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1 7.Rep(feat.Jakes) I love the sweet sensimilia Black dominicaJack Herer Black dominicaJack Herer Black dominicaJack Herer Te
2 7.Into the Earth s With my trusty sensimilia Don't be so jaded or so coy When you could just be familiar[Chorus] Into the
3 14.Survival Reaction tions Verisimilitude: Anger flows throughout all of us Anger expressed as aggressiveness Leads to the violence that infects society Short-temp ... ions for extreme response Verisimilitude: Anger flows throughout all
4 1.Lato Destro del Cuore Laura Pausini-Simili1.Lato Destro del Cuore Oggi Potere e volere Esco dal centro E ti vengo
5 2.Simili a Pausini-Simili2.Simili Sono scappata via Quando mi sono vista dentro a un labirinto Senza decidere Ospite in casa mia Con sillabe d'amore tutte ... abbra La meraviglia di essere simili La tenerezza di essere simili La protezione tra esseri simili Non mi domando più Se ci sarà qualcuno a tendere la rete Pronto a soccorrere Me lo ricordi tu Chi vola impara a sfottere le s ... abbra La meraviglia di essere simili La tenerezza di essere simili

6 3.200 Note Laura Pausini-Simili3.200 Note Una stanza una finestra Un letto in ordine uno specchio Dove
7 4.Innamorata Laura Pausini-Simili4.Innamorata Tutto quello che io voglio essereÈ quello che potevo esser
8 5.Chiedilo al Cielo Laura Pausini-Simili5.Chiedilo al Cielo Era meglio non farsi promesse sotto la pioggia Perc
9 6.Ho Creduto a Me Laura Pausini-Simili6.Ho Creduto a Me Ho creduto a me Ferma a una stazione Vuota di allegri
10 7.Nella Porta Accanto Laura Pausini-Simili7.Nella Porta Accanto Dalla strada dietro casa Ogni sera arrivi tu Col
11 8.Il Nostro Amore Quotidiano Laura Pausini-Simili8.Il Nostro Amore Quotidiano Siamo arrivati fino a qui Ed io nemmeno ci
12 9.Tornerò(Con Calma Si Vedrà) Laura Pausini-Simili9.Tornerò(Con Calma Si Vedrà) Ho preso il mio coraggio e son partita Ho
13 10.Colpevole Laura Pausini-Simili10.Colpevole Dimmi che cosa vuoi da me? Dimmelo pure con parole tue Men
14 11.Io C'ero(+ Amore x Favore) Laura Pausini-Simili11.Io C'ero(+ Amore x Favore) Ho incollato Sul muro L'innocenza E l'ho
15 12.Sono Solo Nuvole Laura Pausini-Simili12.Sono Solo Nuvole Mi dici che c'è un mondo che non va E vorrà dire ch
16 13.Per la Musica Laura Pausini-Simili13.Per la Musica Tendi la mano da un lato Qualcuno sta lì Pronto a sent
17 14.Lo Sapevi Prima Tu Laura Pausini-Simili14.Lo Sapevi Prima Tu Lo sapevi prima tu Ciò che sarebbe arrivato Lo sa
18 15.È a Lei Che Devo l'Amore Laura Pausini-Simili15.È a Lei Che Devo l'Amore Leiè l'essenza più dolceÈ l'assenza più atr
19 12.Strange Creature(Featuring Murs) ng through blasting Similies like223's I'm an assassin Big ass bullets with a big ass dick And you can go
20 13.Espejo cia pero aun mas la similitud todos mis ojos nasen mi rostro no entiendo nada quiero escapar en el reflej

21 9.Aeon es talking bout verisimilitude Ironic all polyphonic Smoke yo chronic sip yo tonic I'll stay conic as in
22 9.All Praise The Victims Of The Middle Passage their culture to assimilize. Piss on their ancient God's to instill Christian lies. Forbidding education
23 5.Hilary$wank ds with similes not simiLIES Spit that unfamiliar put that on familia For love Hip Hop ladies rub your pa
24 3.When Immunities Fall n martirio dei tuoi simili guerra necessaria guerra alle abitudini per non vivere stanco. Senza soldi né
25 6.Kingston Chronic e you rock If ah sensimilia bredda you know mi smuk a lot Some gal a walk and mi seh some gal a talk Some
26 3.Benz touch it So rub it similiar to vapor rub For your chest make those panties Tsunami mixed with false Viag
27 2.Insaeneology tragedy internally Similiar to Merlin so your fragile anatomy burns in Hell Your permanent murder's a tr
28 12.Gimme the Eyes s getting harder To similize Which eyes tell the lie Now when you see that pyramid Lookin' up at that big
29 5.Blind Eyes(The Good American) y Then a Levite did similiar And honestly I don't really know what hurt more That these guys trynna stick
30 2.No Church Freestyle ain't talking about similies I'm talking head-shots where niggas won't remember me I asked God please rem
31 9.Die Losung Masse hier nicht assimiliert sondern Untertassen nur aus blankem Hass attackiert. Sagt mal seid ihr besc
32 8.Poe Mans Dreams(His Vice) words to make their similies heard My simplest shit be more pivotal I penetrate the hearts of good kids A
33 6.96 Bars Of Revenge too much Easy peasy similies used frequently realy gets on my nerves High like sky Big like ben Air like
34 5.Never Lie meter the bitch bad Similiar to vida guerrero and that chilli peper peta ass211 jag aqua color Roll that
35 2.Skies Don't Lie omen already thinks similiar dark activities sounds all to familiar and that's just not cricket like jimi
36 5.The Reunion Pt.2 oss Gilligan Sounds similiar- I'm not feelin'em Get the balls like Venus in Wimbeldon While I'm in them f
37 14.Almost Famous ' His metaphors and similies ain't similar to them not at all If they don't like they can all get fucked
38 3.Bad Attitude ng me all these verisimilitudes I ain't fool You better watch out honey- I'm one pissed of dude I gotta b
39 2.Rise Of The Fallen The Fallen Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera Greg Puciato Up from the ashes of despair and loss Years of ensl
40 3.Counter Sabotage r Sabotage Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera Counter sabotage will bring them to demise Counter sabotage will
41 4.Jeffrey Dahmer rey Dahmer Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera In blood his victims will crawl Body parts all over his house Th
42 5.Lethal Injection Injection Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera Tommy Victor Die your fate is sealed by lethal injection Tried b
43 6.Great Depression Depression Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera Fall into ashes hole of the imperium Rise of the fallen come to
44 7.Mega-Doom .Mega-Doom Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera When the great number seven completes itself Games begin at the
45 8.Kingdom >8.Kingdom Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera We reach our hands towards the sky And wait for the killing sign

46 9.Off With Their Heads heir Heads Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera Off with their heads all across the land Off with their heads ri
47 10.Vulture Culture re Culture Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera Vulture culture is here to stay No tomorrow no today In no man's
48 12.Bloodbath& Beyond th& Beyond Lyricist Massimiliano A Cavalera The river runs red The sky falls in your head The river runs red
49 13.Ecce Sacerdos inventus similis i-lli Qui conser-varet legem excelsis Soprano and Alto Non est inventus ... ano and Alto Non est inventus similis i-lli Qui conser-varet legem ex
50 16.One Track Mind arts Focus everyday similin' when he played His finger prints took a beat and almost fade away. His famil
51 9.Freaky Freaky keep drillin' on facsimilian I get freaky freaky freaky And I get nasty nasty nasty Do anythin' that you
52 1.Governmentalist paragraphs are for similies Governmentalists killed the Kennedy's I heard thatJoss Stone got the remedie
53 1.Magic Weather nouns and verbs and similies Find a wooden step Place it carefully Lodge it between the couplets And apos
54 4.Veronika 4.Veronika Lyricist Massimiliano Casacci Veronica Coassolo Davide Dileo Enrico Matta Samuel Romano Adrian Th
55 3.Bombay Sapphire Coma n In a sensimilia haze I wanted to go to the white fluffy clouds And start the happy days I was just a has-been gone there done that got the T ... d to be with my woman In a sensimilia haze I wanted to go to the whit
56 1.Cold Blue Steel light lamp[solo: Massimiliano] The stars ain't shining now In this artificial sky with electro-psychic st
57 2.Tales From A Winter To Come : Carmelo][Solo: Massimiliano
58 3.Nostalgiaplatz iaplatz[Solo Massimiliano] No longer I stand this sea of light No longer I stand the gift of god Scre
59 15.The Perfect Beat roll metaphors and similies That'll have you doubtin' my competitor's abilities My whole body is a spiri
60 3.Iron Bars fi what? Likkle sensimilia and a knife So who a good feed mi youth dem eeh? Who a go care mi wife? You a
61 1.Le Maschere: Capricciata E Contrappunto Bestiale Nulla fides gobbis Similiter est zoppis Si squerzus bonus est Super annalia scribe
62 9.Rack City h(x2) dj blass. blassimiliano con el yomole esto es black pearl papa hasta q nos sorprenda el sol jajaja
63 2.Both Ways at is different but similiar To the same one I took before. Why don't we breathe? Why can't you see That
64 3.Toss It Up her suckers cuz you similiar Pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature Screamin compton but y
65 15.Fastlane and tie you up with similies? Give you pain and pleasure with solliquies until you beg me for release....
66 7.Dentro Un Altro Si oi che eravamo così simili Senza paure senza limiti Ma io lo ritroverò l'amore che non ho Per le vie del
67 9.Execution Style e Lyricist Cavalera Massimiliano A The execution of the world is set The revolution you can't take it back T
68 10.Born Again Anarchist t Lyricist Cavalera Massimiliano A Born again anarchist Downstroy the system within Born again anarchist Dow
69 3.Patiently Waiting hite man's world Im similiar to a squirrel lookin for a slut with a nice butt to get a nut If I get shot
70 11.Non Ci Guarderemo Indietro Mai miracolo Complici e simili da credere alle favole Coi nostri sogni in gola questa notte sembra fatta per
71 10.Stabat est dolor similis Per viam videte O vos omnes populi Dolentem gementem Cujus animam Dolentem gementem Consumatum est Stabat Mater dolorosaJuxt ... vos omnes videte si est dolor simili
72 1.Fai Su! usti non son poi dissimili perche' tu non simuli piuttosto mi stimoli gli altri in visibilio per stili in
73 1.Friend Of Mine gest can't help the similiarties Doesn't seem at all severe Is it fair now? does it matter? Backwards thr
74 9.Flyhigh ----- Lyricist Cavalera Massimiliano A Pressure buildin' on my soul I ask God to take control Guide me through t
75 10.Toss It Up her suckers cuz you similiar Pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature Screamin compton but y
76 4.Help Me Rhonda fuckers had a truck similiar Passengers are him and her playing some reggae shit Two a.k.'s me and my bit
77 13.Verisimilitude br>13.Verisimilitude Lyricist Raymond Mcginley I've got a pocketful of words in my brain I pull something out when I think I should I feel like I ... the verse is good I hate verisimilitude I've got a reason to think of your name I always feel good when I look at you I never feel the need to defame Irony is so ... the verse is good I hate verisimilitude I don't need an attitude Rebellion is a platitude I only hope the verse is good I hate veri ... the verse is good I hate
78 7.Ice Age uckers to shreds Facsimilies dont know friend or foe Elusive nigga this exclusive conclusive evidence You
79 21.Toss It Up her suckers cuz you similiar Pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature Screamin compton but y
80 5.Seems It Never Fails in' sold their life Similiar to fort knox Lyrical shots and shot rap and fire style Killarmy profilin' mo
81 14.Watermelon aighter My style is similiar to aids You can f with it now But catch you later You can't touch this cuz t
82 3.A Chorus Line2000(Remix) jet project with a similie But i'm so large i boned your girl emily Procrastinator later hater played ou
83 7.How Ya Want It We Got It(Native Tongues Mix) he remedy{posdnous} Similiar to water out the clouds I'm here to reign supreme Self-esteem lower than The
84 8.Old Hat our footpath Like a similie i paint suggestive pictures Disembodied ringlets from hair that looked like y
85 6.Hot Fudge e my man y'all look similiar Alibis that niggas trying use like we familiar Fuck that! you really need to
86 7.Riiiot! amiliar soliloquies similies Similar to reginald denny's facial injuries You couldn't locate my transient
87 16.Operation Lockdown wn any opponent who similies Styles buckwild meanwhile your ass i obliterate Demonstrate tactics you need
88 4.Mikrokosmonaut um wie im Quarks. Assimilier euch wie Borgs melde mich auf der OPS. Die nächste Reimgeneration findet sel
89 3.Lungo Il Margine ne Case bianche simili a dune tremano lente sotto il tramonto case bianche come in un volo migrano le
90 4.Don't You Know Simulated from a[sensimilia]blonde tell the young girl'Baby you're the one I want.' She doesn't respond p
91 19.Don't U Know Simulated from a[sensimilia]blonde Tell the young girl'baby you're the one i want.' She doesn't respond p
92 2.Check My Vernacular t killing me For my similies and solioquies They garbage but i'm the largest With the hardest style to di
93 7.Sex(Sex) rt Seine Form und assimiliert Sex- Sex- Gib mir Sex Du hast die Qual der Wahl Doch du weisst du musst dic
94 4.Real Live Girl(From'Little Me') photographs and fax similies that have set my heart off in a whirl but I over look everyone in the book f
95 11.Jive Talk acks of my reeds facsimilies. Freeze...catch the wave later; rappers got the alphabet But i'm an alpha be
96 10.Brenner t sauerkraut and sensimilia fest there was a time we booked a road to tendermess that ain't a mine it's j
97 7.Ain't No Sunshine isten To every damn similie Now I got a buzz and these people treat me differently Going down in history
98 3.My Favourite Story All adjectives and similies That had never before been heard by humans by humans A love story bound by h
99 1.Operation Uppsala n was to find di sensimilia di monsta dem nuh like my Solomon herb the truth is written inna di bible wor
100 2.Operration Uppsala n was to find di sensimilia di monsta dem nuh like my Solomon herb the truth is written inna di bible wor

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