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1 11.Stronger Than I Was 你曾對我說沒有了你我什麼都不是 And Ibelieve I'm striding the roads I guess I can't breathe而我如今相信了我在路上漫無目的地走著我猜我已不能呼吸Just
2 8.iBelieve gital Renegade8.iBelieve This feeling rushes through me Don't say I'm not floating'Cause I believ
3 12.54321 lephone on my right Ibelieve I will hit them with a bubblegum then they will go all'wu' or they will go a
4 5.iBelieve Jes-暫存5.iBelieve Every time I say your name I wonder where you are today I know you're ha
5 1.Don'tNeedAReason elsdowntoearth CauseIbelieveweneedthem... Yeahweonlyhurttheoneswelove While...wedon'tneedareason You'rego

6 3.I Believe In Love > I believe in love Ibelieve it every time I see you Walking by my side It's something I can't hide I bel
7 5.Ibeliever ined5.Ibeliever So this is it this can't be it it's not over'til I say the word There are so many things needed To make this what it w ... to believe Oh you know we do iBeliever don't tell me what has happen
8 1.IBelieve 蔣薇-戀戀金達萊1.IBelieve Lyricist 阿怪 Composer 金亨錫 i believe你還在那裡等待愛的路總是充滿了祝福 i believe你還在把愛深埋我在這里為你整夜在徘徊看不到未來卻擋不住
9 9.I Gave You 色 hello hello hello Ibelieve in you and me永遠的 You belong to me oh anytime(You and Me uh)不要回想過去的事把他鎖住深深的埋葬
10 12.クローズフレンド friendsいつまでもお互いに親友と Ibelieve信頼の証に君の手強く握ったあの日をいつもremember二度と君みたいな close friendどうしてもできない君を失って初めて気づいたよ裏切りなんか
11 2.TRIBELIEVE r--STANDING!2.TRIBELIEVE Lyricist 畑亜貴 Composer 河田貴央 I try...what?手探りでしょ思い出すまでは無意識の未来あきらめられるもんか真っ赤な太陽よりも沈む太陽よりも朝焼け
12 1.ARE YOU READY nly bitch根拠ない自信から24 ibelieve学校にもいかずに寝てたコンビニ格好もつけずdream語るリリックス rappers stand up i'm ready now始まったばっかこっからge