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1 4.4EVER The Black Eyed Peas-MASTERS OF THE SUN VOL. 14.4EVER We are the music makers And we are the dreamers of dreams One is for the lo ... mental P's and the Peas if he black With the element of freeze so please stand back Tell me can you rock it can you rock it like that? Yup yup yo Tab and Ap time ... ese are power maniacs I'm the black Power Ranger baby you can call me Zack That's exactly how I flip the lyric rap acrobat That a wrap ready to attack heavy impac ... y impa
2 6.DOPENESS The Black Eyed Peas-MASTERS OF THE SUN VOL. 16.DOPENESS(Booyah!) We live and direct From that inner space outer space Invading y ... 'm all up in your head like a CAT scan Delete'em and throw'em in the
3 1.rainbow dress in black act so heartless but now i see that colors are everything got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo got back the stars in my eyes too yea ... light light lights this kitty cat lost her mind been lookin' for a st
4 14.Faith o way) We cat fight then we kiss ass(okay) That last drought was a setback(Amen) That red light is a death trap(Amen) That jail time was a wri ... oodyBaby whip the white'til I black out! I need to know(I need to kno
5 3.Call Casting dog you a cat(cat) Rich in the matte black(skrt skrt) Twenty hoes to be exac

6 2.Bad Luck Charm hell of a catch But lightin' my fire's like three on a match It's between the devil and you and me[Chorus] If you cross your fingers You can h ... r feet? When I'm just another black cat Crossing your street[Chorus] If you
7 4.The Highway Song om the[?] Cat crouching behind you hiding in the long blades of grass You don't know but I'm about to find out which one of you is more fast I ... ant to fuck up this scene The cat lunged forward And its mouth was the green chameleon Tail dripping out the left head dripping out the right A nice succulent mea ... A nice succulent meal for the cat He's gonna sleep like a baby tonight Chameleon ain't gonna sit on no more fences He's in the ... on no more fences He's in the ca
8 5.Lone Star the shiny black water At the end of a pier a woman is alone hands folded praying I left her alone I didn't feel comfortable staying Inside of ... c table Where the little grey cat is cutely cradled And the orange California poppy Sniffing the euphoric scent of the Eucalyptics tree Walked past the7-11 I went ... good luck Pet my two favorite cats they're so cute in their usual tucked away spaces They're so cute I want to eat their faces This part of the song sounds like a ...
9 7.Butch Lullaby as a cool cat from another planet We though he'd last like a piece of granite On your grandmother's kitchen cabinet We thought he'd always be ... utch knew what it meant to be black and born in1952. Do you? Because
10 9.EarlyJune Blues a little black and white cat down there By the picnic table he s
11 2.Sparkle(110th St. Demo) ane alley cats Lo in parade With the black spades Courvosier Spillin on the rocks Intoxi ... er Spillin on the rocks Intoxicating the satin dolls With his private dance(Geechie Suede) And it don't stop To the midnight This glass got me right Only live low ... c push the seat back Diamante catch reflect off the chrome rim Private stock drenched me I can't stop from bubblin'(bubblin') Ally ... from bubblin'(bubblin') Ally cat anthem(anthem) Always bless the instru(
12 6.Black Connection(110th St. Demo) town6.Black Connection(110th St. Demo)[Sonny Cheeba] Peep the story Sonny Cheeba Geechie Suede Check it out Volume1 of this joint[Geec ... king em cop plea Blessing the black leaf Sticking with forty thieves Now diggy bruh Time to conjugate on my delegates Shikaka all of bo daggin' from the tri-borou ... ling up the diamond delegates Black connection For the Sonny Cheeba and the Suede ... he Sonny Cheeba and the Suede Black connection Got the Bronx Brooklyn and
13 9.Visiting Hour king that black cabbage Making my enemies go poof begone So the facts is Money make niggas throw rocks at the throne I'm thinking(?) on their ... this game Word from this live cat Niggas besides that I'm from a plac
14 2.Talk to Me ival Born Black that's dead on arrival My job is to fight for survival In spite of these#AllLivesMatter-ass white folk[Interlude] This is spir ... ever took the gig I'm a super cat from don dada to dusk don't bother
15 1.Mean Woman Blues n as me A black cat up and died of fright'Cause she cro
16 1.Greyhounds o scaredy cat Life's always spared him that hand That the gamblers fold No chips if the scramble got cold But them warm cushions and them soft ... ver his mother's eye He's the black sheep His pops career driven he's
17 8.Roses n fade to black ooh-ooh Yeah I can feel you reaching through the cracks A simple change of heart and you attack All the roses in the garden fa ... e roses in the garden fade to black ooh-ooh I won't take it back Cat got your tongue it's been forever Have you been good? Have you been better? I've said it before I'll say it again That I'll alwa ... e roses in the garden fade to black ooh-ooh Yeah I can feel you reaching through the cracks A simple change of heart and you a
18 1.TorcH Best play cat and that mouse A minor pitchin' in major Stay servin' dope but we ... ajor Stay servin' dope but we cater Take you back to my sega Slammin' bones on that table Runnin' errands for grams the paramedics at Tam's Forced to grow to a ma ... rin' drugs was the goal Lungs black as a crow got banned from every h
19 11.Bool Balm& Bollective e over my black ass goin' back And thats right up they alley but I ain't a alley ... hey alley but I ain't a alley cat I'm a red nose pitbull matter of fa
20 21.Incredible Thoughts the pitch black night A rain drop falls from tremendous heights A wave crashes off of a cliff in Scotland A child bites an apple but the core ... ting in the acid rain A house cat addicted to the cocaine No teeth un

21 10.This Ticonderoga the older cat Can I scratch your back all day I would not have it any other way well Means so much to me Can you see the we What are we ever g ... ke you I met a girl with long black hair and she opened up so wide A
22 5.I'm Your Hootchie Koochie Man m I got a black cat bone I got a mojo too I got theJohn
23 9.Dance Off lk On the black top just me you that's all No cat calls no tag teams no mascots Right now dance off Get on the floor Get on the get on the floor go Get on the floor do it Come on ... rash talk no back walk On the black top just me you that's all No cat calls no tag teams no mascots Right now dance off(dance off) Get on the floor Get on the get on the floor go Get on the floor do ... rash talk no back walk On the black top just me you that's all No cat calls n
24 5.Bataclan The Cat Empire-Rising With The Sun5.BataclanJ'avais j'avais j'avais toujours De l'amour pour toi de l'amour pour toiJ'avais j'av ... name Nothing but the sun Can black out what's been done Torn away wh
25 5.What Might Soothe You? t[Verse2] Black hair enfold me We could rent a room And all the range between Stoop to hold me Know what soothes me Boundless beauty Aways bur ... you think I'm lovely?[Verse4] Black cat Howling at The warm spots on my han
26 1.Mr. Lucky Keep your black cat bone and a mojo hand I get to you y
27 14.Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom(Restrung) e it onto black Now hush hear the voice so addicted to the Rush to fill the void dismissing everything we love To feel joy build it up then we ... fattest Federline fat as that cat post Brittney Madness that is a fri
28 1.With Them monds all black like I'm racist now[Bridge] Riding through the city windows tinted AC blast I got bitches wanna fuck me so so wrong do me bad ... help with my kidney nigga No cat but you know I'm just kidding with you I make this shit fly out the ceiling nigga I'm hot like an eye on a skillet nigga(ya dig) ... n't lay in there Diamonds all black like I'm racist now[Verse2] You can't take jack fall into this mouse trap Riding through the bity got a AK on my lap I'm not t ...
29 1.Immortal rtal Nine cat lives got nine silver knives I got big red eyes and I'm feeling so immortal Welcome to my corridor Feeling like a Warlord Exoske ... en dwarves chains on baller10 black bottles with my boys overseas Cad
30 1.Sleepdrone Superposition(feat. Allan Kingdom Astronautalis Eric Mayson Kathleen Hanna Hard_R Lydia Liza Lizzo& Nicholas L. Perez) at bright black With a sharp tongue And the beats crack And he bites back With shark teeth And he eats that That ... k teeth And he eats that That black blocker That can't stop when the c ... ödinger's cat Not sure what's holding you back There's nothing seriously stopping us Getting blown off the map Yeah tryna exist in[Hard_R] Pre ... rough your position Gimme all black weddings and an all white funeral Ball like pendulums I write numerals Numbers on the boards of li
31 15.Supreme(Remix)(Feat. Fabolous Ma Big K.R.I.T.) (?) First cat to take rap across the continent I get ya whacked for a stack it's a G thing Then throw a rack and a crack it's a G string Cash ... l?[Hook: Keith Sweat][Outro:] Black bottles Black bottles Black bottles I need a black model Black bottle
32 4.Petting ZooJustice in a body Black cat brown rat Face off vs. fruit bat The greatest fight we've seen yet Immaculate tact Green clam yellow lamb Fight purple face ram ... your parents up Going away vacation Going away vacation vacation I don't even fucking feel nobody
33 3.My Name Is the pussy-cat-fight My teeth look like a flashlight Weed is like a airline Cause easily I'm that high Fist full of money mix some green in wit ... y mix some green in with your black eye Greedy like a fat guy I eat a nigga franchise I beat him by a landslide A leader like a rabbi I'm leading by halftime He b ... 'all on standby My broads got cat eyes Traphouse land lines Boom like
34 17.Get Ya Gat ft. Lucci Lou HoodyBaby mell like cat in the trap Oh I go psycho I go rhino I know his recital My whole fuckin' bio I'mm K-I-L-L-E-R no typo I'm a dino I'm the kind o ... strapped with the gat in all black So where you at where you at where you at? Yeah where they at where they at where they at? Get ya gat get ya gat get ya gat[Ve ... strapped with the gat in all black So where you at where you at where you at? Yeah where they at where they at where they at? Get ya gat get ya gat get ya gat[Ve ...
35 6.Father's Day nd I love Cat Stevens And Neil Young's songs And I love Owen Ashworth's music When we're driving along And I think about life With all its spe ... etting dry that his hands are black and blue Like my grandfather's was When I was five I'm going to meet Caroline Down the road for Chinese We'll go to the new ho ... w hospital over there And the cat still sleeps at the fish market acr
36 8.Get Better bitch I'm black and proud of her Ooh I might buy her a little Audi car That shit you smoking ain't loud enough Fuck niggas stroking I'm just l ... g I'm just laughing at em She black with a little Spanish in her She got a fat ... Spanish in her She got a fat cat I'm doing damage in it If that girl
37 6.Holy Driver eyes of a cat in the black and blue Something is coming for you look out Race for the morning You can hide in the sun till you see the light Oh we will p ... y diver Holy diver You're the cat in the blue comin' after you Holy d
38 3.Light It Up ack Faded black take the pussy clip don't maniac Take the pussy never gave it back Slap'em with four types rings like an80s ... h four types rings like an80s cat Looking for a great Dane nightmares
39 12.Brass Tacks(feat. D. Lector) illainous cat Go and tell emJack the Ripper is back And I'm making every syllable snap a gorilla with the silverest back Strength levels hitti ... some fat dabs On a Dyno with black mags no time for cat naps Mother fuckers wake up or clim
40 5.Warts becoming black and agile She's gonna bit you bad You pretend you are resistant But she's wiser than a ... istant But she's wiser than a cat And you innocent tender But she's n
41 9.Loyal Gogurt A black man black arm black fist no shirt Lucid dreams talk big afterwards And then I do what I'm talking about a proverb I had them drugs in my hand popp ... ryna get over Watch me pull a cat out the hat speaking matter facts l
42 1.Darkness blood at? Black cat witchcraft I'm about to take another life[Verse2] I'm a slave to the bottle Indulge like there's no tomorrow My desires can't be ... e knife Where's the blood at? Black cat witchcraft I'm about to take another life[Chorus] I'm into darkness darkness Stay away from the light Gotta keep out of sight Tu ... e knife Where's the blood at? Black cat witchcraft I'm about to take anothe
43 8.Yo Lost ck Like a black cat at one o'clock in the morning Snuck
44 8.Broken Lines issed out Blacked out[?]out till I fell out Burned out Turned out Death is on my shoulder Yet there's Peace here Chasing of a meaning Locked i ... my house Make this a game of cat and mouse And however long it takes They must surely pay Blown out Pissed out ... rely pay Blown out Pissed out Blacked out[?]out till I fell out Burne
45 9.Greyhounds o scaredy cat Life was always spared in thy name That the gamblers fold No chips if the scramble got cold But them warm cushions and them soft ... ver his mother's eye He's the black sheep His pops career driven he's

46 2.Hot s on that black vinyl seat You can see the heat rising off the parking lot It's flat out hot[Chorus] It's hot and I ain't just talking Saw a d ... t talking Saw a dog chasing a cat And they were both walking They'll blame it on El Niño but it's not It's just plain old hot[Verse3] Bare foot kids on a ... t[Verse3] Bare foot kids on a blacktop road Tip-toeing like they're walking on coals Little feet are frying like tater-tots Have mercy it's hot[Verse4] Talk about ... ain't
47 4.Good Morning From the black to the blue To black black you like that? Call on the cat cause the cat dragged in I caught the rat The rat rat the rat trap All I know[Pre-Chorus] From the ... l I know[Pre-Chorus] From the black to the blue To black black you like that? Call on the cat cause the cat dragged in I caught the rat The rat rat ya' like that? All I know[Chorus] The night is young the rest is up to you Why ya' gotta ... lievable[Pre-Chorus]
48 5.Blue Wall e the law Black and blue don't get along Blue just want em dead and gone Empty your clips on the victim And then you look the other way Your n ... Got a hood rat and the alley cat heard The city got a kid hesitating
49 13.Feel Good Hayes-Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star13.Feel Good No more truth I'm fucking done with it I feel like a bar room pirate I feel ... a needle compass Eyes like a cat Heart like a bass drum Hips like ho
50 2.Swerve…The Reaping of All That Is Worthwhile(Noir Notwithstanding) pace flow Black cats freestyles big bro Fly die high super wise on the floor Said it go out fast but it come back slow What you know?(what you know? ... come back sloooooooooow[Hook: Cat Satisfaction] Boogie woogie with your body feel free My mind loses connectivity Over the years and plenty of seas Wiggle move th ... fs comes instinctively Communication distinctively To unchain those like-minded with glee To wig out philocaly[Verse2: Thee Stasia] United Negro Movement I
51 2.Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddam Thirsty Crow. crawl She blackens pages like a Russian romantic Gets down more often than a blow-up doll Why the long face Blondie I'm already taken Sorry I ... k like an animal You try that cat and mouse shit you'll get bitten Ke
52 4.Dorks efore the cat ate my face? I used to floss the albatross like Daddy Kane with the chain I'm tryin' to jettison the ballast with the hazardous ... ds Delusion turned the communication to prison camp You fuckin' dorks ain't a threat to the cause There ain't a lesson we can learn from the ostensibly lost I thi ... to belong The songs are echolocation up in impregnable fog That's why it's odd to see a pile of imperfections and flaws Ascend a pedestal to patronize the rest of ...
53 6.Supercell ystematic catholic or sigil of the baphomet unraveling Either way his I.D. show a snake and skull Always been a private dude who couldn't keep ... d up passin' the poultry to Hecate Bull-headed burn out fled his own pedigree And never better never would've met your heaven anyway Anyway merry merry go make so ... nd a runneth over cup full of black tap water Its a marvel of privacy over pack hunter Raspberry jelly on hisJesus toast And turn heather gray sweats into Easter ...
54 1.The T(feat. Adore Delano) ay I like black tea I like black d I never touched tina and that's the T. I know on What's the T I said that I don't drink so you bitches probably don't know w ... 'm happy for you. Cerrone the cat I fucking miss you boo. Not every b
55 7.Kudzu you can't catch And we like it like that Yeah don't you like it like that Smiling like Cheshire ... ke that Smiling like Cheshire cat You trace your nail marks in my back Intoxi ... r nail marks in my back Intoxicated by that Dangerous track There's something comforting to standing next to Edge of forest of ... ing next to Edge of forest of black Secretly hoping it'll engulf you
56 36.Dum Diary ntific My cat swell hit it til the cat swell Did it like Nina did toJacques Brel Or not quite but yo yo yo yo yo At least I'm not white right? Nah who cares language i ... oud Young riddle-me-this type Black on white knife to fist fight I'm at the People's Temple reaching for that purple stuff Kool A.D. you can call me'Kool Purple S ... like high like sparrow young black pharaoh Ahaha yeah yeah yeah youngblack teenagers I got three pagers I don't see haters haters
57 98.35–Jungle Fever Remix(Feat. Angel Haze) d I had a cat namedJacko When I was a kid I copped a dog from a crack ho though Ten bucks used to call it Coco But you know though Like Wayne ... ces shoes at the precinct new black hostel Raps written on smart phon
58 12.Ritualize Lie to me black Schrodingers cat rap And I don't even gotta be that
59 5.The Aha Show(Alternate Theme) aring all black I'm sicker than a doctor's office serious as a heart attack Something doesn't smell right pee-yew who's fart is that Someone g ... pissed on Picture me rolling black boy ballin' like bowling I got game like token in front of the TV while it's loading She made me her ex before I blew up and g ... ade biscuits I'm just a tabby cat because my Savior is risen I'm too cool of a ... or is risen I'm too cool of a cat to() I'm playing with kittens They
60 7.Diggin' Up The Heart(挖掘內心) what the cat dragged in Papa snatched your kin Little sister hugs the tin man Tony she's grown And she's pretty in her little ... nd she's pretty in her little black dress He's digging up the heart T
61 6.Lock Up The Wolves There's a black cat screaming And it's not even midnigh
62 5.Illuminati s of cash Black magic or Gaga Gucci or Prada Riding on a golden ... i or Prada Riding on a golden cat The all-seeing eye is watching toni
63 1.Free She got a cat that she calls Tattoo She got herself a couple tattoos too And when she drinks you know she love a cigarette Got a little ... love a cigarette Got a little black pearl hanging'round her neck No s
64 6.Bootsy the Haggis-Eating Cat is-Eating Cat Sit down and listen to a story About a ... and listen to a story About a cat that had his way So bad as he would swagger and sway The fact remains that he was So gluttonous and fat And he stole my haggis a ... him Bootsy the Haggis-Eating Cat Yeah they call him Bootsy the Haggis-Eating ... him Bootsy the Haggis-Eating Cat It's not the first occurrrence It happened all the time You should see him With my whiskey and wine A cause a struggle of wits B
65 2.Buck Buck Pass cold and black and made for killin' With no conscience or feelingsJust like the million other burners that's just like me Assembly line made ... neutralize any situation Any cat runnin' up any confrontation I was put into a room with the rest of us With the rest of us ready to bust Many rounds any town an ... oolin' and ya just might lose black steel in the hour Give the power to the average dude shootin' Clik clak boom that's the rule Clear the room when I move'em cau ...
66 8.Hard Truth Soldier(Redux) te Retake Black Panther mind state With a platinum heater tucked in my draws Still raw still down for the cause Choosin' words wisely Knowin' ... no direction So we correct'em catch'em in dresses Snatch your bitch ass backwards myself'the fuck you thankin'?'Blap' when the strap buck now they back up Ain't n ... evel Never looking' to settle Black metal Gat Turner with the twin burners when I buck the devil[Hook] What they say you ain't nothin' but a soldier Yeah straight ...
67 25.The War Dance l found a cat to ride with Now they outside of the store lookin' in One come from bad circumstance never had a family One did but he felt they ... hit the pen laughin''this is blackness'[Hook: Paris] It's the war dance this the way it usually start It's the war dance everybody playin' a part In the war danc ... no more laughin' and shit Two black men brainwashed from the start Never knew back then these corporations play the part To pursue ... tions play the part To pursue (
68 8.Chose Me n my feet Catalytic drippin' wet color of that picture peach Mink coat on my back like a ... h Mink coat on my back like a cat Black panther as serious as cancers Ridin' like a dancer answer the question Suggestion I'm pressin' the issue Soft as a tissue miss ... o go on a business trip Pimps catchin' feelings lookin' weak Oh you m
69 20.Pointed Toe Shoes pnotizing cats in town Living in a walking dream A pointed toe and that's what I mean I said pointed toes Are coming back again Uh huh uh poin ... keen Some are brown some are black A cat starts a walking He's easy to track I said pointed toes Are coming back again Uh huh uh pointed toes Are coming back again Every ... ng on my blues A keen cutting cat In my pointed toe shoes I said the
70 9.Far Away There's a black cat at my door And he spoke to me In a
71 5.Do You Know Where You Are(feat. Tech N9ne Twiztid) Prozak-Black Ink5.Do You Know Where You Are(feat. Tech N9ne Twiztid)[Tech N9ne] We don't ever want no trouble We don't wanna have t ... n't want the shit to go Brrat cat Your mother put you in a permanent
72 3.Girl Crush the full black moon out I said you're the only cat on my runway[Pre-Chorus2] She had m
73 8.All Over My Head ? Anothet black cat crossing over my street Or am I so
74 82.Gimme That Wine and put a blackjack'side my head. That cat took my watch my ring my money and
75 4.New Day Black Knights-The Almighty4.New Day[Verse1:Rugged Monk] I had to start from scratch Someone stole my Digi Snacks Erased and ... um though I'm an intelligent cat But the FACT and the MATTER Someone gon answer for that Rugged Monk is no Punk-HOMIE DON'T PLAY DAT--FO' NO- CHEZ WHITEY-OR--NO ... Crisis] Loud like a clip full Black knights lock on hip hop And shake
76 13.Hard To Be Black Knights-The Almighty13.Hard To Be[Verse1:RUGGEDMONK] The man with the Golden Gun Dont Bother to Knock It was a Slight ... n spit slick like motor fluid Black Knights the coldest unit Blackball'd the boldest movement From the county of the Bruins die hards no the music Slay you for amusement there's no way to diffu ... tat hungry beyond the average cat You niggas don't want it If you do u should handle that Melt niggas like candle wax break down dismantle t
77 11.Grotto Flow(Feat. Denzel Curry) t I'm all black it Never am I lacking Wavy like a captain Came to get it cracking Been about the action We can make it happen Nigga what it is ... e sea Its a galacticaly I'm a catastrophe With no gravity Cat flow after me Drunk and on the tree
78 8.Big and Black 8.Big and Black It's white trash Sunday On the farm I see the telephone wires The way they go and go into the distance And I hear the cars ... ches reaching out They try to catch the moon With their long black nails Try to catch a dream passing by Like a cloud in the sky Oh I see an orange ... in the sky Oh I see an orange cat He always runs away at night And a fox in the field what's the deal I'm walking long the tracks Where the mighty tractor has pas ... au
79 1.Hey! We OK out Never-Black Cat1.Hey! We OK You see me walking through the park A few minutes after dark with a cigarette in my hand keep it up boy you' ... andemonium smoking this bet I catch pneumonia. It's a damn cold night to be walking home alone girl For what it's worth I know my own worth It's fucking priceless ... nds try and sing along it's a catchy tune you just gotta learn the wo
80 2.BOOM! out Never-Black Cat2.BOOM! Sky is bright the river's alright trees are falling and they do make a sound I got this ring in my ears They've b ... m boom boom I'm a tiger I'm a cat Is in the back of the bus(yeah!) We
81 3.WooHoo out Never-Black Cat3.WooHoo Look to the sky all
82 4.Peace Song out Never-Black Cat4.Peace Song I've always won
83 5.Black Cat out Never-Black Cat5.Black Cat The black cat firecracker snapped back baseball cappin' cola-cola sippin' on the suds wearing penny loafers. His Sunday best ain't good enough ... ix feet under the ground. The black cat's nine lives they ran out. Yeah yea
84 6.Awkward Conversations(Best Day) out Never-Black Cat6.Awkward Conversations(Best Day
85 7.Happy New Year out Never-Black Cat7.Happy New Year Walking on
86 8.Red Balloon out Never-Black Cat8.Red Balloon A lonely red b
87 9.Fone Tag out Never-Black Cat9.Fone Tag Tell me what you
88 10.All Is Love out Never-Black Cat10.All Is Love We're all for
89 3.Wit My Name On It Feat. B.o.B LondonJaeJake Lambo& Lin Z ce fat[?] black tape Fifty Shades of B.o.B this fifty days of[?] She loving all the crew I think she finna baby squat I put it on a box like p ... lant eggplant Make that kitty cat walking sign then a headstand heads
90 9.L.Gigi(People of the Land of Nod) Egyptian cat God Chewing holes in the sky follow the ... g holes in the sky follow the black star The tarot card shows the Ava
91 6.2 Minutes of Your Time y that? A black president white house whats really rap? We not so friendly at my house(clicky clack) If necessary pet cemetery ya kitty ... cessary pet cemetery ya kitty cat– Won't let em eat cause my other pr
92 2.Valleys gs of the catfish I don't believe that god is a black man Spoiled child getting robbed for his ... child getting robbed for his black vans Mars and other stars in the CAT scans Back when I listened to Kille
93 4.Kings talagmite Cat eyes and scarab crowns on a black grace Two wave not to see bubonic
94 10.The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part6–12(Remix) o homo We black out and go hard likeJoJo and fuckin' Diggy No ship in this series since I pissed off Iggy man We been that man since Batman ha ... n since Batman had a sidekick Catch me in some Vans like one of them soccer mamas And them bitches blue like that family went to the Dodgers Solve'em(Oh no!) You ... y Potter All my shows got one black in it like Larry David And I'm that nigga meaning I'm two niggas I'm schizo Brent Lowe my motherfucking bingo Pink and yellow ...
95 18.Back Home laid back cat opposite of fat black Al Capone Tell them lil' niggas Flacko home[Hook] Gotta find my way back home I've been way too long Gotta find my way back ho ... asiin Bey] Magnum spectacular black man megalas Shine amethyst fly ch
96 3.The Don's Cheek [Verse1:] Catch me on Venice Beach working on my base no blonde streak Swimming trunk30K in arm's reach I'm on the boat in the water like a sw ... do Polanco Crib his bitch was black She started purring I kissed the cat Aristocrat wrist dancing like a dis
97 14.Whose It Is t or some black sacks Cause you all about your business never hit with that tax And you're hella independent goddamn you're not bad But your m ... vate where you move it Fuck a cat daddy You gon turn your ass around
98 3.Beautiful Life o regards Catch ya boy on Queens Boulevard Sunk in the seat of something classic Sittin' on the floor like a gypsy in a basket Damn I'm a bast ... ct Probably paint the cut all black like an alley cat Middle fingers up You fuck boys fucked up Ya dismissed had one shot but time's up Make the block boys go crazy Take a whiff Ain' ... back of the couch We the era black out on any rat in the house Smash ya spouse until the ... use Smash ya spouse until the cat tap ou
99 9.Murder Game g bullies black hoodies Get fully loaded nigga I smack pussy Pussy pussy ... gga I smack pussy Pussy pussy cat come here pussy cat Pull that hoodie back We shooting first ain't no shooting back I like my bitches from the hood Head tied with the doobie wrap Sh ... I told her bring that cootie cat6 inch Ruger9 milli in that Louis bag Down that shit I be quick to cop the tooly back[Verse3: Tek] Bed for style is one the life ... ppers getting clapped in that black c
100 7.This Is My First Day And I'm Indian And I Work At A Gas Station tle kitty cat She was sweet for a second but then she turned into a little fucking brat Came back andJane Fonda was in the lobby And we talked ... rs on the half shell and some blackened alligator Then I called my fr

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