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1 21.Kids(With Robbie Williams) e back in black And we'll paint by numbers Till something sticks Don't mind doing it for the kids So come onJump on ... or the kids So come onJump on board take a ride yeah(You'll be doin' it alright)Jump on ... l be doin' it alright)Jump on board feel the high yeah'Cause the kids are alright You've got a reputation Well I guess that can be explored You're dancing with th ... cing with the chairman of the board Take a ride on my twelve cylinder symphony But if you've g
2 1.Money ck I like boardin' jets I like mornin' sex(Woo!) But nothing in this world that I like more than checks(Money) All I really wanna see is the(M ... s) Diamonds on my neck I like boardin' jets I like mornin' sex(Woo!) But nothing in this world that I like more than checks(Money) All I really wanna see is the(M ... s is leather(Uh) Bitch I will black on your ass(Yeah) Wakanda forever Sweet like a honey bun spit like a Tommy gun Rollie a one of one come get your mommy some Ca ...
3 5.Right Here(Feat. Eric Bellinger) that Billboard be real confused This is real influence boy I'm the real boss When they was in they cap and gown I was in The Source When they ... in' they finna talk again I'm black and I'm proud of it The District
4 3.Idols Become Rivals ach Music Black Metaphor I grew up on that Cash Money Bling bling was well known to flash money Hit the liquor store after my Vic authority Qu ... my Trukfit trunks Fuck a skateboard I went and got a Wraith boy Catho
5 16.Laptop(feat. Manga) and a keyboard And I wasn't looking for a reward I was doing it passion: the leader Since Any vision that I had was a real one I'm a Logic us ... hat jazz No I never backtrack black jeans black hat Mac in my backpack like I'm t

6 1.RR n the dashboard You know them M&Ms we stash those Brand new shoe laces for the transport That double R truck nigga we waitin' on it That doubl ... had no teeth I'm sittin' in a black Lamb' but my cup pink I did the transaction10 M's this week Made a film now I got to eat I got a dealership at the crib I got ... t ho Got on200 sit on the dashboard You know them M&Ms we stash those
7 4.Gold Rush niggas in black the fearless Four Horsemen Searching for this location on the map The gold rush baby got ta have it(I gots ta have it) It feel ... bust Back to the drawing down board Nowadays we drawn down more To survive through all the round wards Battle up or saddle up and shake the scene Or get'cha pocke ... ir city up Undebts with Chief Black caught five miles west Sell us so
8 1.The Banks Of Eden Only one black mile away Gone and I stare at the blaze Only one ... I stare at the blaze Only one black mile away She was hoping to fly And a life without fear She was hoping to see All the answers so clear She was hoping for more ... the eye of the storm Only one black mile away Lost she went overboard Only one black mile away She was hoping for peac
9 7.Misunderstood Kodak Black-Project Baby 27.Misunderstood It's like fuck it I'm just misunderstood That's the story of my life(that's how I live)( ... ated I don't even need no surfboard I'm too fuckin' wavy I ain't take
10 1.Rough Soul(feat. April George) time yeah Black boy with a black fade yeah Got mad when you did things You was fucking and you did dirt too We was talking but you never hear my phone boom Mov ... s and I made a hit for ya Billboards around the city with your face o
11 7.Black Ocean Time7.Black Ocean(Chorus) Invaders come from distant lands Broken lives Enslaved this oppression cannot stand This time Unrestrained v ... r rage turns the tide(Chorus) Boarding in silence this vessel our cla
12 6.Gotta Be More rap skin black as Norman Lear sitcoms Diamonds looking pissed on picking bitches like I'm Frankie Lemon nigga which one Pray my niggas live l ... Trump even running game All aboard the coon train clown samba painte
13 10.Black Spasmodic ice10.Black Spasmodic feat. Consequence[Intro Q-Tip] Yo y'all ready? Yo Phife you ready? Cons you got that part right? I dunno but it ... the cause[Hook: Consequence](Black) They don't make thugs of this calibre(Spasmodic) Who kept up the buzz the whole calendar( ... p the buzz the whole calendar(Black) Used to sell drugs out the Challenger(Spasmodic) Used to keep guns with the silencers( ... keep guns with the silencers(Black) They don't make thugs of this ca
14 40.Black Crow Blues ngs40.Black Crow Blues Lyrics Bob Dylan Music Bob Dylan I woke in the mornin' wand'rin' Wasted and worn out. I woke in the mornin' wan ... ide road Listenin' to the billboard knock. Standin' at the side road Listenin' to the bill ... ide road Listenin' to the billboard knock. Well my wrist was empty But my nerves were kickin' Tickin' like a clock. If I got anything you need babe Let me tell yo ... know If I can come up at all. Black crows in the meadow Across a b
15 26.Boom Boom Boom Boom the back board And when they say the world is yours I just let them know That I'm just trynna score Boom boom boom boom Bang bang bang bang B ... aid of that watch you fade to black) Boom boom boom boom Bang bang ba
16 12.Interlude: For Us By Us e top'Billboard' at one time. For an independent company. ... . For an independent company. Black-owned company. You know going to
17 10.Road To Peace assengers boarded bus14a In the aisle next to the driver Abdel Mahdi(Shahmay) And the last thing that he said on earth is'God is great and God ... e year old child leaving only blackened skeletons It's found his todd
18 2.Untitled0206.23.2014. lie Seen black turn'em Burgundy Hundred of them I know I'm greedy Stuck inside the belly of the beast Can you please pray for me? Get God on ... you was never the homie Seen black turn'em Burgundy Hundred of them I know I'm greedy Stuck inside the belly of the beast Can you please pray for me? Get God on ... ll morning with the mixed dashboards triple digits Parallel park like an alien can't visit Slideshow for the night show ten bitches Find hoes with a blindfold Kin ...
19 5.I Put That There wall That black and white one where he's flippin' you off And that fist-sized hole it's hidin' in between the studs behind it I put that there ... hind it I put that there That black mark in the driveway on the way out to the road That dash ... way out to the road That dashboardJesus bobbin' as she goes That des
20 4.Married to the Game on my dashboard many nights I wanna fast forward Fresh stamps on my passport all I'm thinking bout is thank you lord These niggas wanna hold m ... other day another murder case Black man gotta dig a grave they just l

21 11.Clarity ft. Bino Rideaux& Dave East ke it overboard Goyard by my.44 Go hard cause this world is yours I'ma pay that fee Smoked out with E-40 on Bossed up like a Corleone In these ... it yet they better wait S600 black Mercedes-Benz I love the features
22 7.Labyrinth(Frankie Beverly) see this black suede Puma's with the gold stripe They hot of the press and yes it's a cold night The type of night when all colds seem suspic ... makes me a target like a dartboard So I gotta stay on point like chu
23 9.Misconceptions3 itin' starboard Light saves like a time change Hands up and down like a sine wave Gospel be the humble don't sleep the beast is a mind frame[V ... t us shoot Betty Boop wit the black top I'm a mascot for tryna tell t
24 3.Blues Power shoot Out On The Plantation ng in the blackboard jungle With his Elvis Presley hai
25 5.Queen's Speech5 ayvon All blacked out like Akon I'mma come to your door like Avon And make you gimme them notes like Trey Songz Mad ting sad ting like a Drake ... Verse2] I'm on the grind skateboard I'mma go nuts acorn They tried to take shots paintball But I'll cross when I want like a jaywalk Pathetic your weaves syntheti ... s it Don't try talk with your black lips I heat things up likeJune1st
26 5.Autonomic it' that? board meetings over now they look for where the puppets at you and me ... ere the puppets at you and me black and white pin stripe or truckers hat thinking we the suckers that forever sleepwalking Soldiers do all the shootin' Politician ... look at me like just another black kid who holds the microphone beca
27 6.Supercell re his cupboards Non-dairy creamers can of last supper And a runneth over cup full of ... nd a runneth over cup full of black tap water Its a marvel of privacy
28 12.Brave New World the motherboard That is not a legitimate hoverboard(shit's got wheels!) I Iook at the sky saying'my god run!' Life's heavier than an ipod one My twitter ain't gonna matter when t ... am while looking in a cracked Black Mirror You got a finish what you
29 3.Maangamizi ped Since black civilization dropped Through internal greed and external plot Same ones that taught the Ancient Greeks Greece and Rome helped ... ttom of the ocean? Thrown overboard like property stolen Or jumped oveboard rather than be sold on A mother with her baby in arms hold on What awaited was not just enslavement But a genocidal impulse cr ... gynaecology was perfected On black women no anaesthetic They said a nigger bitch couldn't feel pain pathetic Hang a man
30 3.Up Next2 st for my black tee Can't fuck with these niggas and all they rap beef Got a tec400 I'm feeling like money My mouth looking sunny These niggas ... g In the air while you niggas boarding If the cake right I'mma sitck
31 13.Come Down his pitch black Gucci pants on Let me take these bitches off Let me get the full scope hold up Huh full screen HD let me take another picture ... ile[Skit] Before Vietnam when boards were long and hair were short th
32 4.Pieces Of Eight(Give Up The Ship) mping overboard to avoid the slaughter So I grab the senator's daughter Shouldn'ta brought her Them trade routes gotta get taxed It's simple f ... g my sword Soft suckers come aboard They'll be screaming out prayers like they summoning the Lord Oh God OhJesus Get sliced to pieces I'm in the Caribbean fucking ... vily armed forts In the pitch-black of night nobody light up their to
33 4.Force Fed follow I black out and write scriptures Make the Devil and his triple sixes back down and graval On the gravel in Hell's realm No ambulances ... e The Wire meets Breaking Bad Boardwalk Empire Man On Fire the[?]ther
34 6.Open Conversation& Mark Duggan(feat. Avelino) t my skateboard I've got my rucksack I've got my8 balls I've got two sticks and I ain't playing pool I know who's who I'm from the same school ... erations they've been killing black people all over the country Poor
35 8.Sleep(Feat. Dash Ab-Soul& Mac Miller) The ho is black the car is European Cream soda when we put the lean in Fuck your team your clique whatever you banging I come through blunt li ... Easter pink on Easter Sunday Black lip pastor Herb done lit the herb and passed it your way Master with the nouns and verbs you haven't heard the wordplay? I'm t ... m the most def here shouts to black Dante The stakes is high who'd like to climb on my gate Live from the last name of Kanye I heard your whoop de whoop and blase ...
36 11.California Blanket ressed in black Picks up your hand by the side of the road telling you you gotta wipe it In a far away place they're losing their heads and no ... ed shoes have disappeared and black and white photos are playing in your head ... otos are playing in your head Black and white photos are playing in your head You're on your way now You always thought things would be alright All alone no where ... down this highway1 In my cardboard shoes My finger nails they bleed
37 2.Offthewallogy y red The blacks and blues have sunken in. And you... yes you display them all But not in a creative way An uncanny display of your infatuatio ... y... The chalk is erasing the board. Who the fuck has been drawing th
39 7.Night Vision the floor boards like ooh When the people see me they be telling stories of a bat Eating people like you Michael Keaton only ... like you Michael Keaton only black Fuck what you believe in I'm a de
40 10.Secret Harbor climbed aboard at midnight the sky was black The gamble lost the tables turned
41 1.Sleepdrone Superposition(feat. Allan Kingdom Astronautalis Eric Mayson Kathleen Hanna Hard_R Lydia Liza Lizzo& Nicholas L. Perez) at bright black With a sharp tongue And the beats crack And he bites back With shark teeth And he eats that That ... k teeth And he eats that That black blocker That can't stop when the coppers creep And I don't show up I'm trash talk I'm fuck peace I'm Chris Dorner I'm Doberman ... rough your position Gimme all black weddings and an all white funeral Ball like pendulums I write numerals Numbers on the ... write numerals Numbers on the boards of life and all mics shoot
42 4.Petting ZooJustice in a body Black cat brown rat Face off vs. fruit bat The greatest fight we've seen yet Immaculate tact Green clam yellow lamb Fight purple fac ... ucked little critter from the boards I sniff Around on triggering the
43 8.The Ghosts of Highway20 faded billboards Used cars for sale the rusty junkyards This two lane ... rusty junkyards This two lane blacktop will never let me Let go of th
44 5.Big Amount(Feat. Drake) ackground Black out when I back out Blow the horn for a pedestrian Shawty ride like an equestrian I bought the dress that she in Red bottoms i ... t even put it out Got the Billboard melodies Rap is somethin' I do on
45 1.The True Sea a roaring black silence no shell Would even attempt to repeatJust get me out of this hotel Check me out of this sleep Been treading water Hear ... the ocean I'll follow you overboard In the collapsing waves I'll find

46 7.Blindspot round the blackboard[Chorus] Cause every time I catch
47 1.Bone Marrow(feat. Danny Seth) new thing Black on black on black on black down to the shoe string Yo bitch call me daddy daddy that's my new name Pass her after all a ... new name Pass her after all aboard that choo-choo-train You and I ar
48 8.Shred the Dead therwise. Black dread undead Crawling from the crypts Ragged claws scratch coffin lids A rancid stink as tombs emit Tongues slick over glutino ... in and bust a grind Smash our boards into the undead hoards The rotten fiends are gored... Shred the Dead Mushed up guts are stuck all in our trucks But we don't ... back into the grave Smash our boards into the undead hoards The rotte
49 1.Kendrick Lamar– Black Friday ck Lamar– Black Friday Dick hard like Rottweiler Can you handle it? Can you handle it? Woo woo woo woo The whole industry been in shambles ... ion with the trap music I mix black soul with some rock and roll They never box me in I'm David Blaine-ing all you hoes Oh yea let's go there my DNA is DMT I'm so ... Oh Lord gotta be the yams Billboard list need2Pac damn But number9 ma
50 9.Get Racks a mat Billboard'll get it again These niggas don't want me winning Running behind all these walls Feel like I'm stuck in the pen All of these ... etter Mason Margiela with the black leather Make it hard I deserve a(
51 3.Prayer Line Maco] All black like smoggy skies All black like order life All backs to the wall all straps organized On ... wall all straps organized On board or board back Re-energized Frankenstein He feel alive dignified Would testify this ain't a life for Mother Mary So mother buried ohJesu ... han a coffin Let it die alone black blunt Coming from the souls of Th
52 14.Black Cross afe14.Black Cross This is the story of HezekiahJones HezekiahJones lived in a place... in Arkansas. He never had too much except he ha ... e had much money. But in a cupboard there he kept in the cupboard... He kept in the cupboard books He called the books his'rai
53 13.For The Family(Feat. Dave East& Don Q) fuck the board of ed too busy chasin' corner bread Bathroom baggin' up for an hour long To play it off man I had to turn the shower on Comin' ... Molly I really sold that All black380 the scheme matchin' my BoJacks
54 4.Pirates(Live in Nassau1978) ide Come aboard my pretty boys I will take you and make you Everything you've ever dreamed Make fast the guns tonight we sail When the high ti ... And square the yards Get the black flag stowed away The Turk the Arab and the Spaniard Will soon have pennies on their eyes And any other laden fancy We will tak ... tonight Will be hauling gold aboard Spare us the galleon begged But mercy's face had fled Blood ran from the screaming souls The cutlass harvested Driven to the q ...
55 1.White Pearl Black Oceans(Part II: By the Grace of the Ocean) ite Pearl Black Oceans(Part II: By the Grace of the Ocean) Once I felt the embrace of the sea Loved me held me Once I felt so despised by ... night For the last time all onboard the White Pearl… All onboard for the very last time Close your
56 2.White Pearl Black Oceans Pt. II-'By the Grace of the Ocean' ite Pearl Black Oceans Pt. II-'By the Grace of the Ocean' Once I felt the embrace of the sea Loved me held me Once I felt so despised by e ... night For the last time all onboard the White Pearl… All onboard for the very last time Close your
57 3.New Banger make Billboard we make bangers It's not grime if there ain't no ad-libs BRAP! That's my ad-lib First ... BRAP! That's my ad-lib First blacks in the canning town flats Walking to school was an everyday scrap They called our mothers coons now Mummy's in my coupe ridin ... n Of course that fucker's all black No tints in the front let the manor see that Wind down windows like I'm me that Might go catch grab a likkle sea bass That MID ... likkle sea bass That MIDI keyboard(!
58 4.3 Wheel-Ups(Feat. Wiley& Giggs) ut the cupboard In the jungle I move with original nuttahs And the same madman fly out for the summer Lick two blocks? Who are you? Runners Sh ... e's so skint I'm in the matte black350 With Clarke let beef go mince[Verse4: Kano] If you don't look after your own yout boy You're not a direct rudeboy And you'r ... LinkJus D red cups out the cupboard In the jungle I move with origina
59 15.I Love It n the sky Boarded a plane we know why I'm not endorsing getting high She like when I'm stressin' it give me body New coupe matte ... give me body New coupe matte black peanut butter guts Porsche truck
60 8.Teach Me Tonight e sky's a blackboard high above you And if a shooting
61 8.Open Door(See You Later) rging the black n' white church in Linden boy You know me as a artist I don't know how to tell yah I'm the youngest elder on the Linden ... youngest elder on the Linden board I remember shopping the Berwick with my brother and grandma when I was still a boy Counting pills with my crew top bill ... ng pills with my crew top billboard and when my album came out I was
62 9.The Gods Are Dead hod-Ouija Board Wormhole9.The Gods Are Dead The moon glows red the harvest nigh Demons scream their incantations on the winds of night ... in the cast Winged death with blackest breath takes flight overhead C
63 10.IO hod-Ouija Board Wormhole10.IO Shadows from the cold world wrap you in despair Respite is forgone ragged and war torn Dropped into the ... nd Insinerate in sin and hate Black holes they never cease until you'
64 11.Cryptic Apocalypse hod-Ouija Board Wormhole11.Cryptic Apocalypse Onyx landscapes a world of woe A plain of nocturnal desolation Below a sky where life fo ... t harbinger A prelude to it's blackened face Beneath the shadows thro
65 9.Deep Water going overboard used to be my kinfolk Now you sleeping with the motherfuckin' fishes(Swimming with the mothefuckin' fishes what the business?) ... Putting quarter pieces in the black Caprice and make it holla No rele
66 4.Missing Ol'Johnny Cash he Man In Black was long and lean Hit the Billboard charts with a Teenage Queen Had a television show the best we'd seen That chick-a-boom rock really made a splash Missing ol'Jo ... Cash Well nowJohnny Cash wore black attire And he fell into that Ring of Fire He came up swinging like a Boy Named Sue And he marriedJune Carter and he[?]too He w ... ues True he always dressed in black But he loved folks and they loved
67 1.Usual Suspects I'm half black Roll another blunt and fuck it up over this track I think I've lost my mind I'm feeling so alive What a pity it's so pretty Lo ... ing back and forth You better board up your windows'cuz imma start a
68 7.Give Me Your Life paint it black» You know she's rockin' everyday Cause rock'n'roll will never die You know that it's written on my back Give her a pint of che ... king of the world on my skateboard Devil is deep inside my mind I re
69 9.Los Angeles indshield Black4Runner in the summer like a big deal Apron at Starbucks What you gonna miss B Nah I smiled out over the Mississippi Got a frie ... use of Blues Like they're cardboard fakes Everyone's livin out loud A
70 2.Driftwood hat to my black pointed shoes(I'm thinking about it)[Chorus] Like a piece of driftwood A piece of driftwood Ooh like a piece of driftwood Ain' ... s The sun still shines we got board and grind It's time to start baki
71 1.Fame& Gloria deck The Black Doves aboard Dressed up as pirates The women took their places They were young And they were beautiful Daggers and garters Cannons in their ... ist your banner The banner of Black Doves Is feared across the seas W
72 18.Back Home te of fat black Al Capone Tell them lil' niggas Flacko home[Hook] Gotta find my way back home I've been way too long Gotta find my way back ho ... asiin Bey] Magnum spectacular black man megalas Shine amethyst fly champion it's like that again What's happening? Mathematics master blin' Flacko season all day ... ker this wave. Grab y'all surfboards cause y'all got your boogy boards right now fucker. Ya'll just gon
73 17.Dreams and Nightmares s my skateboard...that nigga Mack crazy..[Verse] I put my shooters on they feet I just give em' yo address and go to sleep The money turn my n ... to the Blue collar unenvelope black mail Fed up with the Fed shit and Fed-ex lost my package My white girls say'Yeah nigga' my white homies act ... ah nigga' my white homies act blackish Ain't tall enough for the NBA
74 1.Glory l I won't Black your eye like you Willy Wonka That's me in the Lam I'm disappearin' likeJimmy Hoffa AK-47 my business partner busine ... to the grind and the drawin' board But all this fuckin' artist drawi
75 10.C. Baby Blue ow my dashboard wooden All black Benz like a young Doc Gooden Thug
76 9.Chess chess the board is made of water that's just flowing and all the chess pieces are smoke. You can make all the moves you want they will not aff ... of life we like pieces on the board Look inside yours you a king or a pawn? I came from a scene where the kids on water They[?] get your things hit the border Lik ... nd you go second cause you're black Was it Rayful was it Raegan did the80's hold'em back? This is no connect four but blood spilling for connects Years later nigg ...
77 12.California Lovers down the boardwalk I'm crashing into you like a wave uh Even if it was only small talk You always knew the right thing to say uh Maybe I was ... ting top down Pacific Highway Black Sinatra remix I did it my way You
78 18.Why48 Bar Rap t?[Verse] Black Shades Dark Tent Yo Girl Nigga I Get It In Stick Shiftin Switchin And Burnin Out In the Benz Wood Grippin Kissing All Of Their ... Lil Nxgga Get Your Cheese Up Black Ice On My Neck Make You Freeze Up Oh You Worry About Me Go Figure I Ain't Sweating It Fuck Them Old Niggas Lambo Range Rove Wi ... Audience Clapping Like A Backboard She Put Her Hands Up And Then I S
79 11.Turn Me Away on a chalkboard; My alarm clock. Wake me up from the best dream ever. Cross me off your list of remedies. Is it my birthday already? Everybody ... ours. When they're limited to black and blue She drops the ball and I
80 1.I Don't Want to Let You Down eams grew black I didn't want to see the light Cross through hell in snow Dreams were gone within yourself Taught me to know what it's like Do ... ds Trust me stay and stay Overboard I don't want to let you down Overboard I don't want to let you down Craz
81 3.Pr0n S0ng blond on black ganged up tied up all alone: every delectation to which I'm prone. Got theJapanese schoolgirl tentacle love. Got the furries i ... t-h-y. The backslash on my keyboard's stuck. Mouse wheel don't turn'c
82 9.What We On I'm all aboard on this train She see us switchin' lanes see us grippin' grain She just wanna come through and hang She see Deuce flippin' big ... e boss She see all of us with black cars She know we don't take no lo
83 9.Yomilo hile Wear black beanies make mix CDs with TurnstileJoin a message ... with TurnstileJoin a message board when your house burns down Find y
84 9.No More Control featuring MNDR ggas Skateboards bandanas and malt liquorJapanese cartoons and straight killers They tell us get out the ghetto and get rich But when you real ... n they always gone fear us If black lives matter then black lives matter And the color of the
85 10.Skatin Through The City dence Longboard or penny board I have no business I ain't trickin' I ain't trynna go pro Really it's the quickst way to get to the store oh You hear Wrek in ... It ain't weird to ride a skateboard if you black now Cubans in Miami and Chicanos
86 25.Books a wedding Black painted floorboards and a stench like wet cardboard This is the dead smell of another winter And I don't want to be bound up like books I don't want to be a sad ornament of a pla ... ose in books If only their cupboards didn't look like Mother Hubbards And I don't want to be bound up like books I don't want to be a sad ornament of her place Th ... a sister there's*wedding* and Black painted floorboards and a stench like wet cardboard Thi
87 10.Dark Dayz the iron board Listen closely hear the hunger through the drywall[Hook] And I'm still'bout that life boy got that right boy I dare you take a ... 3] I'm a life sentence-beater black Benz two-seater Put both feet up
88 2.Rocky Road to Dublin t a stout black-thorn to banish ghost and goblin In a brand new pair of brogues rattling o'er the bogs And frightening all the dogs upon the r ... no room had he When I jumped aboard a cabin found for Paddy Down amon
89 6.Grown Ups h Supervisor RandomBlackDude[Verse1:Earl Sweatshirt] Feel this cage when that acid fade Face the same but your mind has changed You desire a stable hom ... off Popping hoes off Grab the board and these niggas call charge Chai
90 3.Mess out my cupboards Dusting off my frames Scrub myself with soap so I can't whisper your name Sweeping around in circles Trying to get you off my ... ver goes away You're like the black hand stamp that I can't rub off You're like a tethered ankle bracelet that I can't seem to unknot And if you want to come arou ... stays all day You're like the black hand stamp that I can't rub off Y
91 8.For You plane is boarding got to cross the ocean all alone My heart is stone You need to figure out the things that plague you here at home I'll carr ... ene we made goes and fades to black'cause I can't wait while you think this through We don't have endless time remember who left who'cause I won't wait won't wait ... ene we made goes and fades to black'Cause I can't wait while you thin
92 1.Uncomfortable never on board I got enemies man they wanna see me on the floor I got frenemies couldn't even tell you who they are If you're not driven by t ... ism dead man our president is black Two terms in the White House that
93 1.Partitionists hearts as black as pitch Have the power to evolve As their human side dissolves Poor are there to undermine Cannibals prefer no spines All the ... e grows Out of control A deep black hole Plastic hearts will grow so cold At least your class is shining gold Pinstripes pressed to bring acclaim Of ... s pressed to bring acclaim Of boardroom reptiles once again Asking me to hush my mouth As your growth can't be announced You'll continue to ascend This means noth ... hing in the e
94 3.Summer of Sin My Ouija board channels energy from dead Kennedy's Like Caroline's dad got a maritime flag On the cover for the summer with designer travel b ... r That's word to your mothers black dog wind breaker I'm so nautical
95 38.When You Need Me ft Planetary and Vinnie Paz pathy-The Black Lodge38.When You Need Me ft Planetary and Vinnie Paz[Apathy] The most toxic dough overflows the pockets With ho's so e ... d is absorbed in morgue floor boards We'll live by the sword and die
96 7.Reckoning Plan I see is black and white Buried deep beneath my bones When I awoke you were gone ... es When I awoke you were gone Boarded up at the funeral home Thinking
97 10.Cthulhu Fhartwagon from the black goat of the woods are the various containers of consumable goods like a terrifying vista of reality a mobile shrine to our gas ... hulhu fhartwagon throw the keyboards and the green cable bag i
98 3.I Don't Like It I Love It it on the black card all night And I'll spend it I'll spend it cause[Chorus] All night let me group ya Dance with me turn down for who girl An ... ah party all night let's all aboard Let's all aboard all aboard I don't like it I love it And the
99 1.I Don't Like It I Love It(feat. Robin Thicke& Verdine White) it on the black card all night And I'll spend it I'll spend it cause[Chorus][Verse2: Flo Rida] All night let me group ya Dance with me turn do ... ah party all night let's all aboard Let's all aboard all aboard[Pre-Chorus2: Flo Rida] I don't li
100 12.I Don't Like It I Love It it on the black card all night And I'll spend it I'll spend it cause All night let me group ya Dance with me turn down for who girl Another ru ... ah party all night let's all aboard Let's all aboard all aboard I don't like it I love it And the

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