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1 17.Can't Have Everything ce All that's in my account at the Bank of America All that Drake hysteria Six side east side all that fo
2 10.Skepta Interlude Check my account it's a madness(Mmm) Block that account it's a catfish(Yeah) Block that account it's a catfish(Dubplate special) Check my ... sh(Dubplate special) Check my account that's a madness Check my account that's a madness(OVO BBK) Block that ... a madness(OVO BBK) Block that account that's a catfish You don't know me you better get to know me Stand up tall right next to Kobe A young G I had the weapon on ... ayans It's a madness Check my accou
3 2.Hate to Tell You What's in your bank account Wish someone would help me out yeah Yeah I don't really care What kind of clo
4 1.Weekend Millionaires of them Empty bank account if my old friends could see me now Look at me now Don't make me wait out in t
5 1.Run Up(feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR& Nicki Minaj) And your mama your accountant You watch your figure'cause you a big deal Got your fresh prince and a big

6 1.Slide y my bank account And buy that boy a wooden pipe Buy that boy a wooden pipe I might I might Empty my bank ... I might I might Empty my bank account And buy that boy a wooden pipe Buy that boy a wooden pipe I might Do you slide on all your nights like this? Do you try on a ... o clear I might empty my bank account(ooh) And buy that boy a wooden pipe(ooh yeah) Buy that boy a wooden pipe I might I might(slide) Empty my bank ... I might(slide) Empty my bank account(ooh sl
7 5.Super Trapper e and then hired an accountant Lamborgini I say lamb when I pronounce it The doors go lift up in the air
8 1.Feel Me elate feel me? Bank account liftin' weights feel me? Let my niggas through the gate feel me? Bel-Air esta
9 1.Birds n Bars zy drink and a Uber account Pretty swiftly's how the projects run I come through show'em how it's done Wo
10 1.Sneakin' u can't stand it My accountant say you sinking like the Titanic David Blaine last summer man you had to v
11 1.Yamborghini High ave that money bank accounts don't spend that bread Cash out on new necklaces14 karat bracelet Dibble dab
12 6.Mad cker with this mass account That didn't wear cap and gown Are you mad cause theJudge didn't give me more
13 6.Rich Man oney in an offshore account Don't want the taxman to see the amount He sucks the marrow out of bones No n
14 5.P**** Print(feat. Kanye West) ckets bitch My bank account is crazy bitch I think it needs some medicine My straight jacket Givenchy-enc
15 14.Closer ritin' this song My account's in the minus Rent fell behind and I'm countin' up dimes Damn it's hard for
16 12.The Hunter my pants or my bank account Don't you slip away Voices that start to betray Even though you raised me I w
17 10.Man Of The Hour his bank account grows Whoa who do you believe? Whoa do not be deceived The blind devotion to second hand gods When will it all stop? When a ... him to be As long as his bank account grows The hero will tell you wh
18 6.Spoil Me ou got in your bank account Boys are for girls women rule the world(Women women rule the world. Women wom
19 1.Swish ntin' That's for my accountant he's good at countin' Only thing the crib don't got is a fuckin' fountain
20 1.Numbers chen Bank accounts always insufficient Till I switched the vision Now my niggas winning And we doing numbers Now we doing numbers We doing num ... ng always in the kitchen Bank accounts always insufficient Till I swi

21 8.Your Unchanging Love erything in my bank account Darling I'm tired of running'round So in your arms I'm gonna settle down'Caus
22 11.Bolo Tie ain't my accountant You don't know what I'm doing Focusing on what I'm giving back Man make better music Fuck preaching on top of the mountai ... G)] Motherfucker you ain't my accountant You don't know what I'm doing Focusing on what I'm giving back Man make better music Fuck preaching on top of the mountai ... YG] Motherfucker you ain't my accountant You don't know what I'm doin
23 4.Never Forget mJewish lawyers and accountants that's the life that I know[Hook] I dedicated every damn thing to this I
24 3.Doin It Well ags one milli in my account(No doubt I'm the player that they're talking about Got that good shit even in
25 3.Doin It Well ft. Nicki Minaj& Trey Songz ags one milli in my account(No doubt I'm the player that they're talking about Got that good shit even in
26 7.A Savior In the Square se don't stop on my account Show us what we've heard so much about[Arhys:] In peace We gather here today[
27 6.Talk To Em Ft. Losa from bank account Now the bank account it is just stupid I was sucker
28 2.Columns e we'll all be held accountable I drew a portrait of Abraxis on a napkin Sex has never given me an ounce
29 6.Stick Move ing money I need an accountant I made it my nigga there's no way around it I'm making my way while you bo
30 1.Wake Up milli' in his bank account don't leave him I was thinkin' I'll never do him wrong like they did the oper
31 7.On Account of Your Love(Club mix) Brett-On Account Of Your Love7.On Account of Your Love(Club mix)
32 6.True Lies Brett-On Account Of Your Love6.True Lies
33 5.Parallel Brett-On Account Of Your Love5.Parallel
34 4.Cost Brett-On Account Of Your Love4.Cost
35 3.Favours Brett-On Account Of Your Love3.Favours Talking in a crowded room But we don't even par
36 2.On Account of Your Love Brett-On Account Of Your Love2.On Account of Your Love
37 1.Street Cleaning Brett-On Account Of Your Love1.Street Cleaning
38 9.Clean Cut Kid ar Could've been an accountant or a tennis star He was wearing boxing gloves took a dive one day Off the
39 4.Questions s never spoke to no accountant Nigga all this finessing God gave me a blessing Make it to Hell before me
40 9.Cosby Sweater(Restrung) from the groove on account of the bounce And looking like Tom Cruise up and down on a couch Status never
41 9.Ask for More t likely need a new account Seen her blew a thousand I just wanna graduate she can move from round me On
42 7.Bank And I check my bank account more than you check your Instagram Grams on top of grams on top of grams of a
43 19.The River t been much work on account of the economy Now all them things that seemed so important Well mister they
44 3.Hey Everybody!(大家好!) the month Your bank account has got insufficient funds We can't afford to give up We gotta make our own l
45 8.Song Of The Stoic(克己頌) my days This is my accounting Of my means and of my ways More years are behind me now Than years that ar

46 8.Issues actin' but my bank account gon' say Fuck you! Respected from SoCal out to the Bay Cashed a lot of checks
47 1.Truffle Butter eckin' my account Bank teller flirtin' after checkin' my ... er flirtin' after checkin' my account Pretty ladies are you here? Tru
48 6.Through the Cellar Door a call to account It's a crying shame if you don't come And it's a call to ... don't come And it's a call to account And it's a crying shame if you
49 1.Have A Nice Life on my table my bank account is stable Royalty check Strange Music is the label Music on point so now your
50 14.Back to the Bando local shows My bank account is on overload Y'all niggas ain't put your wrist in the pot Get you a knot th
51 1.Same As It Ever Was...(introduction) ard Checked my Bank account yesterday still poor They say you got the life most rappers would kill for Wo
52 13.Message No.419 mber to my checking account and the scan of my license to drive an automobile and my passport number prov
53 8.Penny Arcade Theme t an expert at math accounting how the Penny Arcade0 nZz j00r aZz.(that is the way we play...
54 19.Pretty Machines were dried out and accounted For a number of years But these days I fear that my window was just a refle
55 10.2phoneshawty hing AHS Using your account on Netflix I need the motivation so boy keep talking shit And calendars is de
56 14.Unspeakable Sins e of them took into account that Nothing's ever what it seems Dominated by invented forces We are the one
57 10.Don't Look and It Won't Hurt ork Closed her bank account and left town Don't look and it won't hurt With her mother gone and her fathe
58 1.Intro got like four bank accounts I put this pistol to your head give you somethin' to think about I ain't on
59 6.Sanctions g down your netflix account? How can we just digest tyrants gassing children to death
60 4.Stream It Spotify Upgraded my account thanks Bryan what a guy The market says albums ain't gonna fly But if I ain't
61 14.Wall Flowers king sure this bank account is full Had my back against the wall fought my way through Watched a couple c
62 5.The Locker Room n I got my own work Accountable as paper after school that was my homework Text wasn't going through I do
63 1.For the Town t Go make a youtube account and go write some shit Dude Vancouver made me this music bread me I'ma raise
64 10.Yeah I Said It think small My bank account I'm ricky aka rich You can pay the ricky aka dick[Bridge] Yeah I said it bitc
65 5.That Ngga(feat. Young Thug) for realer My bank account overstuffed keep them shits filled up Overloaded bloated pockets overflowing
66 10.What's on Your Mind if I can't benefit Account read and got good penmanship If I started out with it imma end with it Imma f
67 14.G. O. V. ve spent My current account is only a dent Land of the green gold and white assets Your green and gold si
68 1.There Is a Drum All deeds accounted all debts repaid Then shall we all be found And from the silence come just one sound... Moving across every face of the ea ... The balance weighed All deeds accounted all debts repaid Then shall w
69 6.R.I.C.O. it Funny how now my accountant is havin' trouble tryna count it To the people that think that I owe you s
70 4.Sign My Name Like QUEEN that Birthday card accounts I'll never leave my bankJust like that Can you hear these lyrics? Invoice me
71 5.This One's on Me uge dent in my bank account We may or may not make it home safe and sound We might end up in the police c
72 2.Hypnotic that labyrinth Bank account amount used to have me mad tense Though I stay frugal I'm good off that Googl
73 1.Hang On(Intro) ) Swizz Beatz Swiss accounts Swisher Sweets(Swisher Sweets) Switchin' freaks switchin' cars[?] Hurt your
74 9.Clubhouse nge but my checking account Mac Milly[Hook] Yeah I done been through it all Every brick in the wall Got a
75 17.Dreams and Nightmares Born to murder bank account on fat bustin' out the girdle Tellem boys and nothing sweet it's sauerkraut Y
76 8.Tap Back pussy my dick need accountant College girls ratchet bitches Freak hoes model thots I been throwing bands
77 2.M'$ n my bank account M's nigga talkin''bout M's And my YouTube ... lkin''bout M's And my YouTube account say the same amount M's nigga t
78 1.Thought It Was a Drought e free bands in her account I told her'bitch can't be running your mouth Better watch what you say to the
79 1.Palace[In London] ail he emptied your account And hid a part of you that's so invaluable The part of you unsellable at any
80 9.You and I uy I've got no bank account or fancy house high in a high rise But one thing's for certain I'm one happy
81 11.My League er than dog Me bank account gone psycho Five hundred milli'pon the house title You not see your slow life
82 9.Los Angeles ck the funds in the account When the pennies add up Well this fire in my chest weighs more like gold I'm
83 15.Foreclosures rules Every dollar accounted for double M the crew[Hook] Death Row fast life Foreclosed on my past life
84 7.Crocodile Python uple tax breaks all accounts offshore[Hook] Damn why they want to stick me for my paper? They want the de
85 6.Dope Dick ou got that Netflix account baby.(dope dick) Add that10 piece lemon pepper on flat waiting for a young ri
86 1.Free Enterprise rinding till my new account is fully at ease Beefing with broke niggas really like pulling my teeth Get a
87 6.Overlord less complaining no accountability No reek of privilege and weightless tragedy Another day... Spent burie
88 12.Wings Up balances in various accounts(Different) Eating crab cakes on the catamaran Can't nobody say I'm lucky for
89 1.Count It count it you see my accounts(Whoa) Get yourself a phone number homie try it out(I got you) I could show y
90 12.Disa My Ting(Feat. Kardinal Offishall& KK Holiday) t chit chatter Bank account steady climbing up the ladder You can literally see all of my pockets gettin'
91 2.Need to be Smokin f my bank account I need to be smoking Too much shit done went wrong don't want to be on my phone I need to be smoking And I can't even go out ... ven go out because of my bank account I need to be smoking[Verse2] Ma
92 5.Think About Us you change up your account? Thinking I wouldn't notice But I did And now the question is[Chorus x2:] Do
93 6.U.M.A.R. venus Every man is accountable for his own demons Deep in the shadows of my mind i can hear the screamin
94 19.Good Morning Little Schoolgirl the break of day On account of the way you treat me I got to stay away Come on now pretty baby Darling co
95 8.Issues actin' but my bank account gon' say Fuck you! Respected from SoCal out to the Bay Cashed a lot of checks
96 17.I Don't Know etting me the clean account??? Then i roll that benz out You at your friends house Holdin' up with some d
97 3.Save Your Breath every one accountable like a target by the barrel fold Don't tell me that you told me so and you saw it coming years ago Coming faster than a ... s ago I'll tell you every one accountable like a target by the barrel
98 10.The Long Plastic Hallway oft) And no expense(account) was spared. Quetzecotal and Busby Berkely Hanging out over Pasadena with Rod
99 5.Pay the Price ion And holdin' you accountable like you're under investigation Decapitation came for the brain and heads
100 3.Feels Great hat can be a second account you might know one But the hate only breeds it I'm livin' life a secret[?]spe

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