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1 1.每一天(Everyday) r with me Dreams so vivid driving force obsession Top of the food chain occupied by lions Circle of life r u the master or the servant I dare ... r or the servant I dare dream big cuz I walk among the giants Everyday I pray to be the best that I can be Be an example so that the rest of you can see Don't mat ... preme human beings capable of any thing by any means necessary the forgotten link
2 9.Empire State Of Mind(Part II) Broken Down(Alicia Keys) n make it anywhere that's what they say Seeing my face in lights or my name in marquees found down on Broadway Even if it ain't all it seems I ... it seems I got a pocketful of dreams Baby I'm from New York Concrete jungle where ... ew York Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There's nothing you can't do Now you're in New York These streets will make you feel brand new ... will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Let's hear it for New York New Yor
3 7.This Friendly World hy should any heart be lonely? ANDY: My turn! In this friendly friendly world With each night so full of ... ld With each night so full of dreams Why should any heart be afraid? The world is... MICHAEL& ANDY:... such a wonderful place To wander through When you've got someone you love MIC ... art in this song! I'm just as big a part of the movie as these guys a
4 9.NO MORE DREAM-Japanese Ver.- NG KOOKお前のBIGな夢は何?お前のBIGな夢は何?お前のBIGな夢は何?JUST GO行けるまで I WANNA ... で I WANNA BIG HOUSE BIG CARS& BIG RINGS BUT実は I DUN HAVE ANY BIG DREAMS HA気楽に生きる誰も何も言わないしイケるそう、全く皆 THINKI ... したその結果をお前のBIGな夢は何?お前のBIGな夢は何?お前のBIGな夢は何?JUST GO行けるまで!邪魔すん
5 3.Superstar enough it dreams for your complexion So we can both lay back sit still on ... an both lay back sit still on big wheels And let the city streets know the feeling of perfection Let's get away from these city lights where nobody knows And you ... h hope you know we're hittin' big cream NASDAQ screen HD clean big dreams All eyes on the superstar I'll make a wish here We're making moves this year let's get it Let's get away from these city ligh ... ine tonight Wheneve

6 3.羅針盤 っとばす蹴っ飛ばす any walls built in front Iぶっ壊す突き抜ける ... ぶっ壊す突き抜ける dreamsを成し遂げる財宝勝ち取り仲間に分ける冷酷な世界危険な世代予言するしか ... は頂上 I got big plansまだまだ成長練り込む戦術 and watch me成功眩しい光 ... り越えろ乗り越えろ dreamsを手放すな身を引き渡すな be yourself orただのかすだ
7 5.Run for Cover(尋找掩護) r excuses any better than your senator's? He held a conference and his wife was standing by his side He did her dirty but no-one died I saw So ... with her nightmares with her dreams She's running she's runningJust to trust him He got a ... ingJust to trust him He got a big smile he's fake newsJust run for co
8 6.Walk On Water ) slime() Big bang Nasty in this hoe man I might fuck around and fuck a little nigga's hoe man You know how the game go You know that shit for ... e wanna ride with the team by any means Taking the bitch of your dreams Now that bitch my little queen g
9 5.Fix Me br> Sweet dreams and promises Too big to keep Midnights and memories that could have been Don't say I've ruined this Try to forget All the true but foolish words I sh ... don't feel the same Don't say anything I don't want this to change Cauany time that I'm breaking You're the one that I need to fix me To fix me Every time that I'm falling You're the arms that I reach E ... don't feel the same Don't say anything I don't want this to change Cauany time that I
10 11.RED WHITE& YOU don't get any better Have you ever felt so alright? Let's dance take it slow Tom Petty on the radio When we're singing about American Girls li ... na stay American girls making dreams come true All I need is red white and You pulling me a little bit closer Heart beating like a ... t closer Heart beating like a big bass drum We spinning' on a roller coaster A'Free Fallin'' into your yum yum All the bad girls rockin' those cut off jeans and g ... ans and good old boys driving (
11 8.Charlie Brown feat. Oh No& Kappa Gamma ll make a bigger fool of myself than ever Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Oh no we're doomed![Verse1: Apathy] I raise the bars for stars and quasa ... cookers Sold nightmares these dreams boy I got hookups Back in the day was just a week ago The memories gone it's probably from that reefer smoke A nigga play Are ... about grades and chips Cause any?????? wigs I do what my favorites did and still do So m ... avorites did and still do So many try to make it shit I'm just tryi
12 4.Petting ZooJustice e off vs. big hog Balancing on wet logs Swamp bog thick fog Gray duck white beaver Fight golden retriever One has meat cleaver Nicknamed'Life ... the idealist Pick from one of any fantasy pipe dreams(!
13 4.Untamed Region lly makes any coherent sense. We live with a constant vaudeville of contradictory stories that makes it impossible for ... that makes it impossible for any real opposition to emerge because they can't counter it with a coherent narrative of their own. And it means that we as individu ... powerless unable to challenge anything because we live in a state of confusion and uncertainty I'm in a ... sion and uncertainty I'm in a big house having big dreams And n
14 4.Streets of New York rtload of dreams'Take your time' said me father Stop rushing like hell and remember all's not what it seems to be For there's fellas would cut ... ' fella said'Sure wouldn't do any harm' For I've spent me life working this dirty old ground For a few pints of porter and the smell of a pound And sure maybe the ... So I landed in Kennedy and a big yellow taxi Carried me and me bags
15 7.Waco them how many shits I haven't given to be such a big big mac to these gerkins Fam I'm lurkin and I'm still looking for trouble you might find me searching(They're finally learning) Most ... p(listen) Yeah you won't have any cheeks to be turning then[Chorus1: Trim] We can't lose We can't lose them want we fi lose Them try to stop we moves Stop we move ... hing above my bed to catch my dreams MCs are way in above their head
16 6.Dollar and a Dream ker like Kanye Niggas get stretched out on[?] Got three thousand stacks I ain't talking'bout Andre I put it on your head I ain't talking no to ... a rojo rag end up in Soho Bag any bitch walking with a solo swag You think you ballin' in that four do'Jag? Nah In Tom Fords with a MK bag? nah Give you a bird's ... e you lost already Roccett my big brother Bishop let the door crack Game took me on my first tour now look where we at In the studio getting paid to reflect on th ...
17 4.Gang Bang Anyway Gang Bang Anyway feat.Jay Rock& ScHoolboy Q製作 Bongo the Drum GAHD[Verse1:ScHoolboy Q] Um yeaH palms sweating guess it's time for tHe murde ... family get tHem black clotHes Any witness gets a9 cold could do tHis witH a blindfold I'm tHat player on tHe corner looking dry wHen it rains Pimp a dollar out a ... y cHeese make tHe cops freeze Big cribs four bars living pipe dreams You only gangsta tHrough your bop screen MigHt set the reason for tHe crime scene Fill u
18 6.Long Way[feat. Big Sean] Gotti-CM8 Any Hood America6.Long Way[feat. Big Sean][Intro] Perignon Gotti![Bridge ... Intro] Perignon Gotti![Bridge Big Sean] What up to the hood niggas got love for me All my bad bitches man they got love for me One time for the squad cause they g ... gga Lil Bitch lil nigga[Hook: Big Sean+(Yo Gotti)] Man I done came a long way I done came a long long long way Tile floor lookin' down that shit a long way I done ... on a one way Million dollars dreams be
19 6.Another Queue at the Coinstar rm Brains-Big Wow6.Another Queue at the Coinstar alma is it supposed to be like this? loose change is weighing heavy in our pockets no ... hould be allowed to have wild dreams as I count my sheep… we're not done it won't be long till we show that we're rather special… they said nothing comes for free ... swimming in the sea no drama any more and your mum's not on the phon
20 12.Mr. Montana… Thank You rdless of any financial position It's tougher than talking to a brick wall Looking for help to build an Ark before Babylon fall The fate of hu ... hese little rappers still got dreams They talk big money but they got beans The ones who got more they got more because they got yours Either or they was on all fours They're all ... uldn't wanna' be buried there anyway Fuck YouTube and pennies they pa

21 7.Stay Close e The dreams not dead It's just stuck in my head They put me on meds To try to keep me in bed A visit from a friend Gets me smiling again ... ad With death at my door step Any regrets I thought about my girls Last night and I wept Why me god Oh oh oh my god Where did I go wrong It's on I'm not dead yet ... y kid that lifes a gift So go big swing big and hit If I knew I'd a come this far I would of dreamed ... e this far I would of dreamed bigger Yeah I would
22 10.Big Sean Detroit Vs Everybody Big Sean-D Files10.Big Sean Detroit Vs Everybody Detroit![Hook- Dej Loaf] Tell'em if they want it they can come get that static I swear I love my c ... ou wanna ride or die?[Verse2- Big Sean:] Shawn Don(Welcome to Detroit) Boy I need no half's a half I want the game in entirety Hundred percent cut no stitches req ... no offense dunk on me I'm Mr. Big Shot these hoes get drunk off me I'm over respected my mama gated community's over protective So futuristic I'm al
23 2.Pagans ickedness Any attempt would be grimy and hideous Young and I'm black and I'm ignorant But I'm still fabulous Meaning I'm nigga-less More than ... et it by all means Wanna be a big timer like the guy from New Orleans Got ... the guy from New Orleans Got big dreams but they absurd and they obscene
24 5.You Aint A Killa Big Pun-Bronx Legends Never Die5.You Aint A Killa[Verse1] The harsh realities of life is takin tolls EvenJesus Christ forsak ... tion general assassin Catchin any wreck blastin any tech Smashin any chest passin any test Charles Manson in the flesh Any last requests before you meet your maker? Sew what you reap a wake up shakin up a storm like Anita Baker I'll take you straight ... I'll still be in your fuckin dreams[Hook] You ain't a killer yo
25 8.Dream Shatterer Big Pun-Bronx Legends Never Die8.Dream Shatterer[Verse1] I shatter ... atterer[Verse1] I shatter dreams likeJordan Assault and batter your team Your squadron'll be barred from rap like Adam and Eve from the garden I'm carving my ... cannons and Gatling guns It's Big Pun The one and only son of Tony Montana You ain't promised mañana in the rotten manzana C'mon pana we need more rhymers Feel th ... beat But it won't matter Your dreams still gon' shatter It's
26 2.John Blaze[Feat. NasJadakiss Raekwon& FatJoe] Big Pun-Rhymin’ Abomination The Remix EP2.John Blaze[Feat. NasJadakiss Raekwon& FatJoe](feat. FatJoe Nas RaekwonJadakiss)[Ve ... sangres_ blood in Spanish So many thugs vanish unite the system to fight with inner street wisdom to help teach a prison[Verse2: ... o help teach a prison[Verse2: Big Punisher] My crew puff lye anyone test the Pun must dieJust give me one try--'Now you know you done fucked up right?' Hah you ain't got no wins in my casa Que ... s ly
27 5.You Aint A Killer Big Pun-Rhymin’ Abomination The Remix EP5.You Aint A Killer[Verse1] The harsh realities of life is takin tolls EvenJesus Chr ... tion general assassin Catchin any wreck blastin any tech Smashin any chest passin any test Charles Manson in the flesh Any last requests before you meet your maker? Sew what you reap a wake up shakin up a storm like Anita Baker I'll take you straight ... I'll still be in your fuckin dreams[Hook] You ain't a killer
28 3.Change o see and any living man be glad to beat. B ran the streets B Had the dough.'Fore a couple reasons he the man to know just got back out A coup ... weekends ago. Plus he kept a big bag of the reefer to roll She was from the other side the way they met wasn't even nothing fly After wing stop there was a road ... smart girl give amazing brain big dreams to do Major thangs. But life is full of change life is full of change Hook: Oh you never know how things'll go no way. O
29 12.The Top for P.A.T Big Hawk DJ Screw Big Moe and Pimp C I'm a shine for my city fuck them haters talkin' down So holla at a nigga when you see me walkin' round07 was a h ... steams chasin' million dollar dreams Livin' the thug life I get it by any means When times get hard I got no one to hold me down So I ride with the top down and cruise around town The boppers in line ca ... ne And I ain't got sprayed by any but homie I ain't done I'm'bout to
30 4.Lies Song(feat. Wax& Shane Reis) ast food('Any sauces with that?''Uh can I get three barbecue?') Bobby Flay never wrote a recipe Michelle Obama won't stop sexting me Fat peopl ... you[Verse2: Wax] Your wildest dreams are all easily attainable And oil based infrastructure's endlessly sustainable The people in charge are all anti-war The econ ... the Hollywood Hills I own two big homes Voting is important It's really hard to find a strip club in Portland[Hook: Spose] I would never lie lie lie Betty White i ...
31 13.Big Boys Neighborhood(Freestyle) alifornia Dreams (Mixtape)13.Big Boys Neighborhood(Freestyle)[Verse1] Parasites in my stomach keep me with a good feeling y'all Gotta see how I'm chillin' on ... uxury car Hopping out feeling big as Mutombo20 on pump six dirty Marcellus called me Dumbo20 years ago can't forget Now I can lend all my ear into how to stack th ... style off the top of the dome Big Boy city you know my home I'mma represent every time I come to the lab If you wanna see me homeboy get t
32 8.Pretty World Was Big8.Pretty I see you in my dreams This life is pretty Talk to me Tell my ... is pretty Talk to me Tell my any story See me You dont have to be alone We sat on cold concrete I could only stare at my feet When you said You felt close to me ... eeding you Talk to me Tell me any story See me You don't have to be a
33 7.Perspective half man big dreams small plan So welcome to the Pirate Bay all free no catch No thieves round here you can leave your door on the latch We had a ... y basic function It cannot be any better it cannot be any worse It can only be the way it is
34 2.Psychopath Killer much too many drugs what you're seeing I'm a mindfuck completely this-(gus)-ting I'm(white) a human mutt fuck a being I'm a dog- fuck lambs I' ... solve Giant set of balls too big to buy a set of drawers Might as well unzip my fly and let'em fall to the floor Each thought's completely warped I'm like a walk ... l you scared to stare in into any mirrors when you near'em? Well if so get ready for some shit yo'Is this some kind of sick joke?' shit no motherfuckin schitzo So ...
35 13.Fishwater here Than any whale's mama ever seen Alright tonight I've been fueling my ... tonight I've been fueling my dreams eatin greens and beans When I get back down there I'm gonna drink more fish stew Than all the ... k more fish stew Than all the big fishes do And I still want more I s
36 1.White Knuckles n that of any ordinary being. Super beast gazes farther out into the universe than ... er out into the universe than any human has ever dared or even tried to see They love me when I'm crazy love to feel my pain So they sit alone and know they're no ... ature of habit Thinking in my dreams it's time to reach out and grab it Down to the furniture each detail imagined Loft in Vancouver Venice beach house and cabin ... ly steep bills And some awful big debts it's an awful
37 11.We Intertwine want the big sparks and when my heart can beat no more I hope I'd die for all the good that's left in this world and when my body gives out I ... sh came to shove We would pay any price we would give our whole lives And when my heart can beat no more I hope I'd die for all the good that's left in this world ... ntertwine Ours and theirs the dreams we share here and there and ever
38 16.Road To Zion s with mi big blunt a glow Mi hammer dem a slam and spectator get low Some bwoy coulda ... ator get low Some bwoy coulda big like Bam Bam Biggalow Bust of trigger finger trigger hand and trigger toe A two gun mi have mi bust dem inna stereo'cause I got to keep on walkin ... prosperity Instead of broken dreams and tragedy By any plan and any means and strategy Say we got to keep on walking On the road to Zion man I've been waiting to do this track with you m
39 7.Sun Child ut it and any climate to rise to occasions probably regardless it's trapped inside as I'm writing it Gaia got me love like log hugging and wha ... ow to stay loyal how to do it big They told me the world's ours Yeah yeah They told me the world's powers Yeah yeah They told me the world's ours Yeah yeah They t ... e genie can't see me Where my dreams be nigga[Hook
40 18.Neva Had Shit to have a big tree on that blow up match Cuz I'm the nigga in the hood I am no nigga in Paris ... e hood I am no nigga in Paris Dreams big niga I use to sleep at the classes Nobody tell me shit nigga I know go right there So is mine all that Cuz I ain't never had shi ... b throwing money in all Fresh any day cuz I couldn't buy dinner Well I drink everyday cuz I couldn't by dinner You won't understand me cuz you ain't from where I' ... rom the air you have a really bi
41 14.All For Love(Ft. Spade-O) Meek Mill-Dreams Are Worth More Than Money14.All For Love(Ft. Spade-O)[Intro Meek Mill] Man fuck all these niggas[Verse1:Meek Mill] I ... y niggas get wound tight like big balls of yarn It's on Drastic timing Drastic living I mean I feel an itch I make rash decisions I'm a street mathematician I ble ... d pump me The4 pound a ground any niggas tryna jump me Get goofy my t
42 1.123 men of my dreams You won't find even zeus or apollo to find me I'll point this on point like the top of a palm tree I end up be the operate wh ... the label for people who got dreams But i bringing to the table rediculous irie I'm a legend not a fable thats putting it mildly And they pinging but they never ... ut they never stop calling me big cheese And i'm hunked up but you won't come accross ... up but you won't come accross any big cheese I ain't worried abo
43 11.Unraveling Verse] Ma big rows pretty even The pair pretty row pretty girl pretty evening Pull out a flesh girl flesh ma region I'm not oppressed to pledg ... s is my way of staying mellow Bigger sizes no expectations and surprises No pitfalls flip falls or deposits Can't cut tides with the tide when it rises Different ... othafucka of your mothafuckin dreams Took a whole new meaning since just started eatin meat Took a whole new meaning since just started being me Giving bee to liv ...
44 6.Empire State of Mind n make it anywhere that's what they say Seeing my face in lights or my name in marquees found down on Broadway Even if it ain't all it seems I ... it seems I got a pocketful of dreams Baby I'm from New York! Concrete jungle where ... w York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There's nothing you can't do Now you're in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new ... will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Hear it for New York New York Ne
45 5.So Alone teen with big dreams the world's finally found The next guy to be crowned Still I frown because I'm drowning in stress The amount of the loud to d ... of being the king When we die anyway and we could die any day[Hook

46 3.Hunger Games ettled by dreams of heaven I've had where the devil was seen If life's a bitch then I'm that sufferer her ex hustler Can't front almost fell i ... chumps And I'm suited to play big like Professor Klump let this dump I want that Bubba Gump gwop at worst a lesser Trump A verse from Bless will leave folks at a ... meaning behind it don't need any sponsors Whether they seem responsi
47 12.Detroit vs. Everybody ce da5'9' Big Sean Danny Brown DeJ Loaf and Trick-Trick(prod. by Statik Selektah Eminem)[Hook Dej Loaf] Tell'em if they want it they can come ... Detroit motherfucka)[Verse2: Big Sean] Boy I need no halves and halves I want the game in entirety100 percent cut no stitches required Welcome to Detroit where i ... no offense dunk on me I'm Mr. Big Shot these hoes get drunk off me I'm overrespected my mama gated community's overprotective So futuristic I'm already over my ne ...
48 2.Makin Moves Feat. Rockie Fresh in' at my dreams and I feel like they all mine Seen a little pain but I'mma be just fine I came from the dark I saw the light created a spark ... blows Cause we be makin' that big dough You gotta keep a cold flow Any way the wind blows We be droppin' that info And we be makin' that ... at info And we be makin' that big dough We be makin' that big dough oh oh oh oh(Hook break) Beats
49 5.Paystyle tages and any parties Any my style is gettin bank Gettin head gettin hella dank I drop my top when it's hot and sunny So how you talk shit when you ain't ... In the back of a motherfuckin big ass truckJump two rows back and get my dick sucked Benzos Lexus Rolex and Caddy Fine lil bitches havin sex with Daddy I ain't gi ... cause I been there befo' Eat any damn thing and got nowhere to go Daydreams about bein great It all started
50 10.Children of the Revolution of hazard big wheeled pulled the brake Chase the ice cream truck down the street Full mistake Caught a cramp fat boy style since a young-in Ke ... urn I don't believe in hardly any thing but evolution They should have killed us all the children of the revolution[Verse2: Ill Bill] Yo guidos rocking Pete Rose ... s Iran contra and Ollie North Dreams of DefJam profile tommy boy Ralp
51 4.Cut You Off nstant my dreams will unlock Money flow like water I'll just wait at the dock And by the way I'ma start finding more light to shed like a smal ... your style or his rims ain't bigger pussy nigga I'ma cut you off[Chorus] Cause every time you come around you be hollering that whoop-de-whoop blase-blah He say ... oms Yeah my momma as loyal as any sister would come Come to my house just to yap about your own people dang And if your blood wasn't running through my veins I wo ...
52 6.Million$ Dreams Feat. Vince Staples .Million$ Dreams Feat. Vince Staples[Verse1:Vince Staples] Million dollar ... Vince Staples] Million dollar dreams hundred dollar nightmares Stomp him'til he bleed my nigga don't fight fair It's OPB I promise I was right there With my heart ... y takin' action Gotta make it big or I'll be here if I don't make it happen Plus my mama sick and medication cost her Cadillac Likely that she'll die before we st ... sand off these million dollar dreams[Hook:Joey Fatts(Vince
53 12.Strange Creature(Featuring Murs) ous] Past dreams past hopes and schemes my cru's flowin And blowin up and that's dope to me homie I Open your chi with the stroke of a key and ... tally sweet!! My poetry's so many bullet bills loaded and cocked Fannin the hammer head sharp shooter blowin my top The grass knoll park shooter melons will pop B ... ies like223's I'm an assassin Big ass bullets with a big ass dick And you can go and ask my mama she'll say“Yeah that's Nick!“ Knew a couple crips Knew a cou
54 1.Oath you I had dreams then I woke up and seen things I seen angels fly with no wings In that psych ward I heard screams! Screaming black white blac ... and I'm about to do some real big shit billboard big Ironic as it sounds for a kid who never talked they done heard a lot of noise from that Bizzy Crook Kid Riding through Texas Thi ... alk about this shit with just anybody So before I let you in Ima make you take an Oath Tell me you will never lie Tell me you will never lie(I
55 4.F.U.P.M. rsed your dreams You feel the pain like an Advil and wipe the blood of your hands and then your mans kill[Bridge] And right before you say goo ... dealer slums hate build here Big gum thrust your four-wheelers in the windmills Miller beer cheers and the veal only fears jail- And late bills oh(?) finger nail ... the city not the bebe shot If any problems I poke'em like(?) Cost ya
56 1.Klitschko ant in on any action You can...[Hook] Two15s in the trunk(in the trunk)7 grams all in the blunt(in the blunt)1 dime piece in the back(in the b ... gritty440s I'm getting shitty Big bad cheques ghost writing that Diddy Gimme that loot like B.I.G just kidding Who's kidding? I'm living no ... Who's kidding? I'm living no dreams big visions(Vocal Chops) Still a Wallac
57 4.Dreams Places& Faces eens4.Dreams Places& Faces[Intro] Shout out to everybody pursuing they dream too Much love to everybody in March Madness My cousin Moo ... ah! And my Taylor Gang niggas BigJerm Motor Mane Sledro Big Lonnie what up[Hook: x2] It was dreams we never dreamed Faces when never seen Places we never been Faces we never seen Places we never been[Verse:] I've seen niggas ... w And I don't mean to step on any frozen toes But I'd kill every show
58 2.Bird's Eye View We smoke big blunts cigars it's us It's obvious kids we regulate up shit moving through brush The beats is grim the ambiance plush The speake ... hot drops make snakes history Dreams of living civilly in Sicily Laughing with a fan like[Verse3: Black Thought] It's the elephant in the room Created by a collis ... I'm sure you wouldn't want is any kind of trouble Unless you got a cr
59 16.Lessons Of Today verything Any time i got in trouble he could probably pull some strings Walk daddy's footsteps and career same speed Made the greatest ... same speed Made the greatest big brother and a father to his own seed(uh-oh) but something happened on the job he started snappin' Problems with the wifee wingin ... asketball now he chasing pipe dreams From the door shit was wrong undetected too long Bugged out when he was little Now he ... out when he was little Now he big that w
60 2.I'll Roll You Up eyes are big his crew ran away in the crunch Then I hit'em with the batman punch Laugh if you want but don't approach Cause most that approac ... kin' mc's holler My rope's so big your girl's callin' me a baller Bad is played so I choose to use mean Diabolical mind the remorse is unseen Quick to cut on ... rse is unseen Quick to cut on any concert quack Lip-synchin' rhymes off a raggedy tracks He claims to hate me swears I can't beat'em I drop a new jam the punks co ... ot I
61 3.Corporation Pull-In ll-In Big money business take what they can always for a profit never for the consumer using all tricks using a trap taking all the money ... hard all for nothing life of dreams shatter faith dowm and grim theres no answer Corporation Pull-in Corporation Pull-in Always in it for money government bastar ... rds are to blame no-one cares any more about society and economy millions die loss of values corporation takes control no way out this misery always backing ... ut th
62 8.Delta Dreams r>8.Delta Dreams We drove North from New Olreans In a'55 Bel Air Music on the bench seat Expectation in the air There's room for a man to ... n the bluffs at Vicksburg The big guns still guard the river Menacing the barges As they haul their heavy load[Chorus] Outside the closed down undertakers Two Lin ... yards and the killing floor Many years ago But the cities they are dying And the industries are wasted And there sure is no good reason To come back here ... good re
63 3.red oleanders ft. Busdriver me to use any tactic that works never to limit myself to one style to keep an open mind!''Why?''To honor you shidoshi.'[Verse1: Milo] My sadne ... he super power to summon pipe dreams when I might need'em There's no point to fight the four seasons I would've raised my hand but I'd make a poor deacon I'd make ... ckled but I celebrated with a big gulp Things are hella great within my little cult Yo what's the coding for a matrix fart? Can you believe I had to crown myself ...
64 5.Putting My Tomorrows Behind it all in any dreams I've had I hear myself saying I'm doing fine my life is a walk through the pines. But I'm sick and I'm tired spending my time ... tomorrows behind. The sky is big and white and I'm locked inside wor
65 9.All In the Wrist n than to any man where I work Waste in this place is a terrible thing to mind likewise time And I'm sure stacking glasses in the back is a to ... at the scenery costs when the dreams are free Sundays she makes dates with inmates and reads to each one from books And when their fingers linger under ... en their fingers linger under big words they give her dumb looks She
66 12.Kate d hell by any power that exists by every force of compulsion in the universe; god-FUCK the falco brothers god hate them and destroy them befor ... them and destroy them before anything like justice can ever exist the motherfuckers who gave me my first punch in the face who leered like the jackals of chaos o ... RINDING GEARS FOR TEETH IN MY DREAMS! HANTON CITY THE MONSTER OF TIME! HEAVY FIST OF THE ALCOHOLIC DEATH-GOD BLOATED WITH THE BLOOD OF MY FATHER! STILL HOLDING HI ...
67 7.We Can't All Be Heroes they got big dreams and big plans End up as a big flock of sacrificial lambs A single achiever Can make a billion believers Look at the children they're all willing and eager Lik ... get a job But he doesn't have any qualities they need Can't put3-man weave drills Under specialty skills More and more he eats pills Prescription refills He still ... corner say Study their words many of them weren't born this way Many moved here back in the day Thinking
68 11.From Da Bottom(Feat. Guordan) I saw my dreams crumble Now I'm out here buzzin you can here the bee's bumble[Bridge: Buordan] Seen some things that can't be told I was told ... ll For this rock you get shot big dog Cause in this game we shootin metal like it's pin ball I put this mac to your face like lip gloss And do you right and put y ... m willing to go and get it by any means I can't be every nigga role model Why nobody my role model I got my own son and race And my life is very precious And my s ...
69 7.Market Forces We're one big connected nation In our workplace they broke up resistance cells Not passionate about your job You are an infidel And all the un ... recovery We might have known Big Brother would end up a show on TV Orwell's ghost looks knowingly freed and savory Come with us the future is ours to be And chan ... here in my home I never made any connection between the illness and my new phone Apparently they found the cure in some lab inJapan But never manufactured it cos ...
70 11.Can t Go tha hood big dreams and lights any other round me blink twice bet you
71 8.77 s amazing big holes and raising Hold should hold the savings Get lost I'll pave I line the success through my mind and chest My rhyme's impres ... ssy nigger war back Flow past any other MC alive May this whole to survive Cut those with these lies Don't lie but you niggers is tired trying to find your Your r ... hen I spit in my shit I cause big scene Was the type of niggers who write about lightning triggers I realize those lines were real lies At time still try to get a ...
72 10.Give Me a Reason ds street dreams they gon' sell you Take you to a place where can't nobody gon' help you Or run to your rescue I give respect where it's due Y ... niggas gon' get they issue By any means shit we more than official Put you out of your misery Have a morgue and it[Hook: BoldyJames] Who do you believe in?(Me or ... e back in09' Got a.45 soon as Big died on the North side banging65 I
73 7.Split Like a Lip No Blood On the Beard you head big girl dreams on your mind. Running all around again with your hand covered up. You write turn just fine she's a ... write turn just fine she's a big girl you never mind. Sure it won't bany other way outside these blocks I've
74 15.Hate Me Now(Feat. Puff Daddy) k Go down any way you want it to go down(do it now) Weak jealous motherfuckers(do it now do it now) Fuck y'all![Verse1] Don't hate me hate the ... y style's greater Model dater big threat to a lot of you haters Commentators ringside try watchin my paper Almost a decade quite impressive Most of the best is in ... tand for Expandin more to the big screen Bill Gates dreams But it seems you'd rather see me
75 12.What You Want strike in any moment Pear dope beats mixed with bacon soda My pen iller than iceberg slims I drop gems hit the hole and I'm going like Billy S ... I gotta face first I'm guilty Big pen wouldn't play on this turf feel me?(Hook) I am nothing like your regular averageJoe I'mma show you what I'm spittin this rea ... tmare a Freddy Krueger niggas dreams(Verse) Yo Remy and kush style vi
76 3.Follow My Lead Rapper Big Pooh-Fat Boy Fresh, Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas3.Follow My Lead'Please please please listen! I've got one or two thin ... ME! You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY! You've got to think for your selves! You're ALL individuals![Verse One] Yeah.. I put my pants on one leg at a time I ain't ... t stories you've been fed So many lies you can sop a piece of bread Say they want the truth runaway poof Wanna die slow death hang'em by a noose Knock'em off the ... li
77 6.Put Em Up br>[feat. Bigg Poppa][Intro] Lil Snupe Snupe nigga[Bridge: x2] I'm chasin my dream full of good kush and codeine Keep a lot of bad bitches aro ... a nigga so lean Had the most dreams got me chasin mo green All my niggas outchea chasin those ... y niggas outchea chasin those dreams Nigga gotta get it by any means Any nigga try to really come in-between We gon hit you up with the fuckin red beam ... u up with the fuckin red beam Any fuck niggas wanna play wi
78 9.Memories Back Then(Feat. T.I. B.o.B) ever gave any nigga time of day But she the chick all the niggas tried to talk to But when it came to me she had a thing for me When we kick i ... old up is that you? With them big ol' thighs after school?Jay305 had gave me high five When I said I'm in hot pursuit You said I won't ride until Kendrick drive A ... stop and wait in line ho! Her dreams holds Versace She fall for Armani Only deal with rich niggas Fuck you and Mitt Romney I'm grown now I'm on my own now I'm po- ...
79 8.The Heart Pt. II system by any means whatsoever. I try not to obey them at ... er. I try not to obey them at anytime. That's what I believe in not believing in.''So what keeps you alive?''Four ... o what keeps you alive?''Four big bottles of water a day two packs of Marlboro Reds. And uh I don't know what keeps me alive shit. Music I have to listen to music ... perfect and I ain't seen too many churches Or know them testament verses You should either hear me now or go deaf Or end up de
80 24.Dying Of Thirst u make it big And if I die before your album drop I hope--[Hook][Verse2] You wrote a song about my sister on your tape And called it'Section.8 ... elp my mother be blessed for many moons I suffer a lot and every day the glass mirror Get tougher to watch I tie my stomach in knots And I'm not sure why I'm infa ... realer than the TV screen By any means wasn't trying to offend or come between Her personal life I was like'it need to be told' Cursing the life of20 generations ...
81 6.Rich Man all Cause dreams never lie he knew he could have it all He started with a ... have it all He started with a big plan And now he is a rich man I know we're only on the ground but I hold my head tall If you stay by my side then baby you'll ha ... have it all Got nothin' but a big plan But soon I'll be a rich man[Mad Son]: He just got his B.A. now life's movin' fast like a freeway Savin' for a home college ... y he'd have that woman of his dreams[Hook][BigJess]: He
82 19.New York Times Ya know? Big city of dreams motivated by schemes Getting money regimine with my get money machine Nah mean? yeah[Verse1:J Cole] New York times Come liste ... tting to the money of sins by any means As I watch it all pain out trying not to stand out Fish out of water unofficial reporter Appear life is a bitch I blow a k ... bout it) They say you can win anywhere If you can win here And you ain't been no where if you ain't been here Ball so hard you aint really in the gam
83 13.My2 Cents ack Those big blue eyes are hard to reach So impossible it makes you me Like a guitar that cries for days Seduces you in a thousand ways You f ... a thousand ways You feel his dreams now you're uptight It makes any girl we can out of sight(Chorus)'Ca
84 13.Jill Place 't coming any time soon Drowning in a pool of my surroundings doing bodies on the spoons We still up at noon suicidal convoys of a drug dealer ... u getting it right I'm having big dreams picket fence kids and a wife But until it's that time I'm on this grind and I'm a ... e I'm on this grind and I'm a big high Forget me this time but if you
85 8.?Name Written in Water s Mccombs-Big Wheel and Others8.?Name Written in Water In the very center of my Soul Is an Eye from which emerges a sword I just wish ... Fear and solitude faithful as any friend Cannot even linger about after I descend My name is written in water and I'm gone again My name written in water None of ... in the same river twice'What dreams may come when shuffled off this
86 15.Sean II s Mccombs-Big Wheel and Others15.Sean II Phew Do you have ... .Sean II Phew Do you have any dreams? Yeah dreams that the world was ice. People were ice cream and I was eating the people up. Uh. Birds flyin' Skyscrapers flying in it. A ho ... nimals flying in it Bird Does anything live in the sky? Yes bricks ri
87 8.Good2getha(Feat. AshtonJones)[Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.] Big K.R.I.T.-King Remembered In Time (Mixtape)8.Good2getha(Feat. AshtonJones)[Prod. By ... a(Feat. AshtonJones)[Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.][Hook Big Krit and AshtonJones] Cause we could be Kings and Queens And Highs and Lows And Wires and Vogues And ... Lows And Wires and Vogues And anything that goes And Together we are closest It was meant to be you're chosen The Best I know I know Cause we go good together bab ... ile mind'Till you conceive my dreams[Hook][
88 42.Burning Sky d. And in any case it wouldn't be the same'cause we've all grown up and we've got our lives and the values that we had once upon a time seem s ... ays will) there's no time for dreams when commerce calls. And the taxman's shouting'cause he wants his dough and the wheels of finance won't begin to slow. And it ... next week with the head of a big corporate I can't disclose who but
89 7.In A Big City br>7.In A Big City I grew up on one side of the river I was a disturbed dangerous drifter Moved over to the other side of the river Now I' ... ing me“mister” And some of my dreams are coming true And some of the smoke from the other room is seeping through And some other ghost in another tomb is screamin ... wipe my own ass If yr chasing any other kinds of currency son Yr real
90 1.The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary reading:'big swifty associates. trend-mongers'. And what might you ask is a trend monger? Well a trend monger is a person Who ... trend monger is a person Who dreams up a trend(like'the twist'--- or'flower power') And spreads it throughout the land Using all the frightening little skills Th ... s on him All the girls in the big swifty Steno pool Knew... Here was a Nocturnal Gregarious Wild swine On his way up! A peccary of destiny Adventure And Romance! ... venture And Rom
91 4.Too Many Fish br>4.Too Many Fish作詞 Sean McMillion、RalphJeanty、Amy Heidemann、Nick Noonan、Christopher Stewart、Rodney Richard作曲 Sean McMillion、RalphJeanty、 ... r Stewart、Rodney Richard Too many fish in the sea to miss one Too many fish in the sea to miss one Too many fish in the sea to miss one Too many fish in the sea to miss one. If you caught one you can catch another one If you caught one you can catch another one If you caug ... s fishing for a real
92 8.Remember the Mountain Bed d not see any wrong in you and you saw none in me Your arm was brown against the ground your cheeks part of the sky Your fingers played with g ... an must work and how to dream big dreams To conquer time and space and fight the rivers and the seas I stand here filled with my emptiness now and look at city and la ... warm nervous hands I crossed many states just to stand here now my face all hot with tears I crossed city and valley desert and stream to bring my body here
93 5.Too Many Fish br>5.Too Many Fish Too many fish in the sea to miss one Too many fish in the sea to miss one Too many fish in the sea to miss one Too many fish in the sea to miss one. If you caught one you can catch another one If you caught one you can catch another one If you caug ... s fishing for a real good man any second'bout to reel one in. A little bait and I had one hooked I threw him back he was no good. Why you stressing me boy? Blowin ... u can get left just
94 2.Never Been ivin' So many women and men don't want me to win I got God that's why they bullets can't break my skin Roll foreign in the winter American in ... winter American in the spring Any other time a playa stretch Hummer limousine Whether you see me in person or in a magazine I keep bags of purple ain't no mo' bag ... cream cuz I'm the man of they dreams I'm represented by my piece chain watch and my ring Yea I'm on the radio yea I'm on the television But never sellin' my soul ...
95 4.I'm Gone Featuring Big Sean][Verse1:Tyga] Ugh looking around glass my future is in the past I'm re-arranging my life I'm single and now I laugh All of ... tay ready to die behind these Biggie lenses Reinventing all the Audemars Breguet shitJust left the hood word to the5th Dist Bout to cop a G to the roof like Diddy ... car bumper Never depended on anyone co-dependent Kept my thoughts to myself I don't need opinions No middle mans in the middle of my sands Niggas thing they swee ...
96 1.Flowers In May n with Me Big Dreams And The Headlines Blueprint Bunny In a Bunny Suit Candy Bar Killer Christmas Makes Me Blue Every Little Now And Then Flowers ... te I Am the Man I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance In The Water Where T
97 12.Nothing to Me(Live) livin' my dreams without snoozing Not making any money like these cubicle dudes man It's hard to figure out like a rubiks cube but when we in the city it's like'Who is these dud ... a day average travellin5 guys big dreams one van packed in Personal debts
98 1.The Garden will get any better We chose to kill our selves it was never meant to be If I could only make you see that your heart has been deceived By th ... ng hood Selling salvation for big houses and car payments World peace is way out of our reach TV and radio play the sermons the devil preach Saying fire ain't hot ... my cold hard cash selling me dreams Marketing to people like they ma
99 6.Set Precedent ays do it bigger than before You're giving me that bullshit information I don't wanna hear that shit no more Setting precedent Yeah we're sett ... ff this low carb diet whether Dreams or schemes believe it sonny Look by hook or crook I'm tryna get this money Everything is fiscal in every municipal So I keep ... Thinking of the fame and the dreams I been chasing Trials that I'm facing niggers still hating Cause I'm a ... gers still hating Cause I'm a big dog I'm a fuck
100 3.New God Flow Kanye West-Cruel Summer3.New God Flow[Hook] Shake that body party that bod Shake that body party that bod Shake that body par ... they five stars but sell you dreams They say death multiplies by threes Line them all up and let's just see Fuck em'Ye fuck em'Ye! I wouldn't piss on that nigga ... y hold me down[Hook][Verse3: Kanye West] Hold up I ain't trying to stunt man But these Yeezys jumped over theJumpman Went from most hated to the champion god flow ... Lebron k

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