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1 5.Chlorine ned Rebel red carnation ooh Grows while I decay I'm runnin' for my life Runnin' for my life Yeah I'm runnin' for my life Runnin' for my life H ... pocket where I kept my rebel red I felt I was invincible you wrapped around my head Now different lives I lead my body lives on lead The last two lines may read ... said The lead is terrible in flavor But now you double as a papermaker I despise you sometimes I love to hate the fight and you in my life is like Sippin' on str ...
2 13.So It Goes I tell'em red light stop it Shit that give me more headaches than alcoholics There was nothin' in my wallet just a lot o' dreamin' I built a c ... call it even Hm I bring more flavor than all the seasons Winter spring summer fall the grass is always greener'til I cut it all Please leave me to my studies I g ... Fine'cause her pussy gettin' Redder when the weather dry Clementine
3 1.Swalla(feat. Nicki Minaj& Ty Dolla$ign) different flavors I wish that I could taste them all tonight No I ain't got no dinner plans So you should bring all your friends I swear that ... Beverly Hills all she wear is red bottom heels When she back it up putting on her snapback When she droppin' low putting on her backpack DJ poppin' she gon' swall ... line sucks I'm in that cherry red foreign with the brown guts My shit
4 13.Vague Rock Song Love Are Red Valleys of Blood13.Vague Rock Song Producer Mark Kozelek This is my vague rock song Everybody sing along This is my vague rock ... and carefully selected a mint-flavored Klondike bar I said'That was nice of you. Where are you from?' She said'Syria And that's why the glum look on my face' All ... e's life and love Next minute red valleys of blood All of a sudden the world got gray So quit dancing for at least today One minute there's life and love Next min
5 6.The Recipe nt the ingredients lovin' my flavor Swimming in the money now I've turned into a sailor Y'all don't know the recipe I'm so saucy They still tryna feel it i put'e ... in a coffin They want the ingredients lovin' my flavor Swimming in the money now I've turned into a sailor My tongue be so powerful I'm killing y'all with words But my gun be still ... in' on my nerves They love my flavor it's delicioso I hope you love me even though you barely see me no mo' I don't n

6 6.Do You Mind all this red carpet'You know what I'm sayin?' Future Hendrix I'ma do that favor drippin' ... x I'ma do that favor drippin' flavor in the two piece I'm gonna keep
7 5.Drippin(How U Luv Dat) drippin' flavor you just a traitor No sports agent I am a player I'm at the Four Seasons like I'm on vacation Tryna count some paper everyday ... ow you love that? Actavis and red how you love that? Actavis and red how you love that? Ace of Spade Ros
8 11.I See It I Want It all this flavor All these hundreds look at all these layers I make it look E like a layup Nigga weigh up I'mma stay up Nigga owe me bread better pay up Put this s ... fia TGOD paper planes keep'em red cups full of that than
9 6.No More Parties in L.A. like this flavor) La da da da di da da-a la-a Let me tell you I'm out here From a very far away place All for a chance to be a star Nowhere se ... e Hollywood Mama used to cook red beans and rice Now it's Denny's4 in the morning spoil your appetite Liquor pouring and niggas swarming your section with erectio ... ited to where they only get hired When I get on my SteveJobs somebody gon' get fi ... SteveJobs somebody gon' get fired I was uninspired since Lauryn Hill
10 2.Bitch Please s and the flavor good(flavor good) Put you lotto on my backwood(yeah) Keep a banger when the sack good(stack good) Watch ya hangin' if ya that hood(that h ... n Choppa in the bushes with a red beam You done ran off with the wron
11 7.Blessings e Walkin' red bottoms flexin' the muscle Yeah I gotta get it regardless ... eah I gotta get it regardless Red bag bih run like a Harley In kitchen I'mma whip it the hardest Bring it back to the trap where it started[Hook] I had to learn a ... she blowin' up my i7 Yeah my red bottoms drippin' the wrong way Thank God for a new day Goyard on the suitcase I'm in her mouth like toothpaste Workin' hard and ... ew paper My hoes be comin' in flavors I told that bitch I'mma a
12 9.Work On My Wrist this shit red like a mummy You know I be running the trap These niggas just running some laps I weigh the dope up I roll this shit up I smoke ... the mildest I'm dripping this flavor they biting the swag Nigga you m
13 3.Famished creen blurred a scene Grind on my nemesis rap boy scur ... ind on my nemesis rap boy scurred of me They might have settled in shit it never did occur to me Hungry as I ever been they said I'm the best since whoever ya bit ... heist on a bread truck I cite red rum they shoulda never not fed us What are we going to do about food? What are we going to do about food?(They shoulda never not ... hrow the noodle in after that Flavor wrapped in the foil Whippin' a motherfuckin'
14 4.Austin d in them red bottoms I see them niggas hating my shooters ... hem niggas hating my shooters red dot em Them niggas tripping off they have too many pills My niggas counting money bags and so many bills I just pulled up on the ... ng joints and KK be that only flavor You know I rep the jungle That's
16 6.Field of Dream he spied: Red orange yellow Green Blue Purple Round and Round the colours spun out In a widening tapestry At the edges of which the colors mer ... ses into sweetmeats Savor the flavors of the day And so we too walked in to the field Where all things sprout up and decay Here we've lived loved laughed and crie ... story like wiss of wind Whispered through the reeds As time wrapped around bones Like a stone by the streem Ah making kisses out of starlight Oh scattering them t ...
17 6.The Kings Sent for Me ver sober red Ridin' with my niggas in Chicago hold the lead my nigga'Cause it's the bigger we get the bigger you fall The bigger we shit chec ... kle with metal bolts From the flavors you taste when the rocks is quotes I'ma have a bronze gat soon with all onyx scopes My hands stay clean without the soap Whe ... ps one of those thangs that shreds your shit Or did he forget the number of how many get hit? For fuckin' with real niggas more money to get Fuck it sandblast nig ...
18 4.Peanut ButterJelly he store credit No new names unless you know they did it Sleep in Paris watch it happen[Hook: Young Thug] I don't have a break I'm keepin' bre ... hese bitches I stack them hundreds to the ceiling they over there runnin' I look like I came from nothin' And I look like I came for somethin' and I'm comin' I wa ... dollars then shit paper Sick flavor Got the white double mint twin with me on Simpson(?) Swag impeccable peckin' a heck of them cases federal I'm a felon don't t ...
19 3.Separating the Seas ust Burns Red-Found In Far Away Places3.Separating the Seas This place isn't meant for people like you Spouting ideals for your fans t ... forever You're all the same A flavor of the week is how you'll be remered You're all the same Pulling your so-called burdens off of your back throwing them overboard along the rest Ignoring the pioneers ... hrough the mud our faces battered and bruised We'll pick ourselves up out of the hole that you dug reaching and clawing t
20 3.Goodnight Kisses ur cherry red lips all over mine I get chills every single time I love your goodnight kisses(Kiss me right now baby) I love driving you around ... at I love) I love your cherry red lips all over mine I get chills every single time I love your goodnight kisses(That's what I love) Baby baby I love the ... I love) Baby baby I love the flavor of your lips Suga' suga' you're so sweet I can't resist Honey bunny you don't know just what you do Shimmy Shimmy Co-Co pop y ... now bab

21 1.The Bank r get catered when tipping a waiter I give him a100 La'copping high riding with ... 0 La'copping high riding with red in our eyes driving all my niggas is blunted Glocks cocking shots popping non-stopping cops watching while I'm ripping the summo ... aid in Sugar Hill this is the flavor that we sell your neighbor Rebels who putting the pedal to metal the level you devils will say and?? behavior?? Back to back ... ll bets y'all said that! Infrared Mack leave him head ta
22 1.Trouble Maker ing Candy red lipstick wild cherry flavor Hottie here to party and you kno
23 6.Lenape Lane rs of the red man[Verse1: Hak] Like you Got me good feeling feelings Feeling the way[?][?]way to my eyes Wanna relax and dive into lust[?]emot ... [Hook][Verse2: Wiki] Traincar flavor but I'm a car hater Letter Racer
24 5.Down(feat. QuESt& Devon Baldwin) Mars-The Red Balloon Project5.Down(feat. QuESt& Devon Baldwin)[Intro] You could be You could(x3) Be down for Down down down[Hook: Ski ... Skizzy Mars] Smoking tropical flavored swishers Walk in they taking p
25 10.Afrika - outnumbered Forcing the fox in retreat- fighting force collapse Now facing the long road back Tripoli Bengasi- Stukas pounding tirelessly De ... ns keeps the pace Tobruk captured and painted red- El Alamein ahead The tanks roll forward in Afrika- Afrika Sand and drought ... rika- Afrika Sand and drought flavored killing spree The smell of pal
26 4.Head And Shoulders y few see red public bomb public death no bother with you you were awful too right then eat bother strife and bother ay motto motto roller ove ... I like mine in a packet mint flavor no zeros habit culture back on t
27 11.Fell In Love With A Girl cheating Red hair with a curl mellow roll for theflavor and the eyes were peeping can't
28 8.You Can't Always Get What You Want favorite flavor?''Cherry red' And I sung my song to my friendJim
29 4.Crown Royal insomnia Red cups in hand some got spilled I'm on tilt my eyes on slant Lightweight drinkers they don't stand a chance They about to make a c ... r the black or maple original flavor You know that shit is my favorit
30 11.Leave The Light On s But the flavor of it lingers- Like a rich red wine In those days we were single– we lived them one by one- Now we hardly see'em– they don't walk- they run But I've got plenty ... line- I will live to be a hundred- I was born in'44-33 to go but I ai
31 15.Perfect World ream infa-red light beams Homicide scene perfect world by any means get creamJust don't let it come between you and I see Everything is everyt ... rty pages Of filth fine filth flavors Dust to dust and ashes to ashes life flashes Right before his eyes then he passes While the666 got more tricks Than the PD's ... Sandman bring'em a dream infa-red light beams Homicide scene perfect
32 4.I'm Good(feat. Michael Christmas& Astro) t'til the flavor is good Y'all spit rich shit but still live in the hood I don't own leather pants never dance The Nae Nae's a no no I might h ... esignin' Your girl give emoji red hearts when I'm rhymin' Helicopter rise with myJs swingin' in the wind If I'ma make it rain it's for the kids in the tenements W ... and time again the comp is shredded Feelin' like Kane in'87 the grea
33 5.Infected with Lunacy it splattered canvas Flesh sagging sack face is non-existent Bury my face into your bloody stool Munching on chunks as I contemplate loss of l ... with my fist Caked in atrophy Flavor filled pustules now begin to seep Tear through her flesh cove ... ep Tear through her flesh covered in red I now put her to rest Feeling insid
34 9.Midnight On a Thursday k So I poured me another round of theJameson I found And I said she'ain't got no purdy little diamond ring He's like a candy-colo ... nd ring He's like a candy-colored bone to an ill-tempered hound Who sinks her teeth into flesh she likes a big juicy mess And if that's what I have to be I'll be the bitch he marries at ... one sip of this neat So he poured me another around of theJameson I found And he said keep me company You're like a sweet- ... e company You're like a
35 8.Why Do We Dine on the Tots with the red polka dots'why must we dine on the tots?''Oh grandpa!' she said with disparaging tone'you've been spending too much of your dyin ... the taste he exclaimed'Oh the flavor! How I savor it! How did we live
36 8.Dreamin he clouds flavorizing with the rest of'em I wanna smoke a bowl with Tommy Chong but they arrested him I got to thinking all about the game and ... and all Catch a nigga at the red light I'ma let the15 off like... Fu
37 7.Don't Screw Up The Formula ink cheap red wine Now give me those' In more ways I know what you're doiin' what yo're doin' What you're doin' to me I'll smash you undress y ... tter how it takes I taste the flavor I come back to the door I scream
38 14.National Disgrace treet and Red River Road Last thing I remember was the Ogden Theatre Backstage bathroom making out with all three of ya Kicked out of Topcats. ... owdy neighbor take a shot for flavor Let's debate whether or not we s
39 12.FruitJuice he weaker flavors going down She ordered up another round Tell me that she feel alright Natural juice never sprite Feel me grab the juice She ever held the upper tide No ... d the upper tide No drink the red bull Because she don't believe the
40 6.Alligator irl pussy red like a lobster Orgies at Hofstra My bank account is like a Polish doctor My heart is cold I sing a soldiers opera My drugs as st ... y with shit I've driven every flavored whip there is to get Feel like I dip that cigarette in wet stuff I should be on that Sped Ed bus layin' on the bed with a ... bus layin' on the bed with a red head slut These mother fuckers praying that I don't make it I'm on the balcony stoned and naked playing sega Prince of Albania N ... e
41 11.Red Dot Music Off11.Red Dot Music feat. Action Bronson[Verse1:Mac Miller] Think I can see a f*cking halo About to meet my maker Brought a double cup ... up of Drano Some soda for the flavor uncontrollable behavior With some psychopathic tendencies Lonely as your neighbor with the b*tches he got special needs Word ... nds I'm Kennedy on ecstasy My flavor from the nature need an acre for my recipe They got my soul bu I don't let them take the rest of me My melody a little like K ...
42 1.Again different flavors. Yeah I been skimping them pounds. Yeah re-up and do it again. Over and over again it drove me psycho. That paper got recycl ... ing I don't know. Glock got a red light but I don't. I'm on go I'm on
43 4.Learn Truth the fruit flavors the booth slayer Proving it's futile to hide from us you misguided as missiles so a Suicide bombers taking orders from the m ... han Cincinatti castle blacker red? I'll take an Actifed go back to bed allergic to the fumes Having a funeral for the news cause the facts is dead. The trust is g ... Rape victims ripped stockings Redneck clan members doing church bombings Innocent foetus' being aborted with no options Human governments ruin'em Worrying what we ...
44 10.Beautiful Connection en Little Red Riding Hood went Robin Hood on Robinson's wife Got caught on a trail picking up fruit making nicer Mrs. Robinson's life But was ... nna come with a smile I'm the flavor of the month Pins you' sticking
45 4.Jambalaya Different flavors Sweatpants pair of gators These are players in the lobby of the Ponchartrain Thinking I done gone insane Throwing money all ... don't want it with Niggas scared to death Who he running with? Me I don't need no cosign I'm like the government Counting my coins This is life depicted by Donal ... ck to slangin' that dope This red tops[Hook] Yo I got it Yo Yo I got

46 9.Love= Hate Ulterior Motives king like Flavor Flave Hit that picture fade away and fall back I'm all that NY to LA but a CV on my ball cap I'll be running glow we're going ... im says I ain't never get injured Tel my homeys baby steps hope you never befriend this'Cause if I'd lose who I started then why should I end it? No I'm kidding I ... and love that Eyes blood-shut red I'm in over my head Act like she ai
47 9.Paper Route the most Red light Green light1-2 Maintain the same lane man that's how we do I got the blaster strapped on for the funky few Me and my peopl ... ke em sicker than a bucket of red vines Chorus Pass me the mic no gimme the megaphone Then rock to the rhythm never stop like a metronome Hurtin MC's like I'm set ... ack massage You can fit a hundred bikes in a two car garage So let's fill up the streets with an entourage Now I really hope you like my ... Now I really hope you lik
48 17.Hustler whale All flavors white beige or beiger Freeze like anesthesia Anastasia Of gram weighers100 percent Colombian handmade Acres of land man labo ... andmade Acres of land man labored Alaskan salmon have your heart beatin faster damn it Got lines to blow your mind like grams packed in a cannon More ki's of porg ... round authorities Never get bored of the bread or Boar's Head cheese Mred snapper's the dead president head stacker Pots over ... sident head stacker Pots over
49 10.Hustler whale All flavors white beige or beiger Freeze like anesthesia Anastasia Of gram weighers100 percent Colombian handmade Acres of land man labo ... andmade Acres of land man labored Alaskan salmon have your heart beatin faster damn it Got lines to blow your mind like grams packed in a cannon More ki's of porg ... round authorities Never get bored of the bread or Boar's Head cheese Mred snapper's the dead president head stacker Pots over ... sident head stacker Pots over
50 7.Painkillerz ould be bored in class and shit Tried not to fall asleep I was high as hell when I came to school I was fly as hell when I hit the streets See ... money So pick color go pick a flavor We about to shit on all the neighbors We young niggas getting money Bitch we young niggas getting money[Verse2] Yeah check me ... o fuck your rhyme war My eyes red as a bitch I'm like a cyborg I almost died a few times but came alive more Found the beauty in an eye sore I'm talking cotton ca ...
51 6.Thirsty refer the flavor Red berry coconut or we can do the peac
52 2.Cant Truss It Chuck D(& Flavor Flav)](Confusion) Here come the drums music Alright alright yeah yeah Alright alright Here come the drums music Alright alrig ... th that can't truss it[Break: Flavor Flav] You can't truss it Let them know--]Chuck D You can't truss it Yo let them know--]Chuck D You can't truss it Let them kn ... the other man to mack[Break: Flavor Flav] What? Wicked man wicked man Get back step back kick it man[Chuck D] Now the story that I'm kickin' is gory Little Rock ...
53 4.Public Enemy#1 br>[Intro Flavor Flav] Yo Chuck bust a move man I was on my way up here to the studio you know what I'm saying And this brother stopped me and ... t down from the mouth that roared1-2-3 down for the count The result of my lyrics oh yes no doubt Cold rock rap-49er supreme Is what I choose and I use I never lo ... of rhymes like these My rap's red hot110 degrees So don't start bassing I'll start placing Bets on that you'll be disgracing You and your mind from my beating fro ...
55 7.Hood Party anna hear'Red Red Wine'? Aight fine Your weed high funny? Try mine You see my money? That's my dime You need that money? Then try crime You could ... lly knew Pays to be amazingly flavory gaze into my Dazed and Confused
56 1.Believers p and the red lights blink But you just don't stop Gotta get that pot gotta raise them clocks She pop that top and the cat is lazy But this ra ... zy But this rat pack is quite flavored someone get us in the majors Tricking us getting us killing the?? singing and slinging into a labor y'all Kick drums slammi ... got enough fruit They all scared of the movement grizzly elbows only way to break through Even though we the truth America eat the tooth But don't fret we erect ...
57 17.Banger t its expired…now I'm hoping they don't search… Tell me get up the car and I'mma do the skee skirt… Car so quiet he don't know that it's still ... card at i told him it was expired he told me go and handle that… You right behind me I'm hesitatin' Fuck it ima take em' on one Throw the banger Fuck it I'mma tak ... w the dope This the now later flavor your religion is the paper…if you really wanna keep the secret all up in your pocket. please take a hand of your favorit
58 9.Candy Yum Yum gum I'm a red bottom new(Lexus?) Diamonds on my watch in a$10 tank top Bubblegum I'm a ... a$10 tank top Bubblegum I'm a red bottom new(Lexus?) Diamonds on my watch in a$10 tank top Serving you cake but we ain't at a bake shop Candy yum yum(repeat)-- BE ... w breaker I think I like your flavor Sit back and let me savor Report that bad behavior Bubblegum I'm a ... bad behavior Bubblegum I'm a red bottom new(Lexus?) Diamonds on my watch in a$10 tank top Bubblegum I'm a
59 4.You Can't Always Get What You Want favorite flavor cherry red I sung my song to Mr.Jimmy Yeah and
60 21.You Can't Always Get What You Want favorite flavor cherry red I sung my song to Mr.Jimmy Yeah and
61 5.Less Smoking More Rapping kicks no red on the bottom Can't spend it when I'm gone shit niggas be dying Another day another body lil' niggas be wildin' I'm high plus yo ... e a2012 lookbook all types of flavors Been around the world met all t
62 4.She Needs Me eet every flavorJust a conversation with her doing you a favor Look at her hips I want to be her pager Conservative affirmative Action when sh ... mmy Awards Academy too On the red carpet dress matching his suit She
63 15.Talk About It > In that red flame clug it up the lane Gripping all green bitch I'm in the game.(Nigga talk about it) Fuck'em all I ain't jacking what they s ... ones that blow paths. In that red flame clug it up the lane Gripping all green bitch I'm in the game.(Nigga talk about it) Fuck'em all I ain't jacking what they s ... e lanes slighten all of those flavors. Got a fifty k lit couple inches on his lip Bet this time is super skinny slight with you bet he. Niggas out there they get ...
64 2.Medical Marijuana it up as Red Cross Grass But Medical Marijuana Will knock your on your ass Like the coffee shops in old Amsterdam The ... ee shops in old Amsterdam The flavors are extreme There's diesel brai
65 12.Package Store bad Which flavors of life's labor have you had? In the neighborhood package store Don't need directions for the gun shop it's on the same bloc ... a hoodlum on the block Whispered to me'What you got? You'll get shot if you refuse to come up off that What made you floss that outside the package store? You kn ... es Hypnotiq blues Bloody Mary red Codeine purple seem to take me to t
66 17.Party Tonight s stay poured up you know it don't stop Pour it up! Chorus Last call in the club Now we speeding to the after-party It's time to live it up No ... ahead Shipping shots of Ciroc flavor berry red And that cranberry drop yeah it's vered We gon celebrate life til a nigga dead Swagged up and you know what's going down Polo from head to toe I don't really horse arou ... ll up Up top mo shots stay poured up you know it don't stop Pour it up! Chorus Last call in the club N
67 8.JuggaloJuice Root beer Red Pop Cream Soda Grape Rock and Rye(Yep!) Dr. Faygo(whoo!) Candy Apple(Whooooaoh!)6040(Yep Yep) Pineapple Orange(Yep my Faygo HEEY ... over the place You don't like Red Pop FUCK YOUR FACE!![Chorus]Just let it flyJUGGALOJUICE(Yep yep) Into the sky(Yep) My Faygo HEEY!! Don't wonder why(Whooooaoh!)J ... aygo shower Sugar rain insane Flavors colors We'll kick yo ass But we love each others Through the floor into the basement But it ain't wasted more we taste it Se ...
68 7.Lehhhgooo Top down Red top red bottoms What up witJ.B.? The feds try to ride em Guacamole my pistol-i Kick niggas in they face soccer goalie Uh huh I'm kinda f ... cinnati cock brim You know my flavor nigga pull out your razor nigga
70 6.Gangsta Gangsta me it is? Flavor with a thousand checks it's like the ice ring surrounds my neck I never worry about the referee the gate keepers keep him loc ... uild at the car scene blowing red everywhere look how strong we are. So there will be no war or shots I'm about to give my city boiling hot and make'em pray for r ... onder-twins. Stop and go like red light traffic innovation made it another classic we made it happen. And big hip hop want us gut cut niggers dare too much than o ...
71 4.Carnival Of Rust me if the flavor should remind you of greed? Of implication insinuation and ill will'til you cannot lie still In all this turmoil before ... ll In all this turmoil before red cape and foil come closing in for a
72 6.Respect own lemon flavored Vodka by the liter. The crowd cred as his liver flexed and shifted to5th gear. He could hear the respect he craved. Big brothers and babes chanting his name. Slamm ... his name. Slamming the conquered bottle on the table he made out with a stranger then collapsed on a bed of beer cans and ... sed on a bed of beer cans and red cups. No one bothered to pick him up as the party chugged on. Minutes later someone notice he had yet to rise. Someone n
73 11.Natural High(Even Higher Learning) Freddie Gibbs-Cold Day In Hell11.Natural High(Even Higher Learning)[Verse1:] You like my You like my You like my Morning my l ... know the typical things that Fred'll do And you remember back in the days When I was17 momma caught me laying in the bed with you I'm a open up doors for you diss ... room Sweet as two cherry pies Red hair green eyes Gotta switch up flavors and colors she accessorize On the real if you came as a meal I would lick you fresh off the plat
74 4.Last Name London city covered in white She discovered the light Yeah she get naked on Skype And now she wear my might Yes I ain't gon' bow down to no man I'm gonna say'Aldo that's co ... feed'doption Who got her hair red like devotment You can't stop now I'ma keep boppin' You a gay welfare nigga keep rockin' Back to the disc full flexion There's s ... source of action They call me Flavor'cause I rap shit If you bite you
75 7.Dr. Seuss two fish red fish blue fish black fish blue fish old fish new fish Dr. Seuss his fun can prove this But I know it's what the truth is So many ... t's what the truth is So many flavors now and later Some are stranger
76 3.You Can't Always Get What You Want favorite flavor cherry red I sung my song to Mr.Jimmy Yeah and
77 3.Carry It s and the Red Sox I'd rather see it in the ballpark then see it on the block nigga My uzi weigh a ton son carry it Chocolate bunny on the run ... a Chuck D boy Public Enemy Or Flavor FlavJohnny Depp Wild Tennessee P
78 8.Every Girl Like Me nd-The Incredible Machine8.Every Girl Like Me Lyricist Kristian BushJennifer Nettles Undetermined Girl like girl like girl like girl like Gir ... you made from a secret you shared and Your favorite song that's never over Because I I I am not perfect But I I I I know I'm worth it And I I I gotta believe ther ... irl like Hot French fries and red balloon ties too Your hoodie hanging down the street lamp on the corner of a One way one way or another gonna get you too Two ti
79 12.Strip s on that red bull I think that boy a fool in here... bubble gum game tell that chick I want some tru in here if all these brods strip in here ... ut watching my behavior I got flavor... these skills I have I'm alway
80 3.Jackin4 Beatz ours long Red bottom red bottom for my bitches This jackin four beats so dj drama gone switch it. Yeah I'm on my fuck the world chris brown shit they try ... ylor'd Trap house wide open31 flavors Dope boy old school shit I need a pagerJunkies wanna get high now but pay me later nigga I wont finance work I got no favors ... first pussy nigga get slapped red carpet red bottoms nigga fresh up out the trap White cars white house I put it down round the map DOPE BOY SHI
81 12.Inkredible(Remix) 12.Inkredible(Remix)[**feat. Thugga Raw Dizzy Flow**][Verse1:Thugga] I pop some Percocets Then I pop some Xanax Sitting back strapped ... y skaters We probably smoking flavors bumping Tyler the Creator I'm a Eastside native all my niggas Soo Woopin' They went crazy when they heard I had a song With ... anking[Verse4: Lil Wayne] All-red plaid shirt skinny ass jeans on The
82 3.Willie Dynamite seen the red lights Ain't fuck a prostitute but the head nice get right From here onto the next life relax and sip that ... next life relax and sip that Red Stripe The way I spend this money you would think I had an ex-wife bitches love the lead pipe the Burgh word to Ken Rice New pla ... ad inside the water enjoy the flavor Yeah bitch! NahJerm don't cut me
83 7.You Can't Always Get What You Want favorite flavor cherry red I sung my little song to MrJimmy An
84 17.Microphone Killa ainwashed redefined me Spark a revolution up while we sparkin the bush legalizing medication were the doctors of kush shamans who smoke sparki ... I recite and I got the right flavor I strike like I'm a knight with a bright light saber I'm the kike on the mic I'll end the life of a hater No one can do it gr ... it all day til my face bright red I'm a little white bread I'm a litt
85 1.Let It Rain a regular Red light green light one two three Hey yo who's on the mic? Well it's me Heavy D And I become somewhat of a national figure You see ... he tingle for a Twinkie Fever flavor for a pringle I think I like to
86 9.Revealed In Creation ue Yellow Red Orange Green And Blue Smell The Smells Not Hard To Find Smell The Rain In The Spring Time I'll Taste All The ... pring Time I'll Taste All The Flavors YOU Know I Could But I Taste And See That YOU Are Good I Touch To Feel With My Hands And Toes Like The Soft Pedals Of A ... oes Like The Soft Pedals Of A Red Rose Hear The Sounds See The Colors
87 9.Red HuntingJacket cord9.Red HuntingJacket In an army colored car we fell into a wave Of color and distraction On the Chicago freeway Driving on that bus at night it was only you Your backse ... your coat your shoes and your Red hunting jacket Why are you so...? Why am I so...? Why are we so... Why are we soooo... Why am I so why are you so why are we Soo ... ... I love to fill up all the flavors at the filling station You get an acre full of colors That he just wants to crush And
88 4.Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins ust Burns Red-Home4.Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins Open those eyes. Wake from peace. Orders are some favorite color. Same old same o ... t we keep searching for a new flavor? Our hearts have become a routin
89 16.You Can't Always Get What You Want(The Rolling Stones)(Glee Cast Version) favorite flavor cherry red I sung my song to Mr.Jimmy Yeah and
90 3.FunkyJesus Music(Feat. Becka Shae And Siti Monroe) ick it in red We got the cred No need to say whats already been said Dont need to please When we got the proof We be on our knees When we raise the roof ause ... use we got the Wow pow mix of flavor We got the funkyJesus blazer No equal Diverse people Come get it now Wont be a sequel None of that mumbo jumbo Give me that h ... bum rush with no discussion A red hot show with freak production Give
91 3.Get Kutt lls Grape flavor homie I don't want'em if they stale Damn right whatchu thinkin' it ain't finna role itself I'm tryna get kutt[Hook] Kutt is c ... ow I'm cruising down prospect red and black v Younger dogs from the h
92 5.Hardcore Data smoothest flavor Makin' moves movin' makers Off the roof who's to save ya? Who's ya savior? Celph Titled the Rubix Ranger Scoopin' paper when ... my bedroom Legs spread thick red head bitch boom With no freckles sh
93 8.Ashes Dust our fancy flavored fillet prize? killed and bred blood runs red so you can gratify what's already dead. homeless cry hungry die while your flesh kitchen scrapes the sky ashes dust your body be ... t compromise government sponsored genocide their media led by corpora
94 8.The Kink Panther ate Quick flavored Swiss Miss Chick You're hip to lick my dick puss Super cute Respect your doodie shoot Perfect booty Your gluteus max protru ... om behind The chalice wine poured on your D-cups Divine My spit games like RickJames This bitch got no shame She took it up her ass like Ving Rhames Dick cove ... ass like Ving Rhames Dick covered in shit stains Make her give brains Run trains I live insane Never mundane I got swagger ... e Never mundane I got swagger Red Bul
95 9.K.U.S.H. get inspired Any kind of flavor you savor I can do you the favorJust as long as you share with your neighbor Some like the Sour D that's an East Coast way Bu ... er the world in case you wondered I smoked everywhere I went they call me the weed hunter But no one does it better like we do in CaliJust ask one of my patients' ... our mind's gone Your eyes get red and your mouth goes dryJust hit me when you want more and I'll supply ... you want more and I'll supply Red
96 9.Mistaken Truth on Squandered as hate This prayed upon my mind Hopeless try to understand Live turned into frozen dark Armed with my oceanJail unshed tears Lo ... down Liars bluff I found here Flavor of a wonder Searching for a proof inside Reading inside outside Starring blanky at the scene Blood moon with a white flag Sai ... te flag Sailing on a scourged red head Blinded by a green track Nightmare of a profane rite Absurd might'Stamp out all humans God will sort them out' Invasive pro ...
97 8.Red Carpet(Like A Movie) Deal8.Red Carpet(Like A Movie) Lyricist Ryan Tedder Cameron Thomaz Kevin Woods Yeah getting more scrill deal or no deal uh Yeah chubby bags h ... ting out all of my trees mint-flavors She[Incomprehensible]the paper
98 7.My Boo uk with g red you wanna be found you think It's a joke but it is not funny hallow tip bullets work straight to yo tummy I'm lettin ya know tha ... tches is gud for the chewin32 flavors the niggas you doin Get rich di
99 14.Caramel Sundae herry top red bone Big banana split cherry red topping Big banana split cherry red topping A caramel brown skin a brownie fudge chocolate tone A banana split yellow bone a cherry top ... plit yellow bone a cherry top red bone I'm looking for a caramel sundae a brownie fudge chocolate A big banana split and a cherry ... big banana split and a cherry red topping I want a caramel brown skin a brownie fudge chocolate tone A banana split yellow bone a cherry top ...
100 9.I Gotta Problem ed in the red wood trees Every hour you see us passing more weed Smoking too much f**kin my brain up Thinking of MaryJane the way she makes me ... any strains so many different flavors It's Humboldt county homie nobo

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