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的臉上笑咪咪 報復你 我就不再 我卻不知該如何 fantasy 我拚命挽回 看過去 那麼 那個愛情 嚇死 雙眼 粉花 別人的 私の胸の片隅 你好你好 餘一霞 魍魎 不怪別 還會有人 吸血 
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2/2 乃木坂って、どこ #67 “新成人メンバーがいく大人体験ツアー!” 乃木坂46
13m 23s view      65,064
5m 48s view       8,270
Taylor Swift's Full Album: Taylor Swift
54m 33s view      92,289
130722 SHINee on JPN TV - Part2/2
7m 36s view      55,199
Welcome To New York - Taylor Swift (Acoustic Cover)
3m 19s view     175,696
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are HD (Subtitulada en español)
4m 2s view    2,261,005
李克勤 - 大會堂演奏廳 dmc.
5m 43s view      68,193
'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' by Frank Sinatra (Lyrics)
3m 27s view     311,393
鄧紫棋-寫不完的溫柔 KTV
5m 2s view     668,471
ONE OK ROCK - 06 Mr.现代Speaker
3m 54s view     405,410
Acid Black Cherry New Year's Day Message Special Edition 2013
2m 24s view      32,754
辛曉琪 Winnie Hsin【荒唐 Foolish】Official Music Video
4m 55s view      42,741
RubberBand - 陪著你走 (RubberBand Caravan Tour)
4m 11s view      45,483
Babymetal on 'Metal Resistance,' Wembley + 'Awadama Fever'
3m 50s view     114,847
01072015壹新聞 正晶限時批:柯文哲市長專訪 P1 HD 獨家談怎面對議員來勢洶洶
29m 54s view      40,357
5m 22s view      30,562
胡琳(BIANCA LIVE) 2011.他的女人.
4m 25s view      43,337
都はるみ 好きになった人
2m 18s view      51,605
小美 江美琪 2010秋冬最新創作《愛情的重量》MV
4m 18s view     100,316
〔れをる〕 レッド・パージ!!! 〔歌ってみた〕
5m 46s view    1,725,660
5m 15s view      10,864
Hikari / Simple and Clean Utada Hikaru Karaoke With Lyrics Kingdom Hearts Music Box Version
4m 58s view     192,601
AKB48“言い訳maybe” ギター弾き语り cover
4m 7s view       5,992
Elvis Presley - Too Much
2m 37s view      31,704
せんせい (カラオケ) 森昌子
3m 29s view       6,186
flumpool 星に愿いを ギターカバー フランプール
4m 25s view      60,879
David Guetta feat. Sia - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) - Piano Cover (Music Video) HD with lyrics
3m 42s view      67,769
spitz : utyuumushi
2m 38s view      31,652
Infinite - 그 해 여름 (In The Summer) [Han & Eng]
3m 34s view     167,512
范曉萱 ~ Bartender Angel
3m 23s view      43,889
退後 - 周杰倫 (Full 5 mins MV)
5m 3s view     705,086
【ラブライブ!】Love Live! μ's 4thシングル - “もぎゅっと'love'で接近中!”
5m 51s view     945,204
李宗盛 - 給所有單身女子
6m 40s view      52,812
坂本冬美 - こころが (Short ver.)
1m 55s view      85,617
張學友 - 多麼的需要你 [HQ]
4m 20s view      13,523
4m 40s view   65,668,812
[真的愛你] Beyond
4m 44s view    1,175,096
2015.04.22大學生了沒完整版 短髮女神降臨
44m 59s view     451,702
[Comeback Stage] Girls' Generation - You Think, 소녀시대 - 유 싱크 Show Music core 20150822
3m 10s view    8,583,917
Miley Cyrus - Stay - Lyrics
3m 53s view     846,445
コブクロ そばにいれるなら~ココロの羽 歌いました pe-ta
9m 32s view       9,025
林志穎每月5天陪Kimi 滿口爸爸經停不住
2m 35s view     111,496
Passenger, The Once & Stu Larsen | Hard To Say I'm Sorry
4m 17s view    5,659,094
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Acoustic Version)
3m 41s view     615,126
方大同 Khalil Fong - 黑洞裡 Live
3m 35s view      14,265
3m 57s view      61,417
Yoo Seung-Jun Gawi (Scissors /or Nightmare)MV Korean song
4m 6s view     141,852
“生风”全力少年 / スキマスイッチ PVカラオケ 改订版
4m 36s view      68,062
王傑@Have a nice day 何處是吾家 1/4
10m 7s view      64,740
2m 53s view     328,005