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1 11.Hidden Track Blue Flamingo 竇靖童-Stone Cafe11.Hidden Track Blue Flamingo作詞 Leah Dou作曲 Leah Dou編曲 Heather Porcaro Alec Dixon Leah Dou ... r Porcaro Alec Dixon Leah Dou Blue Flamingo why you crying Please don't tear out those feathers of yours ... r out those feathers of yours Blue Flamingo don't try to hide it Yeah them pink little things don't mean anything Compared to you You you doodah oh Compared to yo ... dah dah Badah dah dah dah dah Blue Flamingo I got no trea
2 1.I Didn't Know ut of the blue I got your message That you wanted to see how things were going By the time everyone was leaving I replied and we met backstage ... ent for a walk Towards a dark cafe for a quiet talk It's been a while
3 2.Color Collection(on the way ver.) ら仲直り夏のSky blue秋のCafe blownあなたと一緒に過ごす季節はまるでそう七色コレクション嬉しか
4 5.123 daybreak blues Back road open cafe stray cat全て染まりゆく moonset time123..
5 1.Color Collection(on the way ver.) ら仲直り夏のSky blue秋のCafe blownあなたと一緒に過ごす季節はまるでそう七色コレクション嬉しか

6 6.居酒屋JAZZ 子も彼奴もアルバム〜cafe〜がコンセプト味気ないアレンジ大分顔はタイプ?平成渋谷馬鹿停めるスポーツ ... ンツ向かうディナー blue note東京でお洒落お洒落インスタオンパレードたまに頭にくる団塊の世
7 6.Boyfriend-partII- yfriend A cafe latte my vintage blue jeans I'm grateful to you all the
8 1.アメージングブルー An Cafe-amazing blue1.アメージングブルー作詞みく作曲カノン止めてたはずの
9 2.咲-saku- An Cafe-amazing blue2.咲-saku-作詞みく作曲 takuya想いを寄せ
10 3.バードの悲劇 An Cafe-amazing blue3.バードの悲劇作詞みく作曲 takuya街は曇る浮か
11 4.じぶん説明書 An Cafe-amazing blue4.じぶん説明書作詞みく作曲輝喜使い方も知らぬまま生ま
12 5.月に叢雲、花に風 An Cafe-amazing blue5.月に叢雲、花に風作詞みく作曲カノン静寂の空の下瞳に
13 6.某Kメンタルクリニック An Cafe-amazing blue6.某Kメンタルクリニック作詞みく作曲カノン[患者Y]
14 7.夏の終わり An Cafe-amazing blue7.夏の終わり作詞みく作曲 takuya最近忙しいのか
15 6.Cafe Blue Rim6.Cafe Blue作詞杉山清貴作曲杉山清貴まっさらなスケッチブックに何の色をのせ
16 7.Stay ここにいる…繰り返すblues…同じCafe同じSeatざわめきさえも溶け込む見飽きた街で見知らぬ他人がどこまでも
17 22.ヴェニスの夏の日 I see the cafes the sunlit days with you my love. The antique shop where we'd stop For the souvenir The bridge the boats below the ... he bridge the boats below the blue above I dream all the winter long Of mandolins that played our song. The dream is so real I almost feel your lips on mine; And ... he bridge the boats below the blue above I dream all the winter long
18 2.sunny mood shirt iver side cafe such a beautiful sight I will wait here till he comes And say“hello”with my sunny mood shirt The birds are flying high in the a ... ying high in the air fine day Blue sky tea cup and my sunny mood shir
19 7.送らないぜ hy I Feel Blue Babyかきたてているのさ行けよここからは送らないぜ Good-Bye ... に曲がればあの日の Cafe' Barはしゃぎ疲れて眠ったディスコティック昨日がささやく Why I Feel ... 眠ったディスコティック昨日がささやく Why I Feel Blue Baby通りを抜けてつらくなるだけさ送らないぜ Good-Bye G
20 11.哀愁のBlue Cafe 11.哀愁のBlue Cafe作詞田代マサシ作曲鈴木雅之ベルベット濡らすような黄昏に追われなが ... arlin'哀愁の Blue Cafe壁ぎわでマスターがつぶやいた恋はまるでピンボールみたいと罪なストーリーく ... arlin'哀愁の Blue Cafe Darlin' One Night Darlin'一夜の夢おくれよ D ... arlin'哀愁の Blue Cafe Blue Cafe Blue Cafe(!

21 2.ミスティ・ブルー 作曲伊秩弘将混んだ cafe des pres街は週末なのに一体どういうつもり!?最近待たせてばかり ... うから Misty Blueあなたが見えない Misty Blueあなたしか見えない飛ばすカブリオレ朝までいたかったのに今夜は送るよってそ ... ふれた Misty Blueあなたが見えない Misty Blueあなたしか愛せないあの頃の二人とても輝いてた何も怖くはなかったよねどこに ... うから
22 3.Cafe Blue セレナス3.Cafe Blue作詞JUNKO作曲佐藤健降りしきる雨をよけて迷い込んだ路地のBA ... るの IN THE CAFE BLUE破れかけたシェード揺れる明かり Woo心揺らす切ないくらいにあなただけを ... O… IN THE CAFE BLUE WOO… IN THE CAFE BLUEどこからか愛のメロディー悲しいほど胸を刺すグラスをあけてため息くり返せば ... くわ IN THE CAFE BLUE忘れられ
23 1.DELIGHT と SHININ' BLUE淑女の微笑みどんな小さな歌も素敵に見えた彼女の全て胸を締め付ける COM ... い木漏れ日に賑わう CAFE TERRACE偶然見かけた STEADY(OPEN YOUR HEA
24 2.WILD HEARTS 佐野元春-Cafe Bohemia2.WILD HEARTS作詞佐野元春作曲佐野元春土曜の午後仕事で車を走らせていたラジオに流れる R&B昔よく口ずさんだメロディー友達は今、いろんな想いすべてを伝えきれないまま冬のある日夜明け近く恋人のもとを離れた誰れかがど ... いる街の声が聞こえるにぎやかに奏でる'Summertime blues'荷物をひとつにまとめて明日ここを離れてゆく土曜の午
25 3.Season In The Sun~夏草の誘い~ 佐野元春-Cafe Bohemia3.Season In The Sun~夏草の誘 ... 春 Bye bye blue緑の風に木々のざわめき光はこぼれて夜明けに口ずさむ柔らかなメロディー大地 ... に Bye bye blueもしも何かでうまくゆかずに力を失くしてつまずいた時には想いだしてほしい
26 10.99ブルース 佐野元春-Cafe Bohemia10.99ブルース作詞佐野元春作曲佐野元 ... も口ずさむのさ99 Blues誰もいない地下鉄のプラットホームかかえこまれそうなエモーシヨン彼女の ... も口ずさむのさ99 Blues全ては Moneyこの街は Funnyいつもなやませる大切なキャッシュ ... も口ずさむのさ99 Bluesこの街のルールこの国のルール家庭のルール教室のルール一つの形じゃ踊れな
27 12.Christmas Time In Blue~聖なる夜に口笛吹いて~ 佐野元春-Cafe Bohemia12.Christmas Time In Blue~聖なる夜に口笛吹いて~作詞佐野元春作曲佐野元春雪のメリークリスマスタイム揺れる街のキャンドルライト道ゆく人の波に流れるまま Christmas Time In ... ゆく人の波に流れるまま Christmas Time In Blue街の Little Twinkle In Star夢に飾られているけれどかまわないさこのままで歩き続けよう Christmas Time In ... このままで歩
28 3.Blue Moon Cafe ジ-暫存3.Blue Moon Cafe作詞柳ジョージ作曲柳ジョージ波間にゆらめく月の澪が帰らぬあの日々 ... 夕陽に佇むいつもの Blue Moon Cafe Doorの向こう側には甘さとせつなさが止まったままの時間でまぶしくゆれ ... そいながら見てたこのBlue Candle Light今はない微笑みも波の塔に消されあの頃の二人に
29 1.Beyond the Dream RAME・神速一魂・Cafe Parade・Altessimo・THE虎牙道・もふもふえん・F-LA ... Red!情熱だね Blue!クールな奴心のオアシスみんなのYellow Hey!こんなだけど Y
30 21.Up To Me eard your bluebird sing. Now somebody's got to show their hand time is an enemy I know you're long gone I guess it must be up to me. If I'd th ... n' tonight to the Thunderbird Cafe Crystal wanted to talk to him I ha
31 4.Pearl's Caf‚ oman in a cafe lips of crimson yellow grin Her shoes were wrong and she looked extremely thin Her jewels were faked she had a rinse her hair w ... a rinse her hair was greyish blue She looked ashamed when she explai
32 9.Vd Blues Gaslight Cafe9.Vd Blues Well I heard folks tellin' them VD ... I heard folks tellin' them VD blues ain't bad Well I heard folks tellin' them VD ... I heard folks tellin' them VD blues ain't bad These VD blues are the worst I ever had. Well I got disgusted to sail down on a spree Well I got disgusted and I sailed down on a spree When ... as ashamed to say it's the VD blues I had. VD give me chills and give me the creepers too VD give me the ... e
33 1.Mystery Fish erry-pick blue in the pale It's a blue nose chewin' his tail Losing his coat Schmoozing a high and head-rush Hack up bile over H1N1 and then some One eye on the bread ... yes lick your lips I'm at the cafe ordering a cup of fresh Sarah gave
34 6.Serious Doin' Woman e country cafes where you could get A bite to eat cut of coffee do some personal business and maybe something else Goin' on in there. Well tha ... awhile and leave this mess of blues?' You're a Serious Doin' Woman Yo
35 5.Juggernaut bin's egg blue With a memory of you In a cotton war bright dress you once wore of a kindred hueJitterbuggin' on a pill and gazing at a Gatsby ... ever you Years on in a winter cafe window Proper hopper in the hurry
36 1.Birds of Flims the baby blue ceilings above And thought of my home And my girl And I ached for her love Damn when it all ended If I didn't have them fly me ... stle I ate a catfish lunch at Cafe Reconcile With a side of macaroni
37 2.Goth Girls and it's blue. She's got aJohnny the Homicidal Maniac tattoo. Legs all deep in the boots boots all up on the heels— yes the kind to make a ce ... . I avail myself of the local cafe light a clove up thumb through Cam
38 4.Swirl(feat.Jungle Pussy& House of Ladosha illa That cafe in that olé Italian sausage on kimchi That black ass all in his face That white cream all on a cake Pussy drippy down his tongu ... ize You mad cuz my shorty got blue eyes When he touch me I get butter
39 5.Simple Things(Live) a street cafeJust paint the picture baby Where you wanna be Take a walk take a ride So far you and I Don't need a plan But we can share This ... ings Through all the days The blues the greys A ray of light keeps sh
40 9.Black Listed s make Ya Blue I wanna make ya Blue then I male it up to you I made it up to you and now U think I'm pretty cute You think I'm pretty cute then I can go out and Pu ... elujah clugging!(Blacklisted) Cafe Banana(Blacklisted) Hallikarnas(Blacklisted) Kama sutra(Blacklisted) All' i wanna do is stick it up to you Hey son you've got a ... d) All i wanna do is make you blue I wanna make you blue then i make it up to you I'll make
41 15.Painted Bells s-Runnin' Blue15.Painted Bells Winding down the Drury Lane I fall with the evening rain My thoughts with the water flow Like steam ris ... is way Here sitting in my wet cafe I catch a spark across the way A s
42 1.Open Letter the MoMA cafe Laughing powder on the cold cuts Black Shakespearian but never read Othello though They say yo yo to my halfJapanese with the c ... at too Numbers in a red black blue and other colors But my favorite h
43 3.Please Heart You're Killing Me ng Me Cafe windows street lamps Neon lights ablaze that shine all over town In brilliant conversation with somebody new Hes out there show ... ce on a whim Pretty boys with blue eyes Smilin stylin just reminding
44 19.Medicine Hat(Live-Acoustic Cafe) -Acoustic Cafe) LyricsJay Farrar MusicJay Farrar There will be droughts and days inundated unveilings free from saturation departures rais ... s hailstone halos and country-blues wailings. There will be strains t
45 15.Blue T)H15.Blue[Verse1] He was a southpaw but had a killer right swing An outlaw inside of the ring Every now and then he'd be put against ... he hottest part of a flame is blue[Hook] The hottest part of a flame iblue[3x][Verse2] Now we got children thinking that their born to fist fight Cause they've been promised an apocalypse by profits wit ... rd dog is eating trash in the cafeteria Feeling mad at America The school counselor likes to recycle psycho babble The as

46 4.Boy in Paris Black and blue broke down on the floor in my bedroom Right here right now I used my favourite drink to get me off(Close my eyes) All I wanna d ... life that night If he's in a cafe I hope this song will play And he'
47 12.What You Like em hottie Cafeteria after the after party Platinum Bulgaris iced out like the glass Bugatti I had this straight you hungry then have a plate D ... you don't want this Something blue with that blunt lit Mountin Dew in
48 3.Gucci Everything Red Cafe-American Psycho3.Gucci Everything Hook Gucci everything Gucci everything Gucci everything Gucci Gucci everything Gucci ... ng Gucci Gucci everything[Red Cafe] Look realest nigga livin' fuck a nigga's feelings I woke up this morning hit the block and made a killing them ladies they lov ... the white shit with the wings bluechy green stripe red stripe green s
49 3.Rotten Zurich Cafe(Valerie Gentile mix) ape for a Blue Girl-Tenderotics3.Rotten ZurichCafe(Valerie Gentile mix) When I was a girl I had no time for fun My spacecraft all smashed still trying to run Her drunken rage ... explode So rot in your Zurich cafe Your rotten Zurich cafe If I cannot control you with my demands Then I leave you debased as I relinquish you Her violence came regardless of what I tri ... explode So rot in your Zurick cafe Your rotten little Zurich Hauptbahnhof ... en little Zu
50 5.Parlour Cafe There's a Bluebird in My Heart5.Parlour Cafe Oh the mountains have folded The bird is back in its cage I'm back tending bar at The Parlour ... ck tending bar at The Parlour Cafe Sweeping bottlecap ashtrays repeat and repeat Patching holes in my sky where my stars used to be And I lose I lose Now the bar ... what you can to comfort your blues Cocaine or cowboys it don't matter to you All your tenderness is broken'cause you've been hard on your knees You've been
51 2.Black-Throated Wind thousand cafes and bars Alone with the rush of the drivers who won't pick me up The highway the moon the clouds and the stars The black-throa ... you I left St. Louis City of Blues In the midst of a storm I'd rather forget I tried to pretend it came to an end'Cause you weren't the woman I once thought I'd ... herever you go Oh full of the blues trying to lose You ain't gonna le
52 7.Billy Boney And Ma No Deeper Blue7.Billy Boney And Ma By townes van zandt Well billy went down to the battleground To find a little trinket he could call ... illies Boney and ma got a new cafe Best baked beans you ever had Ma's
53 2.Andamios Cafe Tacuba-Objeto Antes Llamado Disco2.Andamios Muéstrame aquellos andamios que hay detrás de lo real eso es sólo una cara ... Muéstrame aquellos bocetos el blueprint de la creación que está todo
54 1.Mean Girls ing at my blue shirt Well I hope you feeling good about you treating someone you know like a perfect stranger Cause it's easier than standing ... you think you are Loud mouth cafeteria star Maybe somebody was cruel
55 11.How You Love That Red Cafe-Hell's Kitchen11.How You Love That How you love that how you love that I'm a bad motherfucker how you love that Everyda ... e my rose red my diamon color blue My car europeean... I got a lot of
56 2.Hey Do You Remember k's River Cafe By The Longhorn Saloon We talked a little bit... But it was Not even a minute Before your big ... even a minute Before your big blue eyes blue me away! Oh yes they did! Chorus(When love....) Hey Do You Remember?(Finds its way) Hey Do You Remember?(I reminisce about the ... A piece of me and you eyes of blue a life anew! Chorus(When love....)
57 5.That's Your Cousin he sky is blue Friday nights around here ain't a whole lot to do. So I went and called up sweet Becky Lou said'How'd you like to go for a driv ... ay At the new online Internet cafe She was lookin' for a man from the
58 5.Down With Love ve At The Cafe Carlyle5.Down With Love Down with love the flowers the rice the shoes down with love the root of all midnight ... love the root of all midnight blues down with things that give you that well-known pain take that moon and wrap it in cellophane down with love lets liquidate all ... o rice no shoes(sung) bye-bye blues don't want n pain take that moon
59 12.Not For The Life Of Me ve At The Cafe Carlyle12.Not For The Life Of Me MILLIE I studied all the pictures in magazines and books I memorized the subway map to ... aid I would sing the homesick blues(taking a train ticket from her po
60 6.Red Shoes By The Drugstore Tom Waits-Blue Valentine6.Red Shoes By The Drugstore She wore red shoes by the drugstore as the rain splashed the nickel spilled like ... ng the midway theres a little bluejay in a red dress on a sad night one straw in a rootbeer a compact with a cracked mirror and a bottle of evening in paris perfu ... d it's christmas eve in a sad cafe when the moon gets this way there's a little ... ets this way there's a little blue jay by the newstand wearing red sh
61 12.Walk Like Thunder sidewalk cafe That place was a second home to me it's where I learned to play And his personality really helped create a space Where a bunch ... iend' I looked into those big blue eyes and said we'll meet again Yeah I looked into his sad ... in Yeah I looked into his sad blue eyes and said we'll meet again The
62 1.Bonnie& Clyde Funky Blues yde Funky Blues Bonnie Parker was just a young gal workin' at a Dallas ... young gal workin' at a Dallas cafe she would write of her loneliness
63 1.Fly Together(Single) Red Cafe-Fly Together (Single)1.Fly Together(Single)[feat. Rick Ross& Ryan Leslie][Ryan leslie] So when I fly you fly we fly tog ... ou shine we shine forever[Red cafe:] I'm a boss so I need a boss chick And we can boss up like the bosses All about green like paul pierce Mayweather look zero lo ... ep doing itnow Fly like a jet blue stewardess You can fly alone but I
64 9.Rise aubach No Cafe But We Had Them Hard Rocks For The Bread They'll Throw You Off Of Dark Docks So Before Ya Heart Stop Or The Narcs Knock I Gotta ... d What It Do Penny Phones All Blue Or You Could Prolly Use A Nigga Dr
65 1.Brilliant Blues Brilliant Blues Say goodbye to the brilliant blues Say goodbye... It's time to live Make me take me It's time to give So don't betray me pay me The brilliant ... etray me pay me The brilliant blues Don't want to be frozen I'll spend my mornings at the sunshine ... d my mornings at the sunshine cafe I've read the news and the clique-ridden notions I know that now is the time to say It's time to teach So tell me come on tell ... on and help me The brilliant blue
66 4.The Worm s crystal blue Grab the coconut butter Let me rub it all over you Let the Cuervo flow and the Hoochie koochie rhythm Get you rockin' at the sh ... Get you rockin' at the shark cafe There's a worm in the bottle and T
67 12.Crowded Cafe 2.Crowded Cafe Hot caffeine is skimming the inside of my lips. In this old ... nside of my lips. In this old cafe warming up my finger tips. Well my memories are vague in this melancholy crowded ... ue in this melancholy crowded cafe. Mmm rainfall is slicing down the window pane. And ... ing down the window pane. And blue walls are blending in with stormy haze. Well my troubles are strayed in this melancholy crowded ... ed in this melancholy crowded cafe. Y
68 1.Java Blues t Dylan's Cafe, Washington D.C., December 19871.Java ... D.C., December 19871.Java Blues作詞 Danko Richard Claire Graogan Emmett Stopped by a diner and the blond behind the counter Asked if she could help in any w ... me up that's here to stayJava Blues coffee's got meJava Blues coffee coffee coffeeJava Blues well the coffee's got meJava Blues coffee coffee coffee You know that I'll stay high Drinkin' coffee till I dieJava ... rinkin' coffee t
69 27.Ramblin' Blues .Ramblin' Blues作詞 Dick Connette Loudon Wainwright Iii W. C. Handy I've seen the lights of old Broadway And Market Street down by the Frisc ... Nose restaurants and Chitlin' cafes Talk about your whiskey and your bygone days And places once places but now just a sham You'll see golden balls enough to pave ... corner who sings'The Memphis Blues' I'd rather be here than any place I know Oh I'd rather be here than any place I know It's gonna take a sergeant for to make m
70 8.Zambony the deep blue sea(Listen) I am not indie rock I was indeed hip-hop With many styles I'm from the trine-ibal stop. No comma I'm my father's pe ... nd draped in the nostalgia of cafeteria title Battle just me and Nigel. Now they spinning wax sticks the back seat cracks I can't entertain us like Kevin can't re ... high from heaven to the deep blue sea All I ever wanted to do Was sh
71 8.We Learned To Be Cool From You e Mermaid Cafe Bathed in a spotlight of blue Singing those Sarah Vaughan songs
72 11.Just Blue r>11.Just Blue Red dirt road in Tennessee Red dirt mud slow wet feet Red dirt clay stuck in my heart Clogging up the way The tears come th ... ay The tears come through I'm blue just blue Pale gray sky above my head Dark gray road my rolling bed Close my eyes see you instead Neon ... my eyes see you instead Neon cafe sign across the street is glowing red But I'm ... street is glowing red But I'm blue I'm blue and there's not a thing to do I'm blue(!
73 7.Cafe m Buckley-Blue Afternoon7.Cafe I was just a curly-haired moun
74 8.Sammy Davis City dreaming Blue tiles are cool All around the pool Greek columns are fine But give me a deal on the vine Nothing pretentious I haven't changed ... ps There's a motel for sale A cafe and a jail In all of the valleys Under lucky stars By the satillite dishes And the non-running cars I'm feeling all the people ... eling all the people dreaming Blue tiles are cool All around the pool
75 6.Blue Christmas The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs6.Blue Christmas I'll have A Blue Christmas Without you I'll be so blue Thinking about you Decorations of red On a green Christmas tree Won't be the same If you're not here with me And when those ... t here with me And when those Blue snowflakes start fallin' And when those ... start fallin' And when those Blue melodies start callin' You'll be doin' all right With your Christmas of white But I'll have a ... tmas
76 12.Winter Wonderland The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs12.Winter Wonderland Sleigh bells ring Are you listening? In the lane Snow is glistening A beautif ... r wonderland Gone away Is the bluebird Here to stay Is a new bird He
77 4.Rockin' Fever Reminisce Cafe4.Rockin' Fever Rockin' fever gets to me(Rock fever rockin' fever) Rock it baby move with me(Rock fever rockin' fever) H ... fever's high with the rockin' blues(Rock fever rockin' fever)(Rock fe
78 9.Heartbreak City Limits Reminisce Cafe9.Heartbreak City Limits BRIDGE I live in Heartbreak City Limits Where a tear falls every minute And the north side of t ... h side of the town Is painted blue And in front of my home There's a
79 11.Gonna Drive'Em Up A Wall Reminisce Cafe11.Gonna Drive'Em Up A Wall Well it's party time And I just got paid Put on my cat clothes Go out to play Slick up my ha ... play Slick up my hair Wear my blue suede shoes Gonna rock all night To the boppin' ... rock all night To the boppin' blues That's right(that's right) I'm Gonna drive'em up a wall tonight Grab my gal Get on the floor Do the ... y gal Get on the floor Do the bluejean bop'Til we can't no more Danci
80 13.Be-Bop City Reminisce Cafe13.Be-Bop City Well I wanna go where the lights are bright Rockin' and a-boppin' til the mornin' light Everybody's happy ... ody's happy ain't a darn soul blue And all I wanna do is dance with y
81 6.Gimme Gimme Money onde hair blue eyes Hot days of wild dreams- I'm hypnotized She danced on the beach in sexy pants Party time- it never ends- oh no She wants t ... Last evenig I met her in this cafe Thousand words she had to say Oh I
82 8.La Costa Brava s a small cafe Where we'll hang on forJoan and drink Bonet all day So come over to St. Feliu'cause It's somewhere I've been and I want to take ... w that waking up to the daily blues from Waking up to the daily news ain't nothing strange Everyone gets to feeling weak but If everyone gets to take a week and c ... by the beach there's a small cafe Where we'll read and sit and think all day Come over to St. Feliu'cause It's somewhere I've been and I want to take you there C ...
83 9.St. Ann Of The Wild Blue Eyes The Wild Blue Eyes A paper wrapped round a lamppost At Bleecker and MacDougal where Kerouac stood The wind pushed us into a doorway And i ... e Sweet St. Annie of the wild blue eyes The days flew by like pages On those rain-soaked streets where Gainsberg wrote We made love in the mornings Where did that ... are way through the bars and cafes And I memorized your heavenly face Where did you go? St. Annie you blessed my bed Your sweet love was my daily bread You'd com ...
84 5.Senitmental Reasons isolated cafes. She put the lid on and slip on a jacket for the cold season. She left a note for him to read with a bunch of hand prints on i ... ote upon. The front of it had blue tracings of her hand prints. I spu
85 10.Peruvian Waltz the dust cafe and a wild eyed black herald went riding away with a Peruvian singer at his side. And high above Machu Picchu the wild condor f ... still see the shadows in your blue eyes. And I wonder now would you still be surprised if I had just said what I meant. And this light yes it breaks but this ligh ... rcoat shrouds haunts the dust cafe and a wild eyed black herald went
86 3.Bluebeard -Calendar Cafe3.Bluebeard Aliveness Exploration Ali
87 14.Today For You The Life Cafe After Maureen' Show MARK& ROGER No Flow COLLINS Gentlemen Our Benefactor On This Christmas Eve Whose Charity Is Only Matched By ... Louise Did When They Got The Blues Swan Dove Into The Courtyard Of T
88 9.The City Thing g in this cafe with a coffee I mean latte And the rotten waitress wouldn't even smile Well all the girls round here they're not into drinking ... and dusty where flanelet and blue jeans are the trend where there's lots of parking spaces and nothing but friendly faces And I'll never do the city thing again ... and dusty where flanelet and blue jeans are the trend where there's lots of parking spaces and nothing but friendly faces And I'll never do the city thing again ...
89 16.There They Go and them cafeterias Only to find that rap's actually serious Deliriously resort back to crack and vigilance Same shit that sent'em upper Mich ... he fuck outta dodge'fore that blue Dodge flashing Red and blue lights no ambulance you got flatte
90 5.So Much About California d see her blue eyes from the front porch she was waving good bye and slammed the car door like the texas wind put the pedal to the floor and k ... a but when she finds a little cafe in Mendocino or the sunset Santa Barbara she won't let me know it haunts me here instead round and round my head it'd sure be n ... el in my mind I could see her blue eyes from the front porch she was waving good bye and slammed the car door like the Texas wind put the pedal to the floor and k ...
91 3.Tangled Up In Blue led Up In Blue Early one mornin' the sun was shinin' I was layin' in bed Wond'rin' if she'd changed at all If her hair was still red. Her ... gettin' through Tangled up in blue. She was married when we first met Soon to be divorced I helped her out of a jam i guess But i used a little too much force. We ... on the avenue' Tangled up in blue. I had a job in the great north woods Working as a cook for a spell But i never did like it all that much And one day the ax ju ...
92 12.The Rip Off eeth turn blue-gray Or turn yellow like I ain't brushed in a few days And the blood starts to taste like red toothpaste Nigga this ain't commu ... s Filet of Dog in a Malaysian cafe If I was a cook I would probably t
93 2.Straight Street Furnaces-Blueberry Boat2.Straight Street Tea time at Damascus computer ... Tea time at Damascus computer cafe I'm looking busy and staring off the other way LeverkusenJuventus; Leeds vs. Valencia I'm over-hearing all their nonsense in ex ... Tea time at Damascus computer cafe I'm looking busy and staring off t
94 7.Fit But You Know It time That blue top shop top you've got on is nice Bit too much fake tan though but yeah you score high But there's just one little thing that' ... tella I bombed from that last cafe This night's not even begun yes ye
95 1.Lost Weekends imming in blue and green seas or basking in the breeze Under liquid ... ng in the breeze Under liquid blue skies Where does time go When it drags Does it wander aimlessly Through the allies Or does it live out of paper bags Does it wa ... p at all the bars Or sidewalk cafes To contemplate the stars Where do
96 19.Simple Things a street cafeJust paint the picture baby Where you wanna be Take a walk take a ride So far you and I Don't need a plan But we can share This ... ings Through all the days The blues the greys A ray of light keeps sh
97 6.The Same Day him in a cafe one day and he told his story right away They got married and divorced in the same day Now he'd rather know her debt than walki ... Somewhere far from here where blue seas run clear In this world where
98 1.Black Friar's Union Of Thursday Night Anarchists here's my Cafe Voltaire? I never read it this way subversion isn't the same. Here's to accounting for inherent failure. Raise your glass to bl ... e task of protecting dead dry blue eyes? One more round for the broke
99 1.February r fate in cafes and houses and churches. Today I saw two ... and churches. Today I saw two blue flowers and thought of you. And oh
100 3.Simple Things a street cafeJust paint the picture baby Where you wanna be Take a walk take a ride So far you and I Don't need a plan But we can share This ... ings Through all the days The blues the greys A ray of light keeps sh

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