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JJ Lin Jun Jie 林俊傑 - Wings 翅膀 English + Pinyin Subs
3m 41s view      93,728
Super Junior MAMACITA(AYAYA) piano cover
3m 28s view      33,914
Enrique Iglesias - Alguien soy yo
3m 57s view    8,144,110
160208 BB Cut
22m 27s view     596,260
To Ramona - Bob Dylan - (5/7/65) Bootleg
5m 1s view     195,044
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside Subtitulado Español
4m 37s view    1,436,250
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth about their ''Kissing scene on ''The Last Song''
5m 44s view     402,828
3m 42s view     299,639
楊千嬅 - 還未完成的拼圖
4m 27s view      13,966
(波濤洶湧)安心亞 5 女孩站出來(4K 2160p)@正修第49屆校慶演唱會[無限HD] 🏆
3m 26s view      20,599
30s view       5,321
CDで覚える 中岛みゆき/ギター・ソロ曲集 “糸”模范演奏动画
3m 43s view      19,341
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen - David Cannava drum cover
3m 15s view     272,970
鄭源 -為什麼相愛的人不能在一起
4m 29s view     105,659
Mariah Carey One And Only
3m 18s view     194,601
綜藝最愛憲-一見你就笑-孫淑媚 part2
7m 7s view      93,661
KTV 周杰倫 - 青花瓷
4m 2s view     663,121
东京事変 电波通信 ギター 弾いてみた
3m 31s view      66,915
4m 48s view      31,215
Alicia Keys - Like the Sea (Official Album Song) With Lyrics
4m 18s view     756,331
Dancing Dolls ‘【FULL】タッチ-A.S.A.P.-踊ってみた 【Dance Ver.】’
4m 13s view      26,654
Backstreet Boys It's Gotta Be You Live ITM Tour
5m 24s view      43,331
Leslie Cheung 張國榮十周年祭紀念
11m 55s view      12,131
【Apple News】梁靜茹 笑中帶淚 夢幻成婚
2m 24s view      43,656
heloo..mas Chandra :)) XXX SINGAPORE-INDONESIA XXX
4m 51s view     228,252
さくら学院 5th Anniversary Video Single ‘School days – 2015 -’トレーラー映像
1m 50s view      91,009
4m 31s view       8,065
【カラオケ练习用】ヒロイン/back number【歌词付き・フル・offvocal・歌いやすい高音质动画・歌ってみたにもおすすめ!】
4m 33s view      96,665
flumpool “証” 歌ってみた byぺんた
5m 26s view       9,710
[MUST WATCH!!!] 120412 SHINee - Something That I Love Cover (with Minho's high note)
1m 42s view     177,093
“ホームにて”槇原敬之 作词作曲:中岛みゆき
3m 49s view      32,426
成龍電影 《龍兄虎弟》:片尾曲 / NG 片段
4m 23s view     131,540
Elvis Presley - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Karaoke)
2m 56s view     295,593
6m 11s view      58,728
YEAH-OH / Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)
50s view    1,641,029
Amber Kuo(郭采潔) - I Remember
3m 38s view     154,468
Da-iCE(ダイス) - “TWO AS ONE”Music Video【Full ver.】(From 3rd album“NEXT PHASE”2017.1.25 Re...
4m 48s view     250,099
浜田省吾 “家路” with Mr.Children桜井
7m 31s view     431,539
Just The Way You Are-Bruno Mars(Jackie Chavez)(Cover)
4m 30s view      43,074
22m 36s view      33,555
La Isla Bonita - Madonna (solo guitar cover)
2m 24s view      65,390
Avril Lavigne Girlfriend 和訳 歌詞 字幕 lyrics アヴリル ラヴィーン 日本語
3m 53s view     161,925
DECO*27 - Pedal Heart feat. GUMI / ペダルハート feat. GUMI
3m 58s view     133,822
This ain't a love song - Bon Jovi ( SUBTITULADA INGLES ESPAÑOL )
6m 53s view     431,193
孫燕姿 - Leave
4m 22s view      38,550
13m 4s view      37,029
Save The Best For Last in the Style of 'Vanessa L. Williams' with lyrics (no lead vocal)
3m 44s view     291,379
Selena Gomez - Sober (Audio + Lyrics)
3m 21s view      33,353
4m 50s view      62,618
﹝CF﹞郭書瑤 瑤瑤代言電玩--殺很大 Online(騎馬機篇)v.mp4
21s view      93,035