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1 1.I Don't Wanna Wait Alexi Blue-暫存1.I Don't Wanna Wait Livin out of my life that made for two But I'm lonely cuz I'm still waiting for you There' ... he one thats meant for me PRE CHOURS Time stand still everything's quit lost in this moment No one else gets like you like I do have to be with you ... like I do have to be with you CHOURS Can't you see me I'm the one your searching for No denying I'll keep you coming back for more cause I know I know You will se ... that your the one f
2 20.July(All Because Your Love) Alexi Blue-暫存20.July(All Because Your Love) I keep thinking back to that time midnight the4th ofJuly remember you told me th ... e dance all through the night CHOURS boy you got me feeling like diam
3 5.I need you Alexander-Take Your Chance5.I need you Oh baby yes I'm sorry Oh that's no way to say goodbye No baby oh don't worry I believ ... be strong if you set him free Chour
4 1.Situation y casket.(chourus) Verse2: I went from little boy crawlin straight to big boy ballin And coach another hustla as seem this was my callin You l ... cal you headed for damnation.(chourus) My life was kinda heckted nobody would respect me Flys pockets had an echo lil vadaz always check me My kinfolks movin gett ... you like sandle And buck like alexander and light you like a candle I
5 5.Andy Frederic Alexis Alphon Ringer Catherine Charlotte Hey Andy? Hé Andy C'est une copineà moi qui m'a Dit que tu t'appelais Andy AndyÃ*a fait un ... llez Andy quoi Oh dis-moi oui Chou Andy dis-moi oui Andy Chou Andy dis-moi oui Chéri Chou Andy dis-moi oui Andy wo wo Chou chéri Dis-moi oui Andy Chou Andy dis-lui oui Andy dis-lui dis-lui oui Andy sois gentil Cette fois-ci Le temps se gâte Andy s'en soucie Andy attrappe son p ... C'est Andy Cap c'est

6 11.The Breakdown Alexz Johnson-暫存11.The Breakdown It's out to get me And It's all in my head It wants to take me Time to put me to bed Can so ... me Everybody's out to get me[Chourus] Tell me that the lines are wha
7 7.初心的向陽 istance黃冠龍ALEX.D周信廷SHiN CHOU蔡宥綺Patti Tsai鍵盤 Keyboards Terence Te ... Guitar黃冠龍ALEX.D絃樂 Strings李琪絃樂團和聲編寫 Background Voc ... 軒周信廷 SHiN CHOU黃冠龍 ALEX.D王小四混音室 Mixing Studio mixHaus(Enci
8 5.Nobody But Me 詞周興哲(Eric Chou) Brooke Toia Composer 周興哲(Eric Chou) Arranger Freddy Alexander Tried for weeks Nothing will