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1 3.Smell Like Money ch I just cut off the lights so I don't shoot my hoe I eat so much shrimp I smoke so much hemp The world too small it is like4 walls You see I ... unched in My chances are cold cut thin but I still took'em and nigga we made it T roll that killer weed up in the swisher and make it as fat as a pig in a blanket ... se2-2 Chainz:]2 Chainz Totin' double barrels in a horse and carriage Ain't scared of nothing except God and marriage Through the concrete grew a rose petal If tra ...
2 6.Just Like Bruddas ns in the cut I treat'em just like brothers Treat'em just like brothers treat'em just like brothers A few goons in the ... e brothers A few goons in the cut I treat'em just like brothers Chewing on the bars and we call'em barbarian I'm on my way to Mars got the stars in the ceiling Do ... s up with petrol Pop a couple double G's and down it with some XO Trippin' off them bars you forgot when you was dead broke Styrofoams and mula yeah styrofoams an ... 'm taking Percocets Dow
3 3.Cypher Of Bosses deck like Xanax on a package full of card Bars on deck like serving booze on a carnival cruise Until I be old as Methuselah I'mma be hard as M ... n til that power is limitless Cut from the cloth of ancestors in the pyramids Left writings on the wall we all need to experience History's a mystery that's why I ... get foul with ya boys missing Double-cross a boss born Christian And
4 18.Breakfast es I take Xanax I can't eat no breakfast Half a pound for breakfast two grams of molly breakfast A pint of lean for breakfast and I'm cookin' ... eakfast I take mollies I take Xanax I can't eat no breakfast Half a pound for breakfast two grams of molly breakfast A pint of lean for breakfast I got collard gr ... that set me up PeeWee in the cut with a scrap and a double cup She ain't see him…[Hook: Gucci Mane][Verse3: PeeWee Longway] In the morning I'm still geekin' l
5 1.5200(Bonus) d tablets Xanax Percs and caine(ain't the only thang)4K TV's iPhones Xbox games(even wedding rings) Water lights and wifi for the cheap(and so ... erything Plays for the triple-double(score) like Abdul Kareem My first job was in the kitchen(what) I was washin' dishes Robbin' niggas juugin' bitches(trap) I ma ... twice a week I sent her Gotta cut the price in half because they got the sensors Switch my mojo work my move regardless I sell everythang Trap like Walmart don't ...

6 3.Taking out the Trash somebody double dared me When you never did it before sometimes it's funny when you focus On the people you know watch them react as you grow ... h and say exactly I don't pop Xanax because pills are for pussies Never scared of being human I ain't afraid of feeling feelings Got that anger got that razor car ... o ya Nobody special that's me Cut off your flow now you got gangrene