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1 3.Laughing on the Outside Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!3.Laughing on the
2 4.I'm Old Fashioned Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!4.I'm Old Fashione
3 5.SentimentalJourney Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!5.SentimentalJourn
4 6.Love Is Here to Stay Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!6.Love Is Here to
5 7.It's so Nice to Have a Man Around Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!7.It's so Nice to

6 8.I'll Walk Alone Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!8.I'll Walk Alone
7 9.Taking a Chance on Love Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!9.Taking a Chance
8 11.The One I Love(Belongs to Someone Else) Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!11.The One I Love(
9 12.It All Depends on You Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!12.It All Depends
10 13.Falling in Love with You Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!13.Falling in Love
11 14.Dear Hearts and Gentle People Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!14.Dear Hearts and
12 16.Chantez Chantez Dinah Shore-Yes Indeed!16.Chantez Chantez
13 1.Cry Me a River Dinah Shore-Nobody Else But Me1.Cry Me a
14 8.I'll Be Seeing You Dinah Shore-Nobody Else But Me8.I'll Be S
15 10.My Funny Valentine Dinah Shore-Nobody Else But Me10.My Funny
16 2.The Holy Ground to you my Dinah a thousand times adieu For we're going away from the holy ground and the girls we all love true We will sail the salt seas ove ... rm is over and we are safe on shore We will drink and toast to the Ho
17 49.My Romance(From'Jumbo') k Sinatra Dinah Shore My romance doesn't have to have a
18 10.The Chanukah Song the late Dinah Shore-ah Guess who eats together at the
19 6.The Chanuka Song the late dinah shore-ah Guess who eats together at the
20 115.It's All Up To You k Sinatra Dinah Shore[Connie Haines alone]

21 116.My Romance(From'Jumbo') k Sinatra Dinah Shore My romance doesn't have to have a
22 130.Tea For Two(From'No No Nanette') k Sinatra Dinah Shore He I'm discontented with homes th
23 131.My Romance(From'Jumbo') k Sinatra Dinah Shore Chorus My romance doesn't have to
24 9.Night Of The Living Rednecks from the dinah shore show. who wants to be dinah shore? who's alter-ego is dinah shore? oh his fists did O up so quickly
25 7.Some Kinda Time(Reprise) pies and dinah shore. so long to waffle cones new twil
26 2.Some Kinda Time pies and Dinah Shore So long to waffle cones new Twili
27 1.Holy Ground my lovely Dinah a thousand times adieu We're going away from the holy ground and the girls that we love true We will sail the salt seas over a ... seas over and then return for shore To see again the girls we love and the holy ground once more Fine girl you are! You're the girl that I adore And still I live ... is raging and we are far from shore The poor old ship is tossing abou
28 1.Along the Navajo Trail Dinah Shore-暫存1.Along the Navajo Trail
29 2.Anniversary Song Dinah Shore-暫存2.Anniversary Song Lyricist Sa
30 3.Blues in the Night Dinah Shore-暫存3.Blues in the Night Lyricist
31 4.Buttons and Bows Dinah Shore-暫存4.Buttons and Bows Lyricist Ra
32 5.Chantez-chantez(shan-tay'sing') Dinah Shore-暫存5.Chantez-chantez(shan-tay'
33 6.Dearly Beloved Dinah Shore-暫存6.Dearly Beloved Lyricist Kern
34 7.I've Got You Under My Skin(2001 Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存7.I've Got You Under My Ski
35 8.He's Home For A Little While Dinah Shore-暫存8.He's Home For A Little Wh
36 9.Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Dinah Shore-暫存9.Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo S
37 10.Jim Dinah Shore-暫存10.Jim Lyricist Caesar Petrill
38 11.Miss You Dinah Shore-暫存11.Miss You Lyricist Charles T
39 12.Skylark Dinah Shore-暫存12.Skylark Lyricist Hoagy Carm
40 13.The Anniversary Song Dinah Shore-暫存13.The Anniversary Song
41 14.I'll Walk Alone(Through Every Christmas) Dinah Shore-暫存14.I'll Walk Alone(Through
42 15.Tess's Torch Song Dinah Shore-暫存15.Tess's Torch Song Lyricist
43 16.Whatever Lola Wants(lola Gets) Dinah Shore-暫存16.Whatever Lola Wants(lola
44 17.You Keep Coming Back Like A Song Dinah Shore-暫存17.You Keep Coming Back Lik
45 18.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dilly) Dinah Shore-暫存18.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dill

46 19.It's So Nice To Have A Man Around The House Dinah Shore-暫存19.It's So Nice To Have A M
47 20.Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover Dinah Shore-暫存20.Fifty Ways To Leave Your
48 21.Love And Marriage Dinah Shore-暫存21.Love And Marriage Lyricist
49 22.Laughing On the Outside(Crying On the Inside) Dinah Shore-暫存22.Laughing On the Outside(
50 23.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Dinah Shore-暫存23.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
51 24.Honeysuckle Rose Dinah Shore-暫存24.Honeysuckle Rose Lyricist A
52 25.Down Argentina Way Dinah Shore-暫存25.Down Argentina Way Lyricist
53 26.Nobody Else But Me Dinah Shore-暫存26.Nobody Else But Me Lyricist
54 27.You Keep Coming Back Like a Song(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存27.You Keep Coming Back Lik
55 28.He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings Dinah Shore-暫存28.He Wears A Pair Of Silve
56 29.Fascination Dinah Shore-暫存29.Fascination In a qua
57 30.I'll Be Seeing You-1994 Digital Remaster Dinah Shore-暫存30.I'll Be Seeing You-1994
58 31.My Funny Valentine- Original Mix Dinah Shore-暫存31.My Funny Valentine- Orig
59 32.It Had To Be You-24-Bit Mastering Dinah Shore-暫存32.It Had To Be You-24-Bit
60 33.Buttons and Bows(From'The Paleface')[Remastered] Dinah Shore-暫存33.Buttons and Bows(From'Th
61 34.Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man Dinah Shore-暫存34.Can't Help Lovin' Dat Ma
62 35.I'll Close My Eyes Dinah Shore-暫存35.I'll Close My Eyes H
63 36.It Had To Be You(with André Previn) Dinah Shore-暫存36.It Had To Be You(with An
64 37.Along the Navajo Trail(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存37.Along the Navajo Trail(R
65 38.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dilly)(78RPM Version) Dinah Shore-暫存38.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dill
66 39.Sweet Violets(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存39.Sweet Violets(Remastered
67 40.It's so Nice to Have a Man Around the House(Stereo) Dinah Shore-暫存40.It's so Nice to Have a M
68 41.The Merry Christmas Polka(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存41.The Merry Christmas Polk
69 42.I Concentrate On You(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存42.I Concentrate On You(Rem
70 43.Come Rain or Come Shine(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存43.Come Rain or Come Shine(
71 44.I'll Be Around Dinah Shore-暫存44.I'll Be Around This
72 45.'Murder' He Says Dinah Shore-暫存45.'Murder' He Says Fin
73 46.How Come You Do Me Like You Do Dinah Shore-暫存46.How Come You Do Me Like
74 47.Nice Work If You Can Get It(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存47.Nice Work If You Can Get
75 48.Blues in Advance(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存48.Blues in Advance(Remaste
76 49.Can't You Read Between the Lines Dinah Shore-暫存49.Can't You Read Between t
77 50.I Could Have Danced All Night Dinah Shore-暫存50.I Could Have Danced All
78 51.Way Down Yonder in New Orleans(Digitally Remastered04) Dinah Shore-暫存51.Way Down Yonder in New O
79 52.I'll Never Say''Never Again'' Again Dinah Shore-暫存52.I'll Never Say''Never Ag
80 53.If I Give My Heart To You(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存53.If I Give My Heart To Yo
81 54.Body and Soul(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存54.Body and Soul(Remastered
82 55.O Little Town of Bethlehem Dinah Shore-暫存55.O Little Town of Bethleh
83 56.Button and Bows Dinah Shore-暫存56.Button and Bows Butt
84 57.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dilly)(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存57.Lavender Blue(Dilly Dill
85 58.All I Do Is Dream of You(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存58.All I Do Is Dream of You
86 59.Fascination(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存59.Fascination(Remastered)
87 60.It Had to Be You(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存60.It Had to Be You(Remaste
88 61.Laughing On the Outside(Remastered) Dinah Shore-暫存61.Laughing On the Outside(
89 62.The Gipsy Dinah Shore-暫存62.The Gipsy Dinah is there anyone finer In the state of Carolina? If there is and you know her Won't you show her to me? ... her Won't you show her to me? Dinah with her dixie eyes blazin' How I'd love to sit and gaze in to the eyes of ... it and gaze in to the eyes of Dinah Lee I tell you every night Why do I Shake with fright? Because my ... Shake with fright? Because my Dinah might Change her mind about me. OODinah could
90 63.All That Glitters Is Not Gold Dinah Shore-暫存63.All That Glitters Is Not
91 64.Sooner Or Later Dinah Shore-暫存64.Sooner Or Later You
92 65.It's All Right With Me Dinah Shore-暫存65.It's All Right With Me
93 66.Shoo-Fly Pie& Apple Pan Dowdy Dinah Shore-暫存66.Shoo-Fly Pie& Apple Pan
94 67.Bluebird Of Happiness(Digitally Re-Mastered) Dinah Shore-暫存67.Bluebird Of Happiness(Di
95 68.I Wish I Didn't Love You So Dinah Shore-暫存68.I Wish I Didn't Love You
96 69.I Don't Want to Walk Without You Dinah Shore-暫存69.I Don't Want to Walk Wit
97 70.I Can't Give You Anything But Love Dinah Shore-暫存70.I Can't Give You Anythin
98 71.The Nearness of You Dinah Shore-暫存71.The Nearness of You
99 72.Star Dust Dinah Shore-暫存72.Star Dust And now th
100 73.One Dozen Roses Dinah Shore-暫存73.One Dozen Roses You

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