See I can shoot the breeze but can't do it for free Caus ... ll to my knees And we say hey now Hey hey hey now Hey now Hey hey hey now[Verse2: Suffa] I
81 2.Joik#3 oik#3 Blessed with your line you are blessed at the hook That is pulling at all yet revealed You don't aim to shoot you don't aim to win You just k ... ou don't aim to win You just know the way there by feel For all you could have been And who you are still For all you could have been And who you are One hand on your faith one han ... ing to hold all that I still know in you While this is still who we are To k ... this is still who we are To know just wh
82 14.R.E.D.(feat. Yasiin Bey Narcy Black Bear) 't livin' by the G code What the fuck is fleek though? Don't ask them- what do he k ... ? Don't ask them- what do he know? What I forgot is better than whatever they remember Never mind I'm off it It's quiet form Time to put the temper tantrums to th ... e hunger Abundance in bundles blessings and troubles Towers and tunnels views and valleys waves Then pigs:'what streets you from son?' Planet Earth And ain't scar ... clean Big said it was a dream Now it's a living thing
83 5.Drive Me Crazy I'm here now know they've been waitin' for me Since I was15 ... waitin' for me Since I was15 now I'm Yella a hundred miles and runnin' Easy come and easy go that's why I work'til midnight I'm out of town[?] thirty on the turn ... like'Good lord buddha keep me blessed' I'm buyin' Nike stock when I see these checks Motivated ... I see these checks Motivated by niggas because it's bigger than me I now that I might go back to my old shit Bring the fro back t
84 5.One In Rotation+ Wide Awake le Simz] Know you're gonna feel You don't know the half you better chill Worked my arse off without a meal I don't need no sympathy promise they will remember be That's my wor ... ust asking please To be heard now[Verse1: SiR] I don't want to be an overnight sensation I'm tryin' to make a record you can't stop playin' I'm tryin' to make a r ... I'm not trying to be the fly by night time Ain't really made for the limelight but I wanna live life'Till I'm living life under
85 15.Pretty Girls(Ft. Raekwon G-Eazy& Carl Thomas) get this know what I mean? Women love men with money Oh s**t you got my ni**a Carl on this too? A girl wants a man with a gangsta plan62 bottl ... s I guess the bricks paid off Now I'm back in the mix Dice killas we the ice grillers But you we stay on chill mode Break a ni**a face he get real bold The money ... o Cavallis drop beemers drove by model hotties A long way from being street scholars To Saki Bombs and Benny Hana's Chilling lounging with pretty mamas Cables and ...
86 7.God of Ruin e tonight Bless the steel for the ceremony's knell He is brought to another world Where the fearless lie Venture slow The bleak will always fa ... e kneels Embrace the call for now he can't deny her With their lives the gifts come one ... heir lives the gifts come one by one Ritual from hell to bring him higher Lurking death behind the howling cries The morbid yearning For a glimpse ... morbid yearning For a glimpse now falls Through the guidance of time
87 4.Everything1K You know life ain't tied with a bow but it's still a gift though Yeah life ain't felt but it's still good though It's a ... it's still good though It's a blessing just to be here Everything1K I now you're money hungry Can't wait'cause you ain't eat all day And you gon' lose your mind if you don't get a plate I understand the ... the system Everyday that goes by they so close to losing faith I got to thank god for everything It's a miracle how you'll wake up and you
88 4.In Your Image Part I Nature ild beget by the hands of the earth Defined Resigned The son of the ages an evolving construct of mind. A tragic flaw in the architect his ... gic flaw in the architect his blessed infrastructure slowly picked apart Why'd you make me in your image? The source emerges My role reverses All wrong within me ... d shaped me Into what you see Now I see your stains on everything the marks left ... on everything the marks left by eager hands Crafting the world around me all
90 9.Once Was a Time I Thought a hole A blessing refreshing in you did unfold Dispelling depressing distressing thoughts from my soul Once was a time I thought that love co ... d never been passed to me But now with you're by my side I find that I feel so satisf
91 25.Jay-Z-20 Bag Shorty(Feat. Boo Gotti) ars outta nowhere like the information contain by the physic Like it or not I pay dues and expect to be paid back Why da fuck should I freestyle I'm gettin paid to rap I sling a t ... helia tryna tell y'all Y'all know da style burn da town Down and change the locale I'm doin da same shit except its legit[Chorus: x2] Got a twenty cart shorty bet ... that shit You owe me twenty baby better pay that shit Got twenty bag son better blaze that shit They said I wasn't seeing tw
92 12.Life on earth I don't know if I can say I'm deserving of a blessing so defined But I know I can fulfill my purpose(just say you'll stick ... purpose(just say you'll stick by my side)'Cause girl you make me better Say that you'll leave me never And we can do this forever and forever yeah'Cause I done ch ... er situations And you should know I'd do it again with no hesitation'Cause ba ... in with no hesitation'Cause baby you're the reason that now I truly believe in
93 8.The Plug in' beats by Dre loud to the head Takin' loud to the head First we count up the ... he head First we count up the blessin's Then we count up the bread I can count on the squad I can count'em like one two three Everything gotta run through me You ... ing gotta run through me You knowJefe the one to see[Verse2] Don't you get comfortable nigga Cause that's when they come for you nigga Not here to comfort you nig ... you like comforter nigga You know where I come from my n
94 9.Good To Be Alive Today but is Babylon This world's in crisis we try to fight it this changing climate The scientists and politicians divided ... tists and politicians divided by it So many ways we could solve it but they would never sign it This mountains tumbling down but still we try to climb it It's in ... ir mind some people tryna get by And when you look in my eyes you see the sign of the times We all looking for the same thing[Chorus] But what if this song's numb ... n Like help is on its w
95 17.The Needle RockFest By the way he won the crowd does he got next To infect the mainstream or sell a lot less God ... stream or sell a lot less God bless my core fans still around We're here'cause you held us down Love the way that you love my sounds But I'm still try'na break ne ... h N9ne] Pardon me Lucas I was blessed to do a song with Marshall Mathers I was thinking when the emcees hear this they hearts'll shatter'Cause the art's so radder ... won't move[Verse4: Tech N9ne] Now
96 3.1996 ulder And by the summer of'96 Her body was cracked like porcelainJust like some Precious Moments collectible In a hospital gown and a big brig ... morose and grieving pals And now let's hear it for the tears that I've welled up We've come too far to have to give it all up ... far to have to give it all up now We live lives that are rich and blessed And we'll burn for how we transgress[Verse2] ... for how we transgress[Verse2] Now I've mastered the art Of the ope
97 5.Milestone feel God bless the real ones left still Waiting for the bullshit to set sail Intake the dour and then I exhale She wanna fuck text code words ... Wild cat shoulda been coached by Calipari Put money on his books now he ballin in commissary Honorary nigga he would do it for me Stick ... a he would do it for me Stick by your people keep it fluently G uhh For the good ones here and the good ones ... d ones here and the good ones now gone Making it to30's a milestone
98 3.Rock Stone terrorize by soldier and police When the thing dem a drum and di thing dem a beat From dem a play cowboy and Indian and Chief From the first t ... y off Who did waan fi stop mi now dem find out seh dem way off Alright and mi seh one ... ay off Alright and mi seh one by one one by one One by one wi stepping out a babylon Then one by one one by one Hail King Selassie the conquering lion(Chorus: Stephen Marley and Sizzla Kalonji) Rock Stone was my p
99 1.The Landing t really know But Lord knows that I'm working for it Shit I can't be like these other guys They bullshitting and they telling lies Reality done went and cau ... ity done went and caught them by surprise Yeah see I done seen niggas go broke Trying hard to be cool chasing the thrills Then they get behind on they bills This ... t's respect then Maybe it's a blessing[Hook: Rockie Fresh] Shout out everyone i'm cool with Everybody I went to school with Every person I ever wor
100 1.Tabernacle y darling Now later on in the story I tell you her significance But ... tell you her significance But now let's talk about me specifically Three brothers and one sister see My daddy taught me consistency with his fucking patterns Hall ... ed to bump that shit all day. By this time I knew I wanted to be an artist I didn't want to be anything else. You k ... ant to be anything else. You know but my mom had plans for me she wanted me to go to school so you k ... ed me to g

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