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1 7.Blow Ya Head Off feat. Marvalyss& Blacastan spilling acid out my mouth I'm a dragon I'm snatching all your gold I'm Bilbo Baggins(Is you the Hobbit bitch?) I'm the king of the apocalyps ... e crop circle maker where the mothership's landing I'm a ghost who's lamping in an abandoned mansion Watch the news while I drop these jewels I got tubes in my ve ... The golden child lamping in a temple in Tibet I'm Eddie Murphy spitti
2 42.Norman Bates ft Taboo Locksmith Diabolic Nino Bless and Coal c symbols temples cathedrals and tarot cards Washington monuments monotheist screaming Pharaoh Gods Clarence13X with a thirteen hex Could the8 ... I engrave my name across your mothers vaginal walls Then I chisel my initials on some tablets in Prague And make your bitch go down on me after I jog[Verse3: Diab ... ith some reefer on a sheet of acid hits And rap as if an alien breed
3 3.Poet Laureate Infinity it for my Mothers and my Brothers I did it for the world to discover My poetry is peaceful aggressive but regal progressive to the people I ho ... are Godless Sulphuric Nitric Acid eats through the Labyrinth The foundation is cracking we must take action150 Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth B.I.B.L.E. ... prison camps with the sons of mothers that are too weak to dance At least we notice damage what do we expect The coming super storm is gonna wipe us off the map19 ...
4 13.Peace And Love y angelic temple he has been envisioning in his sleep she is9 months pregnant. later that day she gives birth to their son. Born with gingham ... sh in his sleep whi Cking his mothers breast his twisted utopian visions. she looks at him terrified and says'remember i'm holding you responsible for all of this ... spaces Give some cowboys some acid Many[blah] Makes me nervous Nothing seems right now Too many open spaces Yes wyoming Makes me nervous Someone ought to go up to ...
5 25.Notebook Poems ORKS LIKE ACID Time works like acid Stained eyes You see time fly The face changes as the heart beats& breathes We are not constant We are an arrow in flight The s ... a school at night. L'AMERICA Acid dreams& Spanish Queens L'america(another? lone? voice) Asthma child the fumidor Lamerica Duchess rabbit the woods by the road L ... lver Us wrestling in the warm temple of summer beside the temple cool inside-- He took my hand. He spoke to me-- Black horse hooves ga