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1 1.闪 arity to the scared adversary boom boom just see my body flow with the bass. i'll see fear in your face c
2 1.闪 arity to the scared adversary boom boom just see my body flow with the bass. i'll see fear in your face c
3 5.DivineJudgement cking time to break adversary This is holy war for wielding blade Wakes me up to bring me my will Decide
4 2.Final Resting Place so be it Society my adversary Every single fucking day I will not submit I will not lay down my weapons I
5 6.Fog Of War les going'round The adversary is legendary And his heart is black deadly and black How can he face this m

6 9.NightJob[feat.J. Cole] whole time My only adversary was my own mind Killed my ego now I'm snappin' like it's'09 With a gold min
7 6.Infinite Gaze to the Sun irateJust ahead my adversary aggressing rapidly toward me In the collision there's a victor that arises
8 1.The Rhymes of the Mountain diversity adversary. The cycle of all the rise and fall. Exuberance in waste depravity. Excellence in barren nobility. The lore of monumental ... e glorious. Harmony diversity adversary. Vast and wondrous cast of the glorious. Harmony diversity ... e glorious. Harmony diversity adversary. Ordained by the weight of gr
9 9.Polarize nted to be a better adversary to the evil I have done I have none to show to the one I love But tonight t
10 5.Deny the Savior of fire the sacred adversary no longer denied a promise that we have sworn to you to bring down the sky
11 4.Our Turn le's enemy A worthy adversary in our minds but find the time to realise[Chorus] Don't act so slow your ti
12 11.The Future was born onto earth Adversary a provider from God I'm sorry to scare you(?) Before I even grown to be20 B
13 2.Return of the Savage tempt to thwart his adversary advances Luther Luca the head of the Deluca clan guns down members of the K
14 1.Win Hands Down yes open wide Every adversary is urged to hide With boots on ground Win hands down A giant sound Win hand
15 6.Universal Core ion system Compound adversary forces Shaping infernal flames Surface obscured eruption Induce the god of
16 3.Thy Lord Belial l son Throne of the adversary Infliction the iniquities Abomination& decay The innocent immoral one Damne
17 6.How to Breathe Underwater carries grenades an adversary that raids And invades I'm enraged none escape no one saved I'm a wave I'm
18 5.Deathless Light le of the adversary Bow down and embrace the lord ascending the throne His blade we lead his scythe we swing his fire we shall bring Al-la Xul ... of god but the temple of the adversary See now the infants in the hi
19 7.The Shunned Angel art Hail Satan- the adversary! First to question god's folly For thiss is the righteous path The gospel o
20 17.I'm A Fuckin Wizard sors Im a mercenary adversary im a sorcerer surfer All usurpers are my supper i make them suffer setbacks

21 7.Venus Armata re fire-hardened An adversary of fire How would you have known there was a ghost living in your veins Wak
22 1.Mediocre Shakespeare hope you face your adversary And find you're stronger than you thin
23 11.Learn Today to go down Tell the adversary we ready for the showdown Never be a sell out cause we already souled out W
24 3.Exorcism ion of all infernal adversary Every legion congregation and sect The master of deceit And enemy of man's
25 6.A Gluttonous Abomination od will be your new adversary strapped to a chair with your eyes forced open. Forced to watch his own man
26 6.Where Wasps Now Nest Miscreant Adversary To slay this beast would make us beasts ourselves Nothing can stand in his way100 men with ropes and chains To bring him t ... gs for mercy The heart of the adversary is crushed by the hatred of m
29 3.Neurotic Aberration worthless adversary Crushing down on me- A beast unknown to man Feeding on my habbit- captivation I will not be Scorn by his lies and terror B ... eeping among us- My worthless adversary Crushing down on me- A beast
30 3.Inbetween Terminals s left to remain My adversary we'll dig the graves No sanctuary for the souls we stir Vessels of evil bro
31 4.Devil Inside Me t the priest or the adversary? I'd blow your mind when I'm up high to fall back down again Up high to fal
32 4.Wicked ds and my imaginary adversary actually Mind blows like fragmentaries manditarily Don't cross the roof wit
33 3.Strenght and Valor the rival superior adversary greater in worth Vile horde from the dark Destroyer and slaughter Of all ad
34 5.Yeap(feat. B.o.B Trae& Young Dro) stupid I'mma fuckin adversary Backyard cemetary where you wanna get buried? Put you right next to the bit
35 11.Darkest Shade of Grey So hard to function adversary inside? ya missed? And my assumption is your reason to manifest The inner a
36 10.Think I'm Sick and then reverse My adversary knows me well She's out for blood too soon to tell If I'll outsmart these l
37 4.Wicked ds and my imaginary adversary actually Mind blows like fragmentaries manditarily Don't cross the roof wit
38 12.Native Sons achel Maddow Or her adversary that's Melissa Harris Perry I be like Alex Wagner questioning the politicia
39 5.Set Triumphant- Nubti Restless Adversary the Black Seed the Deathless Priest of the Black Flame!' Venite Set Triumphator Princeps Tempestatis Venite Sutekh Perdito ... dictable Seth is the restless Adversary and a powerful Protector. His
40 20.Dizzy Dreams companion and soul adversary And to my dismay to this day still a war's on Formed a truce with my spirit
41 1.Galactic Cleansing le fears an ancient adversary that's awoken Warp the mind deranged thoughts erratic massacre begins An ar
42 10.Under Black Sails aks born to be king Adversary of fate Writing this hateful story of forsaking and pain Leading me to the
43 1.Alpha ey may see me as an adversary'cus they know I'm tryin to tell em about the farest the artist who grow Onl
44 4.Profane Path f perdition upon us Adversary the Devil Seeking whom he may devour This king of tyre Apollyon the destroy
45 9.Satan s of our insistence Adversary of the world of order Desecrator of the world existence Satan take me and c

46 6.Unstoppable claiming they were adversary I don't give a fuck if the cops pull up shotguns out or the sirens blarin'
47 5.Fight The Oppression struction adversary's death Contamination epidemics and fear Bloodshed goes on till the very last breath No remedy if blood feeds the gear Fig ... it all ends Total destruction adversary's death Contamination epidemi
48 13.Underdog makes me a lyrical adversary So you can keep your lifestyle yeah you think you're fly But I'm a boss so
49 6.The Seeming and the Real consolation But the adversary's adjudication I don't mind what money can buy But an upright life at least
50 10.Anxious(Prod by The Avengerz) foreign to wear My adversary say I'm more than prepared it's just like them Say some face shit to my fac
51 2.Heady Riser ormidable adversary Their conscience foraged to their greed By virtue of the definition of the heady riser He will move to his position of pow ... d when they stop unformidable adversary Their conscience foraged to t
52 15.The Adversary br>15.The Adversary You see me in a foreign face In ships that sink without trace In your father's doubt Will he praise or shout? Behind t ... from me run from me I am the adversary I am the adversary I am the adversary I am your foe I go where you go Between ideals and fact Between the thought and the act You sink without trace Grow to hat ... from me run from me I am the adversary I am the adversary I am the adversary I am your foe I go where yo
53 6.Psychological Disharmonism - occupied by men's adversary Blessed with the sagacity of the denied almighty Ensnared by the forgotten
54 11.Self-Fulfilling Prophecy on't play adversary anymore I won't bare witness to coercion But I'll bear persistent arms I'm scouring through these lessons burned into my m ... ry over the rest I won't play adversary anymore If what you had preached Was what you believed I wouldn't live amongst this mass of debris The places I've seen th ... ry over the rest I won't play adversary anymor
55 2.Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft interplanetary anti-adversary craft We are your friend
56 2.Virus(Hudson Mohawke Peaches& Guacamol Remix) My sweet adversary My sweet adversary My sweet adversary(!
57 2.Virus(Hudson Mohawke Peaches& Guacamol Remix) My sweet adversary My sweet adversary My sweet adversary(!
58 3.Phoenix Rising Longing for a rival Adversary worth the ichor To gain relief I was storming into my demise Like Icaros to
59 1.Consciousness of Aimlessness y protest& image of adversary overcome the limits of permitted things death rituals of ecstasy I reading
61 7.Nemesis t don't call me the adversary For I cannot be defeated Immortal I stand As above so belo
62 9.Planetary Duality II: A Prophecies Fruition Fruition A vile adversary approaches with haste The immense conqueror hides the sun Final alignment i
63 7.Virus(病毒)(Album Version) My sweet adversary ohh my sweet adversary ahh My sweet adversary(!
64 8.Welcome To The Asylum bigger A fear of an adversary unify you all Welcome to the asylum A monotheistic sect Where reasons are a
65 2.Under Cover Of Darkness riend And adversary. Oh but I will call you. Get dressed jump out of bed You do it best. Are you OK? I've been all around this town Everybody' ... I'll say it again So long my adversary and friend. Don't go that way. I'll wait for you. I'm tired of all your friends Knocking down your door. Get up in the mor ... ur all. So long my friend And adversary. Oh I'll be waiting for you
66 4.Before The Flame yes of all creation Adversary discourse of reason Now set free Behold this destruction of grace Fall slav
67 8.Morbidity sacrifice stricken adversary Coiling over harvesting eyes Upon the laden martyrs with morbidity Mourning
68 2.Celebration Of A Wounding sing tides Love the adversary dissolve and thrive! As oceans dry the buried depths shall be brought to li
69 3.Mistress Death one proved a worthy adversary they all fell at my hands the massacre came so easily none shall live while
70 7.Dance Of The Adversary ce Of The Adversary Inhale the fury of the darkness In anaemic vertigo Across the threshold I am burning Between to owl wings I go I go! D ... ance of apostasy Dance of the adversary The stench of of death becomes my gateway Wilder and wilder grows the night Backwards I dance into the crossroads Worlds t ... ance of apostasy Dance of the adversary Caress the flame caress the steep fog Caress the labyrinth of knives The bleeding moon cry out for murder And incense burn ...
71 4.Half And Half e valley to face my adversary. All you need to do is keep pushing forward. I will not be shaken. With the
72 8.Union hen we face another adversary? We will do what needs be done Fly on soar above it all Fly far beyond the
73 7.The Foul Within ient alp- adversary- come forth and reveal Thy nature thou must proclaim Lord of all winds fever and plague Thy will be done- thy will be done ... has many a name Ancient alp- adversary- come forth and reveal Thy na
74 1.Sun Lest the adversary misunderstand our hand. Lest tadversary misunderstand and say our han
75 8.Grounded rested But for our adversary's worthy prepare to be tested Hoo haa! How will you stand if you don't unde
76 10.The Sun Is My Destroyer demise Ultraviolet adversary like an open wound to cauterize The night's assailant is the coming of the
77 8.Fuck Da Bulls(Featuring Birdman) so necessary wit no adversary But it ain't no love like a calender wit no february Imma need4 secretaries
78 9.Virtual Future the line Deflecting adversary's reign Reformulating rival crimes Time is a river winding steadily Down th
79 20.Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft(召集太阳系外星人) interplanetary anti-adversary craft We are your friend
80 14.Carry You re to carry you The adversary to your soul the blackest thoughts That try to poison you these storms subs
81 4.Most Wanted Rockstar he can be my fuckin adversary But if she talk she gon' have to get buried Looked in the mirror[?] Shut up
82 10.Olive Tree ing Put at bay your adversary your commentary And show me a little faith'Cause I don't have much these da
83 20.Fighting For Voltage(LSD Mix) - for evolution The adversary's looming close Time to see things for what they are And as the chaos grows
84 3.Hopeless Insurrection h daunting powerful adversary Always changing arsenal means to match intimidation Taking advantage of the
85 7.At What Expense? itudes To a furious adversary Cowering to enemies builds consensus Obsessed in the belief Unfathomable vi
86 9.Classic Struggle find you my biggest adversary. The clock is wearing down. Arrangements wearing thin. Masks decompose forc
87 4.Black Wings e bringer of life's adversary messenger of death Hathn no peace shadowed master bless thy cause appear an
88 4.Calling All Stations in the face of your adversary* Tell them what you want and how will this come to be Don't let them keep y
89 1.Fire On The Moon bygone fears My old adversary reappears Still confronted by the many faces of Eve No matter how I try to
90 6.Through The Fire n And the adversary says give inJust hold on our Lord will show up And He will take you through the fire again So many times I've questioned c ... he valley of decision And the adversary says give inJust hold on hold on our Lord will show up And He will take you through the fire again I know within myself I ... he valley of decision And the adversary says give inJust hold on hold
91 6.Ransom Oh death my worthy adversary You've tormented me for far too long He leapt into the arms of hell itself
92 6.Weakness o be But when every adversary lies in wait to test me My world they would undo And they'd break me down t
93 1.Elevation of life I'm my only adversary And who we friend is a pen I begin Creatin' conversation no time to play pr
94 6.Profits Of Man s mark And none the adversary will have a heart The letter from Priest my freedom of speech Y'all read'em
95 9.End Of Days !) Behold Adversary!(NEVER BEFORE! NEVER AGAIN!) Befriend my enemies! My pulse is racing; I can hear my heart beat! Is this the last time You ... BEFORE! NEVER AGAIN!) Behold Adversary!(NEVER BEFORE! NEVER AGAIN!)
96 3.I'll Handcraft Ya Fate ndary But hardly an adversary for me Said to be amongst the ranks Running with thieves Guerrilla wit it G
97 4.Bringer Of Storms the earth now rise Adversary of darkness Thus he was thus he perished Thus he carries the torch in infam
98 9.Through the Fire of decision And the adversary says give inJust hold on our Lord will show up And He will take you through
99 1.Father Of Lies re who birthed your adversary I retrieved her head and mutilated every last remain The blood of the innoc
100 11.Fat Rabbit ochie betta then my Adversary. don't be so scary i never thought that u could act up make a ni**a Wanna b

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